October 2017 Running Challenge



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    weat0043 wrote: »
    Oct. 7 - 4.6K
    MTD - 25K/100K
    Whoot whoot quarter of the way there!

    Awesome running! Keep it up!
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    Still in mostly recovery mode but ....

    October Goals:
    1-Don't injure myself trying too hard
    2-Get back to a 10 mile run
    3-Get my pace back to prior marathon pace on my 2-4 mile runs.
    4-Find some better compression gear for this malfunctioning left leg
    5-Do a better job keeping up with this thread

    Oct 1 - 5 miles (left foot and leg still a little numb and tingling for the last 1.5 miles of this distance)
    Oct 7 - 6.7 miles -

    I really only ran exclusively for the first 5 miles and then my left leg started letting me know it was done. Last week when this happened, I kept going and I couldn't even feel my left leg hitting the ground by the end of my run and that messed with my gait and my calf has been sore all week. (My left calf still has some clot in it and the vessels have not entirely healed, so that leg still gets a lactic acid overdose when I push too hard). So I took a little time off and then stopped when I felt the pain was really starting to affect my gait and walked/jogged from there on. My left leg is definitely swollen and larger than the right even now with the compression gear and 6 hours post race. Ugh - this malfunctioning body of mine is getting on my nerves.

    So only partially successful on goal 1 - no chance of trying goal 2 or I will really violate goal 1. Same goes for goal 3. So far no real success on goal 4. As for goal 5 - I have read every post here - but since I run so infrequently, there are always 5-9 pages of posts and I can't remember everyone I planned to congratulate or comment on. So, lots of excuses and no real progress right now.

    Good luck to all of you racing this weekend! And to the race directors, too.
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    @wishiwasarunner sorry to hear tour leg is still giving you so much trouble. Here's hoping it gets it's act together for you
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    edited October 2017
    @Ray_Libby I'd be dying even in the 80s. You hot weather runners amaze me.
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    October 1 - 16 km
    October 2 - 16 km
    October 3 - 16 km
    October 4 - 16 km
    October 5 - 16 km
    October 6 - 16 km
    October 7 - rest day
    October 8 - 21 km

    Total km - 117 km out of 350 km
  • Ericsmi
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    I'm in for 40 miles in 16 runs.
    2 OCT 2.59 mi
    5 OCT 2.82 mi 5.41 mi total
    7 OCT 3.2 mi 8.61 mi total

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    10/1 - rest (walk)
    10/2 - rest (yoga)
    10/3 - 4.1km
    10/4 - cross training (workout dvd)
    10/5 - 4.8km + a really wimpy strength workout
    10/6 - rest
    10/7 - 4.0 km

    Total 12.9/55 km

    My knees, which have been bugging me off and on since my 10K, were a bit stiff today. They aren't painful when I run, just when I go back up the stairs when I get home! I'm about due for new shoes so I'll head to the running store after I get my hair done next weekend (I am thinking I'm ready to do my whole head instead of just highlights, and leaning towards bright pink).

    Ran in the afternoon just before dinner. Just a short 4km, aka 2 miles plus warmup & cool down. Very stiff breeze (gale?) coming out of the north. My jacket inflated on the way home. Definitely didn't break any speed records!

    I signed up for the Jasper half marathon next spring. My family loves it there so I'm sure we will make a mini-vacation out of it. And now I definitely have to keep training over the winter!

    Upcoming Races:
    9/24 Heartbeat Run 10K 1:24:44 (11.1km)
    1/1/18 Resolution Run 5K
    4/8/18 Jasper Half Marathon
    8/18/18 Edmonton Marathon 10K

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    PS Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! I have 2 blue pumpkins roasting in the oven right now. Hubby is making pie and I'll make pumpkin bread out of what's left.
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    sarahthes wrote: »
    PS Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! I have 2 blue pumpkins roasting in the oven right now. Hubby is making pie and I'll make pumpkin bread out of what's left.

    I was wondering why someone posted a pic of their bacon covered turkey today.... Mmmm bacon. Oink oink- @garygse you better hide Sir Bacon of oinkland.
  • sarahthes
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    Turns out 2 small pumpkins make a lot of pumpkin.
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    October Goal: get thru the Aim At Melanoma run without losing it.....

    10/1 rest
    10/2 4.20
    10/3 4.10
    10/4 5.30
    10/5 rest
    10/6 4.40
    10/7 6.10

    Total: 24.10

    @orphia hope the back is feeling better!
    @all you Canadians: happy Thanksgiving (Monday)

    Ticker is my goal for 2017 and progress to date:


    Upcoming races:
    AIM at Melanoma 5k 10/14/17
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    Did my out and back today with 20 mph wind. Not really that strong but when there were gusts it felt like I was running in place. Of course the tailwind never felt that strong. >:)

    October 6th - off
    October 7th - 9.25 miles

    October total 25.96/75 miles

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    Finally some beautiful weather for a run. Down to 28c (82f) at 6am. Really enjoyable 7k this morning, very grateful for the reprieve from the humidity ☺
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    Hot long run today... in the high 60's when I started and I had to have my DH come pickup Hobbes the Vizsla 4 miles in. It was getting just too hot for his feet and already in the 80s. By the time I got home it was 93 and I thought I was going to die... definitely too hot. I also had 3 people stop to tell me to make sure I was hydrating - I must have looked like I was going to die too :)

    I do have a question... I am having issues when I am running with tightness in my hips and quads to the point I feel like I am hobbling for the first few miles off an on until they 'warm up'. I am rolling and stretching before I head out, doing some active stretches during the 1st mile and stretching and rolling afterwards. I thought having 3 days off would help but it really made no difference. Even with all of the active and static stretching and walking all over Costco this afternoon my quads are killing me. Note I have never had an issue with my quads other than after a race with lots of hills and really only occasionally with tight hips, nothing foam rolling and stretching didn't help. I have no clue what else to do and will look at any ideas you all might have for me.

    @eponine1984 - So many good response already that I have nothing really to add except know that you are already successful because you are one of the few who are off the couch and running!
    @Ray_Libby - I hear you on the heat! So Ca is supposed to cool a bit into the 80s this week and I can't wait, but I think we may be sending more heat your way.
    @sarahthes - mmm pie and pumpkin bread, 2 of my favorites! Happy Thanksgiving!! BTW I love your profile picture! what a difference, you look amazing!
    @HonuNui - Hang in there!!


    My completed and upcoming races. Let me know if you will be running them too.
    02/05/17 - Surf City Half Marathon
    07/23/17 - San Francisco 1st Half Marathon

    10/14/17 - AIM for the Cure Melanoma 5K Walk/Run
    12/16/17 - San Diego Holiday Half Marathon
    02/04/18 - Surf City Half Marathon
    07/22/18 - San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon
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    Ray_Libby wrote: »
    Goal this month is 110 miles

    10/1 - 9.03 miles
    10/3 - 4.25 miles
    10/4 - 4.22 miles
    10/6 - 5.06 miles
    10/7 -5.06 miles

    Hoping the temps here in the Phoenix area drop down into the 80's some as it is hard to run in 95-100 degree weather


    Hello fellow Phoenix runner! I am enjoying early morning runs just wish the evenings would be cooler