Anyone trying to lose 50+ pounds?



  • ceejayrush
    ceejayrush Posts: 9 Member
    Good Morning

  • ceejayrush
    ceejayrush Posts: 9 Member
    Good Morning
  • ceejayrush
    ceejayrush Posts: 9 Member
    I am trying to lose 100 plus pounds.
  • Jtrinitym
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    Hello My Fitness Pal!

    Well on the 4Days Wonder Diet Plan I posted above. I lost 8lbs in 1wk, however most of the weight loss of was from my 2days detox. I was very busy to go grocery shopping that I carried a copy of the plan & follow as close to the plan. Bought my lunch at Snap Kitchen or work cafeteria, it was a learning experience for me to do the 4Days Wonder Diet without the prepared meals, also had my daily fruits & drank 2-3 32oz water with Bragg Apple Cider. I still lost lbs and within 4 days I walked 7x down from the 11fl/220 steps down to main lobby & a lot of lite walking.

    **Started 242.3 @ 234.3lbs.

    **Finally last night I bought all of 4Days Wonder Diet meals and going to prepare my meals. Will start the 4Days Wonder Diet on Monday.

    ** Share with us Fitness Pal friends your Healthy Journey and what worked for you that maybe we can try in our kitchen.

  • Vallerina1
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    I've lost about 30 lbs so far and am shooting for another 50 lbs, I think this would help keep me motivated and feeling supported.
  • Jsw1305
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    I am need of losing 100lbs+ and am looking for some friends for mutual motivation, support and accountability. Please add me.
  • Jtrinitym
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    Happy Blessed Sunday everyone!!!

    Let's not use the word "diet or dieting" but call it "Healthy Journey or Health Care".

    As we each journey thru this wonderful better you, remember to look deep inside of yourself and give yourself the best that you can, also bring out your spirituality and pray to your personal religion for the strength & support.

    ** Share with us Fitness Pal friends your Healthy Journey and what worked for you that maybe we can try in our kitchen.

  • meagankrkr
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    I have about 55-60 or so to lose, maybe more. I'm only down 12 lbs and I'm already feeling less motivated. I need to get it together!
  • MoyMG
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    How do I add friends on here?

    1. Copy down from the various posts the "names" of the people to whom you want to send a friend request.
    2. On the blue menu on top, select "Community."
    3. On the secondary menu on top, select "Find Members."
    4. On that screen, go to the last box on the right, and type in the name of the first person you want to send a friend request.
    5. When the screen comes up, strongly suggest you type a message, stating why you want to be friends. Then send it off!

    Good luck! If anyone has a simpler process for requesting friends, I'd love to hear it; I had to find this out by trial and error.
  • cpow0405
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    Feel free to add me! I need all the support and motivation I can get! We can help each other.
  • pinata1120
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    I have about 60-70 that I would like to lose! Okay, to add me if you'd like.
  • rachelsambrown8
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    Let's do it!! I'm going to do some 30 day challenges & 10,000 steps
  • tk2222
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    Add me! I lost about 35-40 a few years ago and now am back to finish the job...another 50-60 (I think) to go.
  • MzRuthy
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    I have to lose 50lb. I am making it my goal to get to the gym this week.
  • StarLady82
    StarLady82 Posts: 28 Member
    I'm starting over again and today is my first day of my new journey. I'd like to lose over 100lbs and was devastated when I weighed myself this morning to find I was almost back to my all time heaviest. But today is a new day, new start, and MFP and Fitbit has really helped me in the past so determined it will again. Good luck to everyone on their journey, so great to be back surrounded by people who understand how hard weight loss is and to support eachother. Feel free to friend me :)
  • carlywarlywains
    carlywarlywains Posts: 17 Member
    I have to lose 90lbs. Starting again. Already lost 40 2 years ago but put it all back on. My issue is losing weight and working full time, just cant seem to do it. I work in a bar at night so my schedule isn't regular 9-5.
  • Nitrous1987
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    I have about 120 lbs to lose, at least to start. I log daily, feel free to add me.
  • ashleydftns
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    I'm 230 and would like to get to 170. Add me! Maybe seeing other people doing well will help me with motivation :)