October 2017 Running Challenge



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    Ryokat wrote: »
    Did my out and back today with 20 mph wind. Not really that strong but when there were gusts it felt like I was running in place. Of course the tailwind never felt that strong. >:)

    October 6th - off
    October 7th - 9.25 miles

    October total 25.96/75 miles


    Same here. Of course my "out" was with the tailwind. Wind was strongest for the final mile along the river. That mile was a suckfest, as in I felt like I was being sucked backwards.
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    @anitamistry1 - Fantastic transformation!!!
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    10/1- 6 miles+ doggie walking
    10/2-P90X3 Total Synergystics+ doggie walking
    10/3-P90X3 Agility +7.1 hilly miles
    10/4- P90X3 yoga + hour of walking the pup
    10/5-45 minute weight training+5 miles+15 min doggie walk
    10/6- P90X3 Dynamix + 50 minutes of doggie walking
    10/7-10 miles + 25 minutes doggie walking with some little jogs thrown in

    I di the P90X3 Dynamix video Friday night and remembered just how good this video is for runners. Easy but effective dynamic stretching. I think it really helped with my run yesterday. Hubby and I hit the bike path in our area so he could do his longest ever run. He banged out 8.5 miles. So proud of him!! I also had a good run. Like I said, I thing all the strengthening and stretching I have been doing is helping. I averaged a fairly effortless 8:45 pace, even with the heat and a brutal headwind on the return.

    I also took my first ever run pictures because I am running with my phone now! If you follow me on Strava, I posted the pics there. Yesterday was also our anniversary, so after our run we went to lunch then to the international market and got tons of stuff to make a Chinese hot pot. We definitely pigged out, but at least we earned it first!

    @shanaber -Your hip problem sounds kind of similar to mine. High hamstring tendonitis often manifests itself in the glutes and hips. I don't have lots of advice, but I know that the strengthening and stretching that I am doing is really helping a lot. Hope you get it worked out!
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    Congratulations on the transformation @anitamistry1 !!!!!

    @shanaber Sorry to hear the quads are bothering you. If you're tight, it can be a bit of nerve compression (gah Everything is nerve compression to me- nasty little things that they are!). There's a femoral nerve (?) That feeds the quads. I'd just keep stretching, maybe some ice post run, heat when possible or a massage if you can swing it. Is your psoas right? I can honestly say my quads never have bothered me from running. You look up the symptoms of bursitis?

    Idk if this is helpful... https://www.runnersworld.com/injury-prevention-recovery/cure-quad-pain-calf-pain-and-heavy-legs

    Of course, a PT evaluation is the best way to go.
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    @eponine1984 For example, I had a runner tell me
    "good job" as I was running past him this morning. I got all defensive thinking "what did he mean by THAT! Do I look like I am struggling that much? Is it because I am overweight?". I then I remembered that I was running UP a monster hill while he was running DOWN. He probably just ran that hill and realized how much it sucked.

    Haha I had that happen to me this morning, coming from a small town I knew him, and he's a great runner, but the "good job" got me kind of defensive as well.

    Oct. 8 - 5.5K
    MTD - 30.5K/100K
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    The other day, a guy got on a treadmill two down from me (out of dozens that were further away from me) and started running literally twice as fast as me. Sorta demoralizing.


    This time next year you are going to look back and laugh at your progress.
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    10/1-6.2 miles 1270 Feet Elevation
    10/2- REST
    10/3- 9
    10/4- 7
    10//5- 9
    10/6- 5
    10/7- 15
    7/8- 5- Felt like being lazy

    Total Miles: 56.2
    Total Elevation: 1270

    October goal: Survive 100k training taper and Wild Duluth 100k
    Nominal Mileage goal: 100 miles.
    Elevation goal: 15000ft

    Today's notes: Another "not feeling it" kind of morning. I got up with the plan to get in 5 or 6 miles. 2 miles in, I decided on 5.... Yesterday's single track running really wore me out, probably because, running with friends, I was more running their run than running my own.... on the bright side, I ran a sub-9 average (barely) with an average HR of only 150 and 87% of the run in z1 and z2, so that made me happy... Also, my garmin gave me a "new v02 MAX of 55, for what it's worth...

