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  • nighthazel01nighthazel01 Member Posts: 57 Member Member Posts: 57 Member
    Made back from my parents and it wasn’t too awful, I’m done eating for the day though.

    @trooworld thanks for the advice, I end up tossing a lot and that helps.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,291 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,291 Member
    @nighthazel01 Welcome to the group! That's great you planned ahead and started eating less. Just because you bring it home doesn't mean you have to eat it all. Extra food is wasted either in your body or the garbage can. Do you know anyone who would appreciate some good food? Maybe a senior that lives alone? Oh , just saw that you did toss it. Good for you for taking care of yourself.

    @renaegry You have started off the year with a bang. Good for you. Just keep at it and you'll lose those extra pounds. I have too many shows on my watchlist too.

    @trooworld I still got my walking in today. I told her to entertain herself, I'll be back. She walks too slow for me to take her with me. Plus I like being by myself. lol I miss that.

    High yellow day- Stayed OP 140/164 Exercised 32 min walking

    I made a good salad to go with my macaroni with a bechamel sauce. Really simple. Shredded carrots, diced cucumbers, chickpeas then a bit of blue cheese dressing and stir.

    January Week 1 goal: 3 glasses of water daily. Met goal 3/4 days

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  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Member Posts: 1,461 Member Member Posts: 1,461 Member
    @theslightedgeforever, good plan on going into your maintenance plan while your sister-in-law in visiting! How often in the past would you use such a visit as an excuse to eat all the things and now you have a plan and control over your actions. Inspiring as usual! B)

    @renaegry, thanks for the recommendations for shows to watch! Good job on getting on the treadmill and having fun with it now that you have your fancy air pods! :D

    @trooworld, I agree that it’s scary not having a plan B but really what choice is there? We aren’t giving up on ourselves so we just gotta do it. Yeah, I’m forgiving myself for the weight gain but I’m also not excusing myself for it either. :/

    Good morning! :) It’s cold and sunny here in Georgia and I’m believing for a great day! I haven’t had Sunday school for the last two weeks so I’m looking forward to spending some time with my kids this morning and finding out what they got for Christmas. Then tonight is our monthly potluck dinner. The theme is Italian and I’m bringing meatball sliders. Two of my friends are bringing green salads so my plan is to NOT overdo it on the pasta and other goodies these good Baptist ladies like to bring. :D Have a great day!
  • its_cleoits_cleo Member Posts: 523 Member Member Posts: 523 Member
    Hey all, thanks for your kind words re: Griffen. I just had to say it somewhere, I haven’t really told very many people yet.

    @TeresaW1020 have fun at church and the potluck! Food sounds yummy! I didn’t know there was such a thing as a puzzle map. I’ll have to look it up.

    @trooworld great job on the tracking! Hope it’s still going ok. I feel your pain re work. I’m back this week.

    @theslightedgeforever good idea on the maintenance plan. Hope it’s going well and you’re having a nice visit.

    @mswatson007 more holiday parties! Good luck with them. I must say I’m glad it’s over.

    Welcome @nighthazel01!

    I’m not in a very good mood today, just grumpy. My weight is up 4 oz. and I worked hard all week to get my calories down so I’m really frustrated. Also I’m just tired, didn’t sleep well last night. The good news is I met my exercise and mobility goals for the week.

    Back to work tomorrow which seems yucky lol.

    Still not sure about the bank reversing the charge so I will call them back in a week.
  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 1,317 Member Member Posts: 1,317 Member
    Good morning everyone! I had a busy day yesterday, was running around all day long and didn't know what I was going to eat or when. Because of this, I didn't pre-track like I normally do. Guess what I didn't end up doing at all yesterday? :( Today will be better. I will track at least dinner because I know what I am eating for dinner! Here are the meals I'm meal prepping today:

    Easy Quinoa Mac and Cheese + steamed broccoli
    Cheeseburger Salad (Basically a bacon cheeseburger in salad form: shredded lettuce, ground beef, bacon, dill pickles, shredded cheddar cheese, grape tomatoes topped with low-sugar ketchup and mustard)
    Tortilla Chicken Verde Chili
    Skinny Thai Chicken Meatballs with Peanut Sauce
    Pita Pizzas

    @nighthazel01 I forgot to say WELCOME! yesterday. :D Congratulations on making it through a tough day!!!

