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I don't support the fat acceptance/plus size movement.



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    Worry about yourself. Problem solved.

    Unfortunately in the US where government pays over half the cost of healthcare it's all taxpayers problem..

    You know this is true in every major Western country, right? And that we pay far more than any of them because we don't have single payer?

    Understand. With our system, the government is likely paying a smaller % of healthcare costs than most other western countries with some form of single payer.

    Personally don't think single payer fixes all the problems. We, by law, can't negotiate prices for drugs for Medicare, our malpractice laws are "interesting", we have state insurance law, instead of national, etc, etc. We have to look at all the cost/process differences between the US and benchmark countries to determine the most effective health delivery system from a clinical results and cost standpoint. Oh and pass appropriate legislation through the political process.
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    Guess what? I went to the doctor today to review my blood workup, turns out them adjusting my thyroid meds for my Grave disease, coupled with the onset of menopause has made it impossible for my weight to budge despite following a strict diet for over a year. I eat really healthy, my LDL is 114. My blood sugar is a 6.6. My blood pressure was 117/76. But I am 212 pounds by his scale today. He said there are a few medications that might help me shed a few pounds, but the side effects could be devastating to my health, and he would not recommend me taking them. Turns out my risk factors are higher using this medication, and being at a lower weight, than me remaining the same weight I am now, and continuing to eat a healthy diet.

    So what does that mean? That means I better get on board with fat acceptance, and learn how to love myself at this size, and continue to take care of myself as I have been.

    Sometimes I think it's important to think before one speaks about such things. You don't agree with fat acceptance for yourself, well and fine by me, don't be fat then. But don't be putting it off on other folks. You don't know what a person's story is, or why they are fat, and running that anti fat acceptance speech is very unhelpful to folks like me just trying to make it through the day by eating healthy, and keeping the calories down so the scale does not go higher. Think before you speak why don't you!

    You're telling me that even if you eat at a deficit it's impossible for you to lose weight?

    I'm telling you that you are not the exception to the laws of physics.

    I feel so sorry for you being so ignorant of medical conditions, including those chemically induced to lower one's metabolism to prevent the thyroid from causing the heart to beat until it explodes. Which is exactly what the doctor had to do as I nearly died from my heart beating too fast. I've been diagnosed with stage 3 congestive heart failure, with uncontrolled a-fib that must be kept under control. They lower my metabolism to a snail's pace. You are ignorant, and it's ignorant people like you that make nice folks like me to lose patience and speak rudely. You have no idea what you are talking about, and need to stop thinking you know it all. I am 1 stage away from getting on the list for a heart transplant. Think before you speak!
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