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    @joannadavison How was the hunter chicken? That sounds delicious!

    @theslightedgeforever So sorry to hear it moved to your lungs. And I LOVE peanut butter on pancakes. One of my favorite dinners when I was poor in grad school (the first time around) was putting peanut butter on nutrigrain waffles. YUM!

    @trooworld OMG DMV photos are a totally different story. I had to get a Real ID recently (that process is THE WORST) and I don't know if a DMV lady can vindictively take a photo poorly, but it definitely looks like she did! lol

    @TeresaW1020 This has definitely been a gloomy January. I would say I miss the sun, but I like that it's warmer when it's cloudy so I'm counting my blessings. And today is a new day, you got this!!!

    I ended up going out with friends last night and stuck with rum and diet cokes instead of higher calorie drinks. I also ate dinner beforehand so I was feeling pretty good about that too. Tonight I'm headed up to a friend's house and her husband is making stir fry tofu and green beans which I can't wait to try (I love that they're healthy eaters too since it makes it so much easier!).

    I was all set to get a workout in this morning...but then it snowed so I had to shovel instead. Ugh. It's still movement but it's not the same. I plan to get a judo session in tomorrow and hopefully my friend and I will do some yoga tonight. Hope you all have fabulous Fridays!
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    @mswatson0777 - A vacation sounds so good right now, anywhere with a little sun. It great that you feel you're looking better, that's great personal feedback for yourself.

    @theslightedgeforever - I hope you're feeling better soon

    @TeresaW1020 - Love your positive attitude. It's smart to plan ahead, it really helps to stay on track. I know I'm going to have days that I indulge, I'm trying to limit how long that indulgence lasts. In the past, it was hard to get back to a healthier routine, I feel I'm doing better with getting back on track sooner. Tracking my food makes a huge difference

    @cbabie Fighting fatigue when there are young children in the house is so hard. I'm addicted to anything carb loaded, and/or strach. I can eat endless amounts of pasta if I let myself, I'm not sure what comes over my brain, but there's no off switch to tell myself I'm full.

    All three of my kids are home from school this weekend. I'm not sure how that happened, usually they trickle in at different times. It was cold and drizzly here yesterday, and I believe a cold front is moving in soon. My goal is to continue to track my meals, no snacking or munching, choose healthy meals, and enjoy the meals I have with my family with guilt or worry. Also, be up and moving as much as possible.
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    @trooworld Yes, still feeling miserable. I'm better in ways but I'd really like to drink a couple of Red Bulls so I don't have the feeling to just be sitting around all the time. At least my resting heart rate is coming down. For about 5-6 days I was having nice stats on my Fitbit. At one point I was hitting up to 8 hours of "exercise" while just sitting in a chair. The weird thing was it always seemed to be about 4-12 pm time period. I could never figure that out. I wasn't doing anything differently. Still sitting. I guess my body was kickboxing this infection during that time. Buying cookies for the military is a good idea.

    @teresaw1020 I'm ready for spring too. I like to celebrate each 1/2 lb loss. It means I'm heading in the right direction. So figure out why you slip and where you slip.

    Yellow Day-Stayed OP 163/164 Exercise-none
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    @theslightedgeforever wow sorry about the bronchitis that sucks. Just take care and rest. I’m not sure a brace would help, I wrote more about it below.

    @nighthazel01 those sound like great goals

    @mswatson0777 that is what I prefer to drink, rum and diet pop. It is the lightest calories drink I could find. I also think it is relatively ‘clean’ as they say. I love beer but it is full of stuff and it always makes me feel like crap after. So I only drink it when I’m with my hiking club which is about once a month. I don’t drink wine either for the same reason- whatever the chemicals are in it they make me feel terrible. >> Hopefully you are on your trip by now!

