Name something that was easy for you to give up

Is there anything you guys struggled with but was able to give it up easily?

For me, it was alcohol. I was a heavy drinker but refused to be called an alcoholic because I could go days, weeks and months without a drink but my real problem was I didn't know how to stop once I started drinking. I would have to drink the whole damn bottle before I felt enough was enough. On July 7, I quit drinking cold turkey and changed my diet completely. I have since lost a total of 22 lbs and got my A1C back below 6.50.

If you are a drinking alcohol and you're struggling losing weight, I can almost guarantee that if you quit drinking, you'll see a huge difference immediately.



  • apullum
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    Congratulations on being sober!

    I didn't give up any foods that I didn't want to give up. I did cut back on plenty of portion sizes once I learned just how many calories I was taking in. However, for me we're talking about sweets and starchy foods rather than alcohol.
  • cjrmack2014
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    For me like others it was sodas. Now I drink water or tea.
  • Anything related to sugar
  • Bekah7482
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    Surprisingly fast food was easy to give up. Almost all my food used to come from a drive thru (Taco Bell and Jack in the Box being my go to places) but I haven't been to a fast food restaurant since 1/1/17 and I dont miss it. I honestly though it would be more difficult to break that one.
  • middlehaitch
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    Ginger ale, by accident.
    I drank a couple of cans a day.

    In 2009 I was close to my weight loss goal and we went on a trip to Italy and a med cruise.
    It was hot, it was hard carrying a can of warm fizzy pop around, so my SO and sister taught me how to say 'agua minirali con gas'.
    I was thrilled as I don't pick up languages, even phrases, well and just kept ordering 'agua minirali con gas'.

    By the time we got home I didn't like the taste of ginger ale, or other pops anymore they were too sweet.

    I finally dropped those last few lbs, and, 9years later, still don't drink pop, unless mixed with alcohol B)

    Cheers, h.
  • Elucy321
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    The easiest thing I gave up was pasta and bread. I decided to go low (almost NO) carb, and within a matter of just a few days, it had no appeal to me whatsoever. I was so surprised at how easy it was to go without it, and still feel like I was making meals that my son and I could really enjoy!
  • mholl15
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    same here, before i quit I told myself there was no way I could quit cold turkey, surprisingly it wasn't hard at all
  • nvmomketo
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    Bread and noodles. The toppings are the best part, IMO.
  • HoneyBadger302
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    I'm not a "never, ever, can I have it again" person, so there's nothing I've completely given up.

    I have, however, nearly eliminated soda, which used to be a pretty much daily thing for me, or at least a few times a week. Now it's a couple times a month (if that) when I'm on the road for a race weekend, occasionally with a dinner out with friends (which is pretty rare).

    Sparkling water was the cure for my soda addiction. Bubbles were the key to giving that up!