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April 2016 Bike Bicycle Cycling Challenge

HopHead28HopHead28 Member Posts: 180 Member Member Posts: 180 Member
Welcome to our April Cycling Thread! If you are new to posting on this thread, or if you are new to cycling, We welcome you! If you are returning from a previous thread, We welcome you, too.

This thread is for anyone who rides a bike. Do you bike to work? Do you pull your children to the park? So you ride weekends? Do you spin, at home or the gym? Or, are you just starting out and remembering how much fun you had biking when you were a kid? However you choose to push your pedal, you are welcome on this thread.

There are no rules to how or what you post. You may post miles, minutes, # of rides, what the scenery looks like, anything. Whatever will motivates you to get on your bike.



  • cpanuscpanus Member Posts: 14,949 Member Member Posts: 14,949 Member
    In for 250 recumbent miles.
  • ghoulighouli Member Posts: 213 Member Member Posts: 213 Member
    Haven't done one of these before, but my goal for April is 100 miles.
  • NorthCascadesNorthCascades Member Posts: 9,734 Member Member Posts: 9,734 Member
    I had a goal to do 300 miles in March; I'm currently at 389 and hope to get 15 to 20 in tonight. :)

    My goal for April is only 300 miles. We're going to SW Utah for a week to celebrate our third anniversary and that's a week I won't be on the bike. Might as well make this realistic.

    On the other hand, this is when the weather turns beautiful, there's still snow on the mountaintops, and the roads have mostly melted. Which means more opportunity aside from our trip, and fantastic scenery. Time for the personal spring classics!


    Also want to get 20,000 feet of elevation gain (on the bike) in April.
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  • UmmSqueakyUmmSqueaky Member Posts: 715 Member Member Posts: 715 Member
    Bike every day of April ( rather than a mile number this month. Year to date mileage is 574.6 (1st year I've biked throughout the whole winter), and I'd like to add another 450-500, although that's just a thought.
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  • wmurkvewmurkve Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    I'm pretty new, so if I do something wrong, please let me know.
    I'll make my April goal 100 miles, since the weather is still pretty unpredictable here in Wisconsin! Looking forward to increasing, as soon as the weather is more consistent.
  • SteveCroSteveCro Member Posts: 852 Member Member Posts: 852 Member
    I'm in goal set 400 miles

    Jan. miles - 170.5 bike
    Feb. miles- 245.25 bike
    March miles-409.78 bike

    Total for 2016- 825.53 bike
  • CricketKateCricketKate Member Posts: 3,601 Member Member Posts: 3,601 Member
    Keep pedaling, Everyone!
  • UmmSqueakyUmmSqueaky Member Posts: 715 Member Member Posts: 715 Member
    Happy 30 Days of Biking everyone!

    4/1 - 17 miles - cold, windy commute in this morning. It had rained right up until I left my house this morning, thankfully sunny skies but lots of puddles and wet pavement. Windchill hovering in the mid 20s, blustery headwind the entire way to work slowing me down. Fingers froze the first 3 miles in. Toes froze the last 3 miles. And it was still infinitely better than a day without biking :p

    Month to date: 17 miles
    Year to date: 582.6
  • ssbeadladyssbeadlady Member Posts: 126 Member Member Posts: 126 Member
    I'm on board for April. Since I didn't meet the newest goal I had set in March after having met the first 2 March goals my April goal will be 75 miles.
    4/1 2.81 miles

    1/2 of Feb 12.56 miles
    March 64.57
    April's 2.81
  • DaShumpsDaShumps Member Posts: 25 Member Member Posts: 25 Member
    New to this tread and although I'll be using my recumbent bike I'd like to join.
    I've always enjoyed bike riding but I managed to seriously fracture both my Tibia and Fibula the end of Sept. 2015 and had an Intramedullary Rod placed beginning of October ~ while told I'd be lucky to be walking within a year, I purchased my first Recumbent bike and managed my first full "rotation" by Nov. 4th and have been peddling my way to recovery along with climbing stairs ever since :)

    Up to 15 k (just shy of 10 m) so hoping 250 -300...
  • puglife456puglife456 Member Posts: 127 Member Member Posts: 127 Member
    I have been meaning to keep better track of my miles and this seems like just the challenge I need to do that! This winter has been great for biking, so I've been going out quite a bit and getting some use out of my new tires. I plan on canceling my gym member ship soon, so I'm really hoping it will be a nice spring for biking.
    Since I don't really keep track of my miles, I'm not sure what a realistic goal is for me. I'm going to be optimistic and say my goal is 400 miles in April. Shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars? Something like that (even though the moon is much closer than the closest star... So, shoot for the stars and land on the moon I guess lol)
  • tcaley4tcaley4 Member Posts: 416 Member Member Posts: 416 Member
    I did 353 last month. I'll see if I can better that to 400.
  • tcaley4tcaley4 Member Posts: 416 Member Member Posts: 416 Member
    Welcome @DaShumps and @puglife456, @wmurkve, @NorthCascades, hope I didn't miss anyone. Glad to have you join our group. We seem to add several new people every month. Post your rides, have fun, and be safe everyone.
  • SteveCroSteveCro Member Posts: 852 Member Member Posts: 852 Member
    Welcome all new people. CricketKate so good to see you
  • UmmSqueakyUmmSqueaky Member Posts: 715 Member Member Posts: 715 Member
    Happy 2nd day of 30 days of biking!

    4/1 - 17 miles
    4/2 - 23 miles - Pastry ride this morning. 8 miles from my house to the start in a NW direction and wouldn't you know, 30 mph NW headwinds. Super fun. Heavier gusts brought me literally to a stand still - it was physically impossible to keep going forward. Made it to the group ride and at the end of the ride, a raspberry scone. Will bike for pastries. Worth it!



    Month to date: 40 miles
    Year to date: 605.6
    edited April 2016
  • cpanuscpanus Member Posts: 14,949 Member Member Posts: 14,949 Member
    In for 250 recumbent miles

    04/02 - 12.00 miles

  • RRRobison71RRRobison71 Member Posts: 56 Member Member Posts: 56 Member
    4/2 11.39 miles

    Year to date: 519.03
  • SingingSingleTrackerSingingSingleTracker Member Posts: 1,866 Member Member Posts: 1,866 Member
    April 2: 61.9 Miles -- Duration 4:52:00

    April Total Miles: 61.9
    April Total Duration: 4:52:00
  • dbkyserdbkyser Member, Premium Posts: 610 Member Member, Premium Posts: 610 Member
    I need some help from the weather but I am setting a goal of 100.
  • cyndi2012cyndi2012 Member Posts: 59 Member Member Posts: 59 Member
    In for 120k. Hopefully the weather agrees, but so far, too cold!

    April 2 - 5k
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