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  • frenchfancy2014frenchfancy2014 Posts: 260Member, Premium Member Posts: 260Member, Premium Member
    Trying to not procrastinate and

    1. Get on top of eating properly
    2. Get on top of paperwork
    3. Get on top of household chores. Need to declutter
    4. Get exercising

    Just bought some new exercise gear so hope that will inspire me. !

    Looking to be inspired ♥️🙏🏻😱
  • annliz23annliz23 Posts: 486Member Member Posts: 486Member Member
    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments about my dogs.
    I have just brought some exercise resistant bands so here goes the night push before Christmas, I have put on a few pounds on my holiday so I need to-

    1. Daily exercise so doing 21 day fix again
    2. Walk the dogs more
    3. Drink more water
    4. Have fruit teas instead of normal tea as they are less calories
    5. Eat more fruit
    6. Start christmas shopping to be organised
  • rafna32rafna32 Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    Hi everyone, I’m new to this group. Just wanted to say hello
  • LanaCabana537LanaCabana537 Posts: 1,947Member Member Posts: 1,947Member Member

    Hi All~~

    Just a quick check-in 👋🏻

  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,670Member Member Posts: 3,670Member Member
    NSV I struggled through and did all of my errands except grocery shopping tomorrow today - I get so rattled and confused which sale is where etc.

    I know I bought 3 cans of dog food, one has gone awol.... hope to find it eventually. Just rolled my eyes.

    Took another load of shredding to work and picked up the birthday bouquet someone bought me, her mother is getting the shawl I found the right yarn for (hunted it down in the a madwoman on a mission).

    Tomorrow is boxes in closet to tackle.

    Who has an Instant Pot who can tell me if it was worth buying..... contemplating new appliances for new apt.......

    Robyn, stop by and post when you can. We try to have questions of the day - got out of the habit but that could change.

    Wishing all a good night.
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,670Member Member Posts: 3,670Member Member

    Good morning,

    Rafna welcome, things are posting here strangely, or maybe its me???

    Just glad I got this move dejunking started before I left 30 days, I have lived here 19 years.

    My holiday goal is not to eat like I have inserted my face into it. Keep the temptations to a minimum. We shall see.......

    Wave to all who follow.
  • LanaCabana537LanaCabana537 Posts: 1,947Member Member Posts: 1,947Member Member

    Good morning Sara -
    Wow! 19 years is a long time - Good luck with your dejunking!

    The tenacious head cold has still got me, but I'm feeling a smidge better - better enough to go out and get some milk and a few groceries.

    My foot is still not right, but I may try a little bit of walking in addition to the grocery store.

    Waving to all who stop by later on.


    251.2 today
    255.0 highest
    249.0 lofty goal for next Sunday
  • arniedog74arniedog74 Posts: 1,921Member Member Posts: 1,921Member Member
    Sara- happy belated birthday... can't remember if I commented about you getting your goodies... i'm glad you did and that you enjoy them... sorry the scent makes you hungry... it is a yummy scent, tho... good luck with all the decluttering

    Lana- hope you feel better

    Annliz- love the pups!

    Lynn- waves
    edited November 17
  • frenchfancy2014frenchfancy2014 Posts: 260Member, Premium Member Posts: 260Member, Premium Member
    Sara well done on the packing/declutter. That’s quite a task if been there 19 years. Keep at it!

    Lana so sorry you’re ill. Hope on mend soon.

    Welcome to Rafna.

    Sara - keep resolute with not giving in and eating all. I know how tough that is and I fail all the time.

    Anneliz hope you are killing your to do list.

    Waves to arniedog and all other ladies
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,670Member Member Posts: 3,670Member Member
    Got 1 and a half boxes cleared out of closet, seems I also have things of my mother's/sisters. One box at a time. Dont want to hurt my back so I go slowly.

    Neighbor who is not "all with it" upstairs wants to know where I am moving to and wants my phone # - I said until I have it finalized I cant tell anyone. My dog hates her and does not stop barking which is my way to get away from her. Neighbor called my dog a "ding a ling" which I found so endearing - :p

    Lots of knitting done today so while I want to knit more, I will feel it tomorrow and need to stop.

    Wishing all a great day knitting.
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,670Member Member Posts: 3,670Member Member

    Good morning,

    Only up 0.8 which shocked me.....

    What is everyones food plan for the week? I already see gaps in my meals as my shopping trip was not too successful but ham and eggs is a nice dinner.

    My trainer was sick most of last week, so I am hoping a weekend of sleep has improved her health as I am supposed to learn new things soon.

    Wave to all who follow.
  • brennerjlbbrennerjlb Posts: 391Member Member Posts: 391Member Member
    Good monday morning!
    Welcome new comers! This is a great group.
    I caught up on the past few days. I was busy busy busy - had my nieces - ages 4 & 7 over for the weekend. Had fun, but exhausted :wink: Raised three of my own - glad I did it when I was young! although my brother seems way more patient than I was- he has his kids in his 40's. Anyway - was not on MFP for the weekend.
    I did see a pop in by Tracy! Hello
    Also waves to Sara, Lana, Dawn, Laura, AnnLiz, the newcomers ( I will work on remembering names) and all who pop in! Have a great monday!
  • hickchic67hickchic67 Posts: 759Member Member Posts: 759Member Member
    Spent Saturday with my oldest grandson. Love that little nugget! Went waaaay over on calories taking him out to eat and everything.

