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    Well I see I haven’t been in since the 10th. Just. Breezes through the comments. -40C here this morning. Without the wind. Kids staying home from school again as busses are cancelled. Same as yesterday. Didn’t go to hockey practice last night since so cold. So ventured out to fitness class. Very stiff today which I’m sure is why my weight is up. So before I log it will see what it is tomorrow since it was down yesterday. Plan today is 45 min brisk walk on treadmill while watching “you” then doing book work till have to take daughter to gymnastics.

    Don’t have time to comment to all. Hope everyone is doing well. Will try to e k in more often. ☺️
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    @trooworld I'm more of a digital person too.

    @teresaw1020 Yes, the best "diet" is the one we can do in the best of times and the worst of times. I did learn though that two weeks of the present maint schedule messes with my head some so I'm going to alter it a bit for when I really do go on maintainence.

    @mswatson0777 Unfortunately 9 lbs it was. I gained an additional 1.4 lbs over the next couple of days and then after a week 5 lbs were gone. But it took me almost 3 months to lose that remaining 5 lbs. Because I would go up and down on the same 2 lbs Crazy. I'm not doing that again. My friend went on a cruise recently and she did eat and try most everything she couldn't get back home and she did gain weight but it eventually came off. She said she wouldn't have done anything differently. I think being active on the cruise is very important. Temperature is relative isn't it.

    Green Day-Stayed OP 228/238 carbs Exercise- 15 min of treadmill walking I wasn't going to do any but I was reviewing an old 100 day assignment from early Jan last year and it talked about me being committed or interested. The assignment was to go do something that shows I was committed. Since it was at the end of the night I chose 15 min of exercise. Go me!

    January Week 3 goal: 3 glasses of water daily. Met goal 0/7 days
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    @mswatson0777, how did you do at the coworker happy hour? Wow, did you work out for 2 hours? That is fantastic and I'm sure your endorphins were rushing! :D I have found that on days that I workout I sleep much better. The last two days I haven't done my normal workouts and my sleep suffered. An incentive to get in there and get my sweat on! ;)

    @renaegry, good to see you!! Wow, that is sooo cold! We have been having unusually warm weather for this time of the year and I've been lapping it up before the cold comes back. Of course, we will never be as cold as you are and for that I am very thankful. :)

    @theslightedgeforever, great job on showing your commitment and doing some exercise! How did the maintenance schedule mess with your head? We both know that once in maintenance the real work will begin and I expect you to pave the way. ;)

    Good morning! TGIF!! B) I have a fairly easy day at work today and plan to come home early and get my workout in. I didn't work out on Wednesday because the treadmill was being taken apart and moved into the other room. Yesterday I worked all day and just didn't feel like it. Which was a mistake because like I wrote to mswatson I need my workouts to get better sleep. This evening we are taking our pastor and his wife out to our favorite Italian restraunt for dinner. It's their Christmas present from us and hopefully, we can refrain from talking church business the whole time. And yes, @theslightedgeforever, I have already looked and decided on what I will eat and will track it too. ;) The good news is that my weight was down almost a pound again this week! :)
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    @TeresaW1020 Coworker happy hour went well! I decided I didn't want to drink and they had a cauliflower crust pizza on the menu so my calories were pretty decent. I do back to back classes a lot since 1 hour doesn't feel like enough when I'm trying to learn or drill a new skill (my weight issue is clearly food related lol)

    @theslightedgeforever How frustrating with those pounds last year, I can see why you don't want to do it again! And I'll for sure be eating more than normal, but if it's something I can get at home I'll skip it and if it's something decadent I'll share it :)

    @renaegry My goodness you're even colder than we are! And I love the show "You", I devoured season 2 in just a few days

    Friday is HERE!!! I'm seriously so excited for my three day weekend of relaxation. At the end of it I'm sure I'll want to be around people, but for now it's MY WEEKEND! We got invited out to a few things after coworker happy hour last night but I stayed home, caught up on my readings for next week, and went to bed early. It was so dreamy. I even woke up refreshed and hit the elliptical this morning. Now I just have to survive today at work and I'm golden!
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    @nighthazel01 night time munchies is my downfall, I am trying hard. I use them as treats to keep me going when I have work.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt good you're back on routine.

    @theslightedgeforever I figured little steps rather than massive change with epic fail was more achievable. Still experimenting with foods to reduce carbs & increase protein- if I'd gone for 1 goal then I've failed. Looking at little steps- there's improvement. Much more positive.

