October 2017 Running Challenge



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    girlinahat wrote: »
    @fitoverfortymom - I skipped to the end of my half-marathon. Basically I thought I saw the finish line, and decided on a sprint finish, but it was WAY further away than I realised. I wasn’t willing to lose face and slow to a walk with all those people staring at me ringing cow bells, so I put a grin on my face, skipping, dancing my tutu.

    I have vowed ever since to skip finish every race.

    I'm running in the Tufts Women's 10k in Boston on Monday. I will be the woman skipping across the finish line.

    My favourite 5k race is at the end of October. The start line is close enough to my house to walk there and it's a really fun race with a great atmosphere. The race is sponsored by the local pizzeria and they throw an after-race party with some awesome pizza. But I swear they move the finish line back every year. I come racing round the final corner ready to do my sprint to the finish, and it's always further back than I expect it to be.

    As I recall, they seem to like to do that in Boston ;)
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    @7lenny7 - :lol: the 5k in AZ. That just sounds painful to me for any gender.

    10/1 - 33 miles cycling; 1 mile run
    10/2 - rest day
    10/3 - 5.6 miles - birthday run!
    10/4 - strength training
    10/5 - 3.5 cut short by rain.
    10/6 - strength training


    AIM at Melanoma 5k - 10/14/17
    I/ITSEC 5K in Orlando - 11/29/17
    Daytona Beach HM - 2/4/19
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    @WhatMeRunning @lporter229 @jcinv @seanevan10 Thanks for the well wishes. And I'll echo the sentiment and wish @BruinsGal_91 and @ariceroni good luck in their races.

    And awesome job on the weight loss @seanevan10!
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    My future self would really like to race at sea level, just to see what a difference the elevation makes. I live at close to 5400' elevation.

    You probably wouldn't notice the difference, moving down from 5400' to sea level. For reference, most of my local running is in the 500' to 800' above sea level range. Going down close to sea level doesn't seem to make an impact for me, and it doesn't seem to bother the Boulder Track Club guys either. However, going to Bend, Oregon (average 3800' above sea level where I ran) made a noticeable difference with no prior training at elevation.

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    @garygse , @ariceroni , @BruinsGal_91 Good luck this weekend! I hope no one oversleeps!
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    Well, I sure missed a lot. You guys are very talkative. :smile:

    Yesterday I was able to get in 10k. It's getting dark earlier now so I'm eventually going to have to retreat to the treadmill. Trouble is, I can no longer go to the gym. It just upsets my anxiety too much with it being so crowded. So either I have to find a gym with no people, or get my own treadmill which I cannot afford.

    I'm really bummed about this. I may not be able to run in the winter because of this situation. It's made me very upset.

    There's always my Daily Burn app, I guess, but I really want to run too.

    I can't run in the dark. It's too dangerous. So no early mornings, no after work. When the hell am I going to run? Just weekends? That sucks.

    I don't suppose anyone out there has a treadmill they don't want? :neutral:

    Treadmills are usually VERY easy to find on the used market. People buy them all the time and never use them. I got mine for like $100. Check out Facebook and Craig's list, also hit yard sales.
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    @garygse , @ariceroni , @BruinsGal_91,

    You own this weekend You got this! Go team! :smiley:
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    @seanevan10 40 pounds!!! Great job!!!
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    @garygse , @ariceroni , @BruinsGal_91 Good luck this weekend!
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    @WhatMeRunning I did the barefoot thing for around a year and had mixed feelings about it. Some of the bigger problems I hit:

    Asphalt is stinking HOT in the summer. Like burn your flesh hot.
    Trails and rough terrain require a lot more care.
    Cold weather was completely unmanageable
    You have to be constantly on the watch for litter (glass, still lit cigs, and so on)
    Your foot is exposed if you have to fight off a dog (yes this happen to me)

    It has its benefits, especially in some terrain, such as a beach, dunes, streams and the like but it has its drawbacks too. After a while decided that, for me, the drawbacks were greater than I wanted to deal with.

