He's/She's Just Not That Into You



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    I never, and I stress "NEVER", trust anyone who can sleep with socks on. That's dark magic

    Very true. Anyone whose second toe is much longer than their big toe is also likely an alien.


    Oh wait. I'm an immigrant. Do you mean that kind of alien?

    No, I mean like E.T.

    I'll accept alien like an immigrant but not like ET.

    My poor alien toes are the result of many years of badly fitting footwear, they were quite normal at birth.

    Well see thats ok then. :)
  • mustacheU2Lift
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    If he says he's washing his hair tonight...hes not into you

    Oh, I have the perfect gif for this


    Im using this line.
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    If he says his beer fridge is empty...hes not that into you

    Hey, I have other attributes!
    And my beer fridge is never REALLY empty.
  • Just_Mel_
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    Emotionally unavailability. What's even the point?
  • Just_Mel_
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    Wearing Crocs is a deal breaker.
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    Yeah, sock & sandals just seem wrong to me.

    Though around my town birks & wool socks seem to be popular.
  • mustacheU2Lift
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    If he offers to take you out but never follows through...wait did i say this one already...hes just not into you
  • mustacheU2Lift
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    If he sends you nudes and sends you the same picture more than once without realizing it, the dude has a whole folder filled with recycled pictures of his *kitten*, that more than likely means he's a...

    I don't need to go any further 😜

    :D ummm
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    If she doesn’t keep her beard groomed - I’m out. If I wanted two day old chicken nuggets I’ll get them out of my own beard.
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    I would need to get a date first before l can answer this question

    Me too. Too many years out of practice.
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    I just want to have an intelligent conversation, be heard when I'm talking, not have to defend my character against snippets of "sarcasm" and not have to listen to constant complaints.
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    Bad teeth
    Bad hygiene
    Emotional manipulation
    Overly critical
    High strung
    Phone addiction
    Drug or alcohol addiction

    I’m pretty easy going but these are the ones that first come to mind.