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  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Member Posts: 2,301 Member Member Posts: 2,301 Member
    @RetiredAndLovingIt Those sunflowers are amazing!! B)

    @cbabie HaHa what a funny picture! She gave the angel her halo. :D

    @trooworld Making a cheese souffle is so fancy! I’ve never had one but would love to try it someday. Are you going to be able to do your anti-inflammatory diet with your DH? I think you just have to make it happen like I am trying to with low carb and still satisfying my DH and mom. I admit it takes more effort but hopefully it will be worth it. :)

    @theslightedgeforever I think I am finding my groove. Let’s just hope I don’t fall back out of it. :grin: How’s your groove doing? :)

    Good morning! Well, yesterday DH and I went to the wedding of our worship pastor. The young couple is so sweet and shy. She looked beautiful! There were probably 100 people or so there and we did talk about if we should go with the virus on the rise here but in the end, we decided that we didn’t want to miss it. Most people wore their masks during the ceremony and at the reception, we sat with the other staff members. The staff at the venue all wore masks and gloves and at the buffet, we went up one table at a time and were served. Plus, I refuse to worry about it. ;) I’m taking today off from working out because I did nine days in a row and I need a break. Dinner tonight will be a Keto green chili chicken chili that looked really good. Mom and DH get rice with theirs. OK, I need to get ready for church! Have a great day! :)
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    @theslightedgeforever Weekends are tough. I got in about 50%. Thanks for the information about the spine. I'm sorry about your DH's arthritis. I had to go back and track for yesterday this morning, too. What is it with us???

    @TeresaW1020 I know, right? I don't know what got into him! lol It didn't rise though, we think because it was too hot in here. He's going to try again at brunchtime. It tasted really good though. I'm going to MAKE him do the anti-inflammatory diet. If he wants to eat other things, well he can. I will just be sad. :( Yes, like you are saying, It will take more effort. I'm glad you had a nice time at the wedding. The chili sounds so yummy! Enjoy! Enjoy the day off, too!

    Hi all. I'm not doing too much today. It's supposed to get really hot here (90F). I may roast some almonds for a snack next week but that's about it.

    September goals: get at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep every night, drink 2 (26 oz) bottles of water a day
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,530 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,530 Member
    @teresaw1020 If you do fall out, then you got jump right back in. Exercise is good. Food has been so-so staying within boundaries this week. Meanwhile I'm 2 weeks late on my "expected" period. With menopause, who the heck knows. So I'm bloated big time and fear I'll end up like Aunt Marge in Harry Potter soon.

    @trooworld I got in 50% today too. I went back and tracked the numbers for yesterday too. I was over. That's what I get for not tracking in advance.

    Red Day- Stayed OP 98/100 Intentional movement: Rest Day

    September goals: Green dot day o:) Drink 6 glasses of water :( Burn 225 cals via movement *** preplan food o:)
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  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 2,201 Member Member Posts: 2,201 Member
    @theslightedgeforever Well, at least you tracked. It's important to be able to go back and look at that. It would be better to pre-track but at least you have it now. I got 100% of my water yesterday.

    Hello all. It was too hot yesterday and I didn't roast my almonds. :( I did make dinner from the anti-inflammatory diet cookbook: roast chicken with lemon and white beans and roasted broccoli. It was really good. Of course, the dessert my husband made wasn't anti-inflammatory. :(

    September goals: get at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep every night, drink 2 (26 oz) bottles of water a day
  • RetiredAndLovingItRetiredAndLovingIt Member Posts: 879 Member Member Posts: 879 Member
    Hi all--it has finally quit raining here! No rain all summer to help the gardens, lawns, etc & then we had rain every day for a week, and chilly..highs in the 50's. It was nice yesterday, too. Going to warm back up to the 80's for a few days..oh yay, we are going back out to the farm. Oh well, we get a Mocha Frappe treat on the way home! Bad for the calories, but I enjoy them.

    @trooworld Hope your anti-inflammatory diet helps your back. My dh has had a lot of back surgeries on the L-S discs. Interesting fact I remembered when slightedge was telling you about the vertebrae..when my dd went to the Chiro & had x-rays done, they said she has an extra thoracic vertebrae. I love roasted almonds. (although I am usually lazy & buy the dry roasted, salted ones at Costco!

    @TeresaW1020 Glad you decided to go to the wedding, I am sure it meant a lot to the couple. I understand what you mean about not worrying about it. I feel like I am doing everything I can reasonably do & hope it will be enough. I can't worry about it. Good idea for a rest day, I think we need those once in awhile.