    Yesterday I planned to go see my mother but phone died during the night, so no alarm clock and I slept till past noon. Too late to make the trip so yesterday was a serious cleaning day. Dusted off all the ceiling fans, light fixtures, tops of all cabinets, and the air vents, mopped the floors, cleaned out the vacuum cleaners, cleaned the rugs, washed couch covers and dog bed. I was whooped last night. Am feeling it today too. On the bright side, I burned a lot of calories! This morning was down 1.5! Wheee!

    I had all air cleaners running on "turbo" while cleaning. The air cleaners have made all the difference. I haven't had a really bad sinus infection/upper respiratory infection since we started using them. They also keep down the dog and cat smells in the house (and any burnt dinners! LOL)

    165 CW
    216 HW
    145 GW
  • mswatson0777mswatson0777 Posts: 28Member Member Posts: 28Member Member
    Hi Everyone,

    This seems like a great motivation group and I love the idea of the daily check in. I had a bit of a weight gain this past year (my father passed away in February, but if I'm being honest with myself it started long before that). I'm the highest I've ever been and I'm scared to see this trajectory continuing. I know the holidays may be a challenging time to start back in, but if not now, then when?

    A little about myself: I live in the midwest with my partner and our two very cute, but very naughty dogs. I work full time at a job and a year ago I decided to return to school to get my doctorate for career advancement (both a wonderful decision and a "what was I thinking?!" moment). I'm fairly active and love walking the dogs, doing yoga, and practicing martial arts.

    I look forward to getting to know you all!
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,670Member Member Posts: 3,670Member Member
    Kathryn wow you did clean. Air cleaners are they like humidifiers or are they the "sticks" that filter air?
  • LanaCabana537LanaCabana537 Posts: 1,947Member Member Posts: 1,947Member Member

    Welcome to Watson~~

    Yes, Kathryn - what kind of air cleaners do you have?

    *tossing sunglasses and bag onto favorite lounge chair for later....*


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    249.0 lofty goal for Sunday
  • hickchic67hickchic67 Posts: 759Member Member Posts: 759Member Member
    The air cleaners I have are Winix brand. The model is C535 and each is for an area of 350 sq ft. They are amazingly quiet (except when on turbo, then they sound like a desk fan) and have an automatic mode where it will drop to "night mode" when you turn your lights off. The filter refills are relatively inexpensive on Amazon. The pre-filter is washable (I clean it every 2 weeks), the carbon is replaced every 3 months, and the HEPA filter is replaced once a year. It is amazing to see what all they pull out of the air! I got my first one on sale from Costco and was so impressed with how well it worked that I ended up buying 2 reconditioned units from the Winix site. I have one my living/dining/kitchen area, one in room where my cat's litterboxes are, and one in my bedroom.
    My sister was so impressed she bought a different model Winix off Amazon and moves it around her house every few days. She has to clean the pre-filter more often because she is a "crazy cat lady" with 9 indoor cats. It has really improved her breathing and she has less respiratory issues as well.

  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,670Member Member Posts: 3,670Member Member
    Tough day at work and my trainer is sounding like a broken record and to be honest I am tired of the dog and pony show - so tomorrow I will ask who else can train me as she is supposed to do it all and I will not make it without getting unprofessional.

    Kathryn your air cleaners sounds like something I will look into after I move (only a couple of weeks).

    Had a baby babka and frozen custard and decided "kitten" on work, I am going as slow as I want. I hope that improves my overall score and have fewer mistakes.

    Got a dry food that has lamb in it and dog did not leave those kibbles in her bowl ( I added a couple ) so dog make get new food.....

    Get up and lets all do the "kitten" dance. Wishing all a good night.


  • PatasDeGallinaPatasDeGallina Posts: 158Member Member Posts: 158Member Member
    Hi folks!

    Another lifer here. This will be my 4th time losing the weight. I'm ready to never have to worry about it again. 20 years of going up and down has taken its toll on me.

    If you need support I'm here! I'm 40 years old, 5'3", and I love chocolate.

    SW 195
    CW 188
    GW 130
  • Tilliesmommy1Tilliesmommy1 Posts: 3,670Member Member Posts: 3,670Member Member

    Good morning,

    PDG! Welcome from one chocolate lover to another - my latest discovery is that CVS sells freeze dried bananas covered in a chocolate "shell" - pricey but you get a little of your chocolate fix and a little banana nutrition.

    Up last night with gas and nerves - must tell trainer that if I am to stay with department, someone else must finish the training - lead just got done training other lady so it is not unheard of. To split the training gives new employee time with both lead/auditor.

    Dog is hungry and eats both kibble, so that is encouraging. New kibble is fresher and cheaper - I have a smaller budget.

    Wave to all who follow. Hope to lurk from work.
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