    @trooworld glad we've managed to msg & arrange something nearer the time.

    @TeresaW1020 I'm making a concerted effort re:sugar cravings. I think it's due to reducing carbs & I just need to get out of habit! You seem full of busy sorting the final things for your mother. Enjoy your meal out with your Pastor. We often fall into the trap of talking church when we're with our Minister- friend too, especially as he & DH are coffee nuts! We have kids same age too.

    @mswatson0777 totally agree about our health care system. I just hope we can continue to sustain it- the services are heavily stretched. I've got 2nd appointment to complete the job, will be glad when sorted. What type of class did you do? Enjoy the weekend.

    @renaergy -40? Gosh we were complaining here as temp dropped & air feels icy.

    I am so tired tonight but feeling pleased with myself. I so wanted to grab a latte or small McDs fries but I made sure I got home. Ended up cooking a very easy sausage (Quorn ) casserole- all in one pot. Came home to have to sort youngest bedroom- I was not happy at the state of it.
    Looking fwd to hair done tomorrow.
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    @TeresaW1020 great job on the weight coming down a week.

    @mswatson077 it’s great you enjoy your fitness class so much. Having it be fun is a good motivation. I hope your cruise goes well. Yes the food can be a temptation, but just do active stuff and try not to over do it. Will you track calories while away? Enjoy your week!

    @theslightedgeforever yeah the OCD thing might be age…I’m like that too, but I was always a bit OCD, I actually had tests done lol.

    @joannadavison ouch on the root canal. I had one a few yrs ago. My procedures are done, both went ok. Good for you on skipping the temptation. I hope your hair looks great tomorrow. I increased my protein intake a lot over the last couple years, and it has been a good change I think.

    @theslightedgeforever yeah usually I struggle with calories. It’s funny bc I am eating a ton less than I did all summer, but I weigh slightly more (5lbs more) and I can’t lose it. But I’m just focusing on the calories.

    My wrist- I’m going for an xray next week. I saw a chiro and he said the wrist ligaments are damaged, so basically kind of like a wrist sprain I guess? So I have to see him a few times to try to push the healing along.

    I’m feeling slightly better I think? I dunno yesterday was better, today seems a struggle again. But a couple days ago I managed to do my stair/hill circuit and that gave me a bit of a positive charge, that feeling of energy. That’s one of the reasons I love exercise, it really gives me an emotional boost.

    Today is very cold here but sunny. I went for a run but I could only do half of my normal routine, not sure why. I also did some core this morning.
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    @renaegry Don't know how I missed you yesterday. I guess cause you were on the other page. I'm glad I don't get the temps you do. Good for you for getting in a treadmill walk.

    @teresaw1020 Aren't perceptions funny. I always think of maintenance as something that will be easy because I already know how to do that. Talking about before this round of weight loss because I seem to be able to hover around the same 1-2 lbs but I'm not at my goal weight. I never gain weight gradually it's usually within a 1-2 week period that I put on 10 lbs and then back to where I started from adding in a lb here and there doing the cha cha. But back to your original question, it messed with my head because I had 4 green days and 1 red with a couple of yellow thrown in. This week I'm on a 3 red day schedule and next week it will be 4. So I got used to eating basically anything I wanted to during the maintenance phase and now I'll have to pull it back a bit. It's like driving on the highway on a sunny day with the radio loud and suddenly now you hit a freak blizzard with snow and ice on the ground. Time to turn off the radio and put both hands on the wheel. So I think I'll throw in an extra red day on the 2nd week of the month instead of the third as planned. Also I think the perception that maintenance is hard is because people do a "diet plan" until they hit goal and then think they can return to their old way of eating again and that is what made them fat in the first place. I have to be doing red, yellow, green days for the rest of my life. Woohoo on planning ahead and losing some more weight.

    @mswatson0777 Good for you for deciding on no liquid calories and choosing the cauliflower pizza crust. It really is all about choices. Sometimes I just want a good ole slice of pizza and sometimes I will choose wisely. Enjoy every minute of the weekend.

    @joannadavison What kind of healthy munchies can you substitute during your nighttime work hours if need be. Lately I've been doing walnuts and almonds. I could only have 2 T. tonight but usually I get 1/4 c or 1/3 cup depending how I've fared during the day. Sometimes I like to slice carrots and eat them like chips which I dip into 2T of blue cheese dressing as a dip. For me it's the physical touch of the small item of food I think. You did great by not giving in to McDs. You strengthened your resistance muscle.

