October 2017 Running Challenge



  • allyphoe
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    10/1: 3.3
    10/2: 4.2
    10/5: 3.2

    Total: 10.7 / ???
  • Runningmischka
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    @MobyCarp thanks for the advice with Strava. Regretfully, it did not work. I might just have to uninstall Strava and then download it again.

    @lporter229 My husband wears sports underwear from Adidas under his running gear. It's sort of like compression shorts, but much lighter fabrics. He loves it!

    Nice and easy 7-miler today. Trying to take advantage of the last warm days, as I have a feeling that fall is really coming our way.

    Goal: 135
    Total: 29.4
    9/01 – 10.4 miles
    9/02 – 5.4 miles
    9/03 – 6.5 miles
    9/05 – 7.1 miles

    Upcoming races:
    September 24 – Bachman Valley Half Marathon.
    October 22 – Gettysburg Blue-Gray Half Marathon.
    November 5 –Gettysburg Battleground Half Marathon.
  • hjeppley
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    Was proud that I managed to squeeze in a 3 mi run (and a quick shower) despite a fully scheduled day with two job candidates interviewing today. Saw a new PT for a running form analysis to help me fix issues, promote long term health and a return to longer mileage runs. She also did ASTYM all over my hip, groin, and quad area. It is already bruising! V. v. painful but hopefully will make a difference! 2 new strength and stretching things I am supposed to do daily for my calves, quads and hips. Little bit of stretching before bedtime too.

    Goal: 75 mi
    Today (10/5): 3 mi
    Total: 11 mi
    To go: 64 mi
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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    10/1 - Rest
    10/2 - Rest
    10/3 - 5 miles treadmill before weight lifting
    10/4 - 8.15 miles
    10/5 - 5 miles treadmill. Worst workout ever with serious BG problems. So bad that I skipped weight lifting afterwards.


    Upcoming Races:
    10/21/17 - Oregon Trail Run marathon (First marathon... goal 4:10)
  • PastorVincent
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    lporter229 wrote: »
    @PastorVincent @WhatMeRunning and @7lenny7 - Thanks for the input. I will definitely look into the Climacool boxer briefs. The reason I was looking to buy him some running gear is that I don't think this is the kind of stuff he would pick up on his own since he doesn't really do much running. He often still runs in cotton tees. I thought he might like to have some decent gear so he can feel the difference.

    Replace his t-shirt with a good tech fabric, and maybe good running shorts, but let him buy his own underwear, IMO. It really is the kind of thing you need to try on and make a call on. As you can probably guess it is a pretty sensitive area and different people find different things comfortable or irritating.

    Once you know what he likes, that is different, but since neither of you do, I highly suggest you let him do that or at least bring him with you.
  • amtyrell
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    Goal 50 miles
    October 4 - 2.2 mile total 2.2
    October 5- 2.7 miles total 4.9

    Goal event November 18 AnnapolisRunning Fest 10k
  • kgirlhart
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    October goal: 70 miles

    10/1: 7.7 miles
    10/3: 3 miles (intervals)
    10/4: 3.1 miles
    10/5: 2.3 miles

    16.1/70 miles

    Just a short 2.3 miles today. Tomorrow will be a rest day and then Saturday will be a 5K race. I'm hoping to do well and surprised that I am nervous about it.

    Upcoming Races:
    10/7/17: Old Rip 5K
    10/14/17: Aim at Melanoma 5K (virtual)


  • juliet3455
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    edited October 2017
    5.6 km with our little 5km Time Trial Training Group.
    Sprint Repeats - Goal was to keep your pace "close to your 5k Goal Race Pace" for the 1600,1200 & 800's.
    800 m Warm-up
    1600m, 1200m, 800m, 400m, 4 x 200m Sprint + 200m RI between.

    Very happy with the Improvement in my pace for this Training Session since starting it and my new PB's. At the same time it was interesting to see the big crash / decline I had in the middle of the cycle - That was just a very bad week for me. Strange how it will vary from 6:11 to 3:39 - of course these are all based on 400m repeats. Not sure how I managed the 3:39 - Downhill with a 80 km/h wind ?? :D . All on the same track. My 3 km Race came in at 5:11/km so right on my 5:10/km average.


    10/01 7.2 km – 142.8 km - MTD 007.2 km – YTD 1138.87 km
    10/04 9.0 km – 133.8 km - MTD 016.2 km – YTD 1147.87 km
    10/05 5.6 km – 128.2 km - MTD 021.8 km – YTD 1153.47 km

  • juliet3455
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    @sarahthes If you are interested MEC runs a lot of good events and they are dirt cheap, $15.00 for a 5, 10 or 15k

  • Ray_Libby
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    Goal this month is 110 miles

    10/1 - 9.03 miles
    10/3 - 4.25 miles
    10/4 - 4.22 miles

  • MNLittleFinn
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    10/1-6.2 miles 1270 Feet Elevation
    10/2- REST
    10/3- 9
    10/4- 7
    10//5- 9
    10/6- 5

    Total Miles: 36.2
    Total Elevation: 1270

    October goal: Survive 100k training taper and Wild Duluth 100k
    Nominal Mileage goal: 100 miles.
    Elevation goal: 15000ft

    Today's notes: Another flat run. Giving the climbing/hiking muscles a rest seems to be a good thing. It was a bit cool today, just under freezing, but still good shorts and long sleeve shirt weather... Pretty tired today, but that's the rest of my life, not the running.

    Have a runderful day all!

    2017 Races Scheduled
    6/16- William A Irvin 5k
    6/17- Grandma's Marathon 4:24:06
    7/15- Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon 7:22:23
    8/12- UMTR FatAss "Not Quite" 50k DNF, too darn hot out
    8/19- Rampage at the Ridge 5k OCR
    9/23- Ely Marathon 6:24:36
    10/21 Wild Duluth 100k
    11/23- TBD 5k Turkey
  • AmyOutOfControl
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    10/1 = 15 miles
    10/2 = 6.5 miles and strength training
    10/3 = rest day
    10/4 = 8 miles
    10/5 = 6.5 easy miles and strength training
    10/6 = kettlebell workout

    All of you barefoot running people are BRAVE. I have broken two toes WALKING barefoot and tripping over air on a smooth flat uncluttered surface. I am WAY to klutzy to try and RUN barefoot outside. I would end up stupidly & permanently disfiguring my foot somehow.

    No running for me today. My work schedule at my second job has me working a crazy split shift that starts at 7am and ends at 9pm. I am heading to the gym for a kettlebell class during my long break in-between work shifts.

    36/175 (September goal miles)

    Upcoming Races:
    10/28 = Hill Country Halloween Half Marathon
    11/23 = Georgetown Turkey Trot
    12/10 = BCS Marathon
    1/6/18 = River Road Run Half Marathon
  • seanevan10
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    I had a chance to assess the stairs at Red Rocks. Not gonna lie. Getting up them at the end of the race won't be easy. I don't think I'll be able to take them two at a time without falling on my face. I figure I'll know what to do when I get there and know as soon as I'm at the top, the finish line is 25 yards away.

    I think even if you take them one at a time and kind of "skip" up there, you will sprint at the very end. You are killing it! I have walked those steps and know it is killer. AND, you are doing it at serious elevation! I can't wait to hear how it goes this weekend.