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  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,502 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,502 Member
    @trooworld Yaaay for riding your bike longer. Paper calendar and stickers are great. Whatever gets the job done.

    @cbabie "Fear not for I will bring you good tidings of great joy" See, I was spreading my joy way back then until now. Good to see you on here three days in a row. Taking back your health.

    Yellow Day-Stayed OP 138/164 g Intentional Movement: Rest Day

    June goals: Green Dot day o:) Drink 4.5 glasses of water :( Burn 100 cals via movement Pre plan food o:)
  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Member Posts: 2,167 Member Member Posts: 2,167 Member
    @trooworld, ohhhhh that cake looks good!! <3 Church opens this coming Sunday for everyone. We put a video talking about some of the protocols for social distancing and such. We won’t have any nursery or children’s church until mid-July so things should be interesting if families bring their young kids. :grin: That is great that your new bike seat made riding easier for you.

    @cbabie, I read you wrong and thought you would be singing. Signing is awesome too. We do that in our church as well for a couple of deaf college students we have. I love watching them sign worship songs. Sorry about your headache. I hear you about wearing the mask and fogging up glasses. It’s sooooo annoying!! I even bought some anti-fogging spray and it doesn’t work. I LOVE that song!!! <3

    @its_cleo, haha yes sleep fasting is the best! :grin: Yayyy for getting your weight down so you can keep fitting into your clothes. You must have some great calf muscles with all that biking! :)

    Good morning! I woke up early with all this energy and I think DH is annoyed because he is not a perky man in the morning. Good thing we do our own thing in other parts of the house. :grin: Yesterday, I fasted 22 hours and started my new hybrid workout. My calf is better but still hurts when I tighten it and is super sore to touch it. Today is a treadmill walk and Barre Booty, so maybe I can manage not to damage myself. I’ve been listening to these fasting podcasts in the afternoon when I’m working on my puzzles. It really helps to push longer and are so motivating. I'm like if these women can do it then so can I! It’s wayyy too early to tell yet if these longer, clean fast will become my new normal but I sure like how I’m feeling so far. :)
  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 2,030 Member Member Posts: 2,030 Member
    Good morning friends! Well, the good news is that I was able to ride the spin bike longer: 20 minutes. The bad news is that I managed to pull at least one muscle in my left arm while riding it which made it feel like I was having possible heart attack symptoms. I waited all day in pain, not connecting riding the spin bike and the pain, and finally, at 5:00 p.m. I did a teladoc visit and she said that I should be evaluated for heart attack symptoms at urgent care. So I went and they ran a bunch of tests but ultimately it was decided I just pulled a muscle! But man, does my arm hurt lol!

    @cbabie I'm sorry you are still fighting that headache, I hope it goes away soon. Mine is gone, thankfully. Yes, I'm glad he got the seat on, too!

    @theslightedgeforever Yeah, but now that I pulled this muscle I probably can't ride it at all. :( Boo. I can't win for losing.

    @TeresaW1020 It iiiiiiiis! Try it the next time you need a cake! ;) Oh good, I know you are eagerly waiting for church to come back! :D Yes, with no nursery or children's church, it might be kind of a circus? lol Yeah, it is great the seat is better. Now if I could only ride it lol. I probably shouldn't ride it while my muscle is pulled. That's great that you found some podcasts on fasting. I always find it motivating to listen to podcasts on whatever I'm focusing on. Go, Teresa!!!

    June goal: track all meals, do some form of exercise 3 times a week, get at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep every night, drink 52 oz of water per day
  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 951 Member Member Posts: 951 Member
    Morning gals, I got on the treadmill again today. I walked 1 min extra. Trying to add a min each day. I ate much better yesterday and feel like I am on my way back to being normal.

    @trooworld Sorry for the pulled muscle. I hope it "releases" soon.

    @TeresaW1020 You read right, I probalby typed wrong LOL. I SANG on the platform. I wouldn't know how to sign...and my sister would say my signs with my fingers, might not be read appropriately LOL. I think thats great you listen to pods while working on puzzles.

