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NEAT Improvement Strategies to Improve Weight Loss



  • cdnconnor
    cdnconnor Posts: 9 Member
    plythacur wrote: »
    My job is super sedentary so I use one of those under desk epiltical machines and probably pedal on that for three to four hours every weekday. I like it because I can easily do it while focusing on other things.

    I’m the opposite of a fidgeter in public and instead practice “statue” moves where I purposely engage a set of muscles while remaining still (mostly core or glute) for as long as possible. For example, I’ll sit in a meeting with both feet/legs off the floor by an inch or so using my lower core to keep them up for several minutes at a time. Or I’ll practice engaging my posterior chain (like at the top of a deadlift) while I am standing in line. As a bonus, it also gives me impeccable posture and makes me extra aware of my muscle engagement when I am actually working out.

    New to this thread but am interested in the under desk elliptical machine. I'll have to look it up. Thanks for the post from another office dweller.
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 22,387 Member
    Glad to see some new ideas & good practices coming into the thread: Yay!
  • middlehaitch
    middlehaitch Posts: 8,375 Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    Ooh I have a good one.

    If you have wood floors buy a good soft broom and sweep them.
    I've been doing it for so long I had forgotten about it.

    You wouldn't believe how much more relaxing it actually is than dragging out the vac and having that noise in your ears, I find it quicker too.

    Not for everyone, but I do 'wash' and polish the floors on my hands and knees too once a month. Kind of like an ab roller workout :)
    Quick go over with the Swiffer mop when needed between times.
    (1300sqft total, a section per week)

    Cheers, h.

    Don't know how I missed this when you posted it, middlehaitch: Cleanliness is next to calorie expenditure, if not to actual godliness. Or goddessliness, in your case, I guess. ;)

    It reads much more of an exhaustive endeavour than it is annpt77.
    I just hate the sound of the vacuum cleaner so much I find the alternative relaxing. I hate house work so finding a way to semi enjoy it is a plus.

    Cheers, h.
  • Orphia
    Orphia Posts: 7,090 Member
    MFP Blog had a list of NEAT tips yesterday:


    I liked this one:

    2. Use commercial breaks as an opportunity to clean and organize your living space.
  • AudreyJDuke
    AudreyJDuke Posts: 1,093 Member
    I love this!!!!
  • workinonit1956
    workinonit1956 Posts: 1,043 Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    I have to say that this thread right here has been the biggest help to me in my weight loss journey so far (and that’s saying a lot since I’ve gotten so much great advice, info and help from this community when I’ve asked for it)!
    I’m an older, shorter female 62, 5’2.5”) who started back here in January at an obese BMI of between 30-31. I didn’t exercise at all, and really thought my daily activity was ok (office job, keeping a house and garden, etc).
    When I began logging and staying within my calorie allowance, the weight began to drop. I started back with Pilates and began walking at least 30 minutes most days and felt better.
    It all really started to gel when I took to heart the power of NEAT. I made it my business to move more in my everyday life, the usual things like parking farther out in a parking lot, being inefficient at home and climbing more steps, going to the recycle bin numerous times instead of letting things build up, vacuuming both floors daily (I’m a clean freak, so bonus!), and things like that. I’m not obsessive, but more aware.
    According to my Fitbit (and my weight loss bears this out), my calorie burn averages between 1800-1900 a day which allows me to eat at around 1500 calories a day and continue to lose. I’m not breaking any speed records there, but it’s comfortable and sustainable.
    I started at 173 and am at 137 (normal BMI) currently. I hope to be in the mid 120’s or so by the end of the year.

    Thank you so much for this "testimonial"! I'm your age, 62, and also started at BMI 30-31, now at BMI 22.

    Too many people underestimate what they can accomplish by working at higher NEAT. Your story helps make that point that it can be quite significant.

    Good show!
    You’re most welcome, and thank you for putting this information out there. I think it’s an important piece of the puzzle. Be well:)

  • Hamsibian
    Hamsibian Posts: 1,388 Member
    edited August 2018
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    Hamsibian wrote: »
    I work at a food co-op, and my gym is a 3 minute walk from it. Some days off, I park at the co-op, walk to the gym, lift weights, then walk back to shop.

    it's becoming common for stores to offer drive ups for groceries. my tip for able-bodied shoppers: opt out of this option, walk the cart to your car, unload the groceries, then bring the carts back inside the store. Not only is it an easy way to increase NEAT, it's considerate and safe for other shoppers not to leave your carts in the middle of the lot (especially if the store doesn't have corrals).

    Great ideas!

    Bonus NEAT points when shopping: Unless physical limitations prevent, use a hand-basket rather than a cart whenever possible, and hand-carry the bag(s) to the car.

    As a li'l ol' lady, I routinely get "are you sure? it's going to be heavy!" from cashiers, when I tell them to put it all in my reusable bag . . . say, 3 half-gallons of milk, a quart of kefir, a big tub or two of yogurt, a six-pack, and some veggies. It gives me great satisfaction to smile brightly (while gaily swinging the full bag to my shoulder) and say "li'l ol' lady goes to the the gym for a reason; enjoy your day!"

    (Bonus story that I found Just. Hilarious.: I bought two big rectangular jugs, 2.5 gallons each, of distilled water, so a bit over 40 pounds total. I carried them from the back of the store to the register, then out to my car, which was well out in the lot.

    On the way to my car, a total stranger stopped me (obese guy younger than me, as it happened), because he needed to tell me that joke about how elderly people should exercise by lifting 10 pound potato sacks, switch to 20 pound sacks when that gets easy, and when that's going well, start adding potatoes.

    Completely bemused, I'm patiently standing there in the parking lot, while he tells this lame old joke to a gray-haired age 62 li'l ol' lady who's holding 2 jugs with 40+ pounds of water. While I merely laughed politely (internal eye roll) in the moment, I truly thought the whole event was very, very funny.)

    Great idea on the baskets. My acupuncturist instructed me to carry them after I was told I may have osteoporosis. I carry a basket on each hand for equal weight bearing. And I always find the "are you sure you can carry this?" Funny. I am guilty of this because there have been customers who got testy if I didn't.

    Another thing in regards to the driveups - we keep the groceries in carts to push to the car. Lately, I started carrying them instead if they're manageable.
    I actually order groceries and get curb-side pickup for a different reason. It keeps me from impulse buying. Trade-offs!

    Valid reason! It's hard working at the store and not buying sweet potato chips every shift. I unfortunately live just on the outskirts of any delivery service. They would totally help me out on bad Crohn's days, or when I just don't want to leave the house. :D