    @theslightedgeforever That's great, well done! Did you listen to any podcasts or music when you walked? Your salad sounds good and sounds a bit like my "basic side salad": greens, grape tomatoes, shredded carrots and cucumbers. I like the idea of chickpeas on it though, I will have to add that!

    @TeresaW1020 True! Yeah, if you excuse yourself for it, you are giving yourself permission to do it again, right? Enjoy your potluck and Sunday school...I hope you have a great day!!!

    January goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 1,317 Member Member Posts: 1,317 Member
    Update: I went back and tracked yesterday's foods. I also pre-tracked everything for today. Yay me!!!

    January goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
  • mswatson0777mswatson0777 Member Posts: 127 Member Member Posts: 127 Member
    @renaegry way to go on all that activity, keep getting those steps in! You is also one of my favorite Netflix shows. Have you checked out the Witcher yet?

    @trooworld I did the same thing with tracking after yesterday. Luckily it wasn't as bad as I thought it was!

    @its_cleo that's such a small gain itll be gone in no time. I still haven't weighed after the holidays since I feel it will discourage my current good habits so you're way ahead of me!

    @TeresaW1020 I hope the potluck went well! Sounds like you had some good healthy options

    @theslightedgeforever That salad sounds delicious! It reminds me I need to eat my salad greens before they go bad lol

    @nighthazel01 Great job at your parents house!

    So my weekend flew by! Yesterday I went to judo and had a girls night with a good friend and today I'm helping another friend prep for the GRE test (shes returning to school as well!). I'm not ready to start a full week at work tomorrow, but I guess it's a ready or not here I come situation. Thank goodness I did all my meal prepping last week so I already have healthy options,otherwise I'd be stuck with frozen food (blerg). I just keep reminding myself my cruise will be here in a month so my break is in sight!
  • JoDavo66JoDavo66 Member Posts: 144 Member Member Posts: 144 Member
    @trooworld I am so looking foward to lighter nights. Hoping new build at work has daylight lights.

    @mswatson0777 sounds like an interesting & challenging course. Totally agree about gym- I struggle to motivate in the school holiday- it's not that far away but from work it's 5 mins in car from school. I struggled with work out - totally pist-holidays. Even one of the regular weight-lifters said he was lacking motivation post holiday.

    @TeresaW1020 after what you said I also treated myself to a new gym outfit too! 🤣🤣 the end of 2019 was pretty awful so I'm determined to make myself feel better. Totally agree no point dwelling on past or beating myself up about it. Thankfully DH & I have no major health issues but we do have some niggles (basically wear & tear with age) but we want to be around but also as fit & healthy as possible for our kids so moving foward is important. Big targets but I am focussing on little changes that are sustainable- make them routine.
    I also had a good day with youth group. They did church coffee morning & raised over £150 (shared between our church & circuit youth work- gets spent on them anyway) also CREW on Sat night. Kids had a great time but I didn't feel we'd done much until I analysed their responses- some great ideas for this year's focus. Now I need to plan to fit their ideas!!!

    @theslightedgeforever do not look up poutine. I'm sure you'll like it but I don't think it's a healthy choice at all- avoid temptation!! 🤣 I got to gym. Struggled but did it!
    Enjoy time with SiL. My cousin can eat all sorts & not gain weight. Going out with her is a challenge.

    @nighthazel01 that's good planning! I'm recouping after an indulgent day! Pre-planning would have been better.

    @renaergy did you achieve your steps? I've signed up for marathan over 26 days. Works out a mile day which apart from 1 lazy day I've found really easy. Made up lost day already.