    @theslightedgeforever Yes I am getting back to working on me. glad you stayed OP

  • its_cleoits_cleo Member Posts: 562 Member Member Posts: 562 Member
    @theslightedgeforever our numbers are improving. We are down to under 200 new cases a day, at its peak we had 600+. That is for a pop of 14 mill in Ontario. A lot of cases were in Toronto, where I live. We have moved to phase 2 so restaurants etc can open starting Wed but at reduced capacity. I was waiting for this but then with reduced capacity I was like- how hard will it be to get in? So whatever, it is cheaper and better to stay home lol. Masks are mandatory on public transit, and certain stores. Most people wear them, at least in my neighbourhood. I do think younger people are more careless, nature of being young I guess.

    @trooworld glad the new bike seat is working out. You can also buy gel covers (or you used to be able to, that fit over seats like padding. I used to use one in university. ---That is so terrible about your arm! I got hurt once on the elliptical, the arm thingies, I still can’t do that machine with my arms.

    @cbabie cake in the house is a big temptation for me! Though I’m about to go buy ice cream- that is my real temptation. Yeah I’m kind of glad to be back at work.

    @TeresaW1020 yeah signing is great for people with hearing impairment. It’s great your church does that. I read that some deaf people that rely on lip reading are having a hard time bc everyone is wearing masks. It can be isolating, so I’m sure having people sign really helps.

    Well gang I had great intentions to try some core this week but I just do not want to lol. I don’t even want to see my trainer. So ok I’m just going with it. I enjoy my walks out bc I can’t go very far with my tendonitis but there are beautiful beautiful gardens around here and everything is green and nice. And I bike 3-4 times a week. I will go tomorrow.

    Made quesadillas for lunch with guac, chicken, cheese, some black beans. Yummy! Filling and not too many calories as long as I didn’t eat any other snacks.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,502 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,502 Member
    @teresaw1020 Isn't good energy the best? You are doing a great job on your fasting.

    @trooworld Sorry about your arm pain although I'm trying to figure out how you did that on a bike. Yaaay on longer minutes.

    @cbabie I was laughing about signing versus singing. Just think if you knew how to sign then you and my youngest could talk about me without me knowing anything. woohoo on more treadmill

    @its_cleo Great numbers you have. May it continue so you can get back to normal. The important thing is you are still moving your body. One day you might just have the sudden urge to do your core. Quesadillas sound good. I might make me some of those.

    Red Day- Stayed OP 65/100 g Intentional Movement: walked 45 min

    June goals: Green dot day o:) Drink 4.5 glasses of water o:) Burn 100 cals via movement o:) Preplan food o:)
  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 2,030 Member Member Posts: 2,030 Member
    Good morning friends! I am running my mother-in-law around this morning to return things at Walmart and Target. I'll be waiting in the car with a book while she's doing that. Other than that, I've got nothing to do today! I might try to ride my spin bike, but it might hurt my arm, so I don't know.

    @cbabie Yay for the treadmill and woo hoo for that extra minute! Yeah, that pulled muscle hurts so bad. :(

    @its_cleo Thanks for the tip about the gel cover, I hadn't thought of that. Yeah, I don't know how I managed to injure my arm considering I wasn't doing anything with it while riding a spin bike? But it hurts soooo bad! That's great you are getting out and using your bike. Your quesadillas sound delicious.

    @theslightedgeforever Exactly! How did I do that??? The only other option was that I did it while lifting a watermelon and I don't think I did it then either. I think when I was riding the spin bike, I pushed myself up to sit up straight to grab my phone to change the song I was listening to and maybe that did it? I don't know. Only I could do this to myself lol.

    June goal: track all meals, do some form of exercise 3 times a week, get at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep every night, drink 52 oz of water per day
  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Member Posts: 2,167 Member Member Posts: 2,167 Member
    @trooworld, what a terrible ordeal you went through thinking you might be having a heart attack! :o I am so sorry and so happy that it wasn’t that. But still, I know how bad a pulled muscle feels. So, obviously you will have to rest until the muscle is better. Do you know what you can do to avoid that happening again and still be able to ride your bike?

    @cbabie, walking an extra minute every time you get on the treadmill is a great way to improve! Ohhhh my goodness we are a confusing mess with all the singing and signing going on! :D:D

    @it_cleo, I have also read about the difficulty that the deaf is having with masks. It is my biggest hope that we aren’t going to have to continue wearing masks forever. I HATE them sooooo much! :s You should see me rip it off my face the moment I walk out of a store. I think it wouldn’t be so awful but with my glasses fogging up all the time it’s very frustrating. I’m such a baby! ;) Glad you are still enjoying your bike riding. That is so nice that you have beautiful gardens to walk in where you live. We have the botanical gardens here which are beautiful to walk in. Mmmm I love quesadillas!

