What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • 200Karen
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    Before lunch
    20 minutes of ST core
    20 minutes/ 2 miles on trampoline
    6 minutes of planks

  • mrmota70
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    Did 4 miles before 7 this morning. Got it done before Docs 6 month check up at 8. It was early dark ground was wet also had a tiny bit of drizzle during. Managed to not fall on my *kitten* when I ran over a mud covered poorly lit side walk. So not unhappy about the slow jog. With it and and the Drs visit I’ve done 10k steps before 9. It’s all easy the rest of today…
  • Djproulx
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    ccrdragon wrote: »
    Back on the bike this morning, 17.82 miles @ 14.0 mph average, 76 minute ride. My first 14 mph average ride of the season! Not too shabby on a mountain bike converted into a hybrid.

    Will be doing upper body stuff thru the day as well.

    That's really moving well on a MTB!
  • MikePfirrman
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    Back at SS (steady state cardio) again today. 30 on the rower and 30 more on the LateralX. Wore my arm HRM to the gym last night and didn't peak at it until I was done. Burned 750 calories in an hour (the same as I burned today doing cardio). No rests, straight supersets for an hour. Just rotate body parts -- chest, shoulders, abs or back and legs. 8 sets of each.

    Feeling stronger already since having access to a gym again with heavier weights. Today's row was at around 120 DF (drag factor) and I capped it at 75% max HR with no problem. Until near the end of the half hour, I still had quite a bit of zip left in the stroke speed.
  • Lietchi
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    Completely exhausted after a 3hr job interview with case study, followed by work meetings, and barely time to eat any proper food.
    But it's been way too long since I did some strength training, so I did 2 sets of bench presses, 2 sets of landmine deadlifts and 2 sets of landmine rows.

    After that I managed 7 minutes of rowing (1250m) before a wave of nausea hit me, probably from lack of food, so off to dinner I went.

    Not great, but better than nothing on a day like today.
  • AnnPT77
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    Rowed just under 8k in bow of the double, then my double partner and I walked 3.6 miles (chatting speed, 3.1mph) from a nearby park to a local produce market that has an outdoor eating area/beer garden, and had lunch. (The market has a salad bar, hot bar, pizzeria; there are a couple of food trucks; a fancy coffee and gelato bar . . . so you go in, get food, take it to picnic tables outdoors or in a greenhouse with opened side windows to eat. There's a pond with fountain, tons of giant pots of flowering plants - really nice setting.)

    Since it was just the two of us rowing today, we went upstream through the bridge where we usually spin. It was cool, water calm, and the nights have been cool enough to kill back the grabbier water weeds, so we decided to pick our way through the wider, shallower area upstream, carefully. (There are more obstacles, mostly submerged logs/trees that have floated downstream to that shallower zone then gotten hung up on the bottom. Often, they're hard to see until you're running into them.)

    We saw 4 of the swan family, an egret (infrequent for us, but not unheard of), several of the usual great blue herons, and lots of the typical Canada geese, mallards, and what-not. Most enjoyable. On the way back, we didn't go as far downstream in our usual loop, so ended up with only slightly more meters than typical.
  • rapunzel53
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    At present I am only allowed to walk.
  • drmwc
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    A couple of walks, getting 17,000 steps.

    I did some hangboarding, getting 17 seconds and some pull ups on the portable board. I got some walks in, getting 15,000 steps. I played with a 24kgs kettle bell, getting 20 goblet squats and 100 swings in.
  • jmf552
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    edited September 2021
    This morning I will walk the dogs for 20 minutes and then this evening I will take a one hour martial arts class. I alternate daily between Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. Tonight is BJJ.
  • ccrdragon
    ccrdragon Posts: 3,221 Member
    Morning ride - 19.1 miles @ 13.7 mph. Will be doing upper body later today.
    After yesterday's ride, I did 100 push-ups (5 x 20) during the day.

    Month end total for riding - 309.14 miles
    Month end total for push-ups - 895 (plus any I do today)
  • J72FIT
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    7-8 am:
    Strength, Flexibility, Balance & Mobility
    Yoga - (15m)

    Strength: Core
    Hollow Body Leg Lifts - 60s on 60s off x 5r (10m)

    Jumprope - 2m on 30s off x 6r (15m)
  • dethstar77
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    Morning bootcamp... was dragging but got it done... Evening will be badminton
  • 200Karen
    200Karen Posts: 531 Member
    10” Trampoline
    10” Core twisting

    10”+ ST Upper
    Pickup load to the dump 🛻 👍
  • LazyBlondeChef
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    Day 18 EPIC I (chest & triceps). Taking a break from the treadmill for a couple of days as my knees have been hurting.
  • MikePfirrman
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    @ Matt -- I'm very sorry for your loss. It's been 25 years since I lost my Mom this year and 15 since I lost my Dad. There isn't a day goes by I don't think about them and miss them. It simply gets a bit easier with time. I'm glad he didn't suffer much. That is a blessing. I've had it both ways with mine.

    My Lucy, my only female dog, loves the outdoors. When my wife and daughter aren't home (and they weren't today), I usually put the dogs in their crates and row in the garage. Instead, I took the rower out back and rowed on the back patio again. It was like 75 and pleasant. Rowed 10K in 50 minutes. And Lucy and Linus (the two litter mates) chased after hawks that ride the air waves at the top of the ridge over our house. The hawks will catch an air drift and just look like they are hang gliding. Lovely to watch but drives my dogs absolutely bonkers as they sit effortlessly like 20 feet above my backyard. Toby's the mellow one. He just watches the other two go crazy. I swear the hawks love to torment my dogs.
  • AnnPT77
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    drmwc wrote: »
    Dad died this evening. It is 6 weeks since his cancer came back, so at least it was relatively quick and not too drawn out. he didn't suffer too much.

    I did some exercise stuff in the morning before it happened, a 6 mile walk and a kettle bell session.

    I'm sorry about your loss, Matt - losing a parent can be so disorienting . . . in a way like no one else, they've always been in our lives, so the world seems different when they're gone. For his and your sake, I'm glad he did not suffer at length. Sympathies to you and your extended family!
  • mytyglotz
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    Howdy, Pals!!

    Long time, no post (again!!) I pray you all are feeling alive and vibrant this autumn. :)

    This morning was a repeat of another (dare I say it?....YES) Team Body Project session --
    another round of the latest "Knee-Friendly Workout". The coaches, Alex and Daniel, could not have released this at a more impeccable time -- the past few weeks I have been experiencing unusual knee pain and general achiness, and I have been feeling so sluggish and discouraged, but the idea of not "working out" and falling out of routine anguished me more.

    SO, KEEP those "Knee-Friendly" sessions coming (do you hear me, Coaches?)!!
    Find joy in movement, you All.
  • Lietchi
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    edited October 2021
    Last night finally a longer run again, on the treadmill : 8.25km in 1h03min31sec. (fixed speed at 7.8kph).
    Just creeping up in speed, glad to be making progress again, although 42% in Z4 does mean I was pushing it a bit.

    A friend of my BF came by for dinner afterwards and talked about his runs, at an impressive 14 kph for longer runs and 18kph for shorter ones. Not sure if I'm ever going to get to be that fast at the rate I'm improving, perhaps by the time I'm retired, lol.