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    @kcn2bluesky Thanks for stopping in! I do remember you because of your cute picture. Very happy to hear how well things are going. Xo

    @ekim2016 You even quit before St. Patrick’s Day :) So impressive to hear how you never looked back. Gives me hope.
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    donimfp wrote: »
    Good to read everyone’s posts. New folks, you will find supportive people here. Don’t be a stranger!

    I start my new teaching job tomorrow and am SO nervous. The nerves hit me unexpectedly. I’ve been away from the classroom for 19 years, longer than my new students have been alive. A glass of wine would help the nerves but the many, many downsides are just not worth it.

    Some ideas and tips: Humor is always good. A joke, a cartoon , etc. Music is also a motivator. Give them A get to know you inventory. You can also find a learning styles inventory quiz they can take so you can get to know their style. You will do great! How old are your students? Adults or juveniles?
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    Happy to be here!
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    Thanks for the welcome, @RubyRed427 ! I'm happy to have found you all over here :smile:

    Good luck today, @donimfp ! You will do great!
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    @RubyRed427 Very Cool!!
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    Has anybody tried Craig Beck's stop drinking program? Did it work?
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    @fdhunt1 a lot of us watch his videos. His no nonsense straightforward approach really resonates with me. I have not tried the program though.
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    Sister Sue, no one here judges anyone else. We are all supportive. Good for you on cutting back. Remember, baby steps still move you forward. <3
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    @RubyRed427 I was the one who mentioned “what do you call an alcoholic who doesn’t go to meetings A Drunk” that’s what my daughter said to me over 10 years ago as I was beginning to go AF and she had been in meetings for 10 years back then fortunately it’s now over 10 years AF for me and no meetings and 20 years for her AF with meetings
    So it’s an individual choice and we have to pick the best course for ourselves

    That’s right. I knew I heard it somewhere.
    I dont know if the meetings are for me. I may be like you and handle life without them. I’m still in early stages so for now, I will keep going. I do know that some days I dont call my sponsor; It never occurs to me. So, I’m either not in the habit yet, or it’s not meaningful to me. I’ll see how the next few months play out.