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    Hi all, Better late than never is my motto here..LOL . I am really more conscientious of my eating today, so far. It's been a crazy day. I have put on 6 lbs since my new job and I think besides all the drama I normally have, I don't like what I do. It's an end to a means at this point. So I am trying to watch when I "stress or boredom" eat. So I have to track and so far today that's a bust. I haven't eaten that much so I can still track and I plan to. I used to be so good at tracking, I guess I just got out of the habit when I started that fast awhile back. I still don't get on my treadmill, but I am walking around my island in the kitchen in the mornings. Does that count? LOL

    @trooworld I am right there with you on breakfast right now...I want an eat and today it was string cheese. Trying to be more protein minded. I just realized that my sister said I shouldn't eat soy due to the cancer in our now I am worried my protein shakes might have to go...I will have to ask my sister...LOL

    @theslightedgeforever still laughing as I see my DBIL dancing...LOL

    @its_cleo I don't think I can ever eat lamb, but that waffle sounded really good..LOL . However, I might be in a coma if I ate that. I am glad you got to visit with your Uncles

    @TeresaW1020 I am glad your Pastor got to do the dedications. The parents I am sure were too. LOL . You are probably right about the protein. I really have been living on PB and 1 slice of bread and oatmeal, raisins, fruit bars for about well I think almost a year..I hear the joy in your 'voice" in regards to your workout. I think you are on the up side on your journey.

    @mswatson0777 I am sorry you had a melt down as I call it for me..I have been there...its called pressure..we are a cooker when we have too much on our plate and we have to succeed..LOL I have so many goals and Irons in the poor DH just stays silent so he doesn't get all of my emotions..LOL . I am glad you got some time with him to relax and enjoy his company.

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    Hi everyone, I’ve been on MFP for years and only just found the forums last night 😂. I’ve also followed WW on and off for about 10 years, and didn’t like it when it changed to flex as those few months beforehand I had lost over a stone and then I couldn’t keep it up. But now they’ve changed the plan again so liking green but I tend to use MFP more for tracking then WW app. And so far in less than a month I’ve lost nearly 6kg 🥳
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    @TeresaW1020 No, definitely not! I switched it up this morning and even though I do not like oatmeal, I am having it. We'll see if I can stay away from the cafe at work this week. :O Unfortunately, I don't have time to make anything because of my commute and I don't really have time to stop anywhere besides the major grocery store, which just has muffins over-laden with sugar. :/ Oatmeal it is for now. Sounds like you've got your plan all planned out...go, Teresa!

    @mswatson0777 I like your line of thinking. I'll look into those types of things. Thanks! With all of that to do, it's no wonder you snapped! I probably would have ended up snapping as well. The good thing is that you apologized (that's not easy). You just have to hold it together for 5 more weeks! :)

    @cbabie I would say walking around the island in the kitchen in the mornings DOES count! I bet your Fitbit registers steps, right? So yes! And I think I will start thinking of more grab and go things like you and mswatson.

    @swazzom93 Hi and Welcome! :D Congrats on your loss. I was on WW for many, many years but quit and now just do MFP. I hope you'll stick around and find support here.

    January goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @mswatson0777, the fabric bands were awesome and didn’t roll up at all yesterday. This morning I’m going to work out in my shorts and see how they do on bare legs. I workout at home and like to wear as little as possible as three fans keep the sweat away. :D I’m sorry you had a tough time and that the stress got to you. I know how awful it can feel when you take out your frustration on the one you love. Just keep the end in sight! <3

    @cbabie, yayyy for being more aware of when you are stress eating or eating out of boredom. Can you track first thing in the morning and then adjust at the end of the day if need be? Yes, walking around your kitchen island totally counts. When I went to WW meetings there was a woman there that walked 5 miles a day in her home. So, get to stepping!! B)

    @swazzom93, welcome! :) Congrats on your weight loss. I’ve heard that many people like the new WW plans where they can choose what works best for them.