    @trooworld good luck at the DMV! Identity pictures…I had to get my passport renewed last year and the woman that took the picture took a lot of pride in how good her pictures are. So I don’t know it looks the same to me lol but she really tried…..I would have found it hard to do a degree online I think. I did it in person, it was a compressed 12 month program. It was exhausting lol. I loved school but I will never go back.
    Another peanut butter fan here- I like peanut butter with apricot jam. Apricot jam is the only jam I will eat.

    @TeresaW1020 ½ pound loss is great, at least it isn’t a gain! I’m ready for spring too. I don’t mind the cold but I can’t stand the gray skies.

    @joannadavison glad you have an extra day Monday…I could never be a teacher, it always seems like such hard work!

    Well my update: I’ve stayed on track with calories all week. I met my exercise goals (8x) but some of my exercise is like very lowkey rehab type work.

    Injuries- the biceps tendonitis should heal with rest, it is just caused by overuse. So it is slowly getting better I just have to be smart and not overdo it. I think in 2 or 3 weeks it should be back to normal.

    My wrist is another story. All along we thought it was a tendon injury. My xrays were delayed so we weren’t sure though. So I finally got my xrays back and the tendon is likely fine, but there is osteoarthritis in my wrist. I was pretty upset. 43 years old and I have arthritis?

    This kind of arthritis happens when the cartilage on the bones wears away, so somehow that has happened to the bones in my wrist. I still have a couple of appointments next week but I read that it really can’t be reversed and it is degenerative, meaning it can get worse over time. So I was super upset when I found out. But today I feel a little better. Ironically I have been keeping my arm still bc I thought it was a tear and didn’t want the tear to get worse. But with arthritis they say it’s better to move it, bc if you stop using it will just get worse. So I’m going to try doing some gentle stretches.

    I can still lift weight, just there are a couple things I can’t do bc it hurts too much. So I guess I have to start working around it. Bah.
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    Good morning everyone! I have a terrible migraine this morning. I took some medication but the thing about the medication is that it makes me nauseous so it's a catch 22. :( I am going to acupuncture this morning so hopefully, she can help me with this stuff. In other news, I've decided to limit the number of recipes I pull from for a while. As some of you may know, I have over 6,500 recipes in my database that I utilize and it's overwhelming at times! Even though the database has great search options and I tag my recipes really well/categorize them well. So, I printed out 78 of our most favorite recipes of different categories and I'm going to have it spiralbound at Fedex Kinkos today. I'm also going to get some new insoles that are highly recommended by my officemate because I'm going on a work trip in a couple of weeks and will be walking a lot.

    @TeresaW1020 Right! We know what we can do to do better now we just need to do it! I'm ready for spring as well. ;)

    @mswatson0777 Oh dear, that's what I am getting, a Real ID!!! Ugh!!! LOL to the vindictive photo!!! How was dinner at your friend's? Shoveling snow is definitely a workout!

    @theslightedgeforever Oh dear! Were you watching the news from 4-12 or something? lol I do hope you feel better soon on a serious note.

    January goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @trooworld, so sorry that you are suffering from a migraine! <3 I hope the acupuncture will give you relief. I think that is a great idea about pulling out your favorite recipes and getting it spiralbound! I never thought of that! I spend way too much time looking at recipes and need to do the same thing and just stick to what we love and what fits into my plan.

    @its_cleo, uggghhhh I am so sorry to read about your wrist and the arthritis! <3 I’m glad that you are feeling better and can start using it again, but I know that you love lifting weights and having to learn to modify sucks. Great job on meeting your exercise goals and staying on track with your calories!!

    @theslightedgeforever, yes you are right that I need to celebrate my loss for last month, but I know that I should have done much better. In my Fat2Fit group, I’m doing a habit tracker and I’m going to start journaling each day’s habits on the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hoping that the accountability will help me stay on track. I hope you start feeling better soon! <3

    @nighthazel101, you have good weekend goals and I hope you enjoy your time with your family. :)

    @mswatson0777, I hope you weekend is awesome! :) Shoveling snow is definitely a workout but I hear you about it not being what you wanted to do.

