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  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 1,035 Member Member Posts: 1,035 Member
    Afternoon all, it's been a crazy day...I was late to worship practice because I couldn't find the match to the shoe I wanted to wear...It had fallen on the floor and I didn't see it (black) LOL. Oh well wore 4" heals and my toes hurt after worship..I haven't tracked yet today, but also haven't really eaten.

    @trooworld I love your snack trays. Yes we called the police. We are not sure if it was random, personally I didn't think so, but I left that thought and moved on.

    @TeresaW1020 I am agreement with the glasses..I hate the fog..I do wear my mask under, but if on too long I feel like I am suffocating. The meal sounds great. I am not a salmon lover but I am glad you love it. My mom and DH love it..and my two oldest daughters. LOL. I just don't fit in...and It's okay with me

    @RetiredAndLovingIt Oh I would have been ticked that is for sure. I am not sure more over it being turned off or more because they can't tell me why.

    Gotta go give baby girl a bath..

  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 2,528 Member Member Posts: 2,528 Member
    @cbabie Oh dear! Your poor toes. I'm glad you called the police. How are you doing emotionally today? I hope better.

    Hi all. I made a really good chowder last night, Sweet Potato Ham and Corn Chowder. Instead of regular milk, I used fat-free evaporated milk and it worked out really well:

    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS.
  • mswatson0777mswatson0777 Member Posts: 289 Member Member Posts: 289 Member
    @trooworld Thanks for sharing the recipe! And those snack boxes look so beautiful and healthy, what a great idea! I hope the ambien works well for you, I know it helps my MIL a lot.

    @cbabie So sorry to hear about your window, how scary! I'm so glad you're okay. Was it someone you knew?

    @TeresaW1020 So sorry to hear about your DH family's loss! It has taken so many beloved people from us and I'm so glad there is a vaccine on the way.

    @RetiredandLovingIt I totally get that about not feeling it. It's hard to get back in the swing of things. Many days I just want to throw in the towel and say "screw it!"

    Happy Monday All! I had a really relaxing weekend but not necessarily a healthy one! Too much wine and too many treats. But today I'm back on track and I made a chicken curry stir fry for the week that I'm really excited about. Classes start today so it's going to be a crazy week at work and a crazy week for me after work. I just keep telling myself to "just keep swimming". Hope you all have a good start to the week too.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,604 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,604 Member
    @cbabie Did you track your food today? Mom loved salmon patties. Definitely not the same thing. Blech! I like salmon just baked.

    @trooworld I got 25% Thanks for sharing the recipe. I had some left over sweet potato chicken soup. I'll try this. Sounds good.

    @mswatson0777 Just keep swimming is a good motto. Glad that you are back on track.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,604 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,604 Member
    @mswatson0777 So now that you have identified the problem of slashing all four tires, what are some solutions? I believe it all goes back to the thoughts in our head at that time. Well, now I've blown it, I might as well go big. So what other thoughts can you practice?

    @trooworld I think a bookclub with people you don't know would be better as then who cares what they think? You don't know them. lol My bookclub knows all about my opinions. I'm not shy to share. We are doing my book this month. What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon. I can't find any discussion questions since I'm hosting so I am doing research right now on Ireland. I've learned alot this past couple of days. Stay safe. I love your snack boxes. I'm a big fan of bento boxes. It just makes the food more fun. I learned that on airplanes when it's sectioned off like that less food seems 'enough' for me. Probably all psychological. Good for you for your 100%

    @cbabie I'm sorry that happened to you. One day again you will be able to feel safe there. I'm glad you weren't hurt.

    @retiredandlovingit Sometimes you just have to fake it til you get back to doing it. Hard I know. I'm in some kind of small rut this week but I've kept a handle on the eating and exercise. It's just the rest of life that has been put on hold. Who won the bowl game? That would have made me so mad. I had you pegged for younger than your age. Although I peg myself much younger than my age too. :D

    @teresaw1020 Yes, when I see my little angels I feel like I can do anything. It's a reminder of yes I can do this. I think action no matter how small can cure anything. So sorry about the family news. It's seems to be touching many people I know.

