What Was Your Work Out Today?



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    The physiology of stress is real, y'all. The pandemic is making my work week very stressful and you can see it in my heart rate: It was at Zone 2 when I first stepped on the elliptical! Overall, I did 45 min. with ~35min. in Zone 3, ~5 min. in Zone 4, and ~5 min. in Zone 2. Nuts.

    Anyway, the endorphins were greatly appreciated. Also, the burned calories will allow me to have some comfort food. :smiley:

    I have really gotten into meditation the last few years. Really helps a lot with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. I also have a controlled breath/lung exerciser which has seemed to calm and make my breathing deeper. Allegedly (I have seriously low BP anyway), it's supposed to improve your blood pressure.

    10K today unstrapped (with the bungee again) on the rower. Very easy stuff. Also did an hour yesterday split between LateralX and Assault Bike, again all easy steady state.

    Interesting. I meditate daily, although in a slightly eccentric way. I do deep breathing exercises, which culminate in seeing how long I can hold my breath on an exhale under a cold shower. It's hard to time, but I think I'm at around 2 minutes now. The cold shower is noticeably more bracing in winter. I haven't been doing this too long, in the grand scheme of things - around 3 years.
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    No workout yesterday, but I returned to my in-person job which involves standing for about 6 hours. My back is pretty sore today. Apparently I need to be more mindful of engaging my core while standing. I don't know how many calories I burned, but I was pretty darn exhausted when I got home. Anyway, I can certainly understand why I gained a bunch of weight working from home, sitting on my butt all day!

    I'll attempt my Wednesday elliptical workout later today, but I'm likely going to take it pretty easy.
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    7-8 am:
    Mobility - (30m)

    GtG - (15m)
    HSPU 1-2-3-4 (10)
    Pull-up - 1(50lbs)-2(25lbs)-3-4 (10)
    Dip - 1(50lbs)-2(25lbs)-3-4 (10)
    Ab Wheel 1x10 (10)
    Pushup 1x10 (10)
    Row 1x10 (10)
    Swing 1x10 (10)
    Squat 1x10 (10)

    3-4 pm:
    RDL -175lbs - 3x3 (9)
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    Easy hour on the rower today unstrapped (with the bungee again on the rail to prevent overextensions). Really focused on keeping HR under 65% max. With the exception of going over just twice for a few seconds, did a nice job of that.
  • dralicephd
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    Managed 45 min. on the elliptical at a slower pace, hugging the HR Zone 2 and 3 border the whole time. Earlier in the day I was tempted to skip it, but my back relaxed as I moved around more, so I thought it might help to keep moving. We'll see tomorrow (when I'm back on my feet at work) if that was a good decision or not!

    The great body experiment of 2021-22 continues... :smiley:
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    Very cold and a busy work day, so only a walk after work to maintain my daily challenge requirement. Five days left to the Jan challenge. I'm ready for it to be over, so I can drop back to 2 runs/week and ramp up indoor riding and swimming.
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    Finally tried out a Apple+ workout. All I can say it was definitely a challenge doing an interval treadmill session. Wife walked by when I was huffing on one of the all out intervals.

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    House is isolation for next week so going ham on the indoor.

  • Sharsou
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    Treadmill run for 2 miles with inclination, the beast abs workout Crunch - 4 sets
    Russian twist - 4 sets
    Hip up - 4 sets
    Crossed tuck in - 4 sets
    Cobra - 4 sets
    Spider-Man crunch - 4 sets
    Bucket drop - 4 sets
    Windshield wiper - 4 sets
    Beast abs - 4 sets

    Feels the burn. If I can do this 2-3 times a week, I’m sure I’ll have the definitions that I want! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
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    Giant Set # 1 (4 Rounds)

    Reverse Grip Shoulder Press: 20 Reps

    Seated “Slightly Back” Side Laterals: 20 Reps

    Bent Over Rear Delts: 20 Partial / 20 Full Reps

    Bus Drivers “Super Slow”: 20 Reps Each Side

    Giant Set # 2 (3 Rounds)

    Modified Arnold Press: 15 Reps

    Around The Worlds: 15 Reps

    Seated Shrugs “Supinated Grip”: 20 Reps

    Standing Shrug “2 Count Hold at Top”: 20 Reps
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    Gym this morning. 4 rounds of TRX pull ups, elavated pushups, KB deads, KB lunges, then 3 rounds of stability ball body saws, turkish get ups, overhead dumbell press.

