JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS ~ Round 45



  • jerier
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    @jerier I actually messed it up (thank you for the link!), and edited my post; my brain had it backwards (5 is bad, 1 is good). My intensity level has definitely been on the way down (from 2 to now 4). DEFCON 1 is intense. What's been happening?

    @puddlegoober You're welcome :smile: I had it backwards, too, until I looked it up. Lol.
    Nothing awful has happened. I'm a serial crunchy junk food binger. :scream: Comes and goes with little to no triggers.
    My biggest problem, I never feel satisfied after eating. Ever. The constant vigilance and "you don't need more," self talk is mentally exhausting.
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    @denicaswrex I'm with you on wanting to leave the 160's behind. Maybe I should be doing something to inspire me in the evening - I'm all committed in the morning and by evening it has evaporated.