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    @theslightedgeforever So fat I have had no problem with them staying in. They nestle right into the ear. I did a test of shaking my head vigorously and they stayed in. And if I do feel like the moving I just push on them and they are always snug.

    @joannadavison Yes. I am still on WW. I cancelled it but had locked into a year so have it till April.

    Plan to hit the treadmill again today. And supper plan is chicken chop suey with rice.

    Hope everyone is doing well.
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    @nighthazel01 thanks- today was better. IKWYM about the scales. I put so much on over Christmas with a cheese fest, even if I have lost I still feel huge so I almost daren't get on in case it's not good.

    Hi @skimbl welcome. I did WW for 10 years, still following most of the principles & many recipes too.

    @theslightedgeforever the pasta bake we had last night was lush. I worked it our to have more cals the the recipe said (maybe I used different brand of tortellini) but it was so lovely- definitely going on my list again- only 5 mins to prep too. I am with you on that quote- I've stopped having "treat night" built in to the week. Tonight I was so tired I dosed instead of making dinner- went to McD's on way to sea cadets-I had enough cals with some still left over for small meal. I had what I needed but not because it was "cheat night" but because I could. Slip up in one sense but as one off in allowance it's OK!

    @trooworld thanks- I'm exhausted but feeling better today. Sorry to hear you've had bad news about family member. Total empathy with you after our last 6 months of it.

    @TeresaW1020 I'm pleased I still have the tooth too. The opposite one that chipped too is not so complicated & he's doing that one next week. We think they might have both cracked when I fell in Nov. I hope things work out with your Mother. My Gran lived in with us & it was interesting to say the least. My Mam lives round the corner from us, we were there constantly when Dad was terminal & I moved in with Mam to help her when she had knee replacement but neither of us want to make it permanent. This works well for us. I'm glad you are at peace with your situation too. Well done on the 6lb!!!!

    @mswatson0777 thanks. I was so glad I chose that recipe- it was gorgeous.

    @its_cleo replacing filings is pretty awful had a few of those done over the years. Looks like we're both at dentist next week again! Sorry to hear your wrist still playing up.- you need my trainer- he's work wonders with my shouder!

    @renaergy I think the UK WW is month by month rather than a year contract. Might as well use it while you have it.

    I am just so glad it's Friday. I woke up with the worst leg cramp I've ever experienced. My screaming & pain woke me. DH wasn't very with it & had to attempt to help! So I was rather tired today. Exam week next week & not happy with Y10 (freshman) who had not revised & then complained at how much they have to do for Monday, didn't I know it was the weekend!! GRRRRR. Looks like their papers won't take long to mark next week 🤣🤣🤣
    Had sneaky little McDs & although not greatest choice I did have the calories!!
    So looking forward to a day of scrapbooking tomorrow with my crafty friends.
    Have a lovely weekend whatever you're up to.
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    @TeresaW1020 I admire your positive attitude, it goes a long way in ensuring things will turn out positive

    @its_cleo it’s great you have an exercise routine. It’s something I have to work on. I’ve been working long hours and pretty much come home and go to bed, I do walk on my lunch break.

    @mswatson0777 Good for you with all the food prep, that’s not easy.

    It rained all day here, but that didn’t stop me from going on my afternoon walk at lunch. Food wise I did great this week.

    Two of my kids went back to college this week, my other goes this weekend. It makes meal time easier with just me and DH. I’m a borderline vegetarian, but I eat fish, and eggs. I think my iron might be low, so something for me to keep an eye on
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    @nighthazel01 I used to have a job like that. It's very hard to exercise when working all the time. I was lucky I ended up changing and getting a job that I mostly work from home.

    It's boring and the salary is a bit lower but it lets me exerciae more.

    Def watch iron levels. It can really drain your energy if too low.
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    @renaegry Thanks for the info on the AirPods.

    @joannadavison Take the plunge and get on the scales so you know where you are. It's just a number. My philosophy on your mcd's is if you have the carbs/cals/points, why not? Especially if you aren't doing it all the time. You ordered a small meal versus getting something bigger.

    @nighthazel01 Woohoo for walking on your lunch in the rain. I really hate rain so I probably would have sat and complained. lol Yaaay on your food choices this week too. I seem to gain back the weight I lose when I'm around my children so I understand.

