The middle agers group. (Upper 30s,40s & 50ish folks)



  • tenacious_turtle
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    Hey there everyone!!

    48 and here starting again. I could sure use some fun, supportive friends. :)
  • slimgirljo15
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    Tab122377 wrote: »
    In my 40's with 3 living children and 1 angel trying gain that motivation back i had before our loss. I have not Loss or gain anything since my loss need to motivate my self again...

    Im so sorry for your loss 😔
  • Anna022119
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    IslandGal3 wrote: »
    Hello everyone. Good to see this group active again. I hope you all are having a great week!

    Good morning lovely lady, good to see you here as well. 💛
  • Anna022119
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    Good morning middle-agers Happy Easter Weekend

    Hi Jo.

  • slimgirljo15
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    Anna022119 wrote: »
    Good morning middle-agers Happy Easter Weekend

    Hi Jo.


    Hey Anna 🤗 good to see ya ⚘
  • Wazzer1977
    Wazzer1977 Posts: 7 Member
    40 something here. New to mfp. Please feel free to add me. Motivation inspiration wanted and given. Let’s go
  • RaquelFit2
    RaquelFit2 Posts: 209 Member
    I'm 51, happily married and quite out of shape. Today, I weighed in at 135 pounds. My goal is to get back to 125 lbs and wear my bikini again.

    Joined recently and have been loading my workouts on the Youtube thread. Nice to meet everyone!

  • Mrbond_007
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    Hey guys I’m 44 from Yorkshire,love cake n wine and need to sort my *kitten* out 🤣 feel free to add me
  • BeerGutTHOR
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    edited April 2022
    If I can get this pic to stick this is the transformation Im going for. Every video I've seen about Hollywood physique says this cant be done without "enhancement". Watch me..03az44kvstij.jpg
  • 69papilicious69
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    I am 48 an back at it again trying to loose 30 pounds any one can add me --love to have fun friends motivational friends
  • shazmorgan
    shazmorgan Posts: 34 Member
    Hi everyone. I'm 50 and looking to raise my fitness levels and tone the flab. I try to do a run and practice yoga each day.
    Would love some friends to help keep me accountable and motivated. 🙂
  • asyluma
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    Hello everyone. 38 F here. Trying to commit to a better and healthier life. I'm at my biggest I've ever been and just want to get healthy. Looking to drop about 100lbs.

    Ready for the journey!
  • BiggyFuzz
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    Would love to have like minded friends, I got 50-60lbs to lose
  • AlK1971
    AlK1971 Posts: 10 Member
    Hi all. I'm half way between 50 & 51 and have piled on fat in recent years. Trying to use MFP and Garmin to get back on track. Enjoy strength training, spin bike and cycling, oh and walking! Struggle with food tracking but will give it a go. Happy to be added. Good luck all :D
  • wheels1872
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    I’m a 34 year old male feel free to add me
  • RaquelFit2
    RaquelFit2 Posts: 209 Member
    I have a ton of wash to do but I'm definitely going to put in some "garden fitness."
  • taterfit82
    taterfit82 Posts: 10 Member
    39 year old male finally getting back on the fitness train. Any friends welcome. Feel free to add. Happy Monday!
  • dee42istheanswer
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    Hi! I'm 54 and had my right knee replaced last December. I lost weight to have surgery and now I want to keep going!