    @theslightedgeforever Yes, I did walk during Dr Oz. I have been getting my steps pretty well but yesterday was a "rest day" and we went over to dd's for lunch, so I didn't do as much as usual. Gs turns 11 on Thursday, so we took his present, too. He has started playing flag football again, but we didn't go to the game on Sat (it was too early). The boys all wear masks (gaiters, I think) & everyone that gets on the school property where they play has to wear a mask also. So I would feel safe enough going, next week the game is at noon. I should be able to make that one, lol.

    I have another cute picture of the sunflowers. One of the stalks got so heavy with the seeds & flowers that it kept bending over & finally broke last week on a windy day. So there is a 2 foot stalk out there. Its bare but for a couple of leaves, but now there is one little flower on the stalk. Guess it just doesn't want to give up, lol. We had to trim some of the heads off the other ones or they would have broken, too.

    Well, I need to go & get something done. I have already done 30 minutes on the treadmill, tho, so that is something!

    Have a great day.
  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 975 Member Member Posts: 975 Member
    Morning all..I was so upset when I just logged on and found out my post (from my phone) did not get saved..oh well. I didn't get on the TM yesterday and only had 13 min today , but I will take it. I am trying to work on consistency. That's my current goal.

    @theslightedgeforever great job on OP

    @trooworld Yea on your water , glad the new recipe was good!!

    @TeresaW1020 Glad you got to go to the wedding!! Sounds like your back on track!! YEA

    @RetiredAndLovingIt I have a girlfriend that loves Sunflowers. Everytime I see one I think of her, Now I will think of you! :)

  • mswatson0777mswatson0777 Member Posts: 282 Member Member Posts: 282 Member
    @TeresaW1020 I'm glad to hear you had a good time at the wedding and that everyone was trying to mitigate risk with masks and social distancing. I hope you and your love ones continue to stay well and healthy!

    @trooworld Do share, what kind of dessert did you get?! The anti-inflammatory dinner sounds delicious too

    @cbabie Consistency is key. You got this!

    @RetiredandLovingIt It's been insanely rainy here as well! I agree it's so nice to see the sun shine after all that rain

    @theslightedgeforever I get in trouble when I don't track in advance either (and heck I'm not tracking at all lately!)

    Hi all, sorry I disappeared again. This is one of those chapters in life where life is so crazy that I feel like I can barely breath sometimes. I'm not tracking, I don't like what I see in the mirror, but I also can barely function in my day to day life right now and I know I have zero energy to put towards this in a productive way right now which sucks.

    I did get out of my 14 day quarantine which feels nice and I'm back at work in person and away from the kitchen which will hopefully help. I also finally bought a year subscription to the Beachbody streaming service. I was getting bored of the PopSugar ones and needed a change.

    Y'all, I miss pre-pandemic life so much. I miss Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I miss feeling active and healthy and having a full social life instead of a life that seems to have been taken over by stress and obligations. I am so worried I'm going to come out of all this unrecognizable and I hate it.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,530 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,530 Member
    @trooworld I got in 0% water today. It was one of those hit the ground running days and didn't think about it til just this minute. Your dinner sounds good.

    @retiredandlovingit Yaaay for getting in lots of steps. It's so good for us as we age. That is interesting about your dd and the vertabrae. I wonder if that makes her just a bit taller? I tried roasting almonds once and burnt them. So never did that again. Too easy to buy them already roasted.

    @cbabie As trooworld says, take out the word ONLY from your sentence. You walked 13 min. Better than the day before. Every little bit counts and is sometimes better because you are chipping away at perfectionism and are fitting in movement wherever you can in your busy lifestyle. It doesn't have to be a certain number to count. Even stopping and getting in 5 min is good or even running in place 30 seconds. Plus look how consistent you have been with checking in here. You are forming new habits.

    @mswatson0777 Right now just do what you can. Maybe that's just track one meal a day. Maybe that's turning down sugar for the moment. Notice I didn't say all day. Each decision is one all it's own. Like steps of a staircase. They are either going to take you up or down. Yes, I miss my old life too. Well parts of it. I had to take my mil to the dr today. I had actually been glad I didn't have to take her for routine exams because it's just so stressful. It was a leg and foot check because of her diabetes. Now they have sent us to a vascular dr cause there seems to be a problem on one side. I was glad for the excuse of a pandemic not to take her more often for all these routine checks. But I haven't seen my friends for 7 months. I think it's time for another zoom gathering. I was talking with someone yesterday about this pandemic and how people either have lost weight or gained weight during it. The same event but we all reacted differently to it. Obviously I don't do well with stress. Enjoy the Beachbody.

