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Does your doctor comment on your weight?



  • mybigfatmybigfat Posts: 162Member Member Posts: 162Member Member
    Every time I see them but I am obese and an army wife so military isnt in it for the money they lose money if you are unhealthy
  • honeynutloophoneynutloop Posts: 271Member Member Posts: 271Member Member
    I watched a programme a couple of weeks back which basically said that gps find it difficult to bring up the subject of weight in a 10min appointment slot. They trialled requesting all patients to get weighed as part of the booking in process and it meant that the conversations were easier. It also meant that patients didn't feel attacked for their weight - it was just part of a normal check up/appointment.
    It was for a TV programme so obviously simplified but it seems to make sense. Especially in the UK where stopping people needing meds saves money rather than loses business.
  • Lesley2603Lesley2603 Posts: 105Member, Premium Member Posts: 105Member, Premium Member
    I had a call from one of the GP’s in the practice I go to with some x ray results. I had never seen this dr. She very kindly suggested it would help if I lost some weight. Only problem was that the dr who ordered the x ray hadn’t bothered to update my records, I had lost 70lbs. I had specifically asked him to note the weight loss.
  • DoubleUbeaDoubleUbea Posts: 1,128Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,128Member, Premium Member
    I was looking over my visit notes from the doctor and he has written "obese due to eating excess calories" several times. He has mentioned I need to cut back on my food consumption. He did not have a detailed talk about it, he didn't explain calories or give me the information I needed, he just said "You eat too much" I was watching what type of foods I ate, but I wasn't watching calories.
    He did send me to a nutritionist but sadly the nutritionist didn't explain food to me either.
  • DoubleUbeaDoubleUbea Posts: 1,128Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,128Member, Premium Member
    I went to the doctor for a follow up on a new problem, I saw him a few weeks ago. When the appointment was over I said to him, "You haven't said anything!" He got excited and said, "oh you lose weight?!!!" and looked through my patient notes. He said very good, and keep it up, discussed a little but more but not much. He said that I do look thinner but he was thinking about the new problem more that anything else.
  • TheRoadDogTheRoadDog Posts: 11,767Member Member Posts: 11,767Member Member
    Nope. But I have an appointment next month and I am sure he will. I have lost 32 lbs since I saw him in April.
  • HoneyBadger155HoneyBadger155 Posts: 1,096Member Member Posts: 1,096Member Member
    No, but then again, I hate doctors, hospitals, or anything related and only end up going when I absolutely need to. My insurance sucks too, so that doesn't encourage me to go either.

    Regardless, even at my heaviest I was in the "overweight" BMI range, and definitely overweight for my frame, but at most had about 35 pounds to lose to be back to my ideal weight. So no, doctors have never really commented on my weight.
  • perkymommyperkymommy Posts: 1,627Member Member Posts: 1,627Member Member
    Mine has mentioned it before especially if I bring it up and say I know I need to lose weight. I have arthritis and of course it would be better on my knees to cut back and lose some weight.
  • johnw83johnw83 Posts: 6,219Member Member Posts: 6,219Member Member
    yes all the time i am 75 kgs
  • eleanorhawkinseleanorhawkins Posts: 594Member Member Posts: 594Member Member
    I've never had a GP suggest I lose weight, in fact with hindsight I wish one of them had as maybe it would have made me open my eyes to the fact that I needed to sooner. I had a dermatologist suggest once that I try to reduce my weight but she started going on about "cutting out cheese and icecreams and stuff like that" and I (probably intentionally) misunderstood her meaning and thought she was telling me those things would make my psoriasis worse.
    Even now, when I've dropped from 83 kilos to 54, my doctor hasn't said a word. At first I assumed it just wasn't all that noticeable but now it really is I find it pretty disappointing.... a pat on the back of some sort from a person whose job is it meant to be to care about my health would mean a lot! Also we have public health here so it's not as if he's worried about losing patients, in fact he would probably appreciate losing some as they're all so overworked.
  • elsie6hickmanelsie6hickman Posts: 3,863Member Member Posts: 3,863Member Member
    If you looked around my town, mostly you would see a lot of overweight people. I don't know why Drs. don't make an issue. My Dr. never comments on weight - but my cardiologist sure did.
  • kdbulgerkdbulger Posts: 337Member Member Posts: 337Member Member
    My doc did not comment on my weight until I lost it, at which point she noticed and asked me how I'd done so, and congratulated me on my healthy approach. It felt pretty good!
  • boehleboehle Posts: 4,251Member Member Posts: 4,251Member Member
    My doctor didn't say it directly to me but in my physical results online, told me to watch my diet better
  • megbeveridge93megbeveridge93 Posts: 236Member, Premium Member Posts: 236Member, Premium Member
    Mine only comments if there's a change. She doesn't say much about it, but once when I had gained a lot of weight the nurse gave me a BMI information packet. I should also mention I've never been obese so I don't think it was ever a health concern.
  • Lift_Run_EatLift_Run_Eat Posts: 975Member, Premium Member Posts: 975Member, Premium Member
    Yes... I had an orthopedic dr. tell me I would not have knee problems or plantar fascistic as bad if I lost weight.
    My regular doctor would mention it at my visits, but would not hound me about it.

    My child's doctor would say something when she was about 10 lbs over what she should be.
  • MissJessAU77MissJessAU77 Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    Yeah he did, told me I needed to lose weight and then prescribed the mini pill :D
  • kyricuskyricus Posts: 69Member Member Posts: 69Member Member
    My doctor and I discuss weight management issues almost all the time . Of course he's a runner and I hit the gym frequently so, he asks about it, about my diet, etc. I only see him maybe twice a year, but he's commented that he's surprised at how at my age I am maintaining and not getting "middle age" spread as he calls it. I point out that at 57, I'm past middle age :)

    My previous doctor, and back when i was heavier, made some comments about me needing to work out a certain way, but this guy looked as if the only exercise he did was with the TV remote so, I looked at his actions vs his words. Doctors of all people, should walk the walk if they are going to talk.
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