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Did You / Would You Vax Your Child?



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    thorsmom01 wrote: »
    I have never had a vaccination in my life and went to public school and graduated. I went to community college without any vaccinations. ( I was born long long before the celebrities started their anti VAX crusade . i was born long before it was a trend not to vaccinate )

    My son went to public school for 5 yrs and had no vaccinations ever. I was the room mom and was in the school all the time unvaccinated.

    My mom received vaccinations upon entering the united states but she's the only person in my family who had them.

    People here are claiming kids can't go to public schools without vaccines and that is not true at all . once a school hears religious beliefs as your reasoning, they don't ask another question.

    So all of you that feel so safe because you believe kids can't go to school without vaccines, you would probably be very shocked to know just how many kids really don't have vaccinations. You wouldn't be so quick to throw around " its a law ! Its a law "

    I do not believe vaccinations cause autism either.

    But I do know that many have a false sense of security when they think all kids must be vaccinated to go public schools. There's more unvaccinated kids then most are aware of and for many more reasons other then the anti vax celebrity trend .

    She is right. There are loopholes in the laws that anyone can get around.
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    There is always exemptions, Just like most laws and rules .

    Its very naïve to believe that just because a law says kids must be vaccinated to enter school , that all of the kids in the class are in fact vaccinated.

    Most would be shocked to find out the real numbers of unvaccinated kids In American public schools.

    I will again state that I do not believe vaccinations cause autism . again, I was born way before that trend even started.

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    rhtexasgal wrote: »
    tlflag1620 wrote: »
    You cannot get the flu from the flu shot. It is an inactivated virus. The nasal spray, otoh, is a live virus, and it is theoretically possible to get the flu from that, but that is very rare. More than likely, if 93% of the boys you deal with who got the flu shot also got the flu, that means either

    1. They had a really bad cold that they reported as the "flu" or
    2. They contracted the flu before their shot took effect (takes 7-14 days for influenza to incubate, and two weeks for the shot to reach full effectiveness) or
    3. They happened to get a strain of influenza that that year's shot wasn't protecting against or
    4. 78% of statistics are made up on the spot

    I'm betting on a combination of all of the above. But mostly numbers 1 and 4.

    Fwiw - I never got the flu shot until I was 28 years old. Never had the flu. Been getting the flu shot yearly since then. Still never had the flu. So long as we're doing informal "studies".

    All of your points make sense but I just have a hard time with over 10 years of coincidences. Just like with all scientific studies, findings can be interpreted many ways. While I can believe what you are saying, I cannot necessarily reconcile certain things when I witness them first hand year after year. My first 7 years of employment, I watched our boys get sick and get well and it was almost cyclical. Sure, there are the waves when you get clusters of kids getting strep, etc. But around flu shot season? Our illnesses always spiked at that time. It was so noticeable that we devised a questionnaire for our parents to fill out and we have been doing this for the past 10 years. That is when we noticed that most of the boys that got flu shots, got sick soon after. Those boys that did not get the shot during those key times did not get the flu. They did get sick with other things but not the flu. My statistics are based on hard copy questionnaires from the parents of our boys. Sure, it is a small sampling of a larger population but we were concerned about all of this because our organization is performing arts which depends on having our boys healthy.

    The real problem with an analysis like that is that "influenza like illnesses" are actually unlikely to be influenza. To actually determine that a patient has influenza requires a viral culture, something uncommonly done, so most doctors only diagnose influenza-like illness. Depending on the year, even during the flu season, only about 14% of influenza-like illnesses are actually caused by influenza. Most of the times what people call "the flu" is another virus - a rhinovirus, a coronavirus, an adenovirus, even a rotavirus or norovirus, etc. The influenza vaccine won't protect against those, obviously, as they aren't influenza. Influenza is the most dangerous of the influenza-like illnesses, which is why it's the target for vaccination.

    Even among the unvaccinated, 93% won't get the flu in a year. You can't get the flu from the flu shot - it's not living virus.
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    If I have kids they will be vaccinated No reason not to. To help protect those who can't be. Like my aunt, over a year battling a blood cancer.
    My grandfather was left premadently damaged by polio and I don't want that for my child.

    And to protect those whose parents refuse to. Like my friends kid. I really hope he doesn't catch anything.
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