    @its_cleo So how are your food choices this week? I have a problem with iron too.
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    @trooworld Sorry about the family member. I gained 15 lbs when I found out my mom had cancer. It didn't change one thing for her but hurt me in the process. Christmas music, I'm almost always behind so I guess I'm right on schedule. I always have a list to do and I'll get to it eventually.

    @teresaw1020 Woohoo on the weight loss. You are moving in the right direction. We are going to rock our habits this year. Your mom: I think it's important early on to establish your boundaries. There will be added stress. Just figure out early how to not stress-eat but stress-exercise or stress-journal, stress-meditate, etc. Do you have a little safe haven in your house? Some corner? I have to have my alone time. I don't want to wake up and go downstairs and start dealing with my mil before I've had my tea. I no longer feel guilty about me going to my room in my nook and doing my thing and leaving her downstairs to watch TV or whatever. I figure if she was still living at her house that's exactly what she would be doing anyway. I do have a set time where I sit with her for about 3 hours straight. She has Alzheimers so sometimes she's there and then other times she's not. She also likes to play victim sometimes. Depending on my mood, sometimes I let her, sometimes not. I do take care of my physical and mental health first now because otherwise, that could be me one day. God will bless you for taking care of your mom.

    @mswatson0777 People pleasing: Yes it's never enough. Now I'm learning to open my mouth and do what I want. Before I was just opening my mouth to shove food down. For instance my sister in law is here and she doesn't like to be alone so she wants to take up every waking moment of my life. In the past, I would let her. Not this trip. The other day I excused myself saying I'm going to go exercise I'll be back. She said do you have to exercise? Yes I do. Old me would have said I can do it tomorrow, I'll sit and talk with you. Once you do it, it becomes easier. Today I said I haven't done my exercise for the day so I'm going to the gym. (I have a home gym) It felt good knowing I had taken care of myself. I had 2 Doritos with her. I checked my tracker and found I had enough left for 2 Doritos. So I ate and enjoyed them instead of telling myself, I'll start again once she goes home on Wednesday. Yes, I'm counting the days. ;)

    @trooworld Maybe yoga isn't something you like but maybe something you need. Just once for a change. Because you usually use your muscles/body in the same way all the time. They say we need something different. Now having said all that, I don't do yoga either. Once in a while but I know the different movements is good for my body. Although it looks easy, I think yoga is tough.

    @its_cleo The trick to a consistent diet is to eat things you love but less of it. So would eating half your burger and half your poutine work for you? I had a cheeseburger and fries this past week. It might be the first or second time I've had it in 5 months. That surely is a record because before I might have had it at least once a week. No wonder I was almost 50 lbs lighter. But as I was eating it, I noticed that it was just "okay". My tastes are changing and I learned that I'm not missing what I thought I was missing. But knowing that I can eat it if I want to is half the battle.

    Yellow Day- Stayed OP 162/164 Exercise- 30 min treadmill.

    Oh when I got on the treadmill you know how you are supposed to enter your weight and then hit start. Usually I enter a weight that is around 1-2 lbs either lower or higher than the number that is there. Before, I seem to always lose the same 2 lbs. This time I got on and was shocked because the number was 8 lbs higher than I am right now. (You can tell how long it's been since I was on my treadmill. I'd rather walk outside or the at the mall.) It felt so good to just keep lowering that number downward.
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    @joannadavison you're talk about the papers and students reminds me of school lol. I did like university but I don't miss the work. I was a crazy student though, I exhausted myself working to get As. Enjoy scrapbooking! It always looks like a fun thing to do but I've never tried it.

    @theslightedgeforever my tastes are changing too, and my stomach. I had a piece of pizza a couple of weeks for lunch from a pizza place down the street and it just about killed me. I felt sick for hours afterward. I think because I'm not used to it? I eat much less fast food than I used to. yay for the treadmill!

    So yesterday I went for a run and it was good. Honestly I still feel very upset and down about Griffin. I was really unprepared for how hard it hit me. I just feel devastated and then I feel stupid like I shouldn't feel upset. Also part of it I think is hard because it wasn't a clear cut case....the other thing was taking him was a nightmare, I had to chase him down and he was so scared and flipped out and I just keep seeing it.