    Good morning and happy February!! I did something yesterday to hurt my back, so I’m babying it this morning with my back massager. I probably did something during yesterday’s workout to hurt it. Today was supposed to be leg day with weights but I’m going to leave that for tomorrow and just walk on my treadmill. I’m at least learning not to push through my injuries. I just ordered a foam roller that had a lot of good reviews from Amazon that will be here tomorrow. I'm looking forward to trying it out. How did I ever live with Amazon Prime!! :D The rest of the day is going to be cleaning the house and trying to check off some stuff on my to-do list. Have a great day! :)

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    disregard, didn't realize this was such an old thread
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    ?? not sure about that last comment on here?? This isn't an old thread, lol. Anyway, Hi all...guess I have been MIA again.

    @trooworld You said awhile back by getting on here would be a habit for me. Guess it kinda falls along with my eating habits--good for a few days, fall off a few days, repeat. Sorry you have a migraine. They are the worst. I used to get them monthly as I got older. Now thankfully havent really had one for years, lol. Guess there are advantages to getting old!

    @TeresaW1020 Yeah on the loss. Every little bit helps!!

    @mswatson0777 Shoveling is definitely hard work & burns calories!

    @itscleo Sorry to hear about the arthritis in your wrist. Keep using it!!

    @theslightedgeforever Hope your bronchitis goes away quickly! Dh had sinus infection & it took 2 courses of antibiotics to get over it. Then the other day gd who has been coughing a lot went to dr & has walking pneumonia!
    I was coughing all summer & the dr decided I should go back on the Prilosec. Was doing great until we went to dd's in OK & been coughing ever since. Just saw allergy dr a couple of weeks ago, tho, so don't think I have anything. I hope not. We found fairly cheap tickets to fly out to Arizona, so we leave Tues for a week. Dh says if I start coughing on the plane, they will probably quantine both of us for that coronavirus, lol. I am thinking it might be related to dairy, so trying to avoid it for awhile to see if it makes a difference.

    We got one of the Real ID's last fall. Ours didn't seem like a very big deal, maybe they didn't do it right, but I have the star so I'm good!

    Well, probably won't get back on here until we get back, so hope everyone keeps doing their best!
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    @RetiredAndLovingIt I'm not sure about the last comment either. I was going to come on and say- we aren't that old! :D Sorry about the coughing that's especially hard when you don't know what's causing it.

    @TeresaW1020 sorry to hear about your back! Yes definitely listen to your body and take care with it. Foam rollers really do work but they can hurt. I have very slowly become a foam roller convert.

    @trooworld that is amazing about the recipes. I have one recipe book I use but i get tired of it. I have some recipes from online that I saved to my hard drive. I try to keep organized but it's hard. I hope your migraine improves, we are really a collection of aches and pains this week!

    @theslightedgeforever hope you're feeling better.

    yesterday I did my stair/hill circuit and did pretty well with it. I do 30 second jogging intervals going up and I was able to do a bit more than I usually do.

    Bicep - yesterday I did some massage myself and it seemed to feel better. So i'm optimistic it's slowly improving.

    The wrist- I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. It's just so weird to think I have arthritis. I associate it with age I guess. So because I thought it was an injury I've been keeping it still for months. So yesterday I tried some very gentle movements- like make a fist and bend up and down. And yep within an hour it stiffened right up and hurt. It kind of always hurts a little bit just this low grade pain. It's so weird mentally to get used to. I bought one of those topical creams but it doesnt really work. I don't want to take painkillers every day so I will stick with the topical for now anyway.

    So I'm trying to be optimistic- the one step forward last week was getting a proper diagnosis. The upcoming week I see my family doc so hopefully she has a good perspective on what I should do.

