What are your top 3 grocery staples for weight loss?



  • Stationagentjules
    Stationagentjules Posts: 57 Member
    Beyond the obvious vegetables, fruits and lean meat...
    the products that get me through the week are:

    Veggie Straws
    Litehouse OPA salad dressings
    Ole Extreme Health Spinach Herb tortilla wraps
  • karlanicole13
    karlanicole13 Posts: 1 Member
    bananas, milk and eggs
  • cbl40
    cbl40 Posts: 281 Member
    plain 2% Fage Greek yogurt
    unsweetened almond milk
    boneless, skinless chicken breast
    Halo Top ice cream
    Kashi blueberry waffles
    lots of roasted veggies
    sweet potatoes
  • 150poundsofme
    150poundsofme Posts: 523 Member
    Fat free or low fat cottage cheese
    cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries (love this time of year)
    Premiere chocolate drinks

    Would love to start eating sweet potatoes, avocados and quinoa (which has been in my closet for months and not opened) (maybe I will try one of the patty recipes 2 people posted above, thank you for that!!)
  • rdmitch
    rdmitch Posts: 278 Member
    Chicken ...boneless/ skinless
    Salad fixins
  • kwissten
    kwissten Posts: 25 Member
    Powdered pb
    Halo top!
  • born_of_fire74
    born_of_fire74 Posts: 776 Member
    Cottage cheese
    Peanut Butter
  • CarolWhoDat
    CarolWhoDat Posts: 14 Member
    Boneless skinless chicken breast, Diet Coke, lots of vegetables (usually no corn or potatoes though).