    ....weekly mileage is now 50, 1 less than last week, and a lot flatter, but a bunch faster too, because of all the road running.

    2017 Races Scheduled
    6/16- William A Irvin 5k
    6/17- Grandma's Marathon 4:24:06
    7/15- Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon 7:22:23
    8/12- UMTR FatAss "Not Quite" 50k DNF, too darn hot out
    8/19- Rampage at the Ridge 5k OCR
    9/23- Ely Marathon 6:24:36
    10/21 Wild Duluth 100k
    11/23- TBD 5k Turkey
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    10/1 = 15 miles
    10/2 = 6.5 miles and strength training
    10/3 = rest day
    10/4 = 8 miles
    10/5 = 6.5 easy miles and strength training
    10/6 = kettlebell workout
    10/7 = 7 miles
    10/8 = 16 miles

    16 slow and easy miles with the running group this morning. 68 degrees when I started and 70 degrees and breezy at the end. Just perfect running weather. Too bad it will not stay that way. Highs in the 90s today and tomorrow.

    59.5/175 (September goal miles)

    Upcoming Races:
    10/28 = Hill Country Halloween Half Marathon
    11/23 = Georgetown Turkey Trot
    12/10 = BCS Marathon
    1/6/18 = River Road Run Half Marathon
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    0/1: 16.35k -Easy long run-
    10/2: 10.3k -Easy+11 strides-
    10/5: 10.6k -Moderate Tempo-
    10/6: 7.6k -Easy run-
    10/7: 15k -Intervals-
    10/8: 14.4k -Easy run-

    A tough run although it supposed to be easy. Yesterday's intervals combined with a long beer-night made the trick. Gooday all!

    Goal: 74.3k/180k

    Stay hydrated!

    Upcoming races:
    9/16: 4th Kavala Night City Run 10k: 49:47 (new PR)
    9/24: Xiropotamos Trail 2017 11k: 1:17:59
    10/1: Voreia Sirris Challenge 23k: Not registered
    10/15: Nestos Trail VFTU 10k
    11/26: 4th Democritus Half Marathon
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    10/1: 3.3
    10/2: 4.2
    10/5: 3.2
    10/7: 4.2
    10/8: 4.2

    Total: 19.1 / ???

    My teenager wanted to bike today, so I suggested she go 4 miles and I go 2 on foot. She wanted to bike 8, so I said I'd run two miles out, then walk back. Except that she called me right after the turnaround; she had crashed her bike and misaligned the front wheel enough that the brakes were keeping it from turning. Fortunately, we have bike-knowledgeable family close, and they got her to the parking lot near her about the time I got back to our car. So I ran twice as far as intended, with the second half speedier than desirable, which hopefully will have no ill effect. Teenager landed on the back of her (helmeted) head and clearly has a mild concussion; she's attempting to nap in a dark silent room while wearing sunglasses because "this room is still too bright." (She has zero symptoms of anything more serious than a concussion, and the only treatment for concussion is time and brain rest, so napping is good.)
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    5 miles this morning. Added a mile from last Sunday. My October goal is to run a 10K (probably on my own, there doesn't seem to be any this month that fit my schedule). So, I'm only 1.2 miles away from that. I may add another half mile on next Sunday. The last mile today was pretty slow, but it's done and it's time for football (and maybe a nap).


    Upcoming race - 10/28 Halloween Hunt 5 Miler
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    @JessicaMcB you're only a week out now! Oh, nice looking bird, looks like it'll taste great!
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    Galen Rupp wins the Chicago Marathon in 2:09:20 wow he's a minute off my HM PR ha ha! Awesome.

    Spoiler! Awww! I have it recorded so I didn't miss church. Yay!!!!
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    Elise4270 wrote: »
    Galen Rupp wins the Chicago Marathon in 2:09:20 wow he's a minute off my HM PR ha ha! Awesome.

    Spoiler! Awww! I have it recorded so I didn't miss church. Yay!!!!

    Sorry @Elise4270