    Hi to everyone
    Yesterday we had youth groups doung church coffee morning. I made double millionaires/caramel shortbread- it's a Pinterest recipe I stumbled upon and it's awesome. So I had a piece, but we had a lot of cakes left over so I had 2 more later on!!!! Eeek. Been really good today high protein & low carbs big time! Need to recoup!!
    Planned lunch tomorrow because it's a training day/conference at school. We have a "brunch" which last time was fried Full English Breakfast- decided to take my own!!! I am COMMITTED!! Got my school planning done & feeling organised. Going off to bed soon as need to be up 2 hours earlier than I've been getting up! At least it'll be an early finish.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,291 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,291 Member
    @teresaw1020 Let's hope this inspiring plan works. lol I've never used it before. So plan B: What about a Plan A- I agree with the concept like giving away all of the clothes that are too big for you now so you won't have anything to wear if you regain the weight, but I was thinking What if the plan you choose is not a good fit for you. If someone told me I would have to do keto for the rest of my life.............I know the end of that story. lol I wear a mantra band that says No Excuses. I've had a lifetime of those. So what actually does 'not overdo it' look like at a potluck? In general you know what those potluck dishes will be since your church has alot of them. Think about your favorites and how much will you take? 1/4 c? 1/2 c? What about dessert? whole piece? 1/2 piece? Plug all those things into your tracker before you go so you can add in your other meals around it to ensure you don't go over your boundaries for the day.

    @its_cleo I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. I know it will be a hard day for you. I like your new profile pic. Your success is in your habits not the number on the scale. Sometimes there is no reason for it to be higher. Believe me! Yes the frustration is real. But I know that if I just keep doing another day of meeting my goals then eventually, whoosh it will come back down. Remember our bodies are programmed to fight us. But we will outsmart them.

    @trooworld So lesson learned....meals need to be scheduled in along with your busy day. The old 2019 you would just wing it (which you did) and how did that work for you? The new 2020 you will figure out your plans for the day and then figure out I'm going to eat between this errand and that errand and it will be at this place because it's close to my errands. Or if husbands and family is the one making your decisions because they don't know what they are doing, then 2020 you needs to speak up a bit louder so they can hear you. After all, you will get the consequence of your choices not them. I live with someone who plans so much at work because of his job he just likes to wing it at home. I can't do that anymore because I know what 30 years of winging it does to me. So now he is learning to say I want this, is it doable for your program? Which I always reply, I'll make it work. Which I do. I sit and figure out how many carbs I can eat and then start shaving off portion sizes til the numbers fit. So whatever plan you are doing, do that. We have a phones down during mealtime rule in my house so I always hear that, PHONES DOWN. Which now gets a reply of yes I will once I've entered my food. He is seeing the results of my hard work. 22 lbs gone this time around. The first 26 lbs were so slow that he really didn't pay attention. You'll figure this out. Just a small bump in the road. I really need to try that cheeseburger salad. ooh I bet bbq sauce would be good on that. When I walk by myself, I'm usually listening to my two friends on Marco Polo. They are the ones in my 100 day book group. We report on our day such as what we ate for the day, if we are struggling with something, and our reading assignment for the day. It's about 15-20 min each video usually. Then we post a reply video giving support and ideas. Think about this group only in video form with 3 members total. lol Sometimes I listen to music if I've already listened to them. I usually listen to podcasts when I clean. Woohoo......just read your update. You go girl! The new 2020 Trooworld

    @mswatson0777 I keep hearing about Witcher and seeing posters for it in our mall but I have such a long list of shows that eventually I may get around to watching it. I heard You is really good. Good for you for meal prepping and getting everything ready to make this journey easier.

    @joannadavison Yes, it's the little changes that work for us and stick with us in the long run. What color is your new gym outfit? Great job on going to the gym. Too late. I did look up poutine. lol Honestly, it didn't look good to me. I'm such a visual person. It's like I would eat fries, cheese, and ketchup together so wouldn't gravy just be another form of ketchup? Although I bet the smell would be amazing. I did look up the recipe. Good for you for taking your own breakfast. I'm meeting one of my groups tomorrow and I have to bring cookies. I'm already deciding that I'll have just one.

    This took me forever for some reason. Guess I'm just tired and the brain is slow.

