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    I'm started on this for about 2 weeks. Plant base and grain free. from my only personal experience. I noticed my energy level is back. I had fog brain for months and couldn't figure it out. I'm gluten sensitive as well. Lost 8lbs in 2 weeks. I couldn't really loose anything eating grains and being vegan.

    And I'm not as hungry nor sugar cravings. I replaced my grains with root vegetables instead for the filling. It may not work for everyone but it works for me. I'd say just try out for 7 days, take notes and either love it or hate it.

    As for me, I'm loving the feeling again.

    1-10 rating. w/ 10 being the highest

    Energy before - 1
    Energy after - 6

    Success with toning before - 3
    Success with toning after - 7

    Mental focus/clarity before - 2
    Mental focus/clarity after - 6

    Testosterone drive before - 4
    Testosterone drive after - 7

    Reasons for trying it? Energy and mental focus. I noticed I don't process grains to well, so I needed something different. Again, not for everyone, if you're fine with bread and wheat/ then go for it. but for me , it's been working w/in the 2 week period. I noticed the changes during the 4th day. Detox symptoms were slightly noticeable but not too bad.

    Testosterone drive? Do you mean that your testosterone levels have improved (as in you've had blood work done) or that your libido has increased? These aren't the same thing.

    Have your sleep habits improved?

    I guess this isn't going to be answered. The reason I asked is because improved sleep could result in the types of improvements you described.
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    @Sunna_W your post was confusing, so does your daughter have a wheat allergy or a wheat sensitivity? You said both things.
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    I've read it, along with Grain Brain, and I thought they were both rubbish. I eat 5-6 servings of grains a day, following the DASH protocol, and I'm in excellent health and have a current bmi that's under a 20. My stomach is also completely flat (like 24 inches circumference flat).

    eta: here's my 'wheat belly' (just took this). I eat grains/wheat every single day :)


    I understand what you are trying to get across but you are kind of missing the point. Wheat is not always about weight gain for several reasons -

    1. Some people are insulin resistant, others are not. Insuling resistance is what causes wait gain, not wheat per se. Have you been tested?

    2. Flat tummy does not mean healthy. Have you had your vitamin, thyroid and NMR cholesterol levels tested as those are the kind of things that MEASURE health?

    3. Wheat causes inflammation, this is not an opinion and is science fact, 5 secs searching on Google Scholar will keep you busy for a few months. Have you had you hsCRP tested just to make sure you are in great health?

    4. Wheat causes leaky gut syndrome by signalling a chemical called Zonulin (Go on Google it, I will wait) which, very simplistically, damages the bond between intestinal cell walls allowing food and bacteria to directly enter the blood stream causing an inflammatory response. And whilst a lot of people are 'healthy' now, the stage has been set for future long-term health issues. Think of it like putting a cup full of diesel in a petrol car for 20 yrs. Initially it wont make any difference to the engine, but over time the damage will occur and it's irreversible. Just like your body. Have you been tested?

    5. Being skinny does not mean healthy, please Google TOFI in relation to metabolic syndrome. My father had a heart attack at 56yo and was always slim and 'healthy' with normal cholesterol numbers!

    6. BMI is nothing more than a mathematical formula, it literally just states the ratio of your weight in kgs divided by your height in metres squared. It means absolutely nothing for health. Any doctor that uses it is 30 yrs out of date with their research. I am 6'1", around 12% body fat, huge thighs from squats, cycling and running and yet just into the overweight category. My mother is about 2 stone overweight and sits around 23 for her BMI. It does not take into account lean body mass or excess fat, hence why the research for the last 30 yrs has shunned it as anything even remotely useful.

    7. Wheat and most grains produce phytates which cause your body to leach vitamins and minerals. This causes tiny but in perceivable changed in your body chemistry and fuels illness in later life or in the case of teeth, in fairly early life. How many cavities do you have? If you want to read more then Weston A Price has widely researched and spoken about these issues.