    Anyway I feel proud that I have stayed somewhat steady on food choices and exercise this week. One thing at the end of last year that I wanted to work on- I will be very honest I drink too much, and the biggest barrier for me meeting my exercise/calorie goals is the drinking. Partly because of the calories, the food I eat when I drink, and also it affects my ability to exercise. So at the end of last year I really wanted to dedicate myself to making a change because I tired of it, and to choose health. That's why I have the goals around drinking- not to quit, but just to drink much less.

    So today my plan was to run. But last night I really really really wanted a drink because it was just such a *kitten* week and I felt so bad. Instead I just cried a little bit and didn't drink so today I feel somewhat rested and will be able to meet my exercise goal. That is huge for me.

    I want to go through my pictures of him but I'm not sure, not sure I wish I could think of something to do with them. I had him 13 years so it feels like a long time.
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    @theslightedgeforever, thanks for the advice on moving my mom in. I figure with a 7-hour car ride to get her here with me I will have plenty of time to lay down the ground rules. ;) We plan to set up her room so that it’s her personal sanctuary away from us. I really do think it will all work out but yeah, it’s going to be an adjustment for sure! That is so cool about the treadmill and how much weight you have lost! B)

    @joannadavison, yikes on the leg cramp! My legs are prone to them as well and I have learned how to stop it if I’m awake but there are some nights when I’m woken up screaming too. I do take magnesium and stretch regularly which has greatly helped. Have fun scrapbooking! :)

    @its_cleo, that is good advice on the 10-second slow descent. I did watch some YouTube videos on pushups and I think I just need to get stronger and lose more weight. I’ll get there! This is a hard time for you right now with losing Griffin. Do you suffer from SAD at this time of the year? I hope you can get outside with your run and get in some sun and relax. Hang in there! <3

    @mswatson0777, I don’t care for yoga but the wine is something I can get behind! ;) I hope you enjoy your parties. What are the classes that you are taking?

    Good morning! Today's plan is to work out, do a little housework, and start reorganizing so I can move my mom in. Right now I have her room as my exercise room and the other room in my house as a storage room. So, I will combine my storage and exercise space, which will work out just fine. I have been wanting to reorganize since I moved in and now I have a good reason to actually do it! :D

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    Morning all,
    I seem to have gotten another cold. I have not been like this in years. It just tells me my life is out of balance. I am working on that. There were 25 post since my last check in and I can't catch up on all of them. (see out of balance) . I have put some weight back on and feel I have to do something. This is a life long battle, no magic pill, just consistancy

    I welcome all the new ones!! Glad you found us and hope you find support, encouragement and just plain fellowship!!!

    @trooworld I am sorry that you received bad news, I think your right, just move on...don't beat yourself up.

    @joannadavison I couldn't let my dad move in here. He always wanted to, but I couldn't. It's one thing I regret. However, sometimes it puts a strain on a healthy relationship. I am grateful that you feel you should be doing this.

    I will try again to get back on checking in each day so I don't have to play catch up because I just am overwhelmed with I get so far behind.

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    Hello everyone! I'm hoping to have a good weekend, I need it! I'm getting my hair done today.

    @TeresaW1020 Our relationship is complicated. We are estranged, have been since August 2019, but should have been for longer. It's a complex situation for me and the emotions are very difficult for me, I'm struggling. I have no desire to reconnect at this point, it would not be healthy for me, this person was abusive. So this is a difficult time. Thank you. I can understand your apprehension with your mom moving in, I hope it all works out. Congrats on losing this week, woo hoo!!!

    @mswatson0777 Thank you, it's very, very stressful and difficult for many reasons (see my comment to TeresaW1020 above). Yoga and a glass of wine sounds like a nice treat! Enjoy your weekend and I'm glad you carved out some time for you.

    @its_cleo Yes, unfortunately, I think it's very American for some Americans. :( You have every right to still be upset about Griffin. Our pets are part of our family. <3 Congrats on not drinking.

    @joannadavison Thanks. I'm glad you are feeling better today. I used to get leg cramps, it was awful! Enjoy your scrapbooking!!!

    @nighthazel01 I love walking in the rain.

