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What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • DvdgzzDvdgzz Posts: 430Member Member Posts: 430Member Member
    Full body like always. Leg press, Incline chest press, Pullups, Dumbbell shoulder presses, cable curls, and cable crunches.
  • drmwcdrmwc Posts: 175Member, Premium Member Posts: 175Member, Premium Member
    I did a scuba dive, on one of the harbour wrecks in Portland, Dorset. The dive was 42 minutes to 12 metres; my surface air consumption rate was just under 12 litres a minute. This is close to my best ever.

    I ducked out of diving, as the wreck chosen was below my depth limit. (I have a hole in the heart which gives me quite a shallow limit.) I did a 10 mile walk instead.

    In the evening, I went bouldering. All the routes had been reset. I did pretty well, I think, getting a bunch of relatively hard stuff (by my standards). My gym's Youth Team were in, to keep me humble - they are all way better than me.

    I went bouldering. This was another good session - I got a bunch of v3s, most of which were new routes for me. It was a 2 hour session. I think I may need to improve my dynamic moves, which are terrible. I almost always fall off the wall when I jump.

    This was a lifting day. Body weight: 65 kgs.

    I started off on the hangboard, initially doing a load of pullups to warm up. If I do deep breathing first, I can do 10 on an exhale withpout inhaling. This gives a nice headrush, so is my currently preffered approach to pullups.

    I did 4 sets of 30 seconds hang on the big ledge. I then did 20 seconds on the 21 mm ledge. I was quite pumped after this, so more hanging felt unwise.

    I then bench pressed. I did 3 sets of 5, 55kgs.
    I then squatted - 3 sets of 3, 80 kgs.
    I finished with a bunch of banded facepulls.
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  • TiisTitaniumTiisTitanium Posts: 183Member Member Posts: 183Member Member
    Yoga to start the day. Just a quick 30 minute session before work plus 10 minutes of headstands and handstands.

    This evening I had a handstand class. Usually Wednesday is working on handstand press but I opted to focus on balance work and trying to get a consistent kick up so just a day of grind rather than amazing feats of skill.
  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Posts: 971Member Member Posts: 971Member Member
    Roughly 45 minutes on the rower today. Nice and easy pace. Last part, at my old Drag Factor of around 103. Felt good to finally get the DF back up and not have my HR racing.
  • firef1y72firef1y72 Posts: 1,442Member Member Posts: 1,442Member Member

    No PT this morning so I decided to combine my weekly sprint session with my hill challenge, by doing fartlek up the hill. Omg that was such hard work.

    Then went in the gym to do some liss on the bike followed by arm and shoulder work. Really happy with how rehabbing my elbow is going, managed to add in some lateral raises and even use the 1kg dumbbells for rotator cuff work. Weights are still nowhere near where they were but it's starting to improve. Finished off with 10min on the rower, moved the dampened up to 5 and pulled a little harder today.

    PiYo class - still loving PiYo, couple new rounds, but omg am I seeing improvement in flexibility. From being able to put my head on the floor during the straddle stretch to hands on the floor during hamstring stretch.

    Zumba - seemed to have my bounce back tonight.
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 12,127Member Member Posts: 12,127Member Member
    Another 7k-ish, rowing bow in the double, on a sunny, calm, quite cool (40s F) morning.

    We tried a couple of power pieces, to see how we're doing on tech changes from camp when power's added. The first was pretty terrible, and the second slightly less terrible, so we went back to tech work. :lol:
  • nighthawk584nighthawk584 Posts: 888Member Member Posts: 888Member Member
    push ups to exhaustion (100 total)
    40 min cardio on spin bike.
  • Kupla71Kupla71 Posts: 150Member Member Posts: 150Member Member
    Over 16,000 steps today! Plus 35 minutes of tennis. We played in the evening and it became too dark to see the ball so we cut it shorter than usual.
  • LolinloggenLolinloggen Posts: 279Member Member Posts: 279Member Member
    Wednesday it was my morning routine and walking - to and from the train station and at the exhibition I went to with my parents total 19K steps
  • surfbug808surfbug808 Posts: 93Member Member Posts: 93Member Member
    Was gonna rest completely today, but since we had a family get together I needed to shed some calories so I could eat more for dinner! Did a brisk 30 minute walk, plus aerobics.
  • TiisTitaniumTiisTitanium Posts: 183Member Member Posts: 183Member Member
    Started the day with some yoga focusing on backbends because I am keen to improve my back range of motion.

    Later on was gymnastic strength training focusing on middle splits followed up by a 90 minute ballet class. Ballet teacher says I am improving but I don't know - i just felt like a big sweaty mess.
  • aokoyeaokoye Posts: 2,964Member Member Posts: 2,964Member Member
    11.5k rowing on the water this morning in almost a race line up. It was so cold. I've been inside/in my car for almost an hour and I'm still cold. I've also learned that rowing on a still full stomach because of how much food I ate during Yom Kippur break-fast is a bad plan. The only reason I went this morning was because we have a regatta on Sunday.
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 12,127Member Member Posts: 12,127Member Member
    Spin class, some more easy conditioning sets of OHP and bench, plus a couple of experimental (and quite short ;) ) dead hangs.
  • LolinloggenLolinloggen Posts: 279Member Member Posts: 279Member Member
    Thursday; my weights morning workout, a 5km run and a longish walk to and from public transport
  • J72FITJ72FIT Posts: 5,290Member Member Posts: 5,290Member Member
    1-2 pm:
    Jump Rope - 60s on 15s off x 15 (19m30s)
    *practiced the boxer skip and cross-overs…

    6-7 pm:
    Yoga Warm-Up
    Sun Salutation - 5 Rounds
    Vertical Push Pull
    Dip - 12-10-7-5-2 (36)
    Pull-ups - 12-10-7-5-2 (36)
  • firef1y72firef1y72 Posts: 1,442Member Member Posts: 1,442Member Member

    30min PT- stair workout- cardio -hard work

    1hr physiotherapy appointment- we normally do this over the phone but ive got the sore elbow (turns out it was most probably a sublexation and I can now slowly start building back up). I have hypermobility syndrome (eds) and she was really happy with improvements in my range of motion and stability. She wishes more of her bendy clients did strength training.

    2mile run including the challenge hill. I took a minute off the time it took me to do the loop at the beginning of the month.


    Barbell - continuing to slowly add weight. Only issue was with rows
  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Posts: 971Member Member Posts: 971Member Member
    I avoided a hardish 5K row until I was forced to do one a few weeks ago. Did another one today voluntarily. Not as hard this time (around a 2:09 pace) but hard enough for an AT workout. Followed that up with 20 minutes semi-hard on the Air Bike. Pushed up to around 85%/87% of max HR, not much higher. Really hard workouts will push above 90%, so I was holding back just a bit on this one, still being cautious about not feeling great at the beginning of the week.
  • sarko15sarko15 Posts: 259Member Member Posts: 259Member Member
    Warm up:
    5 min Helix lateral machine thing
    Dumbbell flies

    StrongLifts workout A:
    Chest press
    Barbell rows

    Cool down/cardio:
    15 min elliptical
  • geraldaltmangeraldaltman Posts: 1,313Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,313Member, Premium Member
    9 minute walk (to take out my recycling) then off to fitness center for 35 minutes of track walking then downstairs to pool for 65 minutes of water calesthenics which now includes foam dumbells, jumping jacks and lunge squats.
  • ADRskew21ADRskew21 Posts: 25Member Member Posts: 25Member Member
    100 squats
    50 push ups
    50 sit ups
    10 dips
    30 minutes of yoga
    it's not a lot but today was an off day
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