    Green Day- Stayed OP 197/238 Exercise 21 minutes walking

    January Week 1 goal: 3 glasses of water daily. Met goal 4/5 days

  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 1,317 Member Member Posts: 1,317 Member
    Good morning everyone! Where did the weekend go??? I was so busy. I went to pick up groceries, and then went the ophthalmologist and had my eyes examined, then went and picked out glasses at another shop with a friend, came home and ate dinner (this was Saturday) and was pooped. Yesterday I was running around, too. It made the weekend fly by! :(

    @mswatson0777 At least we went back and tracked it now! I'm glad it wasn't as bad as you thought it was. As I said above, my weekend flew by, too lol. Geez, we need another weekend, don't we???

    @joannadavison What time does it get dark there? It gets dark at about 5:00 p.m. right now, so I'm still driving home when it's getting dark. Ugh. I hope you get new daylights in your new building, too. I'm sure that would help. I've seen that recipe for millionaires caramel shortbread on America's Test Kitchen website and it looks divine!!! I'm going to try it some Christmas. Luckily, it wasn't this Christmas. ;) Way to use your word of the year!!!

    @theslightedgeforever It happens practically every weekend that way, unfortunately. Or, I'll plan something and then DH will swoop in and totally change things. This has to stop. We are doing a no-spend-challenge for the next month, so it has no choice but to stop, we can't go willy-nilly out and buy things. BBQ sauce on the cheeseburger salad would be amazing! That's cool that you have a video update with your online friends. That must be motivating. Yes, a new me! :D

    January goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
  • mswatson0777mswatson0777 Member Posts: 127 Member Member Posts: 127 Member
    @trooworld I agree, I'd kill for another weekend! That is the one downside of adulting. As kids, we think we'll have all this time. As adults, I swear sometimes everything feels like obligations and errands and all I want to do is sit down with a good book!

    @theslightedgeforever If you like fantasy novels/shows you'll like the Witcher. I'm actually going to read the source material books, my partner says they're excellent! Way to go meeting your water goal 4/5 days!

    @joannadavison Sounds like you've got a fantastic plan for the day. The first wake-up after break is the hardest! I had to go back last Thursday and I was foggy for the rest of the week. I have liked getting back into my routine though, so hopefully you fall right back into your routine as well and the gym starts to feel like second nature again.

    I replaced the batteries on my scale this morning and finally stepped on post holiday...and it said I LOST 2lbs?!?! I call shenanigans. I don't know if it was artificiality high before or artificially low now, but there is seriously no way I am down weight. I am using it as motivation to stay on track this week. If it stays that low by next Monday I'll track it...but for now I'm giving the scale the side eye and calling it a dirty liar.

    I know I said my word for the year is thriving, but honestly I'm just feeling lost. This year doesn't feel special. Aren't I supposed to have these magical feelings of all the exciting changes that occur with the new decade? Instead it just feels like another year, same old same old. I want to capture the magical feeling of being excited for the future right now, but I'm not quite sure how when I'm just not feeling it. So here's to another day and week of the same old, same old (I'm just a bundle of joy this Monday, sorry ladies!)
  • JoDavo66JoDavo66 Member Posts: 144 Member Member Posts: 144 Member
    @theslightedgeforever my new outfit is pale grey- I just fancied a change. Supermarket cheapy but something different. I stuck to plan at work but lost the plot tonight. Temptation & tiredness. Still fewer calories than I was eating over Christmas! Tomorrow-back on track- COMMIT. I should've planned in a small treat like you did with the cookies!

    @trooworld daylight today was 08:30-16:00. Driving home in dark just feels wrong at 4pm! This is the recipe I found :
    The 1st time I made it the kids at church didn't like the chocolate orange so I just skip all the orange. Probably shouldn't be sharing on here as definitely not a fitness recipe. My weekend disappeared too!

