October 2017 Running Challenge



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    9/1 rest
    9/2 5.5miles 50m:22s
    9/3 5miles 45m:30s
    9/4 9miles 1h:24m:02s
    9/5 6miles 55:m:30s
    9/6 11miles 1h:45m:40s
    9/7 4miles 38m:39s

    An easy slow 4 miles yesterday. My legs felt tired.

    My daughter did great at her first swim meet! Hey you always PR at your first race right?! She will only get better from here. I’m really proud of her, she said she was nervous.

    Edit to add, it took 4 hours to watch her in 2 events :neutral::smile:
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    10/1 - Rest
    10/2 - Rest
    10/3 - 5 miles treadmill before weight lifting
    10/4 - 8.15 miles
    10/5 - 5 miles treadmill. Worst workout ever with serious BG problems. So bad that I skipped weight lifting afterwards.
    10/6 - Rest
    10/7 - 1.4 miles. Was supposed to be 12 miles, but it was raining and I had some GI issues. Ugh.
    10/8 - 4.72 miles. Stopped early because of electrolyte concern and just not feeling it after waking with high BG. WTF is wrong with me?! Might go out later today and do the rest of the 12 miles for this weekend.


    Upcoming Races:
    10/21/17 - Oregon Trail Run marathon (First marathon... goal 4:10)

    As I'm tapering for this marathon, I'm finding it suddenly difficult to do even the fewer miles in plan. Some of it is physiological as I've had more BG issues, and consequently more electrolyte issues. Some of it, I'm sure, is mental. I'm not using a CGM currently, which makes BG management more difficult.

    I can handle the physical stuff better in another week when I hopefully get more supplies, but does anyone have any advice on the mental side of keeping going over the next 2 weeks during taper?
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    Galen Rupp wins the Chicago Marathon in 2:09:20 wow he's a minute off my HM PR ha ha! Awesome.

    From what I read it was a "relaxed" race, since some of the real heavy hitters weren't there because Berlin was so close. Pretty cool nonetheless. I was hoping Rupp would win.

    Jordan Hasay was third for women's and became the second fastest American woman marathoner of all time. She's really going to be a major player, her first 2 marathons were a third place at Boston, and now a third place at Chicago....
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    @midwesterner85 I tend to read a lot of running stuff during taper, for some reason, living vicariously through others helps keep my mind in the game while not fretting over everything.... speaking of which, I might want to look into that taper thing since my race is in 13 days...
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    garygse wrote: »
    Not going to write much on my phone, but I just finished the marathon with an official time of 3:31:21. I'll write a full race report once I'm back at home, but for now I'm going to hobble around for a bit, lol.

    @garygse fantastic run - congrats!! Can't wait to read all about it.

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    @girlinahat you got the miles, I say it counts. plus, I'm assuming you were on your feet the whole time? That would mean you didn't really rest all that much, so it totally counts.
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    @garygse wow! That's awesome
    Rest day for me. Started my carbo load. Prepared some very healthy carb ladden lunch salads.
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    @garygse - Awesome finish on your first marathon! And yes, I do remember hobbling back to the car - seemed like each street curb I needed to climb up almost caused a cramp, lol. Hope you recover quickly

    @MNLittleFinn - those are just really impressive numbers VO2 Max of 55 and the speedy runs. You are really ready for this next race!

    @zdyb23456 - Congrats on your first swim meet! Yes it is amazing how many hours you have to sit around in a chlorine gas filled room to watch a couple of 30 second races, lol. Been there!

    @RespectTheKitty - Oh my, do I ever get the frustration with pace. This fall I at least have a recent ICU stay and 6 stents holding the veins from my left leg open to help explain it. But I had issues last fall without any such reason - it was my first Half marathon that I did not PR and in fact I broke down and walked part of it. My husband even passed me (he only runs a few races with me and does not consider himself a runner). I still don't know why last summer and early fall were tough - but I came back and had a great winter - trained for and ran my first marathon and then 2 weeks later PR'd my HM. So I guess I'm saying I understand the frustration - but keep up the good fight and it usually gets better.
    Still mostly in recovery mode but...

    October Goals:
    1-Don't injure myself trying too hard
    2-Get back to a 10 mile run
    3-Get my pace back to prior marathon pace on my 2-4 mile runs.
    4-Find some better compression gear for this malfunctioning left leg
    5-Do a better job keeping up with this thread

    Oct 1 - 5 miles (left foot and leg still a little numb and tingling for the last 1.5 miles of this distance)
    Oct 7 - 6.7 miles -
    Oct 8 - 5 miles

    So the left calf pain from yesterday seemed to work itself out, but I was back to having a numb left foot at the end of my run, quickly followed by numbness from the knee down. Strange to not be able to feel one of your legs hit the ground. In typical stupid runner fashion, I kept going until I completed the 5th mile and then walked back home. I did at least alter my route so I wouldn't have to climb this one steep hill at the end - since I thought that might cause some damage.

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    @wishiwasarunner Thanks! VO2 Max from a garmin is always suspect, but at least the number is going up! Glad your calf is feeling better, but sorry to hear about the foot/lower leg numbness. That sucks.
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    Holy Moly @garygse. That's was an amazing run!

    @allyphooe - I hope your daughter is okay :/
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    @lporter229 - Happy Anniversary!

    @allyphoe - Yikes - that sounds like a pretty bad concussion! I hope your daughter is better soon.
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    Longest run today since February! Ran the first 3.5 mi with husband and 8 year old son. Felt good and kept HR in aerobic zone almost the whole time (first time watching so closely).


    10/1 5 mi (+ 1 mile walk) + serious stretch program (Gymnastic Bodies Front Split)
    10/2 Water walking
    10/3 3 mi + light yoga
    10/4 Walking + yoga
    10/5 3 mi + PT (scraping + treadmill + stretch + strength)
    10/6 Walking + PT (stretching + scraping + ultrasound + H-wave)
    10/7 4 mi (+ 1 mile walk) + yoga and PT moves
    10/8 6 mi (+ 1.5 mile walk) + Gymnastic Bodies Front Split stretch routine + PT

    Goal: 75 mi
    Total: 21 mi
    To go: 54 mi

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    Nice running @hjeppley
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    100 mile goal
    32.66 miles completed.
  • LaurenFOB2301
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    I guess I would say my goal would be to run 60 miles by the end of this month. (God, I hope that's not crazy for someone like me starting out?!)
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    Quick stairs report from my 5k this morning. The
  • jvcinv
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    10/1 13.3
    10/2 Rest
    10/3 4.2
    10/4 4.4
    10/5 6
    10/6 1.8
    10/7 2.7
    10/8 11

    Total 43.4
    Goal 120 miles

    I thought I posted this earlier but I must not have hit "post reply" because it didn't show up. trying again.

    Upcoming races:
    11/25 Schaumburg HM