Thirty lbs by Christmas



  • dollface2252
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    Hey, I'd love to join if this group is still open!
  • menen28
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    Room for me I'd love to join
  • tarriharris5
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    So there room fo 1 more?
  • Smaya29
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    Why didn't I see this before?!

    Count me in.
    SW : 170
    CW: 154.6
    GW: 120-125 eventually

    Christmas GW: 124.6
  • sob1987
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    I would also like to join
  • QUEENxo1992
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    I've lost 8lbs so far! 22 more to go (30 lbs by Christmas) for this challenge. my real goal for Xmas is 33 more! Under 400lbs by then :smiley:
  • Kakramme
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    Good morning. I really appreciate this group. My overall goal is to weight less than my four sons. They provided me thier weights: #3= 215, #1- 180, #4 175, and #2- 160. (I shared these goals with the boys. Its an accountability thing). Losing 30 pounds will get me under son #3's weight. My NSV is to fit into a smaller t-shirt than son #2, this would be a small. One can only dream.

    Count me in.
    SW : 222
    CW: 117.6
    GW: 145 (college weight)

    Christmas GW: 192
  • shawnamomma74
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    Welcome new ladies!
  • shawnamomma74
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    I hope everyone did better than me this week. Ugh alcohol and breadsticks did me in!!!! +5 hopefully some of it is water from too much salt
  • shoui16
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    edited September 2017
    I'm happy at the rate that I'm losing weight. It could be faster but I dare not try because I'm scared of possible rebounds. I still stumble along the way but what's important is I get up and move onward towards my goal. A 30lb loss by Christmas is wonderful but my real target is at least 40lbs. Almost halfway through. Yey! Yey! Yey!
  • I need to loose 20 by Xmas or before ! I'm in
  • smithy08js
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    I did not loose anything this week. Feeling a little bummed about it.
    I have to keep at it. It's so hard to stay motivated. I just want junk food and to be lazy.
  • mamarh
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    hi @Piqueaboo I'd love to join this. Let me know how to get started!
  • mamarh
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    SW: 170
    CW: 167
    GW: 147
  • mamarh
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    although if I get to 155 by xmas I'll be thrilled.
  • rickvogt444
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    Count me in... I'm down 60 pounds now... My goal is to lose 90. So that's 30 for me, I want to lose by Dec too1 Feel free to add me as a friend! I don't have many on here... thanks!
  • ctshorebird
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    Well-no loss this week, discouraging, but not unexpected with 4 days away w/friends. This is where I typically say screw it and give up. NOT THIS TIME! Back to planning, prep & portions....that's the combo I have most success with.
    Thanks for being here- I think it helps to know I need to check in at beginning of the week.

    8/14 170
    8/21 167
    8/28 165
    9/4 161
    9/11 163
    9/18 163
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    *waves* im in!
  • sonnshine27
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    Im in! Down 7 lbs over last three weeks, 20 to go! Im weighing in every week