    Yellow Day-Stayed OP 162/164 Intentional Movement 30 min YouTube videos

    September goals: Green dot day o:) Drink 6 glasses of water :( Burn 225 cals via movement o:) Preplan food o:)
  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Member Posts: 2,301 Member Member Posts: 2,301 Member
    @RetiredAndLovingIt How much longer before the farm is done and you can enjoy the fall weather that is coming. Are sunflowers a perennial plant? I love how that one just won’t give up and another flower is growing. A good metaphor for life, huh? ;)

    @mswatson0777 I am sorry that this season in your life is so full of stress for you. It is so hard for so many people and we just have to find ways to take care of our physical and mental health the best we can. I hope you like BOD. I LOVE it!! I’m working on becoming a boxer right now. :grin:

    Good morning! I woke up wide awake at 5 am but stayed in bed until 6. Now, I’m up and full of energy. Hello, ketones! :grin: So, I went to JC Penny the other day because now everything is over 60% and this girl can’t pass up that kind of sale. I bought a pair of size 12 relaxed fit Lee jeans to be used as inspiration. Hoping I would get into them in the next few months. I tried them on to see how far I had to go, and they fit!! They fit snuggly but are comfortable enough to wear. I think I’m still in shock. I haven't been in a size 12 in over 30 years!! :o I took this picture with them against the size 20 that I wore in 2018 when I began my final weight loss journey. Lots of ups and downs along the way but I just kept saying that I will NEVER stop trying. Can you tell that I’m excited!! ;)


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    @RetiredAndLovingIt Sounds like true fall weather! I hope the diet helps, too. It's going to be a while before I know because I have flare-ups only about once every few months. At least that was the frequency. That is interesting about your DD. Does it cause her any trouble? I didn't end up roasting my almonds yet! I want to see that cute picture, you should post it.

    @cbabie That sucks! At least you did get on the treadmill today even if it was less than you wanted. Yes, I'm glad I got enough water that day.

    @mswatson0777 My DH made a small chocolate cake! :) It was really delicious. We had it with vanilla ice cream. I'm glad to hear from you, I thought maybe you were sick with COVID and couldn't come on to chat with us. I'm glad it was that you were just busy. I miss pre-pandemic life, too. All I do is work and go to the grocery store and text my friends. I never SEE my friends. I have family members that are just too high risk, I can't take a chance on seeing anyone in person. What would help you feel more connected/normal?

    @theslightedgeforever Oh, dear. I thought I was going to have one of those days yesterday and it started out like that but I was so thirsty at about 4:00 p.m. (I had only drunk about 15 oz of liquids by this point), I filled up my 26 oz water bottle and guzzled it. I felt better.

    @TeresaW1020 Wow, that's fabulous, or should I say fabuLESS! Congrats!!! That must feel very motivating, right?

    Hi all. I'm still not sleeping well. I get up every 30 minutes (for the first 4 hours of the night) to unnecessarily go to the bathroom. I don't actually have to "go", it's just anxiety I think. Last night, before I got out of bed, I looked at the clock and saw how long it had been since the last time I got out of bed. If it was less than an hour, I didn't let myself get out of bed. I didn't get any better sleep but hopefully, eventually, I will train myself to get up less. I wake up feeling exhausted and remain exhausted all day. How it affects my WLJ is that I end up sometimes making bad decisions because I'm tired: I'm too tired to cook so we'll order delivery food. I'm tired so I'll grab fast food. etc.

    September goals: get at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep every night, drink 2 (26 oz) bottles of water a day
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    Thank you everyone for your kind words. It felt good to word vomit it all out. Today work is insanely stressful. Managing 5 people means my day is entirely spent checking in and helping them which means I work all day but get nothing done. I did track my food for the first time in WEEKS so at least there's that. I also did a 30 minute workout and walked over lunch to shake off some of the stress (here's hoping it helps and the afternoon goes by quickly!). Otherwise tonight I'm looking forward to hopefully getting some homework done and a long dog walk in. Thank goodness the weather is still nice enough to get out, it's such a mood boost.

    @trooworld Great question on connection. I do about 8 zoom meetings a day so any more video calls just feel like pure torture. I do a lot of phone calls, but it's definitely not the same. Sorry to hear you aren't sleeping well. I also do terribly when I don't sleep well so I totally get the weight loss struggle!

    @TeresaW1020 OMG those pants!!! You are absolutely killing it, way to go! You're my inspiration right now to keep going! Let me know how you like 10 Rounds. Right now I'm bouncing in between programs because I'm enjoying the different trainer every day. Today Shaun T KICKED MY BUTT! Holy buckets my arms are burning.