    January goals:

    Yellow- Stayed OP 163/164gm o:)
    Intentional Exercise-41 min walking o:)
    Water-25% :|
    Zone minutes 26 minus 1 due to inactivity 7 /8 :|

  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Member Posts: 2,577 Member Member Posts: 2,577 Member
    @cbabie I wear my mask over my glasses and have tried several different masks and NONE work. The only good thing right now is that it sure keeps my face warmer while walking in a cold parking lot. :D How is the tracking coming along? Wow, 4-inch heels! I would kill myself. :o

    @trooworld A girlfriend sent me a video of corn and potato chowder and I laughed and said the only thing I could eat on my plan would be the bacon. :D How are the snack boxes working out for you?

    @mswatson0777, Yum to a chicken curry stir fry. I love curry!! Try to keep your head above water this week. :)

    Hello everyone! This morning I woke up with a 2.5 lb whoosh on the scale and am finally in the 180s. You can bet I did a happy dance when I saw that number! :grin: I did an upper body workout and pushed my weights to where I’m sure to be sore later. Mom had a doctor’s appointment, and her doc is thrilled with her 25 lb loss since moving here and with her IF and low carb eating. I finally got her off bread and now she is having eggs and cottage cheese for lunch and she is off that terrible French vanilla creamer, that wasn’t even sugar-free, and over to half-n-half. After the doctor’s we went to Walmart and I realized I had forgotten my list and all my coupons. :# I did manage to get most of what I needed but will go back on Wednesday. OK, I’m off to work my puzzle and binge listen to The Kick Sugar Summit that just started today!! Soooo excited!! :grin:
  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 2,528 Member Member Posts: 2,528 Member
    @mswatson0777 Yes, the recipe was really good, and so are the snack boxes. :) I hope the Ambien helps, too. I am going to try it tonight. Chicken curry: is it Indian or Thai curry? I hope you had a good first day back at school.

    @theslightedgeforever What happened with the 25%? I got 100% yesterday but it was a Herculean effort. Unfortunately, I care way too much about what strangers think lol. I hope they like your book, I've never heard of it but if it's set in Ireland, that has to be interesting. I can see less food being enough in those boxes.

    @TeresaW1020 HAHAHA! I had one of the snack boxes yesterday, it was really good. Wow, 180s? That's incredible! Congrats! And congrats to your mom!

    Hi all. I'm doing okay, I have a headache today. I have to go into work today which is not my usual day (which is Mondays) but I have a phone meeting I have to attend. I did go in yesterday, too. I got into some chocolates at work, there was a big bag of Toblerone Swiss chocolates in the break room. I hope to do better today.

    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS.
  • mswatson0777mswatson0777 Member Posts: 289 Member Member Posts: 289 Member
    @trooworld Toblerones would be hard to avoid! Sorry to hear you have back to back days in person this week. Isn't it wild to think we could all be back in person full time this summer? And the curry was a red Thai curry that was fabulous.

    @TeresaW1020 Congrats on the loss, that is fantastic!!! And congrats to your mom as well, those are some big accomplishments in your household.

    @theslightedgeforever I guess that's part of the problem. It's like I enter into a completely different headspace when that happens where logic just doesn't exist. It's a very out of body experience and I haven't figured out how to interrupt the thoughts/actions successfully.

    Morning All! I don't want to jinx it, but this week is looking almost reasonable work-wise. I have a feeling next week will be back to crazy, but it's been nice to just pause and take a breath. I got a good leg workout in this morning and walked the dogs so I'm feeling physically great. The weather is supposed to be good today so I'm hoping to fit in at least one more dog walk (possibly two!) to enjoy it while I can.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,604 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,604 Member
    @teresaw1020 Hooray for your whoosh! Those are so much fun. Wow, your mom is doing so well. Good for her.