    @mswatson0777 agree, routine helps. I'm at dentist on Wednesday afternoon no only 1 gym session this week. I never understood the "magic" of New Year. When I was really small we did Christmas Eve at my Aunt & Uncles, Christmas Day was dinner at my Grandparents, Boxing Day at ours & New Year's Eve at my Uncle's Parents (they were like Grandparents to me too). Once this stopped I never really 'got' New Year. We do tend to sit up & see the New Year in but I usually make resolutions in September with the school year. Although that was a miserable fail in 2019! I got a lovely new Happy Planner & their Recipe planner was also a Christmas Gift so I've used them both to set goals. Most of my craft friends have a word of the year and I only did once as I really didn't get that either- didn't work for me. BUT I saw a good idea for the classroom on word for the year which inspired me to come up with Commit- almost using it like an affirmation at the moment- so I prepared an example & I'm taking my happy planner to school to use in my tutor lesson (I think homeroom is equivalent). I still don't feel the magic!

    Well epic fail tonight! Draw line & move on!
  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 798 Member Member Posts: 798 Member
    Evening gals, wow it was a rough weekend. I am not sure where it all went..Oh yea it's coming back to me and it's not a good thought. LOL . I am up in weight, I am stress eating, my job is stressful and family things.However on the up side, I went though my shoes. I think I have a different shoe for every day. I tossed the ones that had seen better days, etc. Little by little I am decluttering. It feels good. I have also made it a goal to mail birthday cards out this year to all my family and close friends. I am trying to read 1 book a month. My problem is I seem to fall asleep when I sit down. I do feel that I am making progress with my personal goals, even if the weight is up right now.

    There are too many post that I don't know I can get to them all. I enjoyed seeing you all really interested in each other... oh lets pick one I remember. The color of new gym clothes. See it's not all about weight. LOL .

    I think you will each make a difference this year in others. I believe you are making a difference in your own lives.

    One of the goals I need to set is to figure out how to get on here each day. When I don't its too hard for me to catch up on the post.

    Well need to go take care of GGD....I hope you all have a great night and wake refreshed.

    @its_cleo I know from experience that lack of sleep can "help" you to gain weight.. I say really? the people who sleep 10-12 hours should be bean poles. But really, I read up on it and its thinking you will eat more because you are up longer and your metabolism slows down. LOL I think I have no metabolism.

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,291 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,291 Member
    @trooworld Yes I know all about a husband who likes to swoop in and change the plans. Last weekend, I planned to eat at home but he wanted to eat out. So after naming the restaurant I went in and changed my tracker to make sure I knew how much of the quesadilla I could eat. We got there and it was too busy and he didn't want to wait so I had to change it again with the new restaurant info. ARGH! But I don't really have a choice if I want to continue losing weight. I'd just go back to my old habit of eating whatever and then promising myself I'll do better tomorrow. That doesn't work for me.

    @mswatson0777 My friend was telling me about Witcher tonight. She likes it. I take my weight loss how ever I can get it. lol Think of it not as weight loss but as you're that much closer to your ideal goal. Sorry you're feeling blue. I'm learning that we aren't guaranteed the future not even tomorrow. There was an article where a family was celebrating New Years and the guy fired his gun into the air and his wife got shot and died. (Really? That's his story? I'm assuming others were with him to back it up) But she thought she had tomorrow to start doing whatever. She didn't. All we have is today. So how can you make today special?

    @joannadavison You reminded me that I have a pale gray and yellow workout outfit that I bought on vacation this past year. I need to dig it out. I don't believe in buying expensive stuff to just sweat in either. I always plan in a small treat. So I can take it off if I have to versus going over. So like I told mswatson, Make your own magic.

    @cbabie Don't send me a bday card. I'm one of those that thinks cards and flowers are a waste. They both just end up in the garbage. Isn't that awful of me? You can send me a Marco Polo though. All your little changes will add up to a big change. Just keep pressing forward.

    Green Day- Stayed OP 207/238 Exercise-Rest Day

    January Week 1 goal: 3 glasses of water daily. Met goal 4/6 days

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  • fleetwitchfleetwitch Member, Premium Posts: 16 Member Member, Premium Posts: 16 Member
    Been on ww for three years, everything fine. Last year I've gained 30 lbs back no matter what I tried it wouldn't work
    I'm here dedicated to mfp! Lost three lbs so far and I started in December!
  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 1,317 Member Member Posts: 1,317 Member
    Good morning everyone! Yesterday was a stressful day at work but I'm happy to report that, even though I could have gone to the cafe or the vending machines for emotional eating, I did not! I survived the day and hopefully today will be less stressful.

