October 2017 Running Challenge



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    Good luck to the racer this weekend! Go get 'em @garygse , @ariceroni , @BruinsGal_91 and anyone else I missed. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

    @eponine1984 I also have some problems with toes going numb too. It usually is fixed by adjusting my shoe lacing. Sometimes it gets too tight toward the toe end of the shoe or across the high part of my foot so I even it out. The alternate lacing patterns mentioned previously would be good to try.

    @seanevan10 congrats on the weight loss. That's fantastic. I lost 60 lbs over about 18 months or so, a lot of that from starting running. It's a lot of motivation to keep up with things because I feel so much better about myself now.

    @skippygirlsmom - oh no! You didn't need to join me on the ouchy ribs couch! It's no fun here.

    @shanaber welcome back from vacation - beautiful pics!

    @MNLittleFinn congrats on your reaching your yearly mileage goal way early!

    @cameronheel Wow - a practice HM in under 2 hours! You are going to tear it up at your HM in Nov.

    @JessicaMcB beautiful pic. Enjoy your week before your race!

    @Elise4270 great news that you are getting your PRs down again. Take care of that hip.

    I'm just checking in from the non-running, previously referenced sore-ribs couch. I have to say I have enjoyed not running this week. No worrying about figuring out when to get a run in, or constant laundry and showers (lol, I still shower). I haven't missed running at all yet, but I think I'll be ready to get back to it again soon. I may take another week off depending how the ribs are feeling. I may take another week off because I don't want to keep aggravating them and end up extending the pain. I think they didn't really enjoy the fact that I immediately ran 13 miles after the fall and keep reminding me of that fact.
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    10/1 – 6 miles
    10/2 – rest day
    10/3 – 8 miles
    10/4 - 5 miles
    10/5 - 10 miles
    10/6 - 5 miles
    10/7 - rest day

    34 of 100 miles

    So looking at this week I have to admit a rest day is a good idea.

    @katharmonic I was thinking of you when I was driving home. Just like you said happened to you falling on your side with your arm underneath. Today I’m actually noticing it’s higher and across/under my boob. Skip said I have boob bruise ha ha
    @runningmischka we always have a blast when we run up “on the mountain”
    @elise4270 thanks!
    @HonuNui being a race director is like planning a wedding, you can do all you can to make it perfect and even if something goes wrong, the only important thing is the race is run (or the couple is married). Everything will be perfect, even if imperfect.
    @hjeppley Gaston is exactly what I was thinking of with the metal tools. My PT was telling me that you can’t even buy the tools you need to rent them if you want to do Gaston. Honestly my PT is completely against it.

    Thanks everyone nothing that won’t be gone in a few days. Skip went off to take the SATs today for college and said “NO RUNNING today” yes mommy ha ha

  • katharmonic
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    @skippygirlsmom -- oh yeah, I hear ya on the boob bruising. :wink: Glad you are taking a rest day and hope your ribs feel better soon. Maybe we both should invest in some bubble wrap so we can bounce right back next time.
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    10/6 - Huge clean project which involved 2 hours of sweeping and mopping plus another hour of other cleaning....was exhausted but determined to run so .75 mi walk warmup, 2 mile run/walk, .5 mile cool down walk.

    Got in bed and watched a movie from 8-10pm and when I got up for the bathroom I realized I was stove up! I'm so out of shape! Granted industrial mops are heavy :p

    Will run again this evening. That just seems to be my thing currently. Evening running.
  • MNLittleFinn
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    10/1-6.2 miles 1270 Feet Elevation
    10/2- REST
    10/3- 9
    10/4- 7
    10//5- 9
    10/6- 5
    10/7- 15

    Total Miles: 51.2
    Total Elevation: 1270

    October goal: Survive 100k training taper and Wild Duluth 100k
    Nominal Mileage goal: 100 miles.
    Elevation goal: 15000ft

    Today's notes: Final "long" run of the cycle. Went out and hit the single track with my buddy and another guy who will be running the 50k when we're running the 100k. It was a glorious fall morning. We started in darkness and did two 7.5 mile loops, the first under a just past full moon and headlamps, and the second under a cloudy autumn sky.

    We took it easy, even though it didn't feel easy. I was feeling the 30 miles I put in the last 3 days, and single track, even when it's flatter, is harder running than road or the ski hills, because you CAN run pretty much all of it, whereas the ski hills force walking.

    All in all a great run. Looking at getting another 5 or so tomorrow morning to get me to 50 for the week, before starting some easier running for something of a taper before race day.

    Have a runderful day everyone!

    2017 Races Scheduled
    6/16- William A Irvin 5k
    6/17- Grandma's Marathon 4:24:06
    7/15- Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon 7:22:23
    8/12- UMTR FatAss "Not Quite" 50k DNF, too darn hot out
    8/19- Rampage at the Ridge 5k OCR
    9/23- Ely Marathon 6:24:36
    10/21 Wild Duluth 100k
    11/23- TBD 5k Turkey
  • jvcinv
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    10/1 13.3
    10/2 Rest
    10/3 4.2
    10/4 4.4
    10/5 6
    10/6 1.8
    10/7 2.7

    Total 32.4
    Goal 120 miles

    Upcoming races:
    11/25 Schaumburg HM
  • skippygirlsmom
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    @skippygirlsmom -- oh yeah, I hear ya on the boob bruising. :wink: Glad you are taking a rest day and hope your ribs feel better soon. Maybe we both should invest in some bubble wrap so we can bounce right back next time.

    @katharmonic ha ha great idea!
  • MNLittleFinn
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    Thanks for all the suggestions on relacing my shoes. I haven't done it yet, but 100% on my list of things to do. I had to get to the gym today before I could talk myself out of it, and that meant no futzing with laces today.

    I completed week 7 of C25K! 25 minutes of running (trudging, plodding) straight! Yes, I only covered 1.75 miles in that time, but I walked enough to get 2.75 for my total miles. I try very hard not to compare myself to others but it's a struggle. The other day, a guy got on a treadmill two down from me (out of dozens that were further away from me) and started running literally twice as fast as me. Sorta demoralizing. But - silver lining - it'll be a lot easier for me to cut time off my pace since I'm starting out so slow.


    Great job! We all started out trudging along.... sticking with it is what matters, and you're doing that! speed comes with time and practice. You'll get there.
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    October 1 - 16 km
    October 2 - 16 km
    October 3 - 16 km
    October 4 - 16 km
    October 5 - 16 km
    October 6 - 16 km
    October 7 - rest day

    Total km - 96 km out of 350 km
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    @seanevan10 I think a rave near Ft. Worth would be fun. And congrats on the weight loss!
    @eponine1984 It is really hard not to compare yourself to others. I struggle with that a lot! But one thing I like about running is I mostly feel like I am competing with myself. And I think that this group has some really supportive people in it.
  • skippygirlsmom
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    @kgirlhart great time on the 5K interesting history on the event
    Great idea on the training group @amymoreorless
  • AmyOutOfControl
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    10/1 = 15 miles
    10/2 = 6.5 miles and strength training
    10/3 = rest day
    10/4 = 8 miles
    10/5 = 6.5 easy miles and strength training
    10/6 = kettlebell workout
    10/7 = 7 miles

    43.5/175 (September goal miles)

    Upcoming Races:
    10/28 = Hill Country Halloween Half Marathon
    11/23 = Georgetown Turkey Trot
    12/10 = BCS Marathon
    1/6/18 = River Road Run Half Marathon
  • weat0043
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    Oct. 7 - 4.6K
    MTD - 25K/100K
    Whoot whoot quarter of the way there!