    @its_cleo Just keep taking things day by day. I'm glad you love your exercise and it can give you a boost. I'll admit that doesn't happen to me. Ouch on the wrist. Winter is always depressing I think. Plus I think I read that some people put on weight during the winter like a bear. I have loads to spare so that's probably why I don't need it. lol

    Tomorrow I have a brunch to attend so I need to plan well for that.

    Low Yellow Day-Stayed OP 150/150 Exercise 30 min on treadmill

    January Week 3 goal: 3 glasses of water daily. Met goal 0/7 days

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    Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday. I weighed in this morning and I weigh exactly what I weighed last week. I guess that's better than gaining.

    @TeresaW1020 Eh it's a bit better lately, but unfortunately, I don't have time to take long baths every night before bed so I can't see how that affects my sleep. I often take my FitBit off before I go to bed for that very reason! You sound like you've been busy!!! Congrats on the pound down woo hoo!!! I hope you had fun at dinner, too. ;)

    @mswatson0777 My January goals are going very well. I'm glad I kept them attainable/simple. It's what I needed: simple, attainable goals to give me some confidence. How are yours coming along? You should take an Epsom salts bath for that soreness! ;) Look at me, I used to hate baths and now I'm touting their benefits lol. Enjoy your weekend!!!

    @theslightedgeforever It's just easier, that way it's always with me. If I carry too many things, I forget something somewhere lol. Woo hoo to being COMMITTED!!! Good luck at your brunch, I hope it goes well.

    @joannadavison Yes! Looking forward to it. Are you doing anything different with your hair or just getting it trimmed? I just got my hair done, cut and colored, and I had to go to one of my stylist's coworkers because my stylist is out on maternity leave. I tried to tell this new person how my stylist does my hair and I ended up with something totally different. I didn't like it at first, but now I do.

    @its_cleo I've heard that about exercise, that it can really help lift mood.

    January goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    Afternoon to all! I read the post yesterday but couldn't get to write a post. I was so exhausted, even though I work only 4 hours a day, the job is MENTALLY exhausting. Then combined with trying to get well, baby and no sleep..LOL. Well I had to prove to my DH that I am NOT getting enough sleep. He gets at least 8-10...So I logged into my fitbit and here is this weeks totals...mostly a little over 3 hours a night and for a total of 22.14 hours of sleep from Sunday to Saturday. I am like no wonder I can't get well. Yes I sleep with my fitbit, it is only not on my wrist when charging or in the shower. Mine does not slide up and down. Sleep was the original reason I bought by fitbit in 2012, been wearing it since. My sleep hasn't really improved...LOL . My goal is 5 hours a night, but it is what it is right now. I am going to work on this, it's really almost as much important as no sweets for me. Not sure how yet, with the baby and my work schedule, etc...but will find a way. I HAVE to. It caused me to realize what I wish my fitbit would do...TRACK my food..LOL .

    @its_cleo I agree about exercise..I always feel so much better when I do...It's like a mood changer.

    @trooworld I am glad you like your new cut. I am very picky about my haircuts..LOL

    @TeresaW1020 I hope you enjoy the night with your Pastor and his wife. I hope you don't talk about work...just relax and enjoy the food and company. I used to never know how to not bring that part of my life in the church seperate..but I can tell you for your Pastors health, he should just enjoy dinner and good company. LOL . but don't tell him I said that. :)

    @joannadavison yea for the no MD's..LOL, sounds like you are making the small tweaks and you will be able to keep going forward..

    @mswatson0777 Your night sounds so relaxing. I am glad you got to do that and enjoyed it.

    @renaegry ugh...DONT miss those temperatures. I remember the locks on our cars being frozen...the temperature was not that cold, but the wind chill...ugh!!!!! Yea I am good with no snow. LOL

    @RetiredAndLovingIt Yes it is the oils. I love them, they are the reason I don't have to take Excedrin Migraine anymore. I have a daughter who is an essential oil guru, and it has totally changed her family life.

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    @cbabie I am so sorry you are struggling so much with sleep. That is really awful! What is happening- do you just wake up or do you have to get up bc of your granddaughter?

