Is It Over Yet? The Perimenopause Thread

So I'm in a very weird place.

Specifically, it's called perimenopause.

I feel like this category warrants its own thread, since technically, we have not achieved menopause (12 months without a period) but we never know what's going to happen, when...and we only loosely why. (Or is that just me?)

So, who's on board? Get on the peri train, woot! Here's the haps with this old bird. I am 49, have been in ovarian failure for I believe seven years now per labs but my periods only began to go wonky two years ago. Before that, I was like clockwork including ovulation signs so who the kitten knows. I assume it is basically cobwebs in there by now with some mummified Knight Templar propped up against one ovary or something, and yet...the periods just keep on coming. But...weirdly. Two in a month, nothing for a couple months, long, short, whatever.

I am currently on my longest cycle ever - 90 days (I track on fertility friend).

Is it over yet? Will it ever be over? Who the meantime...shout out if you're peri!


  • SCoil123
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    astroamy wrote: »
    Yea I'm definitely peri, periods getting farther apart, random PMS, hair thinning (sigh), mild hot flashes that were most annoying at night because they would wake me up many times at night so I was tired all the time. Then a couple of months ago the hot flashes suddenly stopped, I experienced a 25 day plateau, then I got my period and the plateau broke. That was wild and super annoying, it was the longest plateau I've experienced in the 9 months I've been doing this and it was obviously horomones. Although the hot flashes are still gone (knock on wood) which has helped with sleeping overall which is very nice, hair still falling out though.

    This gives me hope. The hot and cold flashes are almost always at night. I could handle the rest if those went away and I could get a full 8hr sleep.
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    SCoil123 wrote: »
    I have found my overall weight loss is still going good as long as I ignore the bloating. A trending site helps me track my weight around the water fluctuations.

    That's something I've had to get used to..not seeing direct results on the scale. I've gained a better insight to how it can mess with heads.
  • gentlygently
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    My story is heavy, heavy periods with huge hormone swings - totally spaced out . After a various drug trials the doc recommended a mirena coil. Cue body reaction - lots of antibiotics - becoming very ill - getting Chronic Fatigue and losing my job etc (luckily have income protection and a supportive hubby!) .

    Needless to say - that coil cane out. My CFS is a lot better - with graded exercise, and I concentrate more on activity goals than the 10lbs or so I should lose. But not able to do a full time job yet.

    Nowadays I get intermittent but heavy periods, lots of 'phantom period' symptoms (get used to it ~ they happen the other side too...) and some hot flushing - especially if it is already hot. Not much fun but certainly others have it a lot worse...

    I get disappointed when I have a period - I just want them to STOP! But so far the longest stretch is just 3 months or so. Oh well. (51 by the way)

  • Enna10
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    Last summer I went ninety days without a period and spent a few of anxious minutes spent looking at pregnancy tests (negative phew!). I had been having hot flushes, just facial ones and my allergies had become worse too. Then periods returned with very heavy flooding and lasting weeks, they were all over the place. A month inbetween, a few days, nothing regular about them at all. I visited my GP who did bloods and a scan to check nothing nasty was going on and decided its perimenopause, a little earlier than average at age 44. I'm currently fairly regular and much lighter, although the cycles are getting a little longer each month. I just look forward to it all being over!
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    So does light spotting for 2 days on the day period is due count as a period
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    I am 47 and had my 2nd hydro thermal ablation (HTA) procedure at 46. A couple of months later I went on Activella. I haven't had a period since my 2nd HTA procedure. It's a very simple outpatient procedure that I highly recommend. Blood tests did show I was menopausal so my doctor put me on Activella. Oh my goodness!!! Activella has been great for regulating depression! I have not had a period in about a year and a half. I don't have any symptoms of menopause other than I can't lose the belly fat.