    @trooworld I got 25% Combination of being out of my routine and starting too late. Don't want to be up all night peeing cause then I drag the next day.

    @mswatson0777 I think part of it is being finely tuned into your brain. Plus I think it takes practice. Maybe that's why meditation is good for us. It slows our minds and causes us to ruminate and listen to ourselves. Sometimes I keep a handy journal of the negative thoughts and then the counter-thoughts I give and then sometimes it's just dead air. But we keep trying.

    I read a good newsletter today about nutrition linked with mental health. All about high intakes of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, fish, low fat dairy, and antioxidants, as well as low intakes of animal foods — was associated with a reduced risk of depression.

    versus a high intake of red and processed meats, refined grains, sweets, high fat dairy products, butter, and potatoes, as well as a low intake of fruit and vegetables — was linked with a significantly increased risk of depression.

    January goals:

    Yellow-Stayed OP 162/164gm o:)
    Intentional Exercise-rest day ****
    Water-25% :|
    Zone minutes 4 minus 6 due to inactivity 2 :(
  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Member Posts: 2,577 Member Member Posts: 2,577 Member
    @trooworld The work-related chocolate trap is a dangerous thing! My only advice is maybe turning your “hope to do better” to WILL do better. I know that you believe words matter. Set yourself up to win and fingers-crossed you will! :)

    @mswatson0777 Here is to hoping that your whole week is great! Not too crazy at work and good workouts with fun times with your dogs. <3

    @theslightedgeforever That is interesting about the newsletter you read because I’ve been listening to a lot of doctors and researchers that say almost the opposite. They have found that people who eliminate sugar and carbs have less depression and less addictive personality behaviors. This is why the “study of one” is so important because we are all different. Hey, weren’t you the one to tell me about the Beck Diet Solution book? I just ordered it after hearing a doctor who runs a weight management clinic give a copy to her patience as required reading. This sugar summit I’m watching this week has a whole mental health theme that seems to be emerging from the speakers. Very interesting! :)

    Good morning! Today is one of those days that I dread. It’s bra shopping day. The good news is that all my bras are too big around, but the bad news is that now I have to go try on a bunch and hope to find one I like and that fits great. I want the girls to look their best in the outfit that I’m wearing to my nephew’s wedding. :grin: The rest of the day will be getting in my work out, watching some sugar summit videos, and there is church tonight. You all have a great day!
  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 2,528 Member Member Posts: 2,528 Member
    @mswatson0777 Yes they are very hard to avoid! I can't imagine being back at work this summer lol. I hope things are better in this world but that we get to work at home still. I love red Thai curry! I'm glad you are able to breathe some this week. It sounds like a nice day.

    @theslightedgeforever I get that. I'm up all night peeing every night lol. I got 100% yesterday. That's interesting, what you read. I feel like since I started eating healthier, my mood has improved. I don't know if it just happened at the same time by coincidence or if it was due to the food change.

    Hi all. I'm glad I'm not at work today, I got into those Toblerones again and the giant container of peanut M&Ms that is in my office. I decided to throw out the M&Ms so I took them home to throw away (I didn't want the giver of the "gift" to see me throw it away).

    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS.
  • mswatson0777mswatson0777 Member Posts: 289 Member Member Posts: 289 Member
    @trooworld That would be wonderful, but sadly I don't think my job is going to allow for remote work options for a long time in a non-pandemic world.

    @TeresaW1020 Bra fittings are so challenging! I got a bunch recently from Fenty online that I actually really like since I couldn't go in person. They use body diverse women in their advertising so it was nice to see how the bras actually looked on people other than models!

    @theslightedgeforever I have to wonder if it's a bit of a chicken and the egg question. Do healthy foods lead to better mental health are people with better mental health more likely to eat healthy foods over processed comfort foods? Add the extra complications of mental health, physical health, and socioeconomic status and it becomes a mess!

