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The middle agers group. (Upper 30s,40s & 50ish folks)



  • IslandGal3
    IslandGal3 Posts: 1,147 Member
    Hello please feel free to add me. I just joined not sure how to add friends to start joining challenges. Thanks!

    To add friends on MFP on the desktop app:

    1) Click on the username in the left sidebar. A window showing the username will open.
    2) Click on the username again. The user's profile will open.
    3) Click on the "Add Friend" button on the user's profile page.

    Formerly, there was an option to send a message along with the request. That feature doesn't work any longer.

    An introduction is still a good idea - just a short note mentioning where you saw the user, some common interests or goals, etc. That way they know you are not a spammer or bot. Now I send that note after I have been added.

    It's good to see you pop in here. How is your wife doing?
  • VelvetHeart67
    VelvetHeart67 Posts: 8 Member
    Oh boy...newbie question alert! Why doesn't the weight ticker work any longer? Has it been not working for some time?
  • IslandGal3
    IslandGal3 Posts: 1,147 Member
    IslandGal3 wrote: »

    It's good to see you pop in here. How is your wife doing?

    Thanks for asking, @IslandGal3 .

    She's hanging in there. Along with the family. On a chemo holiday right now. Her mood is better but the pain is constant. She has discussed stopping the chemo and just letting nature take its course. Some hard decisions ahead. The classic "no good choices" situation.

    I'm sorry to hear that. I will include you all in my prayers.
  • alteredsteve175
    alteredsteve175 Posts: 2,708 Member
    Thank you for your kindness, @IslandGal3.
  • annliz23
    annliz23 Posts: 1,729 Member
    Thank you for your kindness, @IslandGal3.

    Your in my prayers Steve!
  • malevolentmuse
    malevolentmuse Posts: 153 Member
    50(mumble) year old father of one. Been using MFP for about a year now. Always looking for support and motivation, and offer it in return.
  • Alinouveau2
    Alinouveau2 Posts: 2,416 Member
    Hey middle agers hope all is going well, achieving all those goals, working hard
  • Winston2040
    Winston2040 Posts: 8 Member
    Hi all. Add me for support. Ready to get this journey started. 45 years old here.
  • Mamab3ar4
    Mamab3ar4 Posts: 2 Member

    46 add away !! 😊

  • JRYear52
    JRYear52 Posts: 2 Member

    51 here ... 52 on Sunday :-D

    This is my third run at mfp, the first two times were very successful but thing went to pot when I stopped tracking. Imagine that. Well, time to turn on the engines and lose those 28 pounds. Looking for friends, but usually only accept friends, male and female, who show their faces as it makes the "friendship" more real -- just is better that way.

    Good luck meeting your goals everyone. Cheers.

  • Z_I_L_L_A
    Z_I_L_L_A Posts: 2,401 Member

    55 yrs old 6'3 275 lbs(125kg) still like lifting heavy. Just wondering if there are any older heavy lifters out there.

  • steelergal01
    steelergal01 Posts: 17 Member
    I will be the big 50 on 11-27. YIKES ! Hello All !
  • marius_paps
    marius_paps Posts: 52 Member
    Well, hello "middle aged" and not so middle aged people.

    Kind of scary realising I'm middle aged, soon a senior? Oh noooo!

    I might be considered a MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra) 🤣, but really I'm not, though I am wearing Pikachu-coloured lycra very often.

    Feeling younger than the age of my bones, I intend to keep it that way; it's just those extra kgs that keep sneaking up to me. I wonder why?

    Since I signed up here, I made it back in the 'normal' weight range again (just about). Want to lose some more to get in the middle of the healthy weight range and relieve my crappy creaky knees (and make climbs on the bicycle easier).

    Have a nice weekend!
  • VelvetHeart67
    VelvetHeart67 Posts: 8 Member
    Hey all! I’m 54 yrs. and working toward finishing my nursing pre-req’s and let me tell you, I have got to drop my 2 decade long baby weight or I’m confident I won’t survive as an older nursing student. I’m really looking forward to learning how to navigate this app more efficiently so I can connect with, learn from and support others.