    @trooworld, I don’t like oatmeal at all and not sure why anyone would eat it. :# Have you ever tried something like Quest bars? They come in all kinds of flavors. I ate them for a couple of years for lunch at work. You could eat that and a big cup of coffee with cream. Hmmm, now I want that!! :D

    @slightedgeforever, where are you!! I don’t like coming here in the morning and not seeing a post from you. I hope you are starting to feel better! <3

    Good morning! I had a good day yesterday and stayed on my plan. Today is my day off from work so in a few minutes I’m going to work out, then I need to go to Hobby Lobby <3 , do the grocery shopping, and do some housework. Ladies Bible study is tonight too so it will be a full day of doing. Have a good one everyone! :)
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    @cbabie I am definitely at my pressure cooker moment! Thank goodness this vacation is coming soon. I've got a group project that needs to be done Sunday, but one of my group members signed up for this week but is vacationing IN MEXICO and is not responding to anyone....seriously, who does this to other people???

    @TeresaW1020 Keep me posted on how they do with shorts cause I do the same thing as you when I work out at home (no sense in creating more laundry and sweat when it's just me!). I'm so jealous of your day off today

    @trooworld Thank you! And I'm so grateful I have a vacation on the horizon because I am not holding my %*@# together right now!

    Welcome @swazzom93

    Well, the anxiety continues today. I literally stress packed my suitcase last night....for a vacation isn't for another week and a half...

    I tried to relax with an hour yoga session and a hot shower, but I feel like nothing is working right now. For those of you who struggle with anxiety, it's that pressure in your chest that won't release and all the spinning thoughts of everything you need to do but can't do because you have to do other things. I'm drowning.

    In better news, I lost the weight I gained last week along with another .3lbs this week, so I'll take it!
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    @mswatson0777 is that a group project for school? I hated those in school, I mean haaated. When I was in school I was a crazy person and pretty much had perfect marks. I was the person who would do the whole project just so we could get perfect marks. And yes I hated those people that just slacked off or didnt care.

    I'm not like that anymore lol. I mean I can still be a perfectionist but not all the time. I've learned to enjoy life a bit more.

    Sorry you struggle with anxiety. I do too. Have you tried writing about it? Sometimes that helps me cope.

    @TeresaW1020 I'm so glad your pastor is ok.

    Welcome @swazzom93!

    @cbabie well string cheese is not so bad...better than junk food! The waffle was good but I'm still working off the calories lol.

    @trooworld I can't believe you're a librarian! My master's degree is in library sciences..
    I worked in the library throughout university and then when I graduated I couldn't get a job. So I ended up in a totally different field.

    I'm doing ok. Have to go to the office this week 3 days so I'm tired lol. It's a longer day for me, and I eat more, but I'm doing ok with getting back on track with calories.

    My trainer is back after being away off and on for almost a month and I'm so glad. My wrist is still not healed though and I feel like giving up on it. I also have biceps tendonitis now.

    I had xrays last week but they are not ready yet so I still dont know the extent of the damage.

    The weather here is really gray but mild so I feel like I'm getting ready for spring.
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    @cbabie I often struggle to catch up too. When you're so busy it's so hard to stay on track. I'm trying hard to plan.

    @trooworld I hope they do your bank transfer quicker than that. You should ask for the interest you've lost. UK tax office same. I'd been in post from Sept & they'd put me on "emergency tax" (basically taxed on everything you're paid without the untaxed allowance- about £10thou/year). Come April, end of tax year, & I get a letter in May saying I've paid too much tax & they owe me about £200 and changing my tax code only they put me on supertax- as I don't know codes I found out when I was paid about 2 day's salary to last a month!!!! Took about 3 months to get it sorted!!

    @theslightedgeforever feel better soon!

    @its_cleo mmmm bananas, waffles & caramel sauce- yum!! I got some bananas to go in my sticky toffee pudding flavour protein powder when I add to yoghurt! Not quite the same 😜. Hope you get better news about your wrist.

    @TeresaW1020 pleased your Pastor made for the dedication service. Sounds an interesting work out. I need to start some basic core & yoga poses at home.

    @mswatson0777 I tried my normal work trousers- they were too tight to wear all day & bit unsightly but they did fasten. Another week or 2. Workload does cause stress. My eldest has a ridiculous amount of homework this year in prep for GCSE exams and some nights she's so overwhelmed it's just best not to speak to her! I had a morning like that with one class- thankfully rest of day was better.