    Cals- did really well and no drinks at all this week. My weight dropped on Friday and then came up today so there is no gain or loss this week but that's ok.
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    Well, I didn't get any meal prep done yesterday. This is because my husband made a big mess in the kitchen yesterday and didn't clean it up before going to the hospital to see his relative so I had to spend a bunch of time cleaning up the kitchen before starting meal prep. By the time I was done cleaning up the kitchen, it was time to cook dinner. :( We'll see how this week's meals go...

    @TeresaW1020 The acupuncture did help some, and I took some medication and between the two, the migraine was gone by the end of the day thankfully! Yes, it was only $5.50 to get it spiralbound at Fedex. I'm going to start using it next week's meal plan. I'm sorry to hear that you've hurt your back, I can imagine that it must hurt to do anything? lol...I love Amazon Prime as well!

    @StocktonSue hello, this isn't an old thread, as you can see, it's updated daily!

    @RetiredAndLovingIt Yes, well maybe someday it will be lol. Thanks re: the migraine. They ARE the worst! I hate them. I get them about every 3 weeks. Usually with changes in the weather. That's good you didn't have a problem getting your Real ID. I realized I can't find my SS card, so I had to reschedule my appointment until after I get a new card. :(

    @its_cleo Yeah, it was super cheap to get them bound and it looks really nice. My migraine is gone for now, luckily! Yes, we are a collection of aches and pains lol! I'm glad you are at least getting some answers. I remember when I found out I have arthritis in my spine, I was really bummed. But I've gotten used to the idea now.

    February goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @nighthazel01 So exciting to have all your kids home at the same time, I hope you had a wonderful weekend with them!

    @trooworld I hate that so much! I always get so frustrated when the kitchen is left a mess (it's as if he doesn't notice the dishes in the sink for a week!). And the dinner was fabulous! I'm stealing the recipe it was so good!

    @its_cleo So frustrating about your wrist. I'm glad you're one step closer to a diagnosis. And I leave for my trip Thursday so I'm counting down the days!

    @RetiredandLovingIt I'm glad your real ID process was good. My state is so backed up I won't even get mine for two months. Also, since I'm not married and both our names are on the property tax document I couldn't use it and I had to fight to use both my state and federal tax returns as documentation. My friend got hers rejected since her employer didn't list their phone number on her paystub, no joke. There needs to be a better way.

    @StocktonSue It's not an old thread...

    @TeresaW1020 Back injuries are the worst! I love my foam roller and use it all the time on my back so I hope it helps with yours too!

    So I was doing really well this weekend until Sunday. Just like last weekend I had another breakdown about the sheer amount of work on my plate. Plus this was the group project from *#&$ where one person did the wrong reading, three people's wifi kept cutting out so we had to re-record four times, two people signed up for the same section, one person said she didn't get half the emails (that she was cc'd on, and the person posting it forgot it was due today. Let me add we're all in our 30s and 40s so there is NO EXCUSE!

    I stress ate crappy chinese food and drank a bottle of wine. Not a great coping mechanism and my stomach is STILL mad at me. Also not a great way to eat right before a big vacation *sigh*. Hindsight is 20/20.
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    @mswatson0777, ugghhh your weekend doesn’t sound good at all! The good news is that it’s Monday and a fresh week. You got this!! <3

    @trooworld, glad the acupuncture helped you! Bummer about the meal prepping not getting done. I know you like to do it. Hey, what are you eating this week for breakfast? :)

    @its_cleo, I hope your doctor can give you some ideas or medication to help your wrist. My husband has pretty band arthritis in his hands, and I hate seeing him in pain all the time. He is convinced that my knee pain is arthritic, but I reject that idea for just being overweight. Time will tell, huh? :/

