Do you believe in ghosts?



  • AEMW8
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    I believe they're around although I haven't seen anything.
  • KenosFeoh
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    I have had a few experiences that falls under the category of supernatural, I think.

    My daughter was in the bathtub laying back with her eyes closed and a can of shaving gel hit her in the face. There was no place for that can to fall from. Things like that sit on the edge of the tub, which was just below the level of her head. Only the two of us were home at the time, and I did not throw a can of shaving gel at her. There was no one else. No explanation.

    A few days later I was home alone and on my bed resting, trying to take a nap. A sock hit me in the face. The only place it could have fallen from would be the curtain rod. But why would it have been there? Again, no explanation.

    Sometimes we hear voices in the house that sound like children talking, but we look out the windows and don't see children. I have no idea where the voices come from.

    Ghosts or what; I don't know. But weird.
  • alliemarie77
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    Well my son has seen an older man staring into the restroom. The toilet would flush every morning around 7 am. No one would be in there.

    After my mom died a few months ago my sons bedroom door was closed. We were all in the living room watching TV together and I hear plastic rustling. When I looked down the hall there was a Valentine balloon from my sons room floating about 3-4 foot off the floor spinning really fast in one spot. As if someone was spinning it. The balloon said "I Love You!" My son put the balloon back in his room, and closed the door. We started watching TV again and the kitchen light turned on by its self.

    People say they feel watched, and that they see shadows. I have seen the shadow of a little boy, a man, and I hear things all the time. My animals act weird, and sometimes the dogs bark for no reason at different areas of the house. Or they act scared, and come darting to me.
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