    Maintaining good form on the complete TGU's when bridging/lunging section is done while using my left leg/side. Still weaker balance and less range of motion on the right side, so limiting the weight when performing TGU's on that side.

    Planning to join my tri club pals for a one hour group ride on Zwift tonight. Looking at the list of riders, I expect it will be a true sufferfest. :)

  • JDMac82
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    100 Fwd Jump Rope
    25 KBell Swing
    50 Leg Tucks
    25 Hand Release Push-ups

    Wide Grip Bench
    Standing Landmine Press
    Dbell Chest Press
    Hi Cable Flys
    Low Cable Flys
    Rev Grip Dbell Press
    Incline Press
    Decline Dbell Press
    Incline Flys
    Supine Landmine Press

    Nifty 50
    Crunches/ Knee Tucks/ Cable Crunches/ Flutter/ Twists/ Supine Bike/ Frog X/Obliques/ Hip Lifts

    940 Total Reps
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    Today was technically my rest day, but I went on 3 walks that totaled about 45 minutes.
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    @drmwc, I so much love this from your post:
    drmwc wrote: »

    My kit was new and looked new at the start. At the end, it looked proper.

    Great photos of the cave and happy explorers, too!
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    Swapped up the schedule a bit this week. Machine rowing today, the usual 3 x (2k on, 2' off/CD) format, 6689m including the row in/out and CD, 2:26.4 pace/19spm on the 2k pieces. Each of Z4 and Z3 represented 42% of the time (about 15' each), the remainder of the time in zones below. HR peaked at 157 bpm, around 82% reserve or 87% max. That's definitely "short sentences only" territory, for me. (220-age estimate fails again!).

    Followed that with 44' playing with dumbbells.

    I'd almost talked myself out of doing today's workout, then I remembered that this one wasn't optional. 😉
    yirara wrote: »
    My workout today was to briefly sit on the bed to put on fresh socks for running... then sleeping for nearly two hours. I'd say I totally smashed it :D

    @yiyara, I had an equally nonstandard workout day yesterday, but - shockingly - mine was more premeditated. I went out for brunch and a beer with a friend, figured it was a better planning to skip any serious workouts after, stick with chores/errands for the rest of the day instead. Not sure I should consider that an extra recovery day . . . . 😆
  • Djproulx
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    First group Zwift ride for me last night. 75 minutes with tri club friends. Averaged 175W for the ride.
    We used discord app to chat while we suffered, which was fun. I have lots of work to do to regain bike fitness, both FTP and endurance. Will resume 2/3 rides per week now that daily run challenge is ending.

    Rest day today.
  • MikePfirrman
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    Got the booster jab yesterday and the annual flu shot as well. I had a bad incident back in April after the second Covid shot where my HR went up after a 1K sprint (3 days after the shot) and I had exercise induced asthma -- scary as hell. So today, it was relatively easy.

    Did four weight supersets and then 10 or so 100m fun sprints on the rower. Hit some nice 1:30s. Ended with a C/D 2K @ 2:25 pace unstrapped.
  • AnnPT77
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    11,122m stationary bike, mostly Z3, remainder below, about 28' overall. I'm not aiming for anything special on the bike (slacker that I am in Winter): I just get on and pedal however my energy level feels for moderate steady state. The average watts have picked up a bit since the start of the season, doing that, which I guess is good.

    Followed up with 22' core exercises. I've been adding reps or time to some, but need to look up some manageable progressions for others - don't want to just keep making duration longer.
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    Another boxing video today. I didn't love this one, but it was alright.

  • JDMac82
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    75 Skier
    75 Jumping Jaxs
    30 Sprint @ 6 Inc, User Choice Pace
    25 KBell Swing
    15 Hot Lizard
    Row Machine / Stair Circuit / Ropes
    25 KBell Press
    15 Devil Press
    25 Squat
    15 Wall Balls
    25 Crunches
    Ropes / Row Machine / Stair Circuit

    50 work / 10 rest
    Med Ball Overhead Press
    Squat Press
    Lunges rotate open
    Frog Burps
    Wall Toe Tapper
    Squat Hold
    Plank Tucks

    2 Laps & Stretching