    Good morning! :) I’m sitting here at work and have a ton to do but thought I better check in or I won’t do it later. So, this happened to me this morning! I drove to work and was talking to God and asking for his help this week to stay on my plan and only eat what I pre-tracked. Then I come to work and there is this insurance guy waiting for me to give me some info on his company. Really nice guy and in the bag of info is a super nice pen (which I’m keeping!) and a small bag of gourmet chocolate chip cookies. Are you freaking kidding me!!! :s After he left, I stood there looking at that bag of cookies and shaking my head. How many times have I been determined to stay on plan only to be confronted with a temptation and giving in to it? I mean no one would EVER know right? Except for me of course. So, I opened that bag of cookies, smelled their deliciousness and then sprayed furniture polish all over them and tossed them in the garbage. NOT today Satan! NOT today!! >:)
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    Good Afternoon all,

    I miss a couple of days and it's hard to reply to all. I am up so much on my weight. getting discouraged. I know in my head it will come back down and its just a season. I have eaten peanut butter since I can remember. LOL when I was in High school, I would do weird things like see how long I can go without food...I did that about 5 years ago and went now I can't remember, but I think it was 3 weeks maybe more...I just know I ate on Thanksgiving and had lost 30 lbs. So yes I am weird. but back to peanut butter. I used to go all day without eating and then come home and mix Karo Syurp with a "bowl" of peanut butter and call it dinner. So yes I love it.

    @TeresaW1020 I laughed at your not today Satan not today. I love that song that no not today!!

    @its_cleo Sorry to hear about arthritis in your wrist, but I can feel your pain. As I am typing my fingers and wrist are hurting..yes I don't want to take pills the rest of my life either. I am going to try a CBD oil rub when I get the money and place my next order. My DH knee has been acting up to. He dislocated it YEARS ago..only time I ever passed out watching the Dr working on it.

    @mswatson0777 I would for sure track shoveling snow as great exercise.. LOL . Sorry about the school group of "adult children" .

    @trooworld I hate messy pet peeve..but thankfully since my DH is retired he does all the bottles, pans, all of it. He reminds me of my dad. My mom hated the kitchen and we were glad she didn't like it either she was a terrible cook..I can see him now with a dishtowel over his shoulder. :)

    @theslightedgeforever I hope you feel better soon, I can't lose another family member..But of course that is why we are looking for good healthy eating habits. LOL . So I guess I had better get back to being the better version of me.

    @nighthazel01 Yea all the kids home together..well that could be a good or a bad thing..LOL . Yes I like carbs too, but since me trying not to eat sugar..I think some of that went away. Just not the Peanut Butter. I swear I could eat the whole jar without even thinking about it.

    I feel like I am missing someone. Sorry if I missed you.

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    @its_cleo - It's great that you're committed to exercise, especially while you're doing rehab. I hope you find some relief for your wrist, arthritis is no joke.

    @trooworld - planning ahead for meals is always a good idea, but hard for me to stick to for very long. I love how organized you sound with all your meal prep and recipe collection.

    @mswatson0777 - You sound like my daughter, she had a major melt down about two of her groups at school. She was about to go nuclear, I had to talk her down. She has a schedule all worked out in her head and when people mess up her timeline, wow. The semester just started, so I hope it gets easier for you.

    My kids are all back at school, we had a great time. The weather was so nice and sunny on Sunday, something that rarely happens around here. Work was long, still a lot of irons-on-the-fire over there. Got my afternoon walk in, and it felt so good.

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    @its_cleo My hubby was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his neck from overagressive strength training (so they say) about 12 years ago and that would have put him around 46. He has flare ups occasionally and massages seem to help. He's always looking for the next thing to help. His current method is a cervical traction device he bought. It hooks up to our home gym and pulls his neck upwards. He likes it so that's what matters. The wrist would be a hard one since it's so crucial to our movements. I just saw your foam roller comment. Yes, another one of my hubby's toys. lol Another thing to look at is inflammatory foods that you eat. I have a friend with arthritis in her knees and she swears she's much better after cutting some of those things out.

    @trooworld Sounds like you have a plan with your recipes and your upcoming trip. How's the migraine?

    @teresaw1020 All of us can always do better. Even Olympic contestants. You'll get there. How's the back? Great job on spraying the cookies.