    @theslightedgeforever It's a difficult situation (see my comment to TeresaW1020 above). I'm definitely not going to gain any weight over this person. Enjoy your Christmas music, whenever you listen to it! That's cool about the treadmill.

    @cbabie I'm sorry you got a cold, I hope you feel better soon! Thank you. I need to take care of me.

    January goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    Hi all, back from OK. Been reading all the posts, but when I got on here today--16 new posts! Wow, did I fall behind!

    @trooworld Sorry about the situation with the family member. After what you wrote, I totally understand not wanting to connect even with the situation. Keep on tracking!

    @itscleo I am sorry about Griffin. Our last dog was with us for over 13 years & it is hard. I cried when I thought about her for a long time. Great job cutting down on the drinking, especially at a stressful time.

    @joannadavison Sorry you had such a time at the dentist, hope next week goes better. I am OK with McDonalds as long as it fits in my calories. I know not the healthiest, but a quote I like that I saw on here a long time ago was "Live the healthiest life you can enjoy". That speaks to me, not going to totally deprive myself of stuff because life happens. Can't always make the best choices. I agree you should get on the scale & just see what it says. I really did not watch things when at dd's (logged my morning coffee, just to keep my "streak" going, but nothing else) & I was up about 5# from my lowest (started with my birthday & it just kept going, lol) Now that I am back in my routine somewhat, I am down about 1/2 of it.

    @theslightedgeforever That is interesting about the treadmill, mine doesn't record weight. Good job keeping on even with company.

    @TeresaW1020 Hope the adjustment with your mother goes smoothly. I am not following any special plan right now either, just trying to stay in my calories with hopefully better choices.

    @cbabie Sorry to hear you have another cold. The weather this year around here has been so unpredictable, its no wonder people are sick. We had record highs on Thurs & about 4" of snow & in the teens yesterday & today. Just trying to avoid the people with influenza, lol.

    Welcome to all the new members. Not much more to add. Going to make a pot of chili & corn muffins for supper. It will give me one of our meal for most of next week, lol. Then going to gs basketball game, if he is up to it. He has a cold & had a game this morning. Didn't look like he was enjoying it.
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    @RetiredAndLovingIt thank you. I cried for a bit today and I feel a bit better. I know what you mean about the posts- we are an active group! Chili and corn muffins sounds awesome. I haven't had corn muffins since I was a kid.

    @trooworld I'mm sorry about your situation. I can relate- I don't have much connection with my mother and brothers for similar reasons....well my mother is neglectful/abusive, and my brothers just support her. I haven't had a relationship with my mother since 2001. It is the right thing for me to be separated from all of them, but it's hard.

    @TeresaW1020 have fun organizing! I love doing stuff like that. It's funny you mention SAD- it is so gray outside here in the winter! I hate that more than the cold. Give me a cold sunny day anytime.

    @cbabie take care of your cold. Don't worry about keeping up with all of us, just do what you can. Coming here shouldn't feel like pressure or stress, you probably have enough of that in your life :)

    I'm feeling a little better today. I think I've been blaming myself a lot about Griffin like I should have done more. I don't think I have a good perspective on it, I'm probably being too hard on myself. But I am slowly working through it, I know it's just a matter of time.

    I did go for a run today and then I went to the gym for upper body work. I made steak for dinner, and boy am I excited about it! :smiley: I love steak. I just want to eat and flake out in front of the tv. Tomorrow I'm also planning on just taking it easy, no workouts just a rest day

    Take care all
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    @its_cleo What an awesome moment you had making the decision not to drink when you felt bad. Emotional eating or emotional drinking is all the same. It's trying to numb the feelings and thoughts that we have. Instead it's good to feel the feelings, come to terms with them and then we can move on. If we just numb them, they will always be there. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time about Griffin. Him freaking out was part of the reason you said you decided that now was the time. He was on a slow and steady decline healthwise. My cat Freckles was like that too. I had to get the carrier ready and me ready and then find her and then she would literally put her legs out so I couldn't get her in the carrier. I hated taking her to the vet. It was such an ordeal. But ultimately it was for her own benefit. When we have pets that long it's like family. We had Freckles for 14 years. Everyone grieves differently. My daughter would put a different pic on social media it seemed every day. I guess her way of keeping Freckles around. But then I would end up seeing them everyday. I didn't want to be reminded. Eventually, both of us got better. Although typing this out I'm getting a little teary eyed and it's been 5 years. Oh almost 6 now. I forget we are in a new year. Now I'm taking my mil and while I don't have to put her in a carrier, it's an ordeal every time getting her in and out of the car because she is afraid she will fall when getting out so she refuses. It's a 10 min ordeal everytime just getting out of the car. But she has to go to the doctor. I'm exactly like you. I hate gray days. I get so depressed. I need blue skies. Fluffy clouds to go along with it are even better.