    Just enjoyed a lovely pasta & tuna bake!! Lovely comfort food & high in protein. Work a bit manic as data entry post internal exams (I suppose like mid-terms) but we have 2 key staff off ill. On top of that we go from 2 to 1 school site next week. I'm getting new lab (the new build is portacabin but should be good space) so having to pack up all my stuff. Had 4 Year 11s turn up after school to help, we put Grease soundtrack on youtube!! (This year's school musical & they are all in it).
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    @its_cleo It's smart to make goals in 3 month clunks, I really like this idea. It makes things more manageable and doable. This is how you make changes become long-term life-style changes. Good for you for sticking to this goals. It's hard for me to stick to an exercise routine mostly because I'm working so much. It's not an easy goal to maintain, good for you for having a plan.

    @TeresaW1020 -Lack of exercise is a real problem for me, I just don't know how to find something that I would stick to

    @mswatson0777 - Don't be so hard on yourself, you have a lot on your plate.

    @trooworld - The breakfast cookies sound good. I used to make biscatti, that I called my magic cookies because back when I was younger, when I made them I'd easily lose 10 pounds. They were hard so I had to sit and dunk them in coffee to eat them, I had to savor them slowly and they were filling.

    Last weekend was rough, I went out to eat twice it wasn't great calorie wise, even when I was home I splurged. I struggle so much on the weekends, and last weekend was not great. Monday comes and I'm back on track, but it's the weekends that have prevented me from making progress with my goals. My kids were all at school last weekend, so it was just me and my DH home, which usually makes it easier, but no I indulged, and I got no exercise. I've been putting in long hours at work because there are several problems going on there, exercise only involves my 30 minute walk at lunch, and I do this rain, snow, or high winds, it's the one thing I'm committed to doing for myself.

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    Good morning everyone. I did not have the best day yesterday. I bought Girl Scout cookies from a coworker, ate some at work and brought the other box home to my husband to cheer him up. Then, it was his turn to cook dinner and he didn't feel like cooking so we ended up getting frozen pizza. I don't want any suggestions on what I could have done better, I know what I could have done better. I'm just admitting what I've done. I hope today is a better day.

    @TeresaW1020 Yeah it's like wallpaper paste I always say lol. I have to put lots of things in it to even tolerate it. Yesterday, I put apples and cinnamon in it and a little butter. I've eaten things like Quest bars before and a bar just isn't enough but maybe if I combine it with a piece of fruit and a Babybel cheese? Thanks for the idea! I hope you had a good day.

    @mswatson0777 Well, it will be here sooner than you think! ;) I struggle with anxiety pretty harshly so I feel your pain. You described it very well. I'm sorry you are struggling so much with it right now. Congrats on the loss!

    @its_cleo I hated group projects, too. And in grad school, it was worse because my grad school was online and the slackers REALLY slacked since you couldn't see them. It was the worst!!! Oh my gosh, my master's is an MLIS too! I'm sorry you ended up in a different field. I barely got a job in the field myself. I lucked out. I've been in the field for about 8 years. I love it. Do take care, going back to your trainer. I hope you are okay to do so?

    @joannadavison I hope it takes less time, too, but I don't have hope. I'm not good at math and the interest would be minimal since the interest rates are so low, I've got so many other things to worry about, I'm not going to worry about this. Wow, that's too bad it took them 3 months to get that sorted out but at least it did! Pasta & tuna bake sounds good.

    @nighthazel01 Yum to the biscatti! I love those. lol that you called them magic cookies!

    @cbabie How is your sister? I'm concerned.

    January goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @its_cleo Thank you for your kind thoughts. I do journal pretty frequently and it is very calming, but sometimes nothing calms the storm if that makes sense. It is a group project and found out NONE of my groupmates realized they signed up for the one due Monday...I hate people. So I gave them all homework assignments and a deadline because I am too old to deal with that level of stuff from full grown adults.

    @trooworld Not gonna lie, I'm totally jealous of your food day yesterday. I haven't seen a single girlscout yet (which is probably good for my weightloss, but I really like supporting the organization and I have a few favorites I buy and ration out). Sorry to hear you struggle with anxiety too, it's the worst.

    @joannadavison Your evening packing and listening to Grease with the students sounds like so much fun! I love that you made a typically onerous task into an exciting one. And I bet you'll be in those trousers in no time!

    @nighthazel01 It sounds like you've got a lot of stress going on too, which is manifesting itself with food. Keep up on those 30 minute walks and maybe see if there are other de-stress tactics you can fit in to distract yourself from eating your emotions?