    @theslightedgeforever, yes I love having great energy. Good for you for getting in a 45 minute walk! B)

    Good morning! Well, yesterday I opened my window at 19 hours and ended up eating too much and sharing a bottle of wine with hubby. My current problem is that I really need to adjust my food amount to fit what my stomach can hold and NOT what my eyes can hold. My lifelong battle! :p We watched the movie Lovebirds last night. Not so great language but very funny! :grin: OK, I’m off to hurt my body with some weights and cardio. :)
  • RetiredAndLovingItRetiredAndLovingIt Member Posts: 856 Member Member Posts: 856 Member
    Hi a few minutes. Dh went to Menards to get some dirt, then we are going to replant some sunflowers that we started. I decided since they grow so fast, it would be fun to document them against the gkids while they are here. They will probably be here until the beginning of Aug. We will take them home then because school is supposed to start Aug 13 for them. The ones in IA not quite so early, but dd here is kindergarten teacher, so she starts on Aug 14, lol.

    @TeresaW1020 I laughed when I read your comment..I thought what does opening your window have to do with your eating? Then I realized you were talking about your eating window, lol. Guess I have regular windows on my mind, we have opened them the last few days, been so nice! Dd went back to OK on Sun to find out her AC needs to be replaced! She was desperately trying to open windows, but couldn't, lol. Have fun with the weights & cardio.
    Not so sure I am a cool grandma..I make them behave, lol. (which they don't get much of at home!) But I think like all kids, they really need some structure & they actually behave better when their parents aren't around, lol. We are trying to do fun stuff, and also some school work, because dd was so concerned about them falling behind. Gs (9)needs help with reading mostly, so trying to do that. His sister (11)did not like to read, but we finally got her started a few years ago & now she takes her book everywhere!!

    @its_cleo Nope, most of the time we "catch & release". Altho yesterday we caught a huge bluegill! He would have been great to keep & eat. Unfortunately, we only got one more. Also dh cleans them if we do keep them, so it is up to him, lol. The tiny bullheads definitely went back! You are really putting some miles (kms?) on the bike, glad you are enjoying it! Also, after finding worms in the meat of the ones last year, it kinda turns me off, even tho I love fish!

    @cbabie Good job with the treadmill. I think an extra minute every day is great!! I have really slacked off with my treadmill with the gkids here.

    @theslightedgeforever Good job staying OP & getting a walk in. They tell us our numbers are doing better, so I will trust them, lol. Our cousin's wife (they live outside of Grinnell) has been having bowel problems for 6 months or so. She went to hospital again last weekend for a blocked bowel, got a Covid test & said she was positive. She has only been out twice and has absolutely no symptoms.(thankfully because she is older than me) Kinda makes you wonder if what they say is true, that "everyone in hosp tests + so the hosp will get more money".

    @trooworld Sorry about your arm, hope it feels better. I was interested in the gel cover for seat, too, because that is one thing I hate about an exercise get sore, lol.

    Well, not much more. I am still tracking my food, but not weighing it like usual with the gkids here, and snacking a little too much. Weight has stabilized, but not going down. Also still not walking a lot, because still healing my ankle. I keep wondering if it should be checked because has weird pains sometime, but since I can walk without hurting, I haven't. Think I should go to the Chiro, too, its been since before shutdown, so back & knees get sore. Between dh & I think we are falling apart, lol.

    Hope everyone has a great day!! It is beautiful here!
  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 951 Member Member Posts: 951 Member
    Morning! Treadmill again 1 more min added to my walk. It feels so good to work up a sweat and then jump in the shower. Tracked my food yesterday, so here is to one more day. LOL.

    @TeresaW1020 I think we all have the life long battle. And I think if every person alive were truthful, they too have something they always deal with..luckily we have each other here for support.

    @trooworld It's good to have fellow readers..I love to read. wish I had more time to read..or maybe I should say more quiet time to read .lol

    @its_cleo Oh my I think you got the whole team wanting a quesadillas..I think that is what we are going to have LOL

    @theslightedgeforever great job on the move and don't worry, I will never be able to sign.

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,502 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,502 Member
    @trooworld hopefully your arm gets better soon. We need our arms.