    @StocktonSue This thread started a long time ago but we still use it daily. Come back and join us.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt What are the other advantages to getting old? Enquiring minds.....and all that. Ouch on the gd with the pneumonia. I was afraid of that since one of the ladies I went out with a couple of nights before I got sick ended up with walking pneumonia. Then the lady I sat next to got sick. You made me laugh about coughing on the plane. It's so true though. I would hate to have a dairy allergy. That's mostly all I eat.

    @mswatson0777 Have an exciting trip. At least for that week you wont' have to deal with that group you are working with. OMG that would drive me nuts. But now you can make a strategy for next time.

    @cbabie Have you figured out a routine yet for your treadmill? That will help offset the PB

    @nighthazel01 Sounds like we have the same daughter. lol Imagine traveling on a road trip with her. I'm more of a this looks like fun let's stop here and she has a printed itinerary in her purse with times listed. "People people we're falling behind here, can you eat faster?" Too bad she has a [email protected] mom. So glad you enjoyed your time with the kids and got in a good walk. I tend to gain weight when all my kids are together. I stress eat. So I have to figure that one out.

    Yellow Day- Went over....grrrrrr......180/164 I pre-planned my meals and checked and yes I had enough left for an evening snack. Ate it and then when I was doing my nightly food review with my accountability group, I realized I left off one slice of bread for dinner. :s So there's that. No exercise. I'm going to try and walk 5 min x 3 tomorrow.

    So January is over, how did you do on your weight loss goals and other goals?

    Weight Loss: I lost 1.8- which I'm actually thankful for since first two weeks was with company and I was trying to maintain and second two weeks I was sick. I'm a comfort eater when I'm sick. I'd like to be one of those that lose their appetite.

    Water: It was a mixed bag. I did exceptionally well while I was sick with the water. I do have a plan though.

    February: 3 glasses of water

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    Hello all! I did manage to make dinner last night: Sichuan Braised Tofu with Beef (Mapo Tofu), which is my favorite Chinese dish to make at home because it is the dish that comes out most authentically and is delicious! It is pretty spicy though. :O It does take a lot of time and it is not a weeknight dish. I meant to make it on Sunday but...we know what happened to making it on Sunday!!!!

    @mswatson0777 I know, right? Grrrr! He's like a cyclone that comes in and cooks and makes this HUGE mess and leaves. :( I'm glad your dinner was fabulous! Oh my to your group project, how lame!!! Hang in there, vacation is right around the corner. <3

    @TeresaW1020 Thanks! I took the advice of some of you ladies and I'm eating: A Think! bar (it's really high in protein) + a banana + about 2-3 oz of turkey smoked sausage for a little savory. So far, so good! Ooooh the devil came calling with those cookies lol. Good for you, Teresa! Well done with the furniture polish!!! lol!!! You just made my day.

    @cbabie Oh my! You do love your peanut butter! :) You are lucky that your DH cleans up the dishes. Mine does...sometimes. He's just distracted right now. How's the better sleep project coming?

    @nighthazel01 Yeah, I try to stick to it and it works most of the time for me. Some weeks, we don't eat one or two of the meals and end up eating something else. Thanks!

    @theslightedgeforever My migraine is better now. They usually come on with changes in the weather. I did el stinko on my weight loss goal for January but good on my goals. I'll try again in February. How are you feeling???

    February goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
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    @TeresaW1020 Your morning story was hilarious, I literally started laughing out loud at my desk! "Not today Satan!"

    @trooworld Mapo Tofu is one of my favorites, how delicious! I always end up ordering mine since I don't have the patience to make it at home. I bet yours was delicious!

    @theslightedgeforever Way to go on your January goals! Losing 1.8lbs is a huge win!

    @nighthazel01 I 100% empathize with your daughter. I hate groupwork in school because people have no incentive to not screw over their fellow classmates (and they do all the time). Whereas in the working world, there's a lot more accountability and either way I'm getting paid to deal with their crap. There was a survey posted today so I'm going to give my feedback on having groupwork in an online program and why it's bogus.