    @theslightedgeforever I'm glad there's some positives to the pandemic, those appointments do sound extremely stressful! And I have been trying to do what I can, but I recognize that its just not enough and I feel like I'm on a spiral. This is just one of those very hard seasons.

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    Morning all, I didn't get on the TM today. I overslept. I was SO tired last night, I didn't even hear the baby cry..all I know is I woke up and she was next to me in bed. I have NEVER been that tired. So each day I try to evaluate what took my goals from me and do better the next day. I figured out I am just plain frustrated. But I don't feel bad as not getting on the TM today as I know my body was exhausted and I am trying to listen to it and not my head.

    @trooworld I am sorry you are not sleeping..if you know someone who uses YL oils I would suggest a couple for sleeping.. LOL. It sounds like you have a positive attitude about your new food choices! Yea

    @TeresaW1020 Congratulations! Always nice to be surprised! I am proud of you

    @theslightedgeforever yes I am forming new habits...I am just impatient. LOL. working on that too..LOL

    @mswatson0777 oh my you post sounded like I feel. I thought I had posted and forgot that I posted. LOL. I am sorry you so stressed. I think someone earlier said (1) thing at a time..we can take bites out of our crazy life. LOL

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    My computer just crashed and won’t reboot so I’m on my phone. I’ll do personals tomorrow

    Yellow day- stayed OP 132/164. Intentional movement. 21 min YouTube videos 20 min walking

    Sept goals. Green dot day. o:) Drink 6 glasses of water. o:) Burn 225 cals via movement. o:) Pre plan food. :(

    I’m going to increase my calories burned goal to 250
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    @trooworld I’m sorry that you aren’t sleeping well. One of the podcasts I listen to has this woman that goes on and on about Blue light technology. Look up Bluebox glasses. They have one especially for helping people sleep. I also spoke to a woman last night at Bible study who used to take shots on a regular basis for severe back issues and she started using CBD oil and hasn’t had a shot in 18 months. She has been transformed. Have you looked into that to see if it would help your arthritis? I’m just full of medical advice for you! :D

    @mswatson0777 Thanks, I’ve never been an inspiration before. :grin: I haven’t done any Shaun T videos yet. I’m a huge Autumn Calabrese fan. She does the 21 Day Fix and 80 Day Obsession programs. When I’m done with 10 Rounds, which is super fun, I’m going to do to 80 Day again and see how much I’ve progressed after working out for a year now with BOD. The first go around I think I lasted 30 days and had to modify everything. I hope your day is better and that you find some time to relax. ;)

    @cbabie Your body was definitely telling you to rest and good for you for listening to it. <3

    @theslightedgeforever Yikes on the crashing computer!! :#

    Good morning! So, this morning I stepped on my scale three times and the number was 198.8 lbs all three times. Onderland baby!!! :grin: I’m so happy and VERY determined to stick to my plan. I know how easy the scale can jump back up. I think for me it’s obvious that I have to watch my carb intake. That is the only thing I’ve changed this month. So, fasting clean and carb cycling for the win!

    Here is a pic that I took this morning. Sorry that my toes look so frightful. Guess I should have been more prepared for this momentous occasion. :D

  • mswatson0777mswatson0777 Member Posts: 282 Member Member Posts: 282 Member
    @cbabie I'm so sorry your stress level mirrors my own! Exhaustion is no joke, I hope you're able to find some time for self care and rest today

    @theslightedgeforever Sorry to hear about your computer. Technology issues are the worst! Way to go on getting intentional movement in

    @TeresaW1020 OMG congratulations!!! That is such a huge milestone!! And Shaun T is no joke, the fitness people in the workout video were quitting at times, which made me feel better when I had to pause the video because my heart rate got so high! I've only done one video of Autumn's so far so I'll have to try some more!

    Happy Wednesday all! So today is the day of my dissertation proposal defense (eek!). I also had my new employee start today so juggling the two along with my other employees' schedules has been a major challenge. I was able to get some coursework done last night and to catch up on work emails this morning so I'm definitely feeling better than I was on Monday. I'll hopefully get more coursework done tonight and take the dogs out on a long walk since the more I get done, the less stressed I'm feeling. Hope you all have a good day!
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    Afternoon all. I am sitting here with my eyes burning, need to take a nap. LOL. not sure why I feel like naps right this moment, but my eyes are tired. I actually didn't get to walk this morning. I had to get groceries before my 9:30 online Bible Study. The first one for this year. I am excited to be back with the group.
    So afterwards, took the baby for a walk and it was nice. Came back home but she wanted more, so who am I to stop her from making me exercise.. LOL. I enjoy the days I don't work...Well I am enjoying today. I am learning that my expectations are too high and rigid and I need to let go and keep going forward. I had a Mary Kay meeting last night and it was a confirmation that I am heading in the direction I am supposed to be in my attitude, growing personally, etc. I am even looking at how I "perceive" my body in a different mindset.