    @teresaw1020 So you know I'm all about reframing. How can you reframe your thoughts about masks? While you may never love them how could you get your mind to a neutral position? All that stress about them zaps energy from you. I had to do that recently with my thoughts on disinfecting all my groceries that enter the house. I think we all share the "our eyes are bigger than our stomachs" problem. But I think you can practice that and eventually you will figure out just the right amount for you. Overall you are doing well.

    @retiredandlovingit Made me laugh about Teresa and the window. What a great idea about the sunflowers. dh was telling me today he was reading about the numbers spiking in the college towns after the bars and restaurants reopened. May God protect us all. I personally think they play with the numbers to suit their agendas. But then that doesn't make anyone safer. You sound like you need to go in for a tune up. lol The good thing is that your weight has stabilized and not going up. I'm telling you outdoor games is good fun exercise. Even playing in the sprinklers. Do people do that anymore?

    @cbabie Yaay on more minutes. I feel like most of us play Whack a Mole with bad habits. We get one down and another one pops up. My goal is just to be faster than the mole. This has been a good week.

    So I'm down 3.4 lbs this week But mostly water and I will take credit for everyone ounce. First serious week is usually like that anyway. So now I'll go back to my goal of 1 lb every 10 days. That worked for me before.

    Red Day-Stayed OP 98/100 g Intentional Movement: walked 37 min

    June goals: Green dot day o:) Drink 4.5 glasses of water o:) Burn 100 cals via movement o:) Preplan food o:)

    edited June 2020
  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 2,030 Member Member Posts: 2,030 Member
    Good morning friends! It took my MIL almost two hours to grocery shop! I waited in the car the whole time reading my book, luckily I brought that book so I wasn't bored lol. That woman takes her time! I kind of started to get on the spin bike but was afraid it was going to hurt so I didn't get on it. Today, I was thinking of going to a coffee shop and reading but there is a record of new cases of COVID, so I'm a little afraid. I don't think I will. I'm already going to meet a friend tomorrow for coffee. That's enough.

    @TeresaW1020 Yes, it was incredibly scary! And then when it was all over my @$!#$ husband made fun of me for thinking it was a heart attack. I yelled at him for making fun of me. It very well could have been a heart attack, it was nothing to make fun of me for! Since I do not know what I did to make it happen, I'm not sure how I can avoid it happening again. If it happened when I pushed up to change the song, then I guess not push up so strongly? I'd probably overeat after 19 hours of not eating, too, but I'm sure you will find your balance. Would it help to drink more water towards the end of your fast? I want to see that movie Lovebirds.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt Thanks. The new seat helped a lot, but if it doesn't help enough, I'm getting the gel seat as recommended.

    @cbabie That's great that you again added another minute, wow! Yes, kindred spirits! Reading saved my life growing's what I did to escape the chaos of what was going on around me.

    @theslightedgeforever Yes, I hope so. It aches so much. It interrupts my sleep as if I need something else to do that. I've had to adjust the day I go to get groceries because I can't carry groceries in that arm now. Grrrr! CONGRATULATIONS on the 3.4 lbs down! That's fantastic!!! Woot woot!!! Your work is paying off.

    June goal: track all meals, do some form of exercise 3 times a week, get at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep every night, drink 52 oz of water per day
  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 951 Member Member Posts: 951 Member
    Morning all, Yea I got on the Treadmill and added another min. I am still fighting headaches, but I think it's work. I have to wear an over the head headset and with glasses it sucks. I am not totally to plan, but I am at least mindful of what I Choose to eat right now.

    @theslightedgeforever congratulations on the loss..and yes that mole or MOLES keeps popping up. LOL

    @trooworld I try to tell some of my grandchildren...reading takes you to another place and another time. Who wouldn't want to be in another place and time right now in our nation.LOL. I am with you to about getting into crowds..since I have a 22 month old at home, I don't want to bring anything into my home with me.

    @RetiredAndLovingIt My DH and I think we are falling apart too. LOL. So hence trying to do better. I am happy you are getting to enjoy the's important to build those relationship for later in their life. :)

    I may be thinking different now too, I had one of my dear friends lose a son to a gun shot wound from the police and it sounds like police error...he was shot in the back in his home..someone called in a dispute and there wasn't one...a prank gone bad maybe..not sure. But it makes you think about life and family.