    @cbabie oh my goodness, three weeks?!?! I sincerely hope you haven't done that since, your poor body! I hope you give yourself a lot of love, kindness, and understanding through this process.

    I ended up talking with my Mom last night, doing two hours of jiu jitsu, and yoga this morning so I'm feeling much more centered now that I've had some self care. I also woke up to a dream where I was already on the cruise which was a nice way to start the day. I'm also reminding myself not to take this program too seriously, B's get degrees!
  • its_cleo
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    @trooworld sorry you have it in your spine. One of the things I read is how common arthritis is.....I am a messy cook but only because I'm a klutz and I drop things. But I do clean it up as I go.

    @mswatson0777 2 days to go I'm jealous. You definitely deserve a break. Chinese food and wine- I've been there! Except rum instead of wine. It was one of my go tos when I just did not care. It has taken me a couple years to resist that habit when I have a bad week. .....Bs absolutely get degrees. No one will ask about your GPA when you're working.

    @TeresaW1020 another arthritis sufferer. Sorry to hear. I had a friend with it in the hands and I know it is painful.....Furniture polish on the cookies! Lol. But how smart. I used to throw stuff out and then dump old coffee grinds on it....I think NOT TODAY SATAN is going to be my new motto.

    @cbabie I'm sorry you're so down about your weight. It's not the be all and end all. If you're eating reasonably healthy and getting some exercise that is what matters. Peanutbutter is actually not so bad. There are much worse things. Sometimes I want to live off pie and whipped cream for example. That is much worse!

    @nighthazel01 Sounds like you had a lovely Sunday.
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    @theslightedgeforever another arthritis sufferer! Man it is awful how many people have it. Yeah I was thinking about the anti inflammatory foods. I think I'll keep that one in my back pocket and check it out if or when the pain advances. I don't think I could change what I wanted to eat right now, or maybe I don't want to.....Are you feeling better? WOOT on the loss! That's great. I stayed the same for Jan.

    Advantages to getting old....discounts? Today I was on the bus and this young woman offered me her seat and I was like for Pete's sake how old do I look? But I dont have good skin so I feel like I do look old. I was actually thinking of getting something done but I don't know what. I don't care about wrinkles but I hate looking like I have giant dark bags under my eyes, and the rest of my face is too red. I blame my mother- it's all her genes lol.

    I'm doing ok. I've been working super hard to keep my calories on track with the mfp estimates. This is considerably lower than i would typically eat. It's been hard bc my appetite is through the roof. But I've managed, mostly by ignoring it when I get hungry.

    I feel better about my wrist. It is what it is. I will likely get a bit of physio but not right away. I'm tired of people poking at me and it's expensive. So it ain't going anywhere, I'll take a break and book some sessions later.

    Bicep is healing. I see my trainer tonight and I'm looking forward to it. I feel kind of bad hc I've been super moody the last few weeks.

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    @theslightedgeforever hope you're feeling better.

    To all who commented on my veggie Hunter's Chicken- it was really nice!

    @mswatson0777 I like Tofu in recipes- I'm not very good with it.

    @nighthazel01 those are great weekend goals.

    @its_cleo not great news about arthritis- my shoulder was riddled with it when they got insuse- the removed some of the bone- is that possible for you?

    @trooworld how did you collect so many recipes? I've trimmed down my recipe- collection

    @TeresaW1020 totally gave in here!! Long story coming up...

    Sorry I've been struggling to keep up here.
    Friday was manic, Saturday was busy, Sunday I fell asleep & felt yuk. Monday was very hectic- my stuff hadn't been moved & as well as setting uo my room we had to help get the Science preproom (which is tiny) set up. I was in work an extra 3 hours. Got little bit still to do.
    Today wasvack to teaching & parents night after school. Eaten wrong 5hings as tired & hungry. Off to bed- work morning & gym afternoon tomorrow