    Happy Wednesday All! I'm feeling pretty blah today, but we'll be seeing the quaranteam later tonight which will hopefully perk me up a bit. Thankfully the weather is still decent. I got out on 3(!) walks yesterday to try to cheer myself up. My dog was so tired from all that he refused to go on a walk with me this morning. I honestly wonder if it's because I'm so used to being so busy that I don't know what to do with downtime anymore. That or the social isolation has been wearing on me. There are only so many books you can read in a week!
  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 1,035 Member Member Posts: 1,035 Member
    Morning all, You know I would love to say I have had some victories, but here is the truth in my life right now. i am not on plan, I even had to go back and read what I said my goals were, so I can write them down, do them and quit this roll a coaster ride I am on. My day yesterday was waking up to my 42 year old daughter screaming for help...she fell asleep sitting up, fell face first on the tile in our house..her nose bleeding, etc. She has a bump on her forehead, nose is swollen, a cut on the bridge of her nose...and I have family who flew in late Monday night, sw I didn't get to bed until wee hours of the morning... So yesterday was a total bust. I didn't eat bad, but I didn't track. Still looking at Fitbit's. I received some money from a friend for "love offering" she called trying to spend wisely. There are so many, but the Sense caught my eye because it monitors stress, but it also is expensive and it still has bugs. So for now, making my old work as best I can and watching and reading.. I know stress is one of my triggers.

    @trooworld I am with you I would like to see us always work from home LOL. I think you mood and food are tied together...LOL

    @TeresaW1020 That is great news on your mom and before I forget again, sorry for the loss in your family. Life is just teaching us take each day and live the best you can, we are not guaranteed another one..we all know that in our head, but we "forget" Yea on the loss, you are doing great. I hate bra shopping..I think I put up with bad bras because I hate it so much. LOL

    @theslightedgeforever no I didn't track, no I am not on track, Yes I hear you in my head. Yes I am going to turn this around. Yes I have not and will not give up. I can see you reading up on Ireland...I can also see you and mom wanting to take a trip and see it in person. LOL.

    @mswatson0777 Glad you are having a better week. Our weather is going to back in the 70's tomorrow. I swear we never know what to wear. LOL In regards to the window..we don't know who it was. I laughed when I read your "keep swimming". I say, keeping my head above water. LOL

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,604 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,604 Member
    @teresaw1020 Wonderful words of wisdom to @trooworld about the chocolate trap. Yes, words matter. On the sugar/depression thing. I'm in agreement with you, I need to go check what I wrote. Maybe I didn't type it correctly. No I typed it correctly, so what are you reading. :D yes, on the Beck Diet book. I love that book. I might end up reading it once a year as a refresher. There is also a workbook that goes along with it. But I recommend the actual book.

    @trooworld I got 50%. Yaaay on your 100%. I'm getting better this week. So are the MnMs in the garbage? Now if they were plain, I would have kept those and thrown away the Toblerones.

    @mswatson0777 I think it's both on your chicken/egg question. Better food leads to a clearer mind so people make better choices. Plus I feel better physically when I've eaten well. So that helps me too. Plus, when I eat better (on plan) my mental health is better because I have a "can do" attitude versus the days I don't. I think there is a psychological link as well as a physiological one. An interesting study I saw in the news is that they are tracking how your parents exercise habits reach over generationally to gene health. If that's true, me and @cbabie are at a disadvantage. lol

    @cbabie One of your victories this week was to go back and find/read your goals and write them down. You could have just let another week go by saying, I'll begin on that when my company leaves. There will always be distractions. Now we were talking about words earlier. You said, Yesterday was a total bust. Not really, you said you didn't eat bad (I know you want perfect). So you must have done at least one thing right. The good news is that you get to try again the next moment, the next meal, etc. So glad you can hear me in your head. Yes, Ireland would have been a fun trip with Mom but now I get to take it with my dd. But we're going to Scotland first. She wants to see the Harry Potter castle. Maybe stay a couple of days there and then take a train to Ireland.

