October 2017 Running Challenge



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    Date Miles today - Miles for October

    10/1 REST DAY
    10/2 8 miles - 8
    10/3 9 miles - 17
    10/4 4 miles - 21
    10/5 9 miles - 30
    10/6 4 miles - 34


    Elkmont Hound Dog Half (unofficial) - 1/21 << 1:46:48 2 OA
    Elkmont Hound Dog Half (rescheduled) - 2/18 << 1:41:04 1 in AG & 24 OA
    Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon - 4/29 << 4:09:59

    Upcoming races:
    None so far

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    @stoshew71 October 29th at 6:00 am

    Thank you very much
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    seanevan10 wrote: »
    @eponine1984 Ok, I am not one of the experienced runners...I just finished C25k myself. BUT, I do have the issue with the numbing. Mine is my right foot/toes. It could be from socks, your gait, insoles in the shoes. Also, it could be that when you run, you splay your toes out and it is pinched. There are a bunch of resources online on how to change the lacing of your shoes to help. I would start there.

    I have some shoes that I can't tighten the laces too much or I get numb/tingling. I have a high arch but it drops so if I over tighten certain shoes, the arch can be pushed against the laces. You could be wearing the wrong shoe for your foot type. Or your body could be different due to childbirth (widening of hips or other things - I dunno, never been pregnant).
    girlinahat wrote: »
    A short run yesterday evening means I've learnt that I CAN just go out for 20 minutes, so there should be no more excuses.

    Had Performance Reviews/Appraisals at work today. Given the last one was in 2003 it was hard to pin down where or when any improvement had happened. Left a bit early to run straight from work. This nine minute run/one minute work technique is really working for me. It takes me a good couple of miles to even get into the swing of running, but the only reason I stopped after eight cycles was because I was due out to dinner, had to drive home, shower and make myself respectable.

    Wish I'd taken my phone on the run- there was a stunning example of a Shaggy ink cap mushroom by the side of the path just begging to be photographed.

    Good luck all the people racing this weekend!!!

    I always take my phone and often stop to take sunset photos or anything that inspires me really. Guess that's the photographer in me. LOL
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    RunTimer wrote: »

    Since this month has 1 more day than last, I'm tempted to push harder.. :smirk:
    but then again,
    ..better to underpromise and overdeliver, no? :wink:
    So in it for 50 (wink, wink)
    Oct 1 - 7.6m Bridge2Bridge race
    Oct 6 - 7.3M Harvest Moon run
    Trip Meter: 15:50caregiver-snapshot-3.png

    Pics from this week's race

    I was in town for work and ran the same race with you! Enjoyed the scenery and the after party was Fun hanging out on a beautiful day in the Marina
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    10/1 13.3
    10/2 Rest
    10/3 4.2
    10/4 4.4
    10/5 6
    10/6 1.8

    Total 29.7
    Goal 120

    Had planned on 4 but it started raining and I was a little fatigued from yesterday so I cut it short.
    Tomorrow is another day.

    Upcoming races:
    11/25 Schaumburg HM
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    @MobyCarp “be an adult” that just cracked me up
    @Ryokat toad guts ha ha
    @cburke8909 I love those kinds of scales
    @fitoverfortymom can you take a picture of the stairs I’m trying to picture them. Sounds awful
    @navygrrl we rented a scooter for Skip for like $75 a month, insurance covered it and it was the best investment EVER
    @garygse I’m so worry about your friend’s sister. Good luck this weekend, can’t wait to hear about it.
    @runtimer great pictures love the medal
    @stoshew71 you’re welcome. I think I’m going to try to register for it.

    I have heard bad things about ASTYM I’d be hard pressed to every do it. One of the girls on our XC team has been going to therapy to fix the damage that was done to her.
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    @skippygirlsmom Ouch! I hope your ribs are less angsty in a couple of days. I wreck myself on trail a lot honestly because I am famously stupid for trying to run my roads pace on tech trail- has me bleeding every time :D . Looks like you and Skip had a great day anyway.

    @RespectTheKitty are you considering running in the dark dangerous because of the perceived trip/fall hazards? If so a lamp is a lot cheaper than a treadmill ;) . If its more linked to your anxiety issues I would look into used treadmills- I had one, murdered it within a couple months but it did its job. I would rather run in the dark every time though.

    @juliet3455 are the MEC races worth it? I always side eye the price tag on them like, "Wtf kind of race isn't trying to bankrupt me?" lololol

    @MobyCarp holy I would have been uneasy about 400M at T as well! Hopefully you are feeling more up to it next week

    Because tomorrow is my last long run before I race Whistler next week I begrudgingly took today off. Took the small people to the Farmer's Market, did most of the packing for the kids for next week, had several small panic attacks about whether or not my race gear game plan is going to have to change now that the forecast is calling for snow (prepare for very Canadian photos out of Whistler if it does :D ) and ate my weight in salad.

    Eff rest days :#
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    Beautiful photos @shanaber ! Congratulations to your girl and her new husband <3
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    edited October 2017
    Great pictures @shanaber
    @shanaber and @JessicaMcB I'm usually good at paying attention, I know my legs were already tired from the long run the day before so my feet weren't up a much as they should have been. I can jump over rocks, no problem getting over roots, up hill down hill, this area was almost like sand and that one darn root got me.
    I'm have to get in the shower but I know it's gonna hurt ha ha
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    Oh @skippygirlsmom hope the fall wasn't too bad and you aren't too sore tomorrow.

    ETA this pics of Skip are too cute as always!
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