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    20 Hogarth Road, Hove, Sussex, England.
    Clever people can look it up on street view. :)B)
    No plans or photos because it was brand new on the market.
    Detached, parking, storage garage, garden, good condition. You can see the sea from the front gate. :D<3
    The vendors have had an offer accepted on a house with no chain. They want to move quickly. Crossing every finger and toe.

    Love Heather UK XXXXXX

    Oh, Heather, it looks a dream!! I've never been to England and we can't drive the motor home over so I guess I'm gonna have to save my pennies. :). So excited for you. I hope it all works out.
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    exermom wrote: »
    We had a power failure last night and the battery backup on our clock didn’t work so I got up late. Actually, I got up about the right time but figured I’d go back to bed and the alarm would wake me up. Only it didn’t. So I changed to doing an extreme strength training DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to take the water class. My UPS was fried, not sure if it was because of the power outage or what. Fortunately, Vince had another one so I’m up and running. But I did lose internet connection

    After class I’m going to go and see about getting rye bread for Vince and then to WalMart to get items so I can cook Saturday.

    Katla – I hope your dog has an enjoyable fourth of July

    Teresa – welcome! Come back soon and tell us more about yourself.

    Heather – congrats on the house!

    I got this bubba mug and evidentally the person before me had coffee in it. I don’t like coffee. It’s probably been about 1-1/2 years since I had even a taste of it. I just don’t care for it. But even when I did have some, it tasted too bitter to me. I had it at a Marriott hotel so I’m sure they don’t have poor quality coffee. Anyway, since Monday (or maybe it was Tuesday), I’ve had the mug filled with water and I put peppermint oil in it. I thought I’d taken care of the problem because last week at bowling I put a peppermint starlight (hard mint) in my water at bowling. But this week I could taste the coffee again. Fortunately, we don’t have bowling Monday because of the 4th, so hopefully, this will take care of it. Anyone else have any suggestions as to how to get rid of that nasty coffee taste?

    Dana – have fun at the campground!

    Mary – I am so sorry for you and your daughter. I’m really surprised that they aren’t moving quicker to get this taken care of. Vince had a bowel obstruction a while ago and he was in lots of pain

    Rebecca – I’ll tell you my breakfast if you promise not to laugh. Mixed vegetables, Tone It Up protein, applesauce and blueberries. Stop chuckling under your breath….lol

    Kate UK – lovely skirt

    Went in the pool (natch), changed the pool filters, now Rover is running, put air in my float, got things ready to take to the Salvation Army tomorrow

    Janetr – you look great. HB to Jack

    Need to color my roots and take a shower.

    Michele in NC

    No judgements here! <3
    Love, Rebecca
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    stats for the day:

    bike ride hm 2 gym- 7.35min, 129mhr, 12.6amph. 1.5mi= 70c
    apple watch- 68c
    ARM SPIN MACHINE- 30in, 35arpm, 60mhrp, 91mw, 29.7aw, 105ahr, 135mhr, 5.80mi= 126c
    apple watch- 164c
    ARM SPIN MACHINE/standup- 10min, 112ahr, 128mhr, 217arpm, 7.4km = 186c
    apple watch- 119c
    bike ride gym 2 dome- 5.16min, 125mhr, 16.8amph, 1.4mi= 45c
    apple watch- 44c
    bike ride puy 2 sumn sta- 14.25min, 12.6amph, 118ahr, 142mhr, 3mi= 131c
    apple watch- 119c
    jog sta 2 wk- 4.37min, 150mhr, 135ahr, 8.52min mi, .5mi= 54c
    apple watch- 51c
    jog wk 2 sumn sta- 4.14min, 9.25min mi, 125ahr, 151mhr, .4mi= 55c
    Apple Watch- 50c
    bike ride dome 2 hm-windy!! 18.10min 8.5amph, 156mhr, 125ahr, 2.5mi= 186c
    apple watch- 155c

    total cal 853
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    Well my breakfast this morning. What did y'all have?

    Nothing ... as usual.

    Oh, except for my black coffee and tall glass of cold water.

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    Morning Ladies
    Not feeling so hot this morning...going to try and stay in bed for a bit...see if I can rest for awhile...
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    Good morning!
    Am trying to stay productive....thank you for the support! Car show tomorrow so skipping work, yay! Husband wanted help cleaning car last night...I told him no. I had things that needed to be done. Vacuumed house, cleaned kitchen, finished laundry, paid property taxes-ugh! Did work paperwork for 90 mins before bed.
    Breakfast is not my favorite meal time. I am not hungry in morning. About 1030 I am ready to eat. I like leftovers then. Breakfast foods are our go to dinner. Fast and easy.
    It is hard when our kids are hurting. Prayers for healing.
    CBD - it was recommended to me for migraines and knee pain. May need to try.

    Went back to sleep after doggie got me up at 4. Slept in. Oops. Time to get ready for work.
    Stay hydrated in the heat. Stay warm in the cold. Prayers and hugs for those in need. Congratulations and smiles for all the great works both large and small.
    Donovan, my son in law that works with us is from Bentonville. He has been keeping me updated on world series. Haven't seen news yet today......

    Have a blessed day!
    Kylia in Ohio still swimming but having great support!
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    Michele as long as it is not coated Bar Keepers friend works wonders on stainless steel.
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    So busy. 8 hour+ days, 6 days this week and little time for anything else.

    Thanks Barbara and Evelyn, I too think Kidd Kirby is a complete doll, but I know I start from a very biased place.

    Today, even Charlie Underfoot wishes I’d just slow down and play with him.

    The garage is still flooding when we run the clothes washer so Sunday will be spent at the laundrymat. We don’t have a spare five to ten grand to run a new sewer connection line to it, so we are out of luck. I am very glad we have 4 sets of sheets (especially since the cats share our bed) but will curse when we have to spend the hours there necessary to get everything washed.

    Scale is behaving. Exercise is minimal beyond the strength training. Might be able to get a bit of swim in on the 4th, I hope. (Of course I’ll be working on the 4th too, just not a full shift because they are closing earlier).

    So I’ll wish you all the best, not sure how much I’ll be around but I do usually have a slow down in the early evening at work where I can catch up reading about y’all - but my participation will be curtailed by the demands on my time.

    If I grab a good kitty pic I may try to share it with you, but prob won’t have much time for more until and unless I can adjust to this schedule.

    Love, best wishes, hugs and congrats to all,

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    I just tried bar keepers friend on a stainless steel pot I had let go dry on the stove the other day. The inside did not sustain any damage, but the pot had a nice black coat on it. With the bar keepers friend it got most of the black off. Thanks for helping me remember how well it works on stainless steel. It also works on porcelain, but check in a spot first and do not rub hard on the porcelain.

    :heart: Margaret