    @trooworld That stinks about your computer..I would be totally frustrated.. LOL

    @TeresaW1020 Oh how awesome...I am so happy for you and you know what you are the one looking at your feet, we are looking at that wonderland number!!! Jumping up and down running the isles...saying yea...we are so happy you shared this moment with us!! I think you have found your groove.

    @mswatson0777 I am so glad you are in a better place today. It's amazing if we can at least make one dent in our piles how much better we feel and not so overwhelmed. I think that is such a torment from the enemy to send us over the edge and not return. LOL I can see the old Batman and Robin cartoon in my head. POW, BLAM...LOL

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,530 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,530 Member
    @TeresaW1020 woohoo on smaller size and onederland. 💃💃💃💃. You have nice toes compared to mine. I have Vulcan toes

    @mswatson0777 Tell me one thing you are going to do for fun this week. It doesn’t have to be a big amount of time

    @cbabie yaaay on embracing baby steps and saying no to perfectionism.

    As you all can tell I’m on my phone. It’s stuck in the reboot system. Dh says why not just buy a new computer since the other one is older now. It’s not old to me. 2.5 years is not old. But he says with technology demands blah blah blah plus cost of repairing blah blah. Who am I to turn down a new computer. I tried working on my Fire tablet but my whole life is on my computer it seems.

    Yellow Day. 113/164. Intentional movement. Rest day

    Sept goals. Green dot day. o:) Drink 6 glasses of water. :( Burn 225 cals via movement. *** Pre plan food. :(

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    @mswatson0777 I can imagine not getting any of your own work done only worsens the stress. I'm glad you are getting some walks and workouts in to help with the stress. It sounds like you are "video called" out and the phone might not be much better. Can you meet and go for socially-distanced walks? Thanks re: the sleeping. I'll hopefully get it figured out. How did your defense go? I hope you found time for a that long walk!

    @cbabie Your body must have really needed the sleep. Thanks re: the sleeping. My doctor just prescribed me something she wants me to try so I'll give that a shot first. That's great that you have an online bible study. Is it a local group of people, or is it people from all over? It wasn't my computer, it was your sister's. ;)

    @theslightedgeforever Uh oh! I hope it reboots for you. Great job on the water. 2.5 years is not old, I had my last computer for 8 years. But you are right: if he says get a new computer, go get that new computer!!! ;) I did lousy on water yesterday.

    @TeresaW1020 doctor just prescribed me something but if it doesn't work out, I'll definitely look into CBD oil. I've heard it can really help. I've not heard of Bluebox glasses, I'll look them up, I'm curious! WHAT???? WHAT WHAT WHAT??? ONEDERLAND!!! WOOO HOOO!!!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I have tears of joy in my eyes right now. I really, really do. I'm so proud of you, Teresa. I'm deliriously happy for you. You've worked so hard, you've tried different things, you've tinkered and adjusted and here you are, you've made it! Congratulations.

    Hello all. I slept in too late yesterday and then had to clock in to work so I didn't have time to get on here. I'm okay, I made an appointment with my new primary care physician. I hope I like her better than my last. I've decided to work on one new habit a week: this week it is before I eat anything, to ask myself if I'm really actually hungry.

    September goals: get at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep every night, drink 2 (26 oz) bottles of water a day
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  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 975 Member Member Posts: 975 Member
    Morning all, I am sitting here sick to my stomach. I am trying so hard not to let others influence my life in a negative manner, but still do. However, I am a work in progress and I will be going and getting that CBD oil..LOL I ate like food was over the richter scale. I was eating out of emotions and I couldn't stop. It's funny how in the morning I am so gun ho and by night someone or something effects me emotionally. That is the goal I am working on, to put my wall up around me and my emotions. LOL I can hear someone on here say no wall deal with that issue and move on.. I did get on my TM today and then took a shower and trying to make a different day today. LOL

    @trooworld I love the picture you sent our dear Teresa!!! how beautiful. Sorry I don't know how I thought it was your computer. I hope you like your new always makes it easier to see a dr if you like them.

    @theslightedgeforever if my daughter was on here, she would tell you that your computer goes out because it's a window based and not a MAC...LOL. Well I hope you get a computer that works soon.. we miss your words of wisdom. :)<3

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