    January goals:

    Yellow-Went Over 167/164gm :(
    Intentional Exercise-39 min walking o:)
    Water-50% :|
    Zone minutes 69 minus 0 due to inactivity 8/8 o:)
  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 2,528 Member Member Posts: 2,528 Member
    @mswatson0777 Yeah I don't think my job is going to let us work remotely after this either. I'm glad to hear your feedback on Fenty bras, I was interested in them. Are they comfortable? I've been buying 3rd Love bras, which I absolutely love, but they are a bit expensive. I'm sorry that you are feeling blah. Hopefully a night with your coworker friends will cheer you up. That's great you got out on 3 walks!

    @cbabie OH gosh, that is terrible what happened to your daughter. I hope she's okay. That's nice of your friend, a new FitBit sounds like a good investment. I've not heard of the Sense but if it monitors stress, that is great! That was a good idea to go back and read your goals. I think you are right about my mood and food. :)

    @theslightedgeforever 50% is pretty good. I got 100% again yesterday. The M&Ms didn't go in the garbage yesterday: my arthritis is acting up and I couldn't take it to the trash. I didn't want to weigh down our trash bag with this huge thing of M&Ms. My back is not better today but I will find a way to get rid of them as they are causing problems. I wonder if my arthritis flare-up is a result of all of the chocolate I've been eating for the past week? You don't like Toblerones? Are you mad, woman??? :D

    Hi all. I'm in terrible pain from my arthritis. I almost signed out of work early yesterday but instead, I laid on a heating pad for about an hour and that helped some. Last night was the second night that I took the Ambien extended-release and I actually got a good night's sleep last night. Not so much the night before but last night was good. I've been tracking every day, actually pre-tracking. I need to start meditating again. I haven't gone for a walk yet this week.

    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS.
  • mswatson0777mswatson0777 Member Posts: 289 Member Member Posts: 289 Member
    @trooworld I really like them so far! They don't have a lot of padding, which is actually a plus for me, but I've had mine now since basically the start of covid and they've held their shape well. I haven't tried 3rd Love, but I used to do Victoria Secret and these are thinner with much less padding (which I'm not sad about!). Sorry to hear about your arthritis pain, I hope you feel better today!

    @theslightedgeforever I bet there is a huge correlation there! My parents were both extremely active and it took me a long time to find physical movement that I liked, but once I did I was hooked. I wonder if certain people get more of a serotonin dump from physical activity than others? Cause I know I'm downright grouchy when I don't move for a few days.

    @cbabie How scary! Is your daughter okay? You do have a lot of stress and outside factors at play. My hope for you still this year is that you take steps towards putting yourself first, because you deserve care too!

    I had a great time with the quaranteam last night and stayed within my goals. I even felt good enough this morning to still get up early for an upper body workout (which is a huge improvement from last week when I was too hungover!). Our of our quaranteam's birthdays is next week so we're surprising them by renting out the movie theater! Between the four of us it was actually fairly economical and a cool COVID-safe activity so it'll be fun to actually get dressed up and go out to the movie theater for a night!

    I hope you all have fantastic days!

  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 1,035 Member Member Posts: 1,035 Member
    Morning all, I didn't walk yesterday. I did track, I was a few over goal if I didn't include my step activity. LOL But I tracked. That is my goal. You can't change what you don't know and you don't know if you don't track. I did get my goals for some of my health written, I am still working on a routine for supplements. I am going to try using my cbd oil for a 2 weeks consistently to see if I see any change. I am so stressed and tense these days. If it's not the outside world, its the inside world. This I do boundries book I am reading says my emotion tells me what is going on inside. I am allowed to feel fear, anger, sad, etc...but it is like your engine lights coming on . It tells you what is going on under the if your gas light comes on you need gas...but what if you were watching the gauges, you could fill up before your light says you have 2 miles of gas left. So my emotions need to be gauged and dealt with. I choose how to deal with them not tell someone YOU make me I allowed them to make me angry. Sorry for the long post.