    Ditto! I'm an urban runner, and I don't think I have the patience to take the time to toughen my feet to handle asphalt, concrete, and cobblestone. However, ever since my beach races this summer, I've been contemplating adding a barefoot beach run every other week or so. I think it might be good for my feet and legs.

    I would 100% do beach runs / races barefoot. Once you get used to it, I bet you are faster.

    I agree! I think I'm going to try it this Monday....if the storm hasn't hit us, that is.
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    Azercord wrote: »
    I'm behind but I've been out for work. 130 miles this month with a Spartan Race at the end. Got rid of any sort of taper since this run is now part of training for a longer run in January.

    Which distance Spartan are you running? I'm doing my first Spartan sprint in February. I'm excited as a bit nervous at the same time!
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    I completed W7D2 of C25K last night - my first run of the month! 2.75 miles total of running and walking during warm up and cool down.

    I've got a question for the more experienced runners (so, everyone) - my left index toe is giving me some trouble. It starts going numb as I run. Only on the left side and after about 10-15 minutes do I notice it. Some background:

    I'm pretty new to running, I did ballet for years and years, but never had toe problems like this.
    I'm overweight (stress eating + pregnancy) but I'm losing - I'm still 45ish lbs above my previous high weight, and about 50 lbs to goal. (I'm 5'7" and currently 193.6).
    My baby is almost a year old - could pregnancy have thrown something out of alignment that's causing a problem? I gained 50 lbs with him (20 lbs from the baby, placenta, additional blood volume, 20 lbs of water weight - I retained all the water in SE PA last fall, and 10 lbs of Oreos) so I'm sure all the weight impacted my posture, gait, etc.
    I only run on a treadmill at the gym. Previous attempts at running in years past had been outside.
    It's happened with two different pairs of shoes.

    I think those are variables that could be impacting me. There is a running store downtown that I've been meaning to check out, but introverted me wanted to check with the relative anonymity online first. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated!
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    @garygse , @ariceroni , @BruinsGal_91 - Good luck guys!
    @seanevan10 congratulations on your loss! 40 pounds is super impressive. Way to go!
    @RespectTheKitty I agree with @PastorVincent about getting a treadmill - they are very easy to find on Craigslist for super low prices. Also, check out Freecycle - something people just want to give theirs away. My husband and I bought a brand new treadmill for around $300, it's perfect. So there are options out there for sure.

    7 miles today, was a lot hotter than I expected, so I cut the run short. I think I am off to a good start this month though, so hopefully I'll reach my goal this time :smile:
    Happy Friday everyone! Stay hydrated and keep your race pics coming :smiley:

    Goal: 135
    Total: 36.4
    9/01 – 10.4 miles
    9/02 – 5.4 miles
    9/03 – 6.5 miles
    9/05 – 7.1 miles
    9/06 – 7 miles

    Upcoming races:
    September 24 – Bachman Valley Half Marathon.
    October 22 – Gettysburg Blue-Gray Half Marathon.
    November 5 –Gettysburg Battleground Half Marathon.

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    @eponine1984 Ok, I am not one of the experienced runners...I just finished C25k myself. BUT, I do have the issue with the numbing. Mine is my right foot/toes. It could be from socks, your gait, insoles in the shoes. Also, it could be that when you run, you splay your toes out and it is pinched. There are a bunch of resources online on how to change the lacing of your shoes to help. I would start there.
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    @garygse , @ariceroni , @BruinsGal_91 (and anyone else who is racing that I might of forgotten) — Good luck and have fun! :)
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    A short run yesterday evening means I've learnt that I CAN just go out for 20 minutes, so there should be no more excuses.

    Had Performance Reviews/Appraisals at work today. Given the last one was in 2003 it was hard to pin down where or when any improvement had happened. Left a bit early to run straight from work. This nine minute run/one minute work technique is really working for me. It takes me a good couple of miles to even get into the swing of running, but the only reason I stopped after eight cycles was because I was due out to dinner, had to drive home, shower and make myself respectable.

    Wish I'd taken my phone on the run- there was a stunning example of a Shaggy ink cap mushroom by the side of the path just begging to be photographed.

    Good luck all the people racing this weekend!!!