    Okay gals have to get back to work
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,502 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,502 Member
    @trooworld Just remind your dh that if he ever has a heart attack or stroke that you may be the person who will get him treatment. How fast or how slow depends entirely on his behavior of making fun. :D You might be in the middle of a really good book. You are a good daughter in law. Well I'm back to what I was in mid April. So heading for my March weight.

    @cbabie Yaaay for more minutes. I love reading. Do you have headaches on the weekend? If not, then it isn't work. One family member had a cough that he thought was related to his construction work. He attended a family birthday party and gave covid to 7 other family members. Then those 7 members gave covid to 10 other family members. So 18 in total. This in N. Texas So if the headache doesn't go away, start exploring other options. I once had a headache for four months. Not a debilitating one just an all day headache from the moment I woke up til sleep. I just knew I had a brain tumor. (I'm grandma) Anyway, I finally got my appt with the neurologist and was with the nurse. She wanted me to sign something and I dropped the pen. When I leaned over to grab it, a big POP was heard. Something in neck popped and viola no more headache. So of course when I went in to see the dr nothing was wrong with me. lol I told him what happened and he said maybe a disc in my neck but he was glad my headache went away. How tight are your neck muscles? I once went to a chiropractor and she was saying mine are extremely tight and if I didn't stretch them more I would end up with headaches. That was 15 years ago and I still have trouble turning my head to the left. Of course, I don't do the stretches that I'm supposed to either. It's on the list. Sorry about your son's friend. It's sad we see so much of that happening now.

    Green Day- Stayed OP 220/238 Intentional movement: 20 min YouTube video

    June goals: Green Dot day o:) Drink 4.5 glasses of water o:) Burn 100 cals via movement o:) Preplan food o:)
  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 2,030 Member Member Posts: 2,030 Member
    Good morning friends! I did end up going to the coffee shop. I didn't feel entirely comfortable, as I saw people come up and wait in line to get their coffee with no masks on (not many like this, but still). I stayed long enough to have my breakfast (an ancient grain bowl) and coffee and left. Tonight, I'm going to meet a friend of mine for coffee at 5:00. Hopefully, I'll feel more comfortable. The place we are going is big and spread out so that will be okay at least.

    @cbabie That's great that you keep adding minutes, go cbabie!!! I'm sorry about the headaches. :( About reading...exactly! lol Yeah, that's a great reason not to want to get into crowds. Oh that is terrible about your friend's son! Just terrible. :(

    @theslightedgeforever Hahahaha! Good point! ;) Yes, I am! I hope my MIL realizes that! lol That's great, you are doing great.

    June goal: track all meals, do some form of exercise 3 times a week, get at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep every night, drink 52 oz of water per day
  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Member Posts: 2,167 Member Member Posts: 2,167 Member
    @RetiredAndLovingIt, I love sunflowers! They are such an awesome flower that gives us tasty snacks. Do you eat the sunflower seeds? That will be fun to document their progress against the kids. Ugghhh why do AC’s always need to be replaced in the summer? A cool grandma is one who teaches her grandkids to be the best they can be and that means providing a little discipline when needed. :)

    @theslightedgeforever, I will work on reframing my mind about the masks but I’m still going to hope that it won’t be forever. Although it was nice the other day at Walmart that I could mumble under my breath about people being in my way and they couldn’t see me talking. :D I live in a college town where football is life for most people and there is lots of talk about what things will look like when the kids are back and when football season is here. We shall see! :#

    @trooworld, two hours to grocery shop!! My mom has a bunch of doctor appointments coming up and I will sit in my car and read too. Good for you for not pushing yourself on the bike. You will heal sooner if you take care of yourself. Shame on your DH for laughing at you! Yes, it does help to drink more water and I bought some decaf green tea and will have a cup of that in the late afternoon. Once I’ve gone past 19 hours of fasting, I get cold so hot drinks are nice. Yes, see the movie! It’s hilarious! :grin:

    @cbabie, yay for adding another minute to the treadmill! It sounds like the headaches could be work-related. Good for you for being mindful of what you are eating. That is key! :)

    Good morning! Well, I dropped a very little bit of weight this week. I’m down 1.2 for the month. I plan to do much better in July. I’m going to continue with my IF and increase my workouts, and of course, control my eating. I don’t have much planned today or tomorrow other than doing some housework and if I get really motivated, I want to clean the drawers in my office. I have one of those tall IKEA drawer units that have 8 little drawers and 4 cubbies. It’s all a hot mess! I also started a new puzzle that is a collage of brands of ice-cream. A good puzzle for an intermittent faster. :D
  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 951 Member Member Posts: 951 Member
    Morning all, Another day on the treadmill and another min added. Thank you all for the replies about my friend's son. His daughter wrote another letter to the "policeman" who shot him...the police here won't say who it is, no body cam shown, etc.
    I had a headache all night, I don't have one we will see.