    I'm feeling a lot better today school-wise. I finally got everyone in my group project on board. We have an article and they have their homework assignments and deadline. I hate group projects since its always one person who does all the work while everyone else coasts (you'd think it would be better since we're all older returning adult'd be wrong). I also did a two hour jiu jitsu class last night which made me feel a lot more calm and centered (yoga's great for a lot of things, but brazilian jiu jitsu is my ultimate mood booster). I'm going back today for another two hours and I can't wait. Hope you all have wonderful Wednesdays!

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    Quick check in: Still not up to par like I should be by now. I haven't had a voice in 4 days. Maybe 5. Losing track of time. I just know I wake up each day hoping to be able to speak and nothing comes out. Since my wonderful Speech Language Pathologist son says whispering is bad for my vocals cords, I can't do that. I've been reduced to texting or mouthing. Or playing charades and pointing. Very tiresome. My son and husband aren't good at that game and I"m too inpatient. Which means I end up yelling it in a whispering voice because I'm frustrate and then have two people saying NO WHISPERING. :s Obviously I haven't exercised. At least I'm able to sleep lying down now without coughing violently and I can breathe. Most of the time. I'm still on my inhaler at least twice a day. Still go through a couple of boxes of Kleenex every other day. Wonder how many trees I've killed this week. I've still been tracking my meals each day and stayed within boundaries except for today. I had an extra piece of my son's bday cake. That's going to put me over before the night is through. I'm in a do not care at this moment mood. It will pass. I'll feel good as new and will get back to giving you all wonderful advice. ;) I'm going to have to skip bookclub tomorrow night. No way I will feel good enough to go.
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    @nighthazel01 I also find weekdays easier to stay on track than weekend. I'm trying to be better planned for slip ups & more mindful. Look after yourself even though work is busy. I fell into that trap years ago. Older & wiser now - I might do an odd day or 2 like that but never again. Just make sure you're looking after you.

    @trooworld -was it the mint ones? Girl Scout Cookies, that is. My sister brought loads over one year for my girls & their Girl Guide Unit. Any time she visits if the cookies are for sale we get those mint ones!! If we're feeling like need a quick pizza we often get the fresh made ones & load up on the veg. Tuna & pasta bake- new comfort food!

    @mswatson0777 the kids picked the music, not me, was still good fun. I've just got a couple of displays to rescue & pack the kit I'm currently using. I hate the idea of group projects. I do them in class but never set as homework for the exact same reasons you've said. Both my kids have been stung with group work before. I do agree that you'd expect adults to be more cooperative & organised. Enjoy ju-jitsu.

    @theslightedgeforever LOL at the "No Whispering". Not good to do as it strains voice. You need a whiteboard & pen! Brilliant that you are staying on track thoughout this.

    I has really good gym session. I did 3K on cross-trainer at better pace & then same routine as did with trainer last week. (HIT). Then some serious stretching. 800 cals gained! And I haven't used them. Got next weeks plan sorted & chilling before bed.
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    @theslightedgeforever been thinking of you. Hope you can take care and rest. Have you seen a doctor?

    I hope it gets better.
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    Morning all,

    I have a few is still asleep and I have to get in the shower for work. I have done awful this week, haven't tracked and I think I am addicted to PB. So last night I had a bowl of life cereal with banana and raisins added. LOL . I am not giving up as I know I will get there. I am at least aware.

    @trooworld I laughed when I read your comment about not needing someone to tell you what you could have done better....we have all been there and most likely will be there again. That's how life works. I am so glad you are on this board. You are an encouragement to me.

    @TeresaW1020 I like working out at home more than the reason? I can wear whatever I want to....LOL Glad the bands worked better.

    @its_cleo so sorry about the biceps and wrist...I think we all deal with anxiety at some level, my DD has it over the edge at times. I had a melt down at work yesterday and I hate that feeling..yes journaling is part of my coping tools. I hope your wrist and biceps heal quickly.

    @joannadavison you are one busy woman. I need to do some serious stretching!!! Good luck with the packing!

    @mswatson0777 I am so like you....I hate group projects..I am the one working while others play and I don't take too kindly to that..I was always told one of my things I need to work on is team playing...LOL

    @nighthazel01 I always struggle with the's something I say..oh the weekend I can relax...and along with that comes food. LOL . However, I began to look at it as what does the week look like? If I total everything up for 7 days..does it come out in the wash so to speak?