    @trooworld I've always heard epsom salts were good but they never do anything for me. But I'm not really a bath person I guess. I used to go to a gym that had a dry sauna and I loved that. I really miss it.'s so hard to switch hair dressers. I've had the same person for a few yrs. Last year she quit the salon she was with and went to a different one. I hard a time with it but finally decided to follow her lol. I told her I would stalk her to whereever salon she goes.

    @theslightedgeforever how was your brunch?

    Today I went for a run and it was good, felt stronger physically then yesterday. We had a blizzard here this afternoon so I had to get out in the morning before it was too bad. Then I went to the gym this aft and did a bit of arm work.

    Still doing pretty good on calories this week.
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    @trooworld Yes maintaining is always better than gaining. When I sleep, I'm dead to the world evidently. I don't feel my fitbit at all. Or maybe mine is tighter than yours. So are you still tracking daily? I'm still working on my water goal but still only hitting it 1/2 way. I might just have to lower it until I'm successful for 7-14 days and then I can raise it back up.

    @cbabie I think you fell asleep before you posted a reply to me. :# That's okay this time. You need the rest. So why not start putting baby to bed 15 min earlier for a while and you can increase the time later. A nice bedtime routine for her will let her know that bedtime is coming up. My other suggestion is to go out to your car and sleep in your car and let whoever is left in the house awake to deal with the baby. lol At least you would get some sleep and get better.

    @its_cleo I feel the same about hairdressers. Mine moved and I still haven't found one I like. Brunch was good. I ate a piece of spinach quiche, an egg cheese slider, and a pecan roll. Oh and a mimosa. I did not eat the other sandwich type things that were there nor a lemon coffee cake nor fruit. Since I had already had a banana before I left. Hooray on your calories

    Green Day-Stayed OP 216/238 carbs Exercise 14 min treadmill

    January Week 3 goal: 3 glasses of water daily. Met goal 0/7 days

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    @cbabie sleep is an important goal, but very challenging with a baby. Try taking catnaps during the day if you can't sleep all at once at night. Especially if your not feeling well.

    @its_cleo - Wow, I'm inspired by your commitment to exercise.

    @Joannadavison - Cleaning can be a good distraction.

    Snow storm hit Friday night, so I stayed in all day yesterday. I caught up on a few things around the house and baked. I didn't eat what I baked, I left that for my DH and kids. I managed to stay on track food wise even though I was home all day. The struggle is real though.

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    @nighthazel01, good for you for not eating the baked goods that you made. I would NOT be able to be that strong, which is why baking is not done in my house. Stay warm!! :)

    @its_cleo, glad your run was good! Everyone getting snow makes me jealous. I just want a small dusting. Is that too much to ask? Ouch on the wrist pain! I assume that affects you doing any kind of weight lifting? :/

    @cbabie, yes I totally agree that you have to find a way to get more quality sleep on a consistent base or your health and weight are going to continue to suffer. We had a lovely dinner with my pastor and his wife. We did a lot of talking about my mom moving in and Pastor was especially interested in my intermittent fasting lifestyle. I think the thought that I don't eat for at least 17 hours was shocking. I did point out that 8 to 9 hours of that time, I'm in bed. :D

    @trooworld, yes weighing the same is better than gaining! You just stick to your goals! <3

    @theslightedgeforever, yes I agree that you will have to continue what you are doing for the rest of your life. That is why I stopped doing Keto or any other restrictive diet plan. I can’t do that for the rest of my life, but I can do my best to stay in a calorie deficit and stay active. How did you do at brunch? :)

    Good morning! I have been having issues with my stupid knees again! I think this new program I’m doing has been too much for them. All the squats and lunges are taking their toll. So, I’m going to continue with the program for the upper body weights and get my cardio in on my treadmill for the next couple of weeks and see if that will help. I Googled knee pain and of course, the number one thing suggested is to be at a normal weight. It’s a good incentive because I am NOT liking this pain. :#
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    Good morning everyone! I took a nice hot bubble bath before bed. I bought this thing from Amazon called the Better Bath Deep Water Bath that covers the overflow drain on your tub and allows you to put more water in the tub. It worked marvelously! Before using it, the tub only filled up not even halfway up your body. :( It was a nice bath and I felt like I slept better although FitBit only gave me a "72 Fair" score. I did get more deep sleep and more REM sleep so I don't know why it rated my sleep like that but oh well. On to what I am cooking this week:

