Name something that was easy for you to give up



  • SCoil123
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    Things that were easy to give up that I don’t miss at all-
    1. Alcohol
    2. Creamer and sweetener in coffee
    3. Soda

    Things that are still hard to limit
    1. Cheese
    2. Baked treats
  • cbenno97
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    Orange juice--I used to drink it like water. It is not.
  • TakeTheLongWayHome
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    Fast food. You know that you aren’t eating anything good for you when you wind up at a fast food place, but when you type it in and see exactly the fat and calories you consumed, it was staggering to me. And I would do it multiple times a week😮. Cut all that out over a year ago now, lost more than 40 pounds and feel better than I ever have.
  • JoeyTheWanderer
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    Oddly enough smoking was probably the easiest thing I've quit. I smoked for about three years. When I got a gastric ulcer; any cigarettes aggravated the condition. It's quite like drinking lava.

  • Mr_Healthy_Habits
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    Not this place 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    Not this place 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Hahahah.... for real!! :D
  • BradOWGolf
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    Brussel sprouts... so easy to give those up (-: Actually, I have not given up anything completely. I've had way less fast food; mostly drink light beer vs. craft beer now; diet pop now but occasionally a regular pop. 5 or 10 peanut M and M's now versus the whole bag... pizza is the hardest food to give up for me, frozen, regular, thin or thick crust, delivered or home made... I never met a pizza I did not like. It's all about counting the calories and doing both weight training and cardio and sticking to it with reasonable goals.
  • frankiesgirlie
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    Under eating. Before being on MFP I used to work out a lot. I ate only 1200-1400 calories total. I’m female and 5’9”. Simply not enough calories. I’d lose weight but it was torture. I now work out shorter durations, and lose weight eating 1700.
  • Noreenmarie1234
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    Liquid calories. I wasted so many on high calorie juices/smoothies/coffeesyrups/pop before I counted. I found out there is just a diet/low calorie version of everything. It was one of the first switches I made when counting calories over 10 years ago.
  • shaf238
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    Shisha (hookah)
  • fitchick37
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    I quit alcohol on 1st January this year by accident....didn't really mean to stop drinking but one day rolled in to another and now I'm 99 days alcohol free.

    We ran out of Diet Coke about 10 days ago and when I did the shop yesterday I didn't buy more, I got diet 7Up and Diet Fanta instead....I still want a cold fizzy drink and I intend to wean myself off these sodas totally but so far quitting Diet Coke has been surprisingly easy as I was drinking about 4 cans a day.

    There's lots of changes I need to make in my diet but one thing at a time. :smiley:
  • montevalloroad18
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    Soda especially sprite and coke.
    Whenever I was thirsty it was one of these I picked up.
    I gave it up more than 3 years ago and it was easy cause I substituted it with something more healthy like coconut water or buttermilk and after a while I switched to lemon and ginger water or cucumber water.
    Finally now its just plain water for me 🤩🤩

    In between I had tried pepsi once and I was shocked I used to drink these before. I did not like the tatse of it.

    -Baked good (except whole wheat or rye bread)
    -Diary products (during the holidays I do have a slice of pizza or 2 so there is cheese from that. But otherwise no. I dont make them. I dont buy them)

    I switched over to plant based milk for my coffee and at the beginning it was a little weird but my sinusitis flare ups just stopped and I was over the moon for it !!!
  • missysippy930
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    Nothing that I really like. Moderation works for me.

    I don’t eat things I don’t like, even though they may be considered good for you. Quinoa, kale & brussel sprouts to name a few.
  • Soda, but that was because I figured out through an inadvertent experiment that I had WAY less fibromyalgia pain when I did not drink it than when I did. Now I don't like the taste.
  • nighthawk584
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    Alcohol. Was only going to be temporary, but it's been over a year and best thing I did along with starting my wlj at same time. Plus it was a huge factor in my overeating and acid reflux.
  • lemurcat2
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    Things that were easy for me to quit - not weight loss related:

    (1) As a teen somewhat susceptible to peer pressure wrt certain things, I was on a class outing and we could have soda with lunch and I noticed all the other girls were picking diet beverages so I did that too (I wasn't a big pop drinker at the time, but ordinarily would have chosen a Coke), and thought it was fine and just started drinking diet when I consumed pop after that. After a few years if I accidentally got served a non diet soda I could tell immediately and didn't like the tasty, too syrupy.

    (2) When I was 29, I started a new job with a soda fountain where we could get soda or water for free and was drinking quite a lot of soda for a while (I rarely drank soda at home because it was heavy to carry home from the grocery store). For some reason at some point I decided to cut back and just switched to water as my main drink.

    (3) I started drinking coffee in college and at first drank it about half milk/half coffee (I've never liked sugar in coffee, sweet coffee just tastes weird and off to me). I gradually reduced the amount of milk and when I was working at my fulltime, non summer job I was at a meeting where the only milk-like option available was that powdered creamer stuff that didn't seem appealing so I tried it black and found I liked it that way. Never went back. ;-) (I will on rare occasion have something like a latte, and for breakfast when traveling in some countries I do also.)

    Things easy to quit - weight loss related:

    When I decided to lose weight I went through my diet to see where I was getting excess cals that would be easy to cut calories. What I saw was that I did a lot of mindless eating, where I wasn't really loving the foods but just eating them because they were there. So I (mostly) eliminated those things:

    (1) Most of the time, the bread on the table before dinner at a restaurant. I don't care about bread all that much, and was only eating because it was there, others were, and I was hungry for dinner. So I stopped.

    (2) Large servings of rice, pasta -- I realized that although I enjoy these foods (so long as they are paired with other foods), I would often eat more than I really wanted just because of portion distortion or because they were there. This was true even when I made them, since I'd misjudge how large a serving dry rice and pasta would be. I started measuring them and sticking to a serving size or less and creating more volume from the other components of the dish (like veg), and again found that easy.

    (3) Mindless eating of stuff at work. Every once in a while something truly amazing turns up at my office and I decide it's worth the cals to eat. Otherwise, it's stuff I don't love, but used to eat because it's there and free. Similarly, I don't eat foods I don't care about that just happen to end up in my house (like leftover candy bars from Halloween). Since none of this was foods I cared about, it just naturally happened as a result of having to think about whether a particular source of calories was worth the cals to me. Other foods I liked more and planned to have that day always won out.
  • mholl15
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    SCoil123 wrote: »
    Things that were easy to give up that I don’t miss at all-
    1. Alcohol
    2. Creamer and sweetener in coffee
    3. Soda

    Things that are still hard to limit
    1. Cheese
    2. Baked treats

    cheese is my weakness as well