    @swazzom93 Welcome!! At first when I saw your picture, I thought oh my GD has joined this group...LOL . I lost most of my weight on WW but then when the program changed it didn't work for me...hence this board. I am below my goal at WW, but I am not where I feel comfortable in my own skin right now. I don't get on here every day any more..Life happenstances, but I am getting back into the routine and I know I will get there. I am glad you are here!!

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    @mswatson0777 Oh, man, I remember group projects and lame teammates like that from my grad school days! I did my grad school all online, so the slackers REALLY slacked since you can't see them to guilt them into working. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that. :( I'm glad you took charge. You know what? I haven't had a lot of Girl Scout cookies in the last 10 years and they really aren't all that good lol! You aren't missing out on much. :) But I'm glad to support my colleague's daughter and the organization, like you said. Thanks, yes, anxiety is the worst! I'm glad you got some physical activity in, too.

    @theslightedgeforever I can't believe you are still tracking, you are a marvel! Sorry you are still feeling bad. I hope you feel better soon. Sorry you have to miss your bookclub meeting, I have to miss mine, too.

    @joannadavison I agree, weekdays are a time for routine and it's easier to stay on track. Thin Mints--- my husband makes a homemade version of those that are killer and much better so I don't even bother buying those but before he started making those, Thin Mints were my favorite Girl Scout cookies. We had a "tuna & noodle casserole" (that's what it's called over here lol) that was sooooo good a few weeks ago, good enough to go in my favorites file. That speaks highly of it! :D WTG at the gym!!!

    @cbabie know how it goes! :) Thanks, I'm glad you are here, too. That's very sweet. You are the same to me! <3

    January goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @theslightedgeforever How frustrating! I'm so sorry to hear your illness is clinging on. I hope you get your voice back soon and start to feel better.

    @trooworld Mine's online as well so I feel your pain! And I'm sure they'll come out of the woodwork soon, I think our state gets cookies later than other states *sigh*

    @cbabie I hate it when people say that, because teamwork in an office is VERY different than teamwork in a classroom. And I feel you on the pb. I have to have it every morning or I binge it, but I figure it's a healthy fat and protein so it's worth the cals for me.

    @joannadavison You are seriously such a good teacher! And way to go on your workout, 800 calories for us women is NO JOKE!

    Happy Thursday all! I'm feeling a lot calmer and in control of all the things I need to get done, thank goodness! I've got my weekend planned out and my trip is only one week away! I'm already in the vacation zen mode, I can't wait to just relax, read, swim, and play. And photos were released from the last event my SO and I attended and I looked pretty darned good if I do say so myself! All this tracking is finally paying off!
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    @cbabie PB? As in peanut butter? Are you using the low fat & sugar powder form? I've been buying PB Hottie- which is supposed to be a drink but makes excellent cheaper version of PB Fit powder! That might actually be good with yoghurt & banana. I've been putting flavoured protein powder in my plain soya yoghurt & adding fruit eg coconut & tropical smoothie fruits, chocolate with raspberries & sticky toffee pudding with banana.
    Totally busy & totally shattered today. My room is almost packed- just things I need for tomorrow out. I've got a huge set of books to mark - been trying all week at work but given in & brought them home. Once Friday over I can chill again- students aren't in on Monday so we can get sorted.

    @trooworld I got WhatsApp msg from my sister today- she's bought is Girl Scout Cookies to bring back in August. I think one of her work colleagues is a Leader. 🤣🤣 I'm going to have to walk a lot when we are over- I can see that now!!!!

    @trooworld & @mswatson0777 thanks for gym comment- I knew I needed to make it a good one as dentist today so no time to go! I now need to repeat that every Wednesday!! 🤣

    Trying out slow cooker tonight. DH used it successfully so I'm doing a vegetarian version of Pinch of Nom's Hunter's Chicken. Suppose I'd better get laundry in & start marking!
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    I saw a dr today. I have a bad case of bronchitis. So I'm on some prednisone and some superantibiotics as the first round didn't seem to work. Well it did I guess. It cleared up the sinus infection. It just packed up and moved to my lungs. lol More room, it says. Still waiting on the voice to return.

    @joannadavison Oh thanks for the reminder Girl Scout cookies are out and about. I always get two boxes of Thin Mints and throw them in the freezer and work on on them during the year. Sounds like you had a great gym workout.

