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Name something that was easy for you to give up



  • elsie6hickmanelsie6hickman Member Posts: 3,863 Member Member Posts: 3,863 Member
    Pasta. I love pasta, and it was easy to make. I gave up soda and alcohol years ago. I'll still have a wine if I go out to dinner but not more than 1. Pizza was another hard thing for me to give up.
  • Runnergirl626Runnergirl626 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Pop! Haven’t had one in over 3 years 😃🙌🏼
  • New_Heavens_EarthNew_Heavens_Earth Member Posts: 610 Member Member Posts: 610 Member
    Soda, juice, cured meats. I have to really be in a desperate nothing else available situation.
  • Sabine_StroehmSabine_Stroehm Member Posts: 19,332 Member Member Posts: 19,332 Member
    Sodas with sugar
    candy bars
    fast food
    enriched white bread

    Cold turkey
  • mholl15mholl15 Member Posts: 139 Member Member Posts: 139 Member
    Sodas with sugar
    candy bars
    fast food
    enriched white bread

    Cold turkey

    same here except I might have a Cobb salad from Chick-Fil-A
  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Member Posts: 28,074 Member Member Posts: 28,074 Member
    Creamer in my coffee. I've been drinking it black for about six months now, and I NEVER thought that would happen.
  • GottaBurnEmAllGottaBurnEmAll Member Posts: 7,722 Member Member Posts: 7,722 Member
    I have celiac disease. I gave up eating (for the most part) pre-made commercial gluten free substitute products like crackers and cookies. They're just not good or worth the calories.

    On the rare occasion when I get sick and get a stomach bug, I'll have my husband get me some gluten free pretzel sticks and diet ginger ale. That's pretty much the only commercial GF product I eat.
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  • ChristianMomWifeFriendChristianMomWifeFriend Member Posts: 29 Member Member Posts: 29 Member
    Wearing pajamas 24/7 , when I lost my first 30 pounds I felt good enough to wear regular clothes around town and I retired all those pajamas . I only have one pair and I will it to sleep.

    Food wise. I gave up places that have MSG, I am so sensitive I think I may be allergic and I had bad trips Everytime I ate , yet for years I thought I was just a nut case. You know having an episode after eating like an alcoholic does after drinking a 12 pack lol.
  • Plump_ArtistPlump_Artist Member, Premium Posts: 9 Member Member, Premium Posts: 9 Member
    Soda, juice + chocolate.
    Really surprised but I was ready to give it up. So much less bloated and thirsty on just water.
  • SaibasuSaibasu Member Posts: 116 Member Member Posts: 116 Member
    Giving up sugary drinks! I was never a fan of soda but LOVED me some brisk lemon ice tea and other sugar drinks that were similar. Now it’s just water and tea (regular non sweet tea). Pasta was easy too, I didn’t realize how much better I would feel until I stopped eating it. Now, if I have any at my MIL’s (to act great full) I feel so bloated and gross. Yuck.
  • Diem78Diem78 Member Posts: 1,720 Member Member Posts: 1,720 Member
    Sugary breakfast cereal, full sugar soda pop, alcohol.... I haven't "quit" these things... I just typically don't find them "worth" spending my calories on anymore!
  • ecrosby512ecrosby512 Member Posts: 55 Member Member Posts: 55 Member
    Ice cream
    Fast food
    Potato chips
  • bjess8411bjess8411 Member Posts: 68 Member Member Posts: 68 Member
    mholl15 wrote: »
    Is there anything you guys struggled with but was able to give it up easily?

    For me, it was alcohol. I was a heavy drinker but refused to be called an alcoholic because I could go days, weeks and months without a drink but my real problem was I didn't know how to stop once I started drinking. I would have to drink the whole damn bottle before I felt enough was enough. On July 7, I quit drinking cold turkey and changed my diet completely. I have since lost a total of 22 lbs and got my A1C back below 6.50.

    If you are a drinking alcohol and you're struggling losing weight, I can almost guarantee that if you quit drinking, you'll see a huge difference immediately.
    All coke. Juice.
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  • Jams29Jams29 Member Posts: 108 Member Member Posts: 108 Member
    Sodas. Drank it A LOT as a I rarely do.

    Alcohol. I used to drink every weekend. Now it's pretty rare (MAYBE once a month/every 2 months).
  • mholl15mholl15 Member Posts: 139 Member Member Posts: 139 Member
    I created this post back on July 31, 2018. I was my best post created. Let see if I can give it some new legs.

    Name something that was easy for you to give up- For me, it was alcohol.
  • rainbow198rainbow198 Member Posts: 2,263 Member Member Posts: 2,263 Member
    Drinking liquid calories such as soda, juice, alcohol.

    Once I started keeping track of my calories and learned how much I was consuming in drinks alone, I cut way back and before I knew it I didn't miss it at all.
  • corinasue1143corinasue1143 Member Posts: 5,811 Member Member Posts: 5,811 Member
    The more you know the easier it is.
  • DancingMoosieDancingMoosie Member Posts: 7,592 Member Member Posts: 7,592 Member
    French bread or pepper water crackers with brie. This used to be a once weekly treat, and now I never eat it!
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