    @mswatson0777 Oh yes! I would love to just press pause and sit down with my book for the day. Ah, how I long for that!!! lol to your description of the scale as a dirty liar! I would take it with you say, if it is that low next Monday, your good! :D I think the magic of the new year is wearing off. At least that's what I am don't feel bad or like you should be feeling excited.

    @joannadavison Oh my, that's a short amount of daylight! The recipe looks good. I think it's ok to share non-fitness recipes as a treat? Epic fail? You are right, just start over with the next bite!

    @cbabie That's great that you are making progress with your personal goals, congratulations! A book a month is a great goal, and I love the idea of mailing out birthday cards...not enough people do that. I just saw that Hallmark is laying off 400 workers from their headquarters. :( Yay for decluttering!

    @theslightedgeforever That stinks. Yes, that is exactly the sort of thing that happens to me. So what did you do?

    @fleetwitch Welcome! I'm sorry about the gain, that stinks. I'm glad you are off to a good start with MFP.

    January goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
  • mswatson0777mswatson0777 Member Posts: 127 Member Member Posts: 127 Member
    @joannadavison That makes total sense to set your resolution at the start of the school year. Since I joined the group late, what was yours for fall? Is it something you can work towards for spring? I love hearing you talk about your classroom practices, you sound like such an amazing and conscientious teacher.

    @trooworld I hope today is less stressful for you, way to go resisting temptation! And you're right, the magic of the new year seemed to be a one day thing for everyone else, so now I don't feel too left out being a new years grinch lol.

    @fleetwitch Welcome! Congrats on being 3lbs down!

    @theslightedgeforever And that is why people shouldn't fire guns into the air! I know that's happened historically, but I didn't realize people were still stupid enough to still do it in the modern day (I should have known better!). And I like your idea of taking things day by day. Oddly, I'm feeling a lot more calm about everything now that I'm back in my normal routine. Because I realize I like my routine! Which I guess is a good sign that my life is already on track?

    @cbabie Sorry to hear work and family life has been so stressful. I find de-cluttering a destressor so I hope it is for you too. And I'm usually too burned out at the end of a work day to read so I tend to spend my weekend mornings catching up on books. There's nothing quite like a quiet morning with a cup of coffee and a book to feel centered again.

    I went to back-to-back brazilian jiu jitsu classes last night and it felt amazing. I think that was part of my mental health problem over break since I had to be away from the mats. The endorphin rush after an intense class is like nothing else I've ever experienced (seriously, I've ran a marathon and runners high pales in comparison).

    Being back has also made me feel grateful for all that I have (thank you @theslightedgeforever for the reminder!). I am extremely fortunate that my day to day life can somehow make me feel more like myself than a two week break (albeit a very stressful break).

    I'm gearing up for another back-to-back class session today and starting to prep for my grad classes that start up next week (eek!). Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!
  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Member Posts: 1,461 Member Member Posts: 1,461 Member
    @mswatson0777, your Brazilian jiu jitsu sounds intense but very rewarding as well. I don’t exercise at nearly the level you do, but I really do love the feeling after a good workout. :)

    @trooworld, yayyy for avoiding the vending machine! B)

    @cbabie, I love a good decluttering project! You just need to tackle your goals a little at a time and you will get to where you want to be. I’m bad at not checking in everyday too so I know how hard it is to catch up with everyone. I think they will forgive us. ;)

    Good morning! I’ve already been super busy this morning. I was asked to be one of the moderators on my Fat 2 Fit group on top of being a team captain. I’m excited but it’s created a whole lot of discussion that has taken up much of my time the last couple of days. I am also working on changing my habits by using my habit tracker and I signed up for BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habit 5-day course and the Mel Robbins “Best Decade Ever” course. I sure hope all this learning will help me get it together and get this weight off this year!! :D The potluck went OK. I made some bad choices but not as bad as I could have. Baby steps, right? OK, I'm getting up from the computer and going to workout. It's arm day!! :#
  • its_cleoits_cleo Member Posts: 523 Member Member Posts: 523 Member
    Hey @TeresaW1020 that MFP group is lucky to have you as a team captain and moderator. I don’t think I could do something like that- partly the time commitment, and also sometimes people bug me too much lol.