    @its_cleo See note above about dr. I'm getting lots of rest and I'm sleeping a bit better. Not much I can do until the coughing goes away. At least the sinus part seems to be finished. So I just went back and read a bit to see what's going on with you. Sounds like some injuries from the gym. Looks like you are on a rest plan too of sorts. Is there any type of support brace you can use? When I got golfers elbow (I don't golf) I got a elbow brace that seemed to help over time. I thought it was weird I had to put it where it didn't hurt though.

    @cbabie So alot of talk on here about weekends. I used to do that too. But then I figured out I'm not going to change that probably so what do I do? I increased my allowed calories (which are now carbs) and reduced the other days to make up for that. So I can splurge on my two green days as I call them and I tighten up the other days. If I tell myself no I just want it more. Plus it has to be lowered gradually. Not just cut off 300 calories from a day. Trick your body with 50-100 calories at a time. Then I don't get the guilt feelings of gone over my calories for the day. Which could say why bother and do the same thing the next day. It's still the same number of calories per week that I'm shooting for. Although now I'm just shooting for 2 green days always(Thursdays and Saturdays) and then the rest of the time depends on the schedule. Whatever week I'm doing. Currently sick I allowed myself all Green. This next week I'll do two green and then shoot for all yellow and then the following week I'm hoping to be good as new and go back on my normal schedule with a bunch of red thrown in for good measure. My body will be saying Hey what's this.

    @trooworld Tracking my food is a habit to me now. Like brushing my teeth.

    @mswatson0777 You sound in a really good place right now. One week to go and you'll really be feeling good. I eat PB twice a week on my pancakes and french toast. (Thursday and Friday) It's a tradition. Always 1.5 T

    Green Day Stayed OP-223/238 No exercise I think this next week I'm going to work on adding in at least 15 min a day. 5 min at a time until I'm better.
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    Good morning everyone! I'm looking forward to the weekend when I can relaaaaax.

    @mswatson0777 Ah, so you get what I'm saying! :) Yes, I'm sure those sugar pushers will be out in your neighborhood soon. lol That's great that you are happy with the event pictures. I have to go to the DMV next Friday and am already dreading the picture lol!

    @joannadavison out! Yeah, they started selling those cookies now and they are selling them through March!!! Geez, those little sugar pushers, and they are so cute, it's hard to resist them. Usually, I just give them money to buy cookies for the military or just as a donation. But this year, I caved and bought actual cookies. I hope your veggie hunter's chicken comes out good!

    @theslightedgeforever I'm glad you saw your doctor. must feel miserable. I'm glad to hear brushing your teeth is a habit. :P

    January goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @theslightedgeforever, yikes!! I hope you get to feeling better soon. <3

    @mswatson0777, how awesome to look at pictures of yourself and like what you see!! B)

    @cbabie, I was addicted to peanut butter and wouldn’t even keep it in the house other than some super cheap brand that my husband shares with the dog. Yuck!! Then I went off Keto and started back to my beloved PB & J for lunch, but I’ve found myself a few times now eating it out of the jar and if I don’t stop I’m going to have to get rid of it again. Why does it have to be sooooo tasty!!! But yeah, at least we both are aware. Let’s control it so we can still have it! <3

    @joannadavison, how did the Hunter’s Chicken turn out? I love my slow cooker! :)

    @trooworld, thanks for being honest about the Girl Scout cookies and pizza. <3 I went out to lunch with the staff yesterday and ate wayyyy more queso and chips then I should have and then had a smothered chimichanga. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I spent the rest of the day nibbling and going to bed last night feeling awful and mad at myself. Yeah, I don’t need to be told what I could do better. I just need to do better!! At least we are keeping it real, huh? :/

    @nighthazel01, it sounds like several of us have had struggles with food this week. But yayyyy for sticking to your commitment to walking 30 minutes a day no matter what!! I struggled with being consistent with exercise for a long time but you really do have to just make it a priority and do it. :)

    Good morning. It’s cold and rainy…again!! :# I’m so ready for spring! So, I’m ending the week with a gain and the month with a ½ pound loss. Big whoop!!! :| I’ve done terrible with my eating and I’ve already had the talk with myself about my behavior. I do great for a few days and then awful for a day or two, so my weight just keeps bouncing up and down the same few pounds. But today is a new day and we are going into a new month so I’m drawing a line in the sand, forgiving myself and moving forward. I took yesterday off from working out but today I will be back at it and my food has already been tracked for the day. I got this!! And so do you!! ;)