How much have you lost in 3 months?



  • katydougherty
    katydougherty Posts: 29 Member
    I'm at about the 4 month mark and have lost 30 lbs which is about halfway to my goal.
  • kdonnelly78
    kdonnelly78 Posts: 3 Member
    32lbs lost in 77 days
  • 20lbs :)
  • kmshover
    kmshover Posts: 41 Member
    July 20th is when I started logging. My husband paid for another one line food diary for me that I used years ago and had a lot of success, I just recently started logging on MFP again. I missed a week of logging in these 2 months from where I was on vacation. In all of that since July 20th I have lost right around 25lbs. Keep in mind I am very obese. I couldn't even weigh on my home scale when I started. I only knew my approximate starting weight from when I was in hospital. Can't wait to see where I am in another month
  • jaci66
    jaci66 Posts: 139 Member
    37 lbs
  • Valrotha
    Valrotha Posts: 294 Member
    6lbs, but that was with two weeks of needless setbacks. I keep having to remind myself a cheat meal isn't a cheat 3-day weekend.
  • tokyotfrog1
    tokyotfrog1 Posts: 51 Member
    44lbs in 95 days
  • eriksen_ken
    eriksen_ken Posts: 61 Member
    edited September 2017
  • Jemma9922
    Jemma9922 Posts: 16 Member
    28 pounds in 93 days.
  • ccruz985
    ccruz985 Posts: 646 Member
    The last 3 months before I hit goal in July, 17lbs. I started and finished Insanity Max30 in that time period and the transition in my body from fat to muscle was REAL.
  • warrenlightyear
    warrenlightyear Posts: 18 Member
    30.9 in the past three months. Hoping to increase that in the next month.
  • nightsoldier73
    nightsoldier73 Posts: 1 Member
    About 15 in the past 60 days. I am hoping to lose another 10, maybe 15 by the end of the calendar year.
  • jacieretz
    jacieretz Posts: 7 Member
    29 lbs first 3 months. 40 to go!
  • kelseyllhunt
    kelseyllhunt Posts: 31 Member
    30 pounds in my first 3 months, then gained 10 back in the next 6 (which isn't that bad considering). Now I'm back to lose the next 50!
  • alteredsteve175
    alteredsteve175 Posts: 2,633 Member
    38 pounds since March 6th (161 days). 17.5 pounds in the last 90 days. Hit a plateau a couple of times, but still dropping weight.
  • Aarjono
    Aarjono Posts: 228 Member
    7 pounds in the last 90 days. That's an average of 0.5 pound/week, which is ok with me for now. I'm in it for the long haul.
  • r_b_s_m_g
    r_b_s_m_g Posts: 4 Member
    25 in 3 month
  • conniehv40
    conniehv40 Posts: 442 Member
    okay, this is unbelievable to all y'all!! wow!!! zero : (
    Just looked back. I am no longer gaining, lost 10 pounds since last year, but in 3 months.... 0
  • Rosesandhealth
    Rosesandhealth Posts: 12 Member
    14 in a little less than two months!