    @mswatson0777 ju jitsu classes sound fun. I’ve had a few martial arts classes- it is tough! I always feel like I’m not fit enough for it. What are you taking in grad school? I miss school sometimes. I loved just learning. …I don’t feel excited for the new year either. It has also just started off badly for me. I guess it can’t get worse?

    @trooworld- great avoiding the vending machines. I find it helps me to avoid stuff like that when I know it is just emotional.

    Hey @fleetwitch welcome.

    @theslightedgeforever – the thing with restaurant tracking. I do find tracking calories makes it hard to be spontaneous…it’s one thing I don’t like, but I try to think if it’s once in a while it’s not a big deal…..I’m with you on cards. I got a bunch of xmas cards and I’m like it’s nice that you think of me but what do I do with all these? My dad used to save them all and would then use them as a decoration- like get a string and stretch across a wall and then hang the cards from the string. They looked kind of cool, as a kid I always liked seeing them. ……
    Yeah the avatar- thanks. I figured new year I needed a new look. And thanks for your thoughts about Griffin.

    @cbabie lack of sleep can also make people hungrier because they’re tireder. I experience that a lot.

    @joannadavison I have to go the dentist Wednesday too! Good luck.

    Well I feel kind of crappy today, took my poor cat to the vet yesterday to be put down. It was a difficult experience, I was just really upset. Didn’t sleep well. Today I’m supposed to work but I’m not doing much. He has a little bed, I don’t think I can throw it out. I will leave it for a while.

    On top of everything else, the night before I had to take Griffin to the vet, the police took someone down in front of my building. It was crazy, there were like 6 cop cars for this guy walking in the middle of the road yelling. He didn’t have his shirt on, I don’t know if he was on drugs or mentally ill or what. This was 10pm and it was snowing. I actually thought the police shot him but I don’t think they did so I don’t know what happened. He was walking toward the cop, and the cop was shouting but the guy just kept walking. Then I heard a pop and the guy went down. This was when I thought they shot him. Then there were like 6 cops on him on the ground. He was still shouting though, and they did put him in an ambulance, but the ambulance didn’t leave for like 10 or 15 mins, so I don’t think they shot him. They also didn’t tape off the area and if they had shot him I know there would have been an investigation. So I don’t know how they got him down though. It was scary, I live in an affluent area, but the city is just not safe anymore.

    I’m on track this week with exercise and calories but it has been a slog because I’m tired and emotional.

    Hope everyone else is doing better.
  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 798 Member Member Posts: 798 Member
    Afternoon all, I am still not doing well on my eating today..but if I stay and don't eat anything else or eat light, I should be okay. I really have to work on this. My DGGD didn't want to go to bed last night, so it was a rough night. I think God created me for no sleep...NOT!! lOL

    @theslightedgeforever Yes I know I feel the same about cards and flowers, what do you do with them. I am sending cards because I want people to have that personal touch that is NOT electronic and know that I was thinking of them. I remember as a kid I used to make ornaments out of the cards. I wish I remembered how we folded them, they were cool. Kind of like an octagon.

    @its_cleo I too love your new picture! It's bright and cheery. I really am so sorry about Griffin. Just make sure you go through the grief and don't sucked it up. That is not healthy. I know who cares what I think..LOL I speak from experience. :)

    @TeresaW1020 I told you I think we are alot alike. LOL . I know you can do this. You have the desire, you have your DH's support, You have us, it's all good this year.

    @mswatson0777 I so agree about sitting in the morning..YUM... I will let you do all the brazilian jiu jitsu....LOL

    @trooworld Great job on the no at work. It's hard to break our habits, but once we do, we move on to the next. You are in your groove right now. That is so sad about Hallmark. We really have lost some things with technology.

    @fleetwitch Welcome. Yea for the loss. That's a great job. Thank you for joining our group!

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