    The Best Pressure Cooker Broccoli Cheese Soup + grilled cheese sandwiches
    No Peek Chicken (a chicken and rice casserole)
    Instant Pot 20 Minute Chicken Burrito Bowls
    Greek Quesadillas
    Instant Pot Porcupine Meatballs + steamed green beans

    @cbabie That is NOT enough sleep! I do hope you can find a way to get in more sleep. It's so important, I know you know that. Yeah, I didn't like my cut at first but I'm getting used to it. :)

    @its_cleo Up until last week, I wasn't a bath person lol. I understand that. It is hard to switch hairdressers, luckily this is only temporary until mine is back from maternity leave. That's good you followed yours to the new salon. Luckily, mine isn't going anywhere, she owns the salon! A! It makes me want some hot chocolate.

    @theslightedgeforever That's good you are sleeping so soundly. I sleep soundly, too, after a certain point. Yours probably is tighter than mine. Mine has a metal band I got from Amazon and it is loose. I am still tracking daily except I didn't track yesterday. :O That's a good idea to lower your water goal temporarily. You'll get it. I'm glad brunch was good.

    @nighthazel01 Great job staying on track, WTG!

    @TeresaW1020 Thank you! I'm sorry you are having trouble with your knees again. That stinks. It is good incentive.

    January goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @TeresaW1020 with my wrist- I can lift weights- it only hurts when it's bent like in the pushup position. Actually it feels a little better even after one treatment from the chiro. I guess it just needed a push to get started healing. So I am kind of excited at getting the x ray and seeing if it's better.

    Ouch on the knee pain. Have you googled specifically 'knee pain while doing squats' or 'knee pain while doing lunges'? Might be some tips on it.

    I wish I could give you some of our snow lol.

    @trooworld yeah I've read about those bath things. I would maybe be a bath person if I had a hot tub lol.

    @theslightedgeforever mmm I like spinach quiche. You'll get there with the water goal...wish I could think of some suggestions. I only drink water and coffee.

    Someone asked me about vacation...I have like over 4 weeks of vacation time this yr bc I didn't use much last yr and it carries over. But I have to use it. I have been very loosely looking at going to Iceland but I feel worried about leaving Monkey alone. She is very very shy and so the people that feed her while I am away- she just hides when they are here. She never gets used to them. So that would mean 10 to 14 days of her being alone with not much human interaction. Before when I had Griffin too I didn't worry as much because they were together. Now I don't know.

    Part of me is telling myself I'm being silly and I should just go and another part of me worries.

    Also to be perfectly honest I haven't flown since the two Air Max crashes- not the one in Iran, the one with the new Boeing planes last yr. I know those planes are not in service anymore but it still makes me nervous.

    I travelled a lot over a 5 yr period up until fall 2018, and then a lot of anxiety about travelling seemed to set in. But I have to get past it.
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    Morning all,

    I have gotten my shower, but still need to finish getting ready for church. Well I got 12 more min sleep last night than the night before..LOL . My DD made me some elderberry syrup, which I took last night and I feel better today. I am taking my health seriously. I was talking to my DD yesterday via messenger..LOL about some decisions I need to make and I said I think a lot of my thought issues are my parents both died at early ages (to me) . 77 and 75, that means I only have about 13-15 years left? That is not enough for all I want to accomplish. So I am working on extending my life span with better choices and quality of life..My parents did not have that in the end of their life.

    @its_cleo well it's a combination of the baby, phone going off, work, etc. I just need to get the baby back on schedule of going to bed at 8-9 not midnight...DH doesn't keep her on her routine, so working on this..LOL

    @theslightedge I am sorry, what did I not respond to.. sleeping in the's too cold.LOL . I will get her back on track...I am bigger than her..just need to get DH on the same page.

    @nighthaze01 . Yum baked goods..I make apple/raisin bread yesterday. Glad you got to enjoy being in the house.
    I try catnapping...just need that deep sleep..but I am on the mend. Thank you.

    @teresaW1020 So glad you enjoyed dinner and it wasn't all about church work. Yes please take care of your will come in time. I don't do squats because my knees can't handle them. So I walk...

    @trooworld yum your recipes sound delicious..glad you enjoyed the bath...

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    @its_cleo good that dentist sorted. The protein changes are definitely working- 3lb in a week. I can't grumble with that. I hope the wrist X-ray gives you better answers.
    OMGosh to the blizzard!!! Temp dropped here but nothing like that, thank goodness. Ooooh flying- please don't make me nervous- I've only done short haul before & last time was 15 years ago!!! (We've towed caravan ever since- DH's parents 1st then our own when we could afford it- went ferry or tunnel to mainland Europe- so been to lots of counties but ages since flown).

