July 2018 Running Challenge



  • PastorVincent
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    07/01/2018 - 0 :(
    07/02/2018 - 0 :(
    07/03/2018 - 0 :(
    07/04/2018 - 13.1 miles - The sun tried to kill me
    07/05/2018 - 0 :(
    07/06/2018 - 8 miles - 8:41 pace
    07/07/2018 - 13.1 miles
    07/08/2018 - 0 - went walking with wife instead :)
    07/09/2018 - 9 miles - 9:34
    07/10/2018 - 0 - Teaching
    07/11/2018 - 11 miles - 9:09
    07/12/2018 - 10 miles - 9:36
    07/13/2018 - Movie night: A Wrinkle in Tim
    07/14/2018 - 10 miles @ 10:04
    07/15/2018 - 0
    07/16/2018 - 4.5 miles walking
    07/17/2018 - 11 miles @ 9:26

    Upcoming Races:

    07/20/18 - Liberty Get Well Mile
    08/11/18 - Howl At The Moon 5k

    --More as I find them - need to find a nice trail race

    2021 - Disney World Dopey! (if can raise funds)

  • abutcher2122
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    I track my fitness with the Misfit Shine2. I don’t need to know when someone texts or calls as my kid is only 6 and I don’t really like people. Lol. Tap it twice and I see my progress and the time. Tap is 3 times and it goes into my preferred activity. I choose it for the fact that I could personalize the way it looks. Plus it came with a sport strap, a leather strap and a clip which came in handy when I was on the treadmill.
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    @Teresa502 - I don't normally carry water because I am typically never far from a drinking fountain. On Monday I was further than I should have been apparently given the heat and humidity. I also hate carrying a bottle or wearing a belt with bottles - I do have them I just hate the way it feels.
    @skippygirlsmom - I really hope they can tell you something that can put her mind at ease! Sending her (and you) lots of big {{hugs}}!
    @MegaMooseEsq - I think we have all been caught up in that chasing the PR, chasing a specific pace, etc. at some point in time and it will come and go. All I wanted when I started (after I got over just being able to run a little bit) was to be able to run faster and faster... each time I got injured and came back I was pushing to get back to whatever pace or time I thought I should be running. Now I just try to run at whatever feels right for that day and the conditions at the time as well as following my plan if i am training for something. For me it has really become to just be the best me, I can be whether running or weight lifting or whatever I am doing.

    On the bugs and bats discussion... I can deal with some bugs better than others none of which I want in my house. I can remember my Grandma (in Florida) having 'palmetto' bugs which were just another name for huge *kitten* cockroaches! Yuck! I cannot deal with spiders inside or outside but I do like to see the pretty webs they make just so long as they are not anywhere that I need to go. I used to be SO afraid of bats until I took a class with my daughter at the Seattle zoo, all about bats. It was so interesting and they are pretty cute. I was very disheartened by all the issues and illnesses that have beset them and consequently the impact to the overall environment. We have them here but not as many as in the past and in Seattle they are encouraging people to put up bat houses and/or open their attics to them, especially in the older homes where they used to live anyway.

    @bride001 - yah - I was worried too but tried it and then tested how it felt barefoot and with my running shoes and even with a test run. It was actually pretty easy to put the tape on but it did take me a few attempts to get it pulled right.

    On the run tracker... I used to use MapMyRun on my phone as well as the activity tracker on my Apple Watch. But now I just use the Strava app on my watch. I like some of the features on MMR like the current pace, that isn't available on Strava and honestly if there was a feed from MMR to Strava I would go back to using it. I too love my Apple Watch for texts, calls, music (I use Spotify), etc. My daughter has one too and we 'compete' to complete our daily activities. I had the Apple Watch original (1?) and can say the 3 is much improved. I haven't had any problems really with it and the battery last multiple days. If I didn't have the Apple Watch and love it so much I would definitely get one of the Garmins that has similar functionality.
    @marisap2010 - If you are using Strava on your watch, save your activity there (don't close the app) and open the app on your phone. Pull down on the feed screen to refresh and your workout should appear there. I have not had any issues getting it to synch.

    @elise4270 - yes I mentioned Topo's I have the road ST2s as well as the trail MT2s for agility. I love them! They are light minimal drop (0 in the ST2s and 3 or 4 I think in the MT2s) and have the nice wide toe box. When I was traveling a lot I always too the ST2s because they can fold up or squish really flat! Note depending on which ones you got they don't have a ton of cushion or padding.
  • Orphia
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    A friend can't remember the last time she ran without pain or a niggle.

