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Slimfast Diet.

I am old and arthritic plus lazy so can't be bothered to prepare and cook meals - or wash up after a meal. So. . . . I am about to start a Slimfast diet.

Comments and experiences please..... I am here to be shot at. :)


  • Chef_Barbell
    Chef_Barbell Posts: 6,644 Member
    Good for you. :flowerforyou:
  • kommodevaran
    kommodevaran Posts: 17,890 Member
    That sounds really sad. Will your arthritis cut you off from preparing and eating food for the rest of your life?
  • zyxst
    zyxst Posts: 9,145 Member
    All Slimfast did was make me hungry. I did the powdered shakes twice a day. If it works for you, best of luck.
  • flagrantavidity
    flagrantavidity Posts: 218 Member
    I lost my first 30 pounds sedentary and eating a meal alternative called Soylent.

    Like you I didn't want to think about what my next meal was going to be - Soylent made it easy to get complete nutrition and count calories.

    As long as you have more calories going out than in you will loose some weight.

    Congrats on making the choice to loose a few pounds!
  • MissyCHF
    MissyCHF Posts: 337 Member
    Thank you all so much for your replies, they are greatly appreciated.

    I have recently been eating calorie counted ready meals, usually microwaved, for dinner. I thought I'd have the SF shakes for breakfast and lunch and a SF snack or fruit if needed.

    As I've got older I tend to prefer snacking rather than a proper meal. I have just had a SF ready made shake from my starter pack and enjoyed it. The only thing I don't like is the aftertaste of the sweeteners, I will have an orange later.

    Again, my thanks to all.
  • littlechiaseed
    littlechiaseed Posts: 489 Member
    You'll have to drink the shakes forever, but if this sounds like it will fit into your lifestyle go for it! Used before and lost 12lbs, crept back when I stopped using it.
  • Fitgirllife72
    Fitgirllife72 Posts: 500 Member
    I have tried slim fast and personally didn't like the taste and felt like I was hungry within an hour of drinking it. I ended up using GNC Total Lean 25 shakes and really liked them and felt satisfied on them. I used them to lose the bulk of my weight. I have went back to eating regular food because I didn't want to spend the money on meal replacement shakes any longer. Also just so you know I haven't gained any of the weight back. Do whatever works for you. I personally needed the structure of a meal replacement plan in the beginning. It helped me get back on track. Plus it is convenient as you mentioned. Good luck!
  • lemurcat12
    lemurcat12 Posts: 30,886 Member
    Understanding what will work for you is important. It wouldn't work for me (and I think there are better options for premade meals, as well as homemade shakes if you like shakes), but if you have thought it through and are convinced that's what's right for you, good for you! And welcome.

    Log it and see if you are hitting calories and macros without problem and if you feel satisfied. If not, might want to consider modifying. But just getting started is important too.
  • TeaBea
    TeaBea Posts: 14,517 Member
    zyxst wrote: »
    All Slimfast did was make me hungry. I did the powdered shakes twice a day. If it works for you, best of luck.


    They were never filling for me. Besides, I learned nothing and gained all the weight back. There are meal replacement shakes that are of better quality.....look for more protein and less sugar. SlimFast uses so much sugar because it's cheap filler.

    Tweaking your current diet can help you learn new habits. Even freezer meals & frozen veggies would be an improvement. At least you get to chew food.
  • Jules_farmgirl
    Jules_farmgirl Posts: 225 Member
    I don't follow the slimfast program at all, however I can speak to their pre-mixed shakes and that they help me greatly to control hunger and be an easy option for me once a day (sometimes twice if I get close to bed time and haven't hit my calorie goal yet)

    Good for you and taking the first step to help yourself no matter what route you take!!
  • WatchJoshLift
    WatchJoshLift Posts: 520 Member
    I personally would not do a slimfast diet, but I think their shakes in the can tastes great!