    @teresaw1020 Your mom is lucky to have such a good daughter. Lots of daughters wouldn't do this. Is she a good cook? I'd love to have someone in the house to fix all my food for me. lol

    @cbabie I'm sorry you've got another cold. You have to take care of yourself as I can't afford to lose another family member.

    @trooworld I have a brother who I'm estranged from. It's been 7 years at least. We have to put ourselves first. So you keep working on making this the best year for you.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt Welcome home. Now you can get back into your routine and lose the rest of the weight you gained. Chili and corn muffins sound so good.

    Yellow Day- Stayed OP 157/164 carbs Exercise- 37 min walking

    January Week 2 goal: 3 glasses of water daily. Met goal 3/4 days

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    @its_cleo- It was smart of you to hit the gym, exercise can really elevate your mood.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt - Welcome back. This group has been great for me because it's so active.

    @cbabie - Welcome back. Weight fluctuates it's good your getting back on track. The holidays were hard for me this year, so I'm determined to do things differently. I've been trying to lose weight for two years and the most I've lost is 5 pounds at any given time. I'm still trying to figure out all the little features on this site, but keeping the food diary keeps me honest.

    @TeresaW1020- Change is never easy but you're looking at the positive side, and it's wonderful you're able to be there for your mom.

    I'm in the middle of a cold blast this weekend, an ice storm and snow, though I don't think it was as bad as they predicted. My daughter is supposed to go back up to school this weekend, I wanted her to leave Friday before the storm, but she's going tonight after the ice has a chance to melt. We spent yesterday mostly in the house staying dry so we cooked and baked. Even with this I stayed on track with my food goals. I struggle so much on the weekends and end up undoing any good progress I make during the week, so that was huge for me. Intermittent fasting is a good tool for me, I know it's not for everyone, but it helps me break my cycle of mindless snacking and nibbling. I'm a more conscious eater if I don't allow myself to eat as soon as I get up in the morning.

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    @theslightedgeforever thanks for your comments. Freckles is a cool name for a cat. I'm feeling a little bit better.

    @nighthazel01 we're having the same weather- rain all day yesterday and then it froze. I think it's cold today but the sun is out so yay. That's great you did ok on the weekend.

    No exercise today, just small chores. I'm going to try to make palak paneer from one of the recipes from the cooking class I took. I also bought a fancy new computer chair that hopefully will help my back and neck but I have to put it together. I thought it was weird it came in pieces- like the legs, then the back, then the seat.
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    So many comments since I last logged on- I can't keep up with all.

    To those who commented about scales- I did get on, small loss which is why I wasn't feeling it. But a loss is a loss & I know I'm retaining water.

    @its_cleo huge hugs re:Griffin

    I had awesome girls day yesterday. Planned meals & did grocery shopping today. Bought slow cooker- so I need some good high protein, veggie/fish recipes.

    I also would like some high protein breakfast suggestions. I've switched from my usual porridge/overnight oats which was 8g protein & higher carbs to 2 eggs on toast. Looking for other ideas which are high in protein but quick & easy on a work morning. What do you all have?
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    Hello everyone! It's a beautiful day to do something healthy for yourself. It's great weather here in SoCal...the sun is shining but it's brisk out. I went for a walk with DH and the pooch. I'm going to meal prep today. Here is what I am meal prepping:

    Vegan/Vegetarian Pf Chang's Mongolian Beef (Tofu)
    Grown Up Tuna Noodle Casserole
    Vegetarian Black Bean Chili-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
    Cashew Chicken
    Pita Pizzas

    @RetiredAndLovingIt Thank you very much. I've pre-tracked my week, so I'm doing well with tracking, and I even tracked this past weekend, so woo hoo!!! Chili and corn muffins sounds delicious. I hope you get to go to the game.

