St. Patrick's day Challenge

kirstendawm Posts: 101 Member
Hello! I have found that setting short term goals for myself is very helpful in helping me meet my goals. I would like to start a thread where we check in daily and discuss our goals regarding weightloss and any other goals. I just completed a challenge where my goal was to lose 5 lbs and break my soda habit. I almost reached my goal! So now I want to set a new goal: I want to lose 8 lbs by st. Patrick's day! So daily, or almost daily, I will post my progress. We can help keep one another accountable! Feel free to add me as a friend!

SW: 184
CW: 180.2
GW: 172.2

My goal is to try and stay under my calorie goal everyday and try to reach 8,000 steps every day.


  • chuck6w
    chuck6w Posts: 72 Member
    Sounds great my goal is to consume less then 300 calories after 6 pm and to loose 10 pounds by St Patrick's day.
    CW 227
    Gw 217
  • TheDoctorDana
    TheDoctorDana Posts: 595 Member
    I'm in! I would like to lose 10 lbs by St. Patty's.
    CW 233
    GW 223
  • Chloewells2010
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    10lbs st Patrick's day!!! Let's do it.
    SW 175
    CW 173
    GW 163
  • riyalouise
    riyalouise Posts: 2 Member
    I'm in! My daily goal is to try to reach my fit bit goals.
    10,000 steps, 5 miles, 30 mins exercise, & 1000 calorie deficit.

    CW 195
    GW 187

    Ultimately, I'd like to get to 170 by June. Let's keep each other going! :)
  • jamoore29
    jamoore29 Posts: 7 Member
    I will do this challenge with you guys!

    CW 200
    GW 190

    My goal is stay within calories and get in 5,000 steps.
  • RebelWalk
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    I am so in!

    SW 213
    CW 186
    GW 179.5

    Goals: track all food, no snacking past 8 pm, 15k steps.
  • julesrules611
    julesrules611 Posts: 27 Member
    I'm in too!!

    CW: 189.5
    GW: 183

    Plan: no "cheating" in my diary!
  • renehemenway
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    Sounds great Kirsten - I also like the short term challenges. I did the Valentines Challenge and managed to gain weight (oops) after a month of losing but did like having posts to read to keep me encouraged. Congrats on kicking the soda habit - that is a tough one! Not really setting a specific goal this time other than get back into the130's and we'll see how well it goes from there.
    SW: 141.2 lbs
  • leira_T
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    I'm in! My goal is to eat less than 1300 calories every day and not eat any fried food!! (I work in a restaraunts so there are always extra fries for us to nibble on... Such a diet buster!)
    This time I am going to just focus on my daily diet goal (and continue exercising as I already do) and not obsess over the number. At the end I will weigh myself and see where my efforts got me :)
    SW 124
    Goal: get my eating in check
  • aerochic42
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    I'm in, I want to get under 200 by my anniversary two days after that. I will then definitely weigh less than when I got married 11 years ago. (I'm not quite sure weighed then, but have a ballpark idea). Logging food at least 2 meals a day (paper log is ok). 60,000+ steps for the week.

    SW: 208.6 lb
    GW: 199.8 lb for more than one day in a row
  • MyChrysalis
    MyChrysalis Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in
    SW: 160
    GW: 150

    I plan to stay under my calorie totals and drink a gallon of water daily. Thanks!
  • Lo__
    Lo__ Posts: 42 Member
    I'm in! I've been working out daily (on day 8) burning about 350-400 calories per workout. Trying to make exercise a habit so I'm aiming for 100 straight workouts. Also trying to keep calories down and make healthier choices. Just starting out with a lot to lose. Could use some support if anyone wants to be buds add me! I log every day.

    SW: 275
    GW: 265
  • lovehavingkids
    lovehavingkids Posts: 19 Member
    Sounds great. I just started this journey...again!
    Gw by st Patrick's day 190

  • lovehavingkids
    lovehavingkids Posts: 19 Member
    How often do you weigh yourself?
  • kirstendawm
    kirstendawm Posts: 101 Member
    How often do you weigh yourself?

    That is up to you! Just try to check in every about your progress as a whole, such as making smart choices that day or what your weight is :smile:
  • TheDoctorDana
    TheDoctorDana Posts: 595 Member
    Checking in: Down 1 pound today. 9 more to go!
  • sydneybrown3150
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    I'm in! My goals are to track daily, meet my step goal, and drink 1/2 gallon of water.
  • jamoore29
    jamoore29 Posts: 7 Member
    I stayed under calories today but didn't meet my step goal.
  • argentum
    argentum Posts: 11 Member
    I am in!!!! My goal is to keep up with my fitbit goals and loose, loose, loose!

    SW 181
    CW 168
    GW 160
  • argentum
    argentum Posts: 11 Member
    jamoore29 wrote: »
    I stayed under calories today but didn't meet my step goal.

    The day is not over yet - keep going!