    8. Grains produce so little in terms of nutrition in a micro and macro nutrient level when compared to organic vegetables, fruit and grass-fed meat. Again, have a look at google scholar, not a random blog.

    I absolutely get your mindset as it is rammed down our throat from a very young age, but it is fuelled by flawed science or conflicts of interest. Your thought process is based on now proven inaccuracies from research carried out somewhere between 70 and 20 yrs ago and the overwhelming majority that is paid for by big agra. Do your health a huge favour and read the scientific research that is peer-reviewed AND that is not paid for by someone with an agenda or conflict of interest; after all your health depends on it.

    I need my bed now, but if you want references then let me know, or feel free to PM me.

    I guess since I live in Italy where we eat alot of pasta, pizza and risotto, that means that people should be dying younger--leaky gut and all. Strange, most people live until their 80's, and alot into their 90's, and quite a few hit 100. Those that die off younger are mainly heavy smokers. Italians are generaly not overweight, I see very few obese Italians. For me "Wheat Belly" is just a scare tactic--because I see just the opposite.

    Your understanding of leaky gut and wheat is missing a few key points.

    1. Leaky gut does not necessarily mean you die younger, but it can wreak havoc internally and cause a plethora of issues such as chronic fatigue, asthma, hayfever, Crohns, Celiac, Eczema, IBS, brain fog, heart disease, stroke etc. Whilst a lot of these issues are not diagnosed as being caused by a leaky gut there are certainly not helped by a leaky gut or are exacerbated and made worse. People do eventually die of these illnesses. interestingly one of the first countries to latch onto gluten free was Italy.



    2. Italians die of exactly the same illnesses as the population of the USA, these are caused by lifestyle which in no small part comes down to diet. #1 cause - Heart Disease (excess carbs), #2 Stroke (high blood pressure), #4 Hypertension (excess salt, carbs), #5 Alzheimers (lack of healthy fats), #6 Diabetes (excess carbs), #8 Colo-rectal cancer (lack of digestive health) #10 pancreatic cancer (Obesity, diabetes, lack of vitamin absorbtion). Looking at the UK and USA is a very similar story with an almost identical age spread. You are correct about the cause of death for younger people being through smoking.


    3. Obesity rates in Italy are around 21% which puts it at the 90th most obese country in the world when looking at percentage of population or 16th when looking at total number of obese people.


    4. Anecdotal evidence that you provide means nothing without being backed by research and science as it is inherently inaccurate.

    I hope that helps to fill in some blanks and I am sorry it is not as comprehensive as I would have liked but I have to head to work.

    Sure Italians die--but at what age compared to Americans? I say Americans since you compared the population of the US to Italians. Have you ever traveled here and looked around, seen the natives, so to speak? As for gluten free, yes it's reared it's expensive little head. We'll see how long it lasts. Who knows, with my "leaky gut" I may not live to see it recede.
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    I've got better things to do than argue with people on the internet. My "contribution" here will just be to state that a person can find on the 'net a .pdf of the NY Times Best Seller book, "How Not to Die", in which an M.D. discusses the top 15 (IIRC) "diseases" that kill Americans, and what the research shows about stopping and/or reversing these self-inflicted, diet-caused "diseases". Spoiler alert: you won't find any fad diets pushed here...

    Ironic. As you're pushing a fad diet.

    Really? How so?
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    GuyWinton wrote: »
    I've got better things to do than argue with people on the internet. My "contribution" here will just be to state that a person can find on the 'net a .pdf of the NY Times Best Seller book, "How Not to Die", in which an M.D. discusses the top 15 (IIRC) "diseases" that kill Americans, and what the research shows about stopping and/or reversing these self-inflicted, diet-caused "diseases". Spoiler alert: you won't find any fad diets pushed here...

    Ironic. As you're pushing a fad diet.

    Really? How so?

    Really? If you have to ask you can not be helped IMO...