    I feel the same way, but I'm OK with it. As my wonderful boss says, "There's always something".

    I'm not talking about torn muscles or anything. Just things that make you go, "hmm".

    Does that sound familiar?
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    edited July 2018
    Elise4270 wrote: »
    @Elise4270 I would have screamed and ran inside to take 5 showers.

    The frog? Nah. I just wiped my foot off in the grass. Tbh, I didn't even wash my foot before bed. Figured it's like fish slime. Haha!

    Eww!! That statement makes me want to take a shower. Lol please tell me you washed your sheets the next day at least.

    4.5 miles think I might get close to making my goal.

    @Orphia I’m right there with your friend. I feel like an old lady the first mile of my runs. Everything just hurts and cracks, I probably look like a drunk person. I too am okay with it as my doctors say I actually need to be exercising more.
  • Scott6255
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    Orphia wrote: »
    A friend can't remember the last time she ran without pain or a niggle.

    I feel the same way, but I'm OK with it. As my wonderful boss says, "There's always something".

    I'm not talking about torn muscles or anything. Just things that make you go, "hmm".

    Does that sound familiar?

    Amen sister! That's why it takes me so long to 'warm-up'. I feel stiff everywhere and my lower legs always have at least a slight pain with each step for several miles. But most of the time it goes away eventually.
    I dream of the day I don't feel that pain on the first step.
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    @PastorVincent Check out this website. Lots race options in our general area. You might find that trail race you are looking for. https://www.westernreserveracing.com
  • PastorVincent
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    Orphia wrote: »
    A friend can't remember the last time she ran without pain or a niggle.

    I feel the same way, but I'm OK with it. As my wonderful boss says, "There's always something".

    I'm not talking about torn muscles or anything. Just things that make you go, "hmm".

    Does that sound familiar?

    I do not even remember the last day I did not have any pain...
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    3.85 this morning 73F with 94% humidity. Total of 22.8 per Endomondo.
  • sarahthes
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    Got up early to run before it gets hot but I'm not running during a thunderstorm so I guess I will run later when it's hot.

    At least it's not going to be as hot as yesterday...
  • LaDispute57
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    July goal is 150 miles

    7/1..... 5.00............ 5.00/145.00
    7/2..... Rest............ 5.00/145.00
    7/3..... 7.00............12.00/138.00
    7/4..... 5.00............17.00/133.00
    7/5..... 7.00............24.00/126.00
    7/6..... 5.00............29.00/121.00
    7/7..... Rest............29.00/121.00
    7/8..... 16.00..........45.00/105.00
    7/9..... Rest............45.00/105.00
    7/10.... 6.00...........51.00/ 99.00
    7/11.... 4.00...........55.00/ 95.00
    7/12.... 6.00...........61.00/ 89.00
    7/13.... Rest...........61.00/ 89.00
    7/14.... 14.00.........75.00/ 75.00
    7/15...... 6.50.........81.50/ 68.50
    7/16.... Rest...........81.50/68.50
    7/17.... 10.00.........91.50/ 58.50
    7/18...... 5.00.........96.50/ 53.50

    Upcoming races:

    October 20: Sinnemahone Ultra Marathon Trail Race (50K)
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    July Mileage Goal: 75 miles

    7/1 2.50 m
    7/2 3.35 m
    7/3 4.00 m
    7/4 Rest
    7/5 2.00 m
    7/6 2.00 m
    7/7 2.25 m
    7/8 Rest
    7/9 3.50 m
    7/10 5.00 m
    7/11 Rest
    7/12 2.50 m
    7/13 3.70 m
    7/14 4.00 m
    7/15 Rest
    7/16 Rest
    7/17 4.30 m

    7/17 Very humid. I don't track my pace. I just about ate it on some mud that I thought was wet pavement and I think I overcorrected when keeping myself upright because my foot is quite tender this am. Hopefully some laps in the stacks will help loosen things up.
  • mbaker566
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    7/6-1.01mi(2 hours of aerial hammock and hoop)
    7/7-1.01mi(2 hours of aerial yoga)
    7/8-1.01mi(walked 5 miles at the renaissance faire)
    7/11- 2.2mi (2 hours of aerial yoga)
    7/12-1.04mi (1 hour aerial yoga)
    7/13- 1.01mi (2 hours of aerial hammock and hoop)
    7/14- 2.07mi (3.5 hours of aerial yoga)
    7/15- 2.00mi
    7/16- 1.01mi
    7/17- 1.01mi
    7/18- (2 hours of aerial yoga)

    i think i need a race or something. i'm not finding commitment all on my own