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Intermittent fasting

ElitejammerElitejammer Posts: 32Member Member Posts: 32Member Member
I’m down 9 pounds in 9 weeks with intermittent fasting. I’m fasting now 20 hours a day and eating within 4 hours. My workouts are done fasting to get the best results including more energy. My face is smoother and my sore knees feel better. I tried to do a 24 hour fast today but could only get to 22 hours. Still feel better.


  • ElitejammerElitejammer Posts: 32Member Member Posts: 32Member Member
    I IF everyday. Most of the week I can maintain 20/4. The weekends are easier because I am busy. Sometimes I can do OMAD. IF makes me feel in control of my appetite. If I am no hungry, I do not eat. I’ve lost ten now with 20 to go. It makes me feel good for someone to notice the difference!☺️
  • CharlieBeansmomTraceyCharlieBeansmomTracey Posts: 7,702Member Member Posts: 7,702Member Member
    For everybody who is interested in some more background information, this is a pretty good summary about intermittent fasting and metabolism with 46 references to scientific papers. If anyone has better ones PLEASE post them.

    and those scientific papers state that timed IF needs more studies done and there are a lot of key words like "could"."may","possibly" etc. that doesnt mean it s set in stone. and many of the studies were done on rats,some on people but a lot of the studies are still inconclusive
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