    @theslightedgeforever I'm trying to change the mindset that I don't need rewards/treats to keep me working- I need to focus & get the marking done quicker. It's a bad habit from the days when I had bully boss & ridiculous workload- my mental health was shot to bits with the stress, back then. Trying to move onto healthier habits.

    @cbabie that's sleep deprivation! You definitely need more. I can function on 3 hours occasionally but it's not good. I'm struggling on 5-6! I hope you can get that sorted. My eventual aim is 8 but I'm working towards 7 hours.
    What does elderflower oil do?
    My own dad died at 71 only a few years after he retired- he & Mum had such great plans but they never happened. It made a friend re-evaluate his life- he's continued working past 65 & was having health problems- so he retired that year & put all his energy into looking after his fitness. 10 years on he doesn't look like he's aged! I found out today, from MiL, diabetes II runs in their family so it's another point to watch the sugar for me & DH. It puts our girls at greater risk with it being on both sides.

    @nighthazel01 where do you live to have the snow? Well done on not eating the "fruits" of your baking. I'm not that self disciplined- I always have to try a little bit!

    @TeresaW1020 ouch to your knees. I can relate a bit - if I run- knees suffer and so does back- I'm sure mine is not helped by weight. My knees are wear & tear but definitely ache when I'm heavier. I've been using cross trainer as takes pressure of back & joints- not impacting knees & hips. It's Catch 22 as squats & lunges develop the big muscle groups, therefore you burn more but if they are prohibitive then not much you can do.

    @trooworld I'm curious what goes in greek quesadillas? I've got vegetarian ones on my list this week. Plus trying out new bargain slow cooker for 1st time.

    Well I was really pleased this morning. 3lb off. I'm now 1lb lighter than start of December- although 3 more to re-loose what I lost before Christmas. I still feel really fat & I'm still retaining water. Although making huge effort to drink more than recommended at moment until this is resolved. The change in balance between micros is certainly working. I don't care if I don't get that goal achieved this month, I am galf way there & it's having a good effect. I will keep trying.

    Made lush Tiramisu from Pinch of Nom tonight.

    Just wondered if Quorn products were available in USA? If not, what vegetarian protein products are available to substitute instead of meat in recipes which use chicken, mince etc?
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    @nighthazel01 Good for you for not eating all you baked and not snacking throughout the day. I have some banana bread on the counter I need to put in the freezer. Dh doesn't need to eat it all piece by piece.

    @teresaw1020 I used to be able to not eat what I baked so I stopped baking. But I love to bake. So I've learned to have an initial piece of whatever it is or half depending and then I leave it alone. You are stronger than you think and you can tell and teach your mind to leave the baked goods alone until X. I like to have mine on the weekend normally.Usually I cut it in half so I can have some both days. Brunch was good. Some spinache quiche, an egg/cheese slider, and a pecan roll. I really wanted a second pecan roll but kept talking myself out of it. Because then I would have had to make some harder choices in the evening. Ouch on the knee pain.

    @trooworld Oh on the metal band for fitbit. Mine is rubber like. I was thinking maybe I just have fatter arms than you do. It's possible. So back with tracking today and I'll go back to working on my water.

    @its_cleo Suggestions on the water goal. I seem to not have a problem drinking my hot tea every day. lol So I'll keep working on this habit. Now tell me all the positive things about going to Iceland. What will you do, what will you see. From one anxious person to another, there will always be worries and fears. Our minds magnify them until we shut down and it cripples us. Yes Monkey's normal routine will be a bit different for two weeks but he/she will survive. Imagine yourself in a bad car accident that leaves you in the hospital all of a sudden for two weeks. Monkey would have to do the same thing but instead you are having a wonderful time in Iceland hiking or whatever types of thing you would do there. I would be hiking. lol You can get into car crashes just as easy as airplane crashes. Probably easier. I don't like to fly anymore because they've made it too unpleasant but I still do sometimes. When turbulence hits I imagine it like I saw explained on TV one day on Oprah. lol If you are in a boat and another boat goes by it will make waves so you bob up and down. Same thing for a plane. When other planes are flying above and around you like they do, it causes wind waves and the turbulence you feel is the bobbing up and down. So everytime I'm in a plane and it starts doing that I close my eyes and imagine I'm on a boat. lol

    @cbabie I was sitting at brunch the other day and all the ladies were talking about their mothers and how they were in their 80's. One had just had to take away the car keys from her. I was sitting there thinking it would be nice to have a mother who is alive and my second thought was they didn't even make it to their 80's. Because of their lifestyle. I'm claiming Granny and Aunt Wilma's genes..........which probably means I also need to claim their lifestyle. So your to-do list, get baby back on schedule, turn the phone off while you sleep (I know a hard one for you) but it's doable. You didn't respond to ME. lol How did the apple raisin bread turn out?

