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    IslandGal3 wrote: »
    Is cake pre run fuel... Asking for friend.

    Tell your friend.. yes, yes it is :D
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    Did someone mentioned cake.. ? 😆
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    lx1x wrote: »
    Did someone mentioned cake.. ? 😆

    😆 well look who shows up ..
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    My crush
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    This virus is a creepazoid.
    The number of people getting tested ‘just incase’ with no symptoms but coming out positive trips me out.
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    My mom is visiting for the weekend. My mom's and I relationship is strained and I haven't seen her since last year but I can't wait to hug her. This time apart has shown me differences can be put aside and to always be forgiving. A great reminder to love and hold the ones you cherish while they are still here on this earth.

    @r3d_butt3rfly_ Super insight - especially with family. I hope you're having a wonderful time together :)

    @mynameisnobody1990 Even though she brought my anxiety level up a notch, we had a good time I suppose. At least, when we weren't looking for her phone that she lost inside my house for two days 🤦‍♀️😂
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    Lost 6lbs in a week am I gonna keep losing this week or put it back on?

    I need a personal trainer or coach to whip me back into shape as soon as this covid shizney is over 🤔
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    I despise when people come "at" me because they misunderstand something that was said or done.

    It is not my fault you didn't keep your emotions in check long enough to realize what was being done and that it wasn't an affront to anyone, but merely something that needed to be done.
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    Think I really need to make a trip to the hardware store. 😏
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    I shouldn't have bought doughnuts for dinner tonight now my stomach is mad at me :s
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    Why must self care be so difficult some days? Bleh.
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    I used to find Lisa annoying in The Simpsons, but now she is probably my favourite.

    I do not watch any episode after season 14-15.