    @its_cleo Thank you. I'm sorry about your situation, too. I can understand why you don't have a connection. It's difficult, but necessary for self-care. I think you are being too hard on yourself. You sound like you gave Griffin an excellent life, and he just was ill and there is nothing you could do about that. I love steak! I hope you enjoyed the tv and the steak. I love palak paneer! ;)

    @theslightedgeforever Thank you very much. I'm sorry about your situation, but you are right: we have to take care of ourselves.

    @nighthazel01 I hope the weather improves soon. That's great you stayed on track with your food goals, WTG!

    @joannadavison Congrats on the loss. Here are some recipes for you to consider:

    Slow Cooker Vegetarian Lentil Chili (this is my favorite veggie chili):
    Zucchini & Cheddar Frittata:
    Jack & Green Chile Egg Puff:

    January goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @trooworld thanks for those links. I'll add to my new Happy Planner recipe planner. Just realised you are in SoCal!! My eldest & I are planning to visit my sister in San Deigo this summer. School holiday prices are normally prohibitive but we've been waiting 10 years for this!

    I'm trying not to get so far behind with all the posts!
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    aFternoon all,
    I am still sick and can't believe it. I NEVER get sick and now 2 times in 30 days. I didn't go to church today as I really wanted to just sleep, but with a 17 month old...I don't see that happening. I was going to try to start eating better and intermitten fast..but decided to "feed" the cold and get better then start in. I am sitting in my chair crossed leg with my lap top and my DH has my GGD outside, she just woke up from her nap. I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. my Grandson hates meatloaf...but he ate it anyway..LOL . he had to eat something before going to work...LOL

    @trooworld I am so sorry about your family member. I have not HAD to do that, but there are times I have felt the desire to do that to a family member, just havent..but I believe just because they are family that don't get the right to be abusive.

    @joannadavison Yes we are a busy group.

    @its_cleo I am not an animal lover at all, ask my sister. LOL . I do have 3 dogs that belong to my grandchildren ( 1 still lives with me) and I just told him today, they go when he goes..LOL . That being said, I do know that animals become a member of the family and it hurts just as bad when life happens. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I see you are enjoying life as best you can and that is good. (steak) . LOL ( I still have a good cry over my mom) and she has been gone almost 7 years.

    @nighthazel01 Thank you, I am glad you are enjoying this board and MFP, yes we all need accountability. LOL

    @RetiredAndLovingIt Yes I don't want the flu....this too shall pass..LOL

    @theslightedgeforever No I am not going anywhere, I can hear mom saying this about her'll miss these.....LOL
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    @nighthazel01 Basically all I use on this site is the food diary and this group. Good for you for meeting your food goals on the weekend. Finding a plan that works for you is half the battle and it doesn't really matter if others don't do it if it works for you. I recently had this discussion with a friend about keto. She kept saying but it's so easy. I said FOR YOU. Not for me. I wouldn't stick to it lifetime. My plan has to be something I can do for the rest of my life. Even when I get to goal, I'll still be eating the same way. That's why I like having my cake and eat it too.

    @its_cleo Freckles got her name by democratic vote. lol All 5 of us put names in a bowl and my oldest son's paper was chosen. Your recipe sounds good. I'll eat Indian food once in a while if it's not too spicy. @cbabie says she's not an animal lover but she is a secret one. :D She has 3 dogs. I've met her dogs. They hate me. lol

    @joannadavison Any step in the right direction is a good thing. That's just less I have to work on later. Go to straight to Pinterest for the slow cooker recipes. I get my best stuff there.

    @trooworld I added your menu ideas to my calendar for next week. Woohoo on the tracking. It's becoming a habit for you. Plus a walk with hubby and pooch. Keep it going.

    @cbabie I'm sorry you are sick again. I would lay there looking like death warmed over and let the other household members figure out the food situation. Seriously. You are a caregiver at heart but sometimes you need to be taken care of too. Let them do it.

    Green Day- Stayed OP 199/238 Exercise 41 min walking

    January Week 2 goal: 3 glasses of water daily. Met goal 3/5 days