    @joannadavison Woohoo on the pounds you lost. That's awesome. Your little changes are working. My kids too have a greater risk of diabetes since they have it on both sides with their grandparents. But they don't listen to me so I'm trying to show them by my actions now. I don't know what Quorn is. It makes me think of a hybrid of corn and quinoa. Let me google it. I liked my fantasy version better. lol I have no idea if it's sold in the US but I bet if it is then Amazon will deliver it. lol I just checked Amazon. Yes but OMG so expensive. You could look for textured vegetable protein items. Amazon has it in chunks and minced. In a couple of weeks the ladies I had brunch with is doing a UK afternoon tea. I'm so excited for the scones. I said we all have to wear hats. Although I'm sure you all don't go around wearing hats for afternoon tea. lol I just like a good reason to wear my pretty red hat.

    I went to a movie today (Bad Boys) and measured out each cup of popcorn I ate. Thank God for my friend who bought me those Fix21 containers. They come in so handy at the theater. I eat straight from the container and not the popcorn tub.

    Low Yellow Day- Stayed OP 141/150 carbs. Exercise 45 min walking club at the mall.

  • cbabie
    cbabie Posts: 1,143 Member
    Morning gals,

    This will be brief, I have to finish getting ready for work and baby has been moving and morning..(one tooth almost through) . I am feeling better than I have a cough in the mornings..UGH..oh well I talk better. YEA I just looked at my fitbit and 4hr and 56 min sleep!! I made an honest effort to get baby in bed by 10, she cried and fought, but she did and only woke me up at 2 and a little bit later went back to sleep. I had cereal for breakfast, trying to make better choices. Need to get belly fat off.

    @joannadavison Elderberry contains antioxidants, and many believe it can relieve colds, fight the flu, and boost the immune system, My daughter makes her own but it includes wolfberries from Young living as well.

    @theslightedgeforever Yes I know, but we wouldn't want her to have poor quality of life and still be here . So yes we are working towards being different than our parents. Bread was good, I had a slice last night. Baby and DH ate over half yesterday. LOL

  • TeresaW1020
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    @trooworld, that thing to cover up the overflow drain is genius! Glad you slept better and I don’t know how accurate the Fitbit really is. When I was wearing it there were times when it said that I didn’t sleep as well as I thought I had. I usually can tell how many times I get up to use the bathroom. :D

    @its_cleo, glad your wrist is already starting to feel better! I hope it continues to heal. Yes, I have googled knee pain and doing squats. I learned proper form which was helping me. I think it’s mostly because I got stupid and started trying to jog in place and do jogging butt kicks during the warm-ups and then I upped my weights and doing the squats and lunges were just too much. I promised hubby to use wisdom going forth and remember my limitations. Or he will drag me to a doctor…and we all know THAT can’t happen! ;)

    @cbabie, well 12 more minutes is at least a start. I’m glad you are taking your health seriously. <3 I am too!! I don’t want to be sick and old before my time. My husband turns 77 in May and I don’t see him as old at all. I do see it as my role to help us both stay healthy and active.

    @joannadavison, Yayyyy on your 3 lb. loss!! B) Just keep it up and you will continue to see the results you want. I was reading about knee pain yesterday and some of the very exercise that are supposed to help can also hurt. It is a catch 22, isn’t it!

    @theslightedgeforever, I’ve been wanting to see that movie. My mom loves going to the movies so when she moves in I might start going more often. I have those 21-Day Fix containers and like the for measuring and taking with too. I use them to measure out my nuts for my yogurt. Otherwise, I would eat wayyyy more than I should. :/

    Good morning! It’s very cold today and for the rest of the week. Today is a normal Monday. Go to work, make a grocery list for tomorrow, and get my workout in. Making chicken quesadillas for dinner. <3