    @trooworld I am sorry your back is hurting again. I do think sugar makes our joints inflamed. I am looking at the sense...I think I am going to make it a reward for my health goals.

    @theslightedgeforever I am glad you have DD to enjoy travel with. She is fun. Thank you for the positive feedback.

    @mswatson0777 I hear you on the so busy I don't know what to do on the downtime. I think that is why I eat more. I have been overly busy for 30 some years and don't know how to relax. I have to remind myself that my job is to take care of baby girl...not make another career LOL

  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 2,528 Member Member Posts: 2,528 Member
    @mswatson0777 Thanks for your feedback about Fenty. I'll check them out. I'm feeling somewhat better today. Great job with the workout! Renting out a movie theater sounds like a lot of fun. What movie are you going to watch?

    @cbabie Yay for tracking! I'm sorry that you are so stressed, stress isn't good for you at all as you know. That sounds like a smart book. I looked at the sense, it looks really good and now I want one! lol I think making it a reward is a great idea.

    Hello all. My back is "somewhat" better today and I got "GOOD" sleep according to my tracker. Next week's menu is different than usual. 4 of the recipes are from the WW site and 2 recipes are from fellow WWs. I don't normally plan WW recipes because, in the past, they've been disappointing. I'm giving them another shot. I'm glad it's Friday, I've felt out of touch with the world all week. I think it's because I work 4 days at home, it makes me feel isolated. My husband is getting his COVID vaccine tomorrow (he works in the healthcare industry so qualifies). I'm so glad. At first, he wasn't going to get the vaccine at all because, as he said, "I never get the first of anything, whether it be a phone or a vaccine." I'm glad he's seen the light.

    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS.
  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Member Posts: 2,577 Member Member Posts: 2,577 Member
    @theslightedgeforever I went and looked at the newsletter you wrote about and I disagree with lumping refined carbs and sugar together with high-fat foods like meat and butter. I think better clarity would be IF you eat the refined carbs with the high fats then you have a good chance of being depressed and fat. BUT if you eliminate the refined carbs and sugar and just eat the high fat then you might not be depressed or fat. :)

    @mswatston0777 Glad you had a fun time with your friends! I’ve heard that you can rent a movie theater. Such a fun idea! What movie will you watch?

    @cbabie Ouch so sorry about your daughter hurting herself like that. I hope she is feeling better. Giving CBD oil a try is a good idea. It sure helps a lot of people. I don’t know what to advise to give you other than take it to God and pray he will help show you how best to manage. In the meantime, just keep watching those gauges and fill up before you get to empty. <3

    @trooworld Glad you are feeling a little better and got good sleep. I hope you like your WW meals. You are so big on flavor so maybe you can doctor them up if need be. That is good that your DH is getting the shot. :)

    Good morning! Sooooo drum roll please…this morning's scale has me down 75.1 lbs!! I was really hoping to hit that number for today’s weigh-in. It’s only taken four years to lose that much weight but I tell myself that I’ve been trying for over 30 years so four years isn’t so bad. I’ve learned a lot about myself and what works for me, so that is all good, right? :) I went bra shopping and brought home three from Khols because they don’t let you try stuff on right now. One of them fit well. It’s a little big around but gives me good support and will work for a few months. Tomorrow the staff is having a baby shower lunch for our associate pastor and his wife. It will be the first time this month that sweets will be a temptation, but I’m determined NOT to touch them and break my no sugar January streak. I told myself that I can have cake at the wedding in February so I don’t need a cupcake tomorrow. I’m making chicken salad and Deviled eggs so I know there will be things I can eat that won’t blow my plan. Have a good day! :)
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  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 2,528 Member Member Posts: 2,528 Member
    Yeah, my back still hurts a lot but it will loosen up later in the day I think. I'm hoping I can doctor them up if they sound like they are going to be bad lol. 75.1 lbs, wow, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Yes, that is all good. You are such an inspiration! That's good you are bringing stuff to the baby shower that you can eat. Good idea!

    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS.
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