Name something that was easy for you to give up



  • Evamutt
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    gave up eating jazmine rice every day, only have it once in a while. I actually started eating a lot more things that I didn't before rather than give up things
  • Kullerva
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    I was out on my own for the first time buying groceries. I saw the sale price on soda and said something like, "Well, I guess I don't drink soda anymore."

    If only mom had pointed that out to me when I was younger, we could have saved tons on the grocery bill...
  • DrDrewSmith
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    I used to eat ice cream quite frequently but noticed I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would when I served up a bowl. So, one day, about 10+ years ago, I just decided to stop eating it. I have had the odd frozen treat, ie., ice cream on a stick, but I never really missed ice cream. My wife loves it and I am OK with her eating it because I really have no interest in it.

    I switched to black coffee decades ago and never missed cream or sugar in my coffee.

    I never drank a lot of soda anyway and, at one time, I thought diet cola was a good thing to drink while I managed my calories but have since learned how bad diet drinks are, so, like ice cream, I never think about soda. I will have a gin and tonic occasionally but that's the only soda-like drink I ever have.
  • flagrantavidity
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    Soda - I like the bubbles so I often drink sparkling water now.
  • New2ket0
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    Alcohol... ok I’m lying I still have it socially 🍷🍹
  • dsboohead
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  • elisa123gal
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    I was surprised I gave these things up easily and I think it is what made me lose weight easily this time.

    1. sodium (no adding salt, no processed foods, or condiments).
    2. no artificial sweeteners
    3. no sugar
    4. no diet sodas or sodas
    4. gave up alcohol (this took effort, but mattered).
  • Noreenmarie1234
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    Drinking my calories. I can't believe I wasted so many calories in juices and calorie laden drinks. That was so easy to give up because there are low/no calorie drink options.

  • strongwouldbenice
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    For me it was meat. I had wanted to go vegetarian for about a year but I just didn't know how I would manage not being able to eat chicken, tuna, pork etc and still lose weight/get enough protein.
    Then about halfway through a six month eurotrip where I wasn't tracking any food, I just decided to stop eating meat. I've been back home now since January, I'm down 13kg, my protein is 80g+ a day, and I haven't missed meat once.
  • swimmchick87
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    I personally believe in everything in moderation, so I haven't completely given any food up. What's been really easy for me though, is giving up drinking alcohol at dinners out. I figure if I'm only going to have 1-2 drinks and not even really get buzzed, why waste the calories? My friends and I go to a taco tuesday every week as well as a trivia night and I'm the only one who doesn't drink at these events, and I honestly don't miss it all. I also don't drink at happy hour if I'm driving home. I will drink at parties or going out dancing on the weekend or something like that where I'm not driving.

    This isn't really giving something up, but one thing that's been relatively easy for me is reducing portion sizes. 90% of the time, I'm perfectly happy with 5 chicken wings as opposed to 10 or eating 2 pieces of pizza instead of 5. I still get the taste but I don't have to deal with that overly stuffed feeling.
  • GrumpyHeadmistress
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    Weirdly- chocolate. I thought I was a real chocoholic but actually I don’t miss it at all.
  • yirara
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    I have a snacking habit but it's fairly easy to give up on my trigger foods. Crisps: lots of cool brands in the UK (haggis & black pepper ftw! Or what Polish shops are selling!!!) but I don't feel like eating them when I'm not deficient in sodium. So that's an easy one: eat more salt. Nimm 2 hard candies: not available in the UK. Proper licorice doesn't exist either and my favourite Danish brand costs £10 per 150gr pot. While there's a Scandinavian shop a very short walk away selling them it's too expensive. So also easy. Good quality, high cocoa milk chocolate? Doesn't exist either. Phew. I'm one lucky sheep girl.
  • Machka9
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    I've never been a drinker (alcohol) ... so I can go a year or two or three or more without even thinking about it.

    However, I used to eat quite a lot of potato chips ... that turned out to be really incredibly easy to drop from my diet.

  • yirara
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    I've never been a drinker (alcohol) ... so I can go a year or two or three or more without even thinking about it.

    However, I used to eat quite a lot of potato chips ... that turned out to be really incredibly easy to drop from my diet.

    Same here! I like caipirinhas, and make lots of use of them on my annual business trip to Brazil. But the weather here just isn't good enough most of the time to enjoy them. A good gin or red wine? Maybe, but enjoying a glass alone just isn't fun. So very, very little alcohol.