    @TeresaW1020 I laughed outloud over the puzzle picture. It sounds like fun anyway.. LOL

    @trooworld I think I agree with my sister...make sure you husband know who will call 911 for him...LOL

    @theslightedgeforever Yes I am trying to figure out my headaches..I still thinks it's the headset with my glasses..

  • RetiredAndLovingItRetiredAndLovingIt Member Posts: 856 Member Member Posts: 856 Member
    Hi all, have a little time, so better get on here.

    @trooworld Wow, 2 hrs to grocery shop! That sounds like me in "normal" times, but now I would be in & out! Hope you had more fun in this coffee shop with your friend.

    @TeresaW1020 I think I was in your town about 12 years ago, lol. I remember it being a college town. We were visiting dd & she needed to take something to someone there, so went along. No, we didn't eat the sunflower seeds last year. Just saved some to plant this year. They got about 8 ft tall, but they have tiny seeds...not like the kind you get at the store. Hope you get your office straightened. That is a job I need to do!

    The rest of my garden is starting to bloom..won't be long before we have zucchini, green beans, & snap peas. My tomatoes will be a little slower & something (birds or rabbits) are beating me to the strawberries. I also have carrots, probably will let gs have them, theirs didn't come up very well. & dd also gave me some cucumber seeds, so I planted them, but might have to give them to dd, I don't usually like them. They are supposed to be Japanese seedless? Maybe they will taste better? We drove out to the pumpkin patch yesterday. What a weedy mess!! Not figuring we will have much luck with them this year. I think this will be the last year for them. Too far to keep it up & the gkids are too busy to help with it.

    @cbabie Good job with the treadmill, hope your headaches get better. I used to get quite a few. Mine were probably stress, I don't think I have as many now retired & thru menopause. So sorry about your friend's son.

    @theslightedgeforever Yay for being back to April weight! Good job staying OP!

    Your headache story reminded me of a time when I had such a pain in my belly all day. Finally about 9pm dh decided we needed to go to hospital (40 miles away). We had gone about 20 & all of a sudden something kinda went "ploop" (like a flippy thing), the pain went away, drove a little more & decided we might as well go home, pain was gone. Never has been back again. I wonder if it was a kink in my bowel that unkinked.

    Well, need to go. Have a good weekend!!

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,502 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,502 Member
    @trooworld How have you been doing on tracking your meals? Yeah, I'm not ready to venture out into cafes and restaurants yet. You were courageous though for doing it.

    @teresaw1020 I'm probably the only person in the world that doesn't like sunflower seeds. I might if they were already shelled. You made me laugh on grumbling to yourself. I do that anyway. Well, used to when I went out. I was wondering did they have football when the Spanish Flu happened? I mean there was probably literally nothing else to do except chores back then so going off to a game was wonderful. Although maybe coming home with the "flu" was not so wonderful. :D I'll have to research that. I have no idea when football started. Although I love going to games.

    Have to stop here cause my battery on my laptop is running low.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,502 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,502 Member
    So typing from my phone now....

    @TeresaW1020 Yaay on your weight loss. I’ve been going through drawers and tossing stuff last couple of days

    @cbabie. Hooray for more minutes they all add up. How is your eating these days? I’m glad you got a little relief from the headaches

    @RetiredAndLovingIt your garden sounds wonderful. What a good way to eat healthy. When I read your bowel story I first read ploop as poop :D I thought yeah that will help. I sometimes have a pain like that. It usually only happens when I get out of bed. I wonder if there are exercises to unkink your bowels. Another thing I can research

    Yellow day. Went over 205/164. Intentional movement. Rest

    I was OP until a couple of hours ago. Ds brought me a milkshake. Kind of a runny milkshake but I drank it anyway. I haven’t had a milkshake in probably 20 years. So I will kindly tell him to keep his milkshakes to himself

    June goals. Green dot day. :( Drink 4.5 glasses of water. :( BUrn 100 calls via movement. Preplan food. o:)
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