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  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Posts: 873Member Member Posts: 873Member Member
    One hour of cardio. Did around 8K on the rower, then the rest on the AirDyne Bike. Wanted to keep the HR under 75% of max HR. Harder day coming tomorrow and wanted to make I'm recovered OK before doing it. Should call this Love Ballad work. If I put on anything aside from slow and easy stuff (mostly mushy love songs), I start to workout too hard, so my playlist is pretty chalked full of love music and soft R&B!

    Took two towel off short breaks on the rower to keep the HR in check.

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  • MomjoggerMomjogger Posts: 746Member Member Posts: 746Member Member
    11 mile bike ride in the humidity. My chain fell off before the big hill and it felt like I was breathing soup, but it got done!
  • pierinifitnesspierinifitness Posts: 2,200Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,200Member, Premium Member
    7/17/2019 - again at the park starting around half past noon -

    #1 = Hand-to-hand swing with 24kg KB x 20 every minute on the minute for 15 rounds equals 300 swings in 14:37 - average HR = 147 bpm (82 percent) maximum HR = 158 bpm (88 percent) total 164 calories. First time hand-to-hand swing with 24kg KB - HEAVY.

    #2 = Easy run warm-up 2.1 miles in 21:00 - average HR = 146 bpm (81 percent) maximum HR = 152 bpm (84 percent).

    #3 = Run 2:00 at target 8:00 mile pace then slow run/jog recovery 1:00 for 4 rounds = 1.21 miles in 12:01 - mile equivalents were 7:58 - 8:14 - 8:14 - 8:43 - think the KB work stole too much from my cardiovascular tank because I missed my target for 3 of the 4 rounds - average HR = 155 bpm (86 percent) maximum HR = 162 bpm (90 percent).

    11 days until Wharf to Wharf, my upcoming 6-mile fun run. Might need a day of rest tomorrow, we'll see.

  • CentaurusSoterCentaurusSoter Posts: 371Member, Premium Member Posts: 371Member, Premium Member
    Day 004:

    14 Sit-ups
    10 Push-ups
    10 Squats
    10 Miles Biking @ 29:44
  • J72FITJ72FIT Posts: 5,085Member Member Posts: 5,085Member Member
    Animal Flow Daily 5
    Handstand Pushup - Pavel Fighter Progression (3RM) Day 9/20
    *On a Yoga Block
    4-4-3-2-1 (14)
    Pull-ups - Fighter Pull-Up Program (12R Max) Day 9/20
    12-10-10-7-5 (44)
    Hatha Sun Salutation - 5 Rounds
    Ashtanga Sun Salutation A - 5 Rounds
  • Finafoshizzle93Finafoshizzle93 Posts: 89Member Member Posts: 89Member Member

    30 min legs including:
    1 min side lunge; 30 sec squat jump
    Repeat 3x

    1 min goblet squat; 30 sec drop squats
    Repeat 3x

    30 sec deadlift
    30 sec KB swings
    30 sec each side lunge drivers
    Repeat 3x

    30 min elliptical

    Today: 45 min spin class
  • tomica13tomica13 Posts: 12Member, Premium Member Posts: 12Member, Premium Member
    barbell hip thrust:
    165x5 - new PR!
  • aokoyeaokoye Posts: 2,504Member Member Posts: 2,504Member Member
    ~10km sitting stroke in a 4 including lots of drills as well as 3x5min on 2 min off at a 22, 24, and 26. The 26 was awesome. Our cox was great - she typically coxes the advanced women's boats and this is the first time I've had her as a cox.

    Last night I did some bodyweight squads and Bulgarian split squats which work my glutes more effectively than just about anything else. My left knee wasn't especially appreciative of the split squats so I need to watch that. It's also probably a sign that I need to do them more consistently and really make sure I'm using my glute as I just added squats back in (this is some of what I did when rehabbing both knees).
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 11,499Member Member Posts: 11,499Member Member
    Just another spin class.

    As an aside, it's been fun watching the effect of increased heat/humidity on what my Garmin VA3 says about calories for my oudoor exercise (rowing) that's sometimes of slightly reduced intensity (because it's flippin' hot), longer duration (because slower due to reduced intensity), but a similar distance; and to compare that to variability in what it reports for the indoor cycling. Heh.
  • CentaurusSoterCentaurusSoter Posts: 371Member, Premium Member Posts: 371Member, Premium Member
    8.1 more miles walked.
  • maureenseel1984maureenseel1984 Posts: 397Member Member Posts: 397Member Member
    Pilates for the first time in quite a while. My butt cheeks are still twitching.
  • mmapagsmmapags Posts: 7,979Member Member Posts: 7,979Member Member
    P.H.U.L. upper hypertrophy day. And the walk to a from the gym.
  • staticsplitstaticsplit Posts: 474Member Member Posts: 474Member Member
    Walking 3 miles home from work, an hour's weights session--warm up circuit, barbell squats, dumbbell snatch, high pulls, squat to back row, one leg stand ups, weighted ball smacks.
  • firef1y72firef1y72 Posts: 1,328Member Member Posts: 1,328Member Member
    Another fairly quiet day for me waiting in for an electrician.

    30min Personal training. Little circuit that started with 50 squats and included burpees.

    2.5mile bike ride to

    45min circuits

    2.5mile ride back home
  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Posts: 873Member Member Posts: 873Member Member
    Harder longer interval day. 4 X 8 minutes. Wasn't sure going into it that I had it in me this week all on the rower. Ended up doing 3 sets of 8 minutes on the rower, then doing an 8 minute set on the AirDyne Pro (@ 235 Watt Avg.). Was trying not to exceed (by much) 90% of Max HR.

    By the way, one of the toughest rowing sessions out there. Didn't completely complete it, but close enough and effective enough to grow Anaerobic Threshold and improve VO2 Max. Went back and looked at my numbers from this workout last week. I averaged 2:07.6. Think I could have bested that but I would way exceeded 90% of Max on that last set and probably took a toll on me for days.


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  • pierinifitnesspierinifitness Posts: 2,200Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,200Member, Premium Member
    7/18/2019 - a much needed rest day and enjoying it.
  • rldeclercq4rldeclercq4 Posts: 261Member Member Posts: 261Member Member
    Bi’s and tri’s, squats, jump rope
  • jnomadicajnomadica Posts: 238Member Member Posts: 238Member Member
    Last night- 60 minute Krav Maga class
    Today- 1 mile walk
    Deadlifts 2x12
    Pushups 2x15
    Lunges 2x12
    One arm DB rows 2x7
  • aokoyeaokoye Posts: 2,504Member Member Posts: 2,504Member Member
    Just got done with an easy group ride on Zwift. I wanted to ride but knew that it would be a bad plan to just let myself loose without some sort of strong impetus to not go all out, thus a group ride it was. It was great until 5 min before it finished when the battery in my power meter got just low enough to cause an impressive drop out.

    Oh well - it was a good ride none the less and I don't feel especially worn out (especially given that I ate dinner right afterwards).
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  • JustSomeEmJustSomeEm Posts: 16,553Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium MFP Moderator Posts: 16,553Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium MFP Moderator
    Today’s workout was a slow, hot 19 mile bike ride.
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