What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • Bodenista
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    Day 7 with Caroline.
    60 seconds exercise followed by 30 seconds rest each exercise done twice.

    Skull Crushers
    Shoulder Crushers
    Shoulder Press
    Arnold Press
    Face Pulls
    Alternate Lateral Raises
    Upright Rows
    Tate Press
    Overhead Extension

    Iron Finisher with 2 mins of Lateral Pulses.

    Then Abs with Caroline.

    50 seconds exercise and 10 seconds rest with an Iron Finisher of a 4 minute Plank.

    If you don't see me tomorrow it's because my stomach muscles can't get me out of bed 🤣🤣

    I'm expecting serious DOMS tomorrow and the day after 😱😆

  • dralicephd
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    swimmom_1 wrote: »
    Did Elliptical, 215 minutes for 16.3 miles. The amazing thing is I used the arm poles the whole time. I've never done that before as my arms would get tired. I had a total of 4 different ways I would place my hands. On the handle bars and 2 different ways on the mileage/timer console. My mileage was about 13.2 minutes/mile. A bit faster pace!

    I love using the arm poles! After the first month or so of using the elliptical, I noticed a major difference in my previously-injured shoulder. It may not seem like much to use the poles, but it was enough to give me some good shoulder rehab.

    Congrats on the faster pace! :smiley:

  • AnnPT77
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    My morning row got rained out (with threat of lightning!), so I slept in. Fortunately, tonight at the lightly-enrolled one of the two learn-to-row classes, the water was near-glassy calm, so I put the single in and went for a short row along with the class members.

    Just 5.4k, easy pace (half Z2, the rest roughly split between Z3 and Z1/below). I stopped altogether a couple of times, once to help a new rower get out of a weed mass she was stuck in, and once to help another figure out why she kept veering toward the middle of the river, plus a quick water break (it was hot on the water).
  • Bodenista
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    I had a walk into town and back (still no buses!) but too busy for anything else today.
  • bojaantje3822
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    We did an every 5 minutes for 4 rounds of 15 alternating db snatches (I did hang snatches at 12,5kg because of my back), 10m front rack walking lunges (I did 10 db front squats with 7,5kg on each side, pretty light), 12 pull ups/ring rows, 10m front rack walking lunges and 15 alternating db snatches. It went really well and the 12,5kg felt good for a hang snatch with one arm.
    I skipped the accessory work because I literally couldn't do any of it with my back but I did do an hour of pilates afterwards.

    I'm REALLY feeling my arms from the ring rows.
  • amyn73
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    30 minutes of low impact hiit. 10 minute of full body dumbbell workout. It was so nice to turn the volume down on the video and listen to music instead! Went so much faster. Had more energy too!’
  • AnnPT77
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    Once again, dithered around and got a late start on my bike ride, but got in about 17.8 miles at 10.8mph moving average, almost entirely Z2 and below. It was hot again (88F). Just for fun, to check on hydration (in a very approximate way!), I weighed myself before and after the ride: Down roughly 2 pounds, despite drinking maybe half a one-liter water bottle along the way.

    Soon after, I was at the very last learn to row class session for this year. In a dumb-ish moment, I decided it would be a good time to test-row a club boat that was recently bought used. (I'm one of the rowing oldies that newer people often ask for advice about which club boats to row, so I try to row some of them that are more recent, even though I have my own double and single in the boathouse.) I launched late and landed early (to help the class members on the dock), but got in about 4.3km, very easy pace given the heat (and laziness), with some stops to yammer at the class members about questions or technique out on the water. Mostly Z2 and below, around 10' Z3.

    I always enjoy helping with the learn-to-row class, but am glad it's over for the year: I'll have more schedule flexibility. After this, I expect to supervise one 2-hour "open rowing" session each week, where an experienced person is at the boathouse to help carry boats, answer questions, etc. - most of those who attend are from the most recent class. Much lower time commitment than 5 days of a 2-hour class!
  • amorfati601070
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    Quick spin b4 work

  • bojaantje3822
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    I feel so good about my consistency today.

    First we had an oly aspect with barbell cycling. 3 rounds of 10-8-6-4-2 power snatches (hang power snatches for me) with 30 sec rest between sets and 3 min rest between rounds. You go up in weight every round. I did empty 15kg bar, 20kg, 25kg. After this week's ring rows, my arms were feeling it. But I did it! And I finished in 20 min 14 sec.

    Then we had 3 sets of 2 minutes to do 9 cal assault bike (for women, 12 for men) and max reps push ups, resting 1 minute after each set, immediately followed by 3 sets of 2 minutes to do 9 cal assault bike and max reps knee raises. My assault bike output was a consistent 650 watt throughout. I did 18 box push ups off a 30 inch box every round. I did 11 knee raises each for the first two rounds and 12 knee raises in the final round. This got me 88 points in total.

    All this on an empty stomach because I overslept and only had time to use the bathroom. I did run the 100m to the gym because class had started by the time I was out of the house. 9.30am class vs 8am or 7am class makes a huge difference in loss of energy levels. Mine were very consistent today but when I train earlier I get a huge dip midway through class. Evening classes are still the best for me though.

    I also sweat a lot even though it's only 20ishC/70ishF out. My arms were soaked midway through the bb cycling round. My natural weight fluctuation is about 5kg/11lbs and this morning after class I was 4kg/8.8lbs down from my weigh in yesterday evening after class, about 15 hours later.

    This afternoon we're having a work party on the beach and I heard we might be cleaning the beach as an activity. I'm curious. We went plastic fishing last friday in Amsterdam so this should be fun too.
  • MikePfirrman
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    Did that new lifting plan today again 5 X 30 reps (really broken into like 10 X 15, but I'll do two sets at a time) for compound shoulders, legs and chest.

    Then, I attempted to do short, but tough rowing interval in my garage (it's this month's Rowing club challenge). It was 199m X 10/with one minute rest. Got through five and was just dying with the heat and having lifted hard this morning. Just did 20 minutes really light on the bike after.

    Started out too fast on the row (low 1:30s pace) and just didn't have anything left. Will pace the next one better. Hopefully on a cooler day too.
  • AnnPT77
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    As of last night, weather forecast for this morning was iffy for storms, but woke up this morning to decent rowing weather (just a little muggy). Rowed bow in the double, the usual bridge-to-bridge round trip so right around 7k. Majority Z2, a little Z3, a little Z1/below. That's it for exercise-ish activity for today.
  • swimmom_1
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    edited July 2022
    Elliptical 210 minutes for 15.23 miles. Did leg press on my leg/shoulder press, I have in my basement. 250 lbs (because that is what my son had on it and I can't lift the 45 lb plates) 2 sets for 10x. I've always had strong legs. Then when he came home he removed the 1-35 and 1-45 from each side, (as he is going away for his friends wedding, and doesn't want to find me under the weights when he returns Sunday) and 1 did 1 set of 10x with the 90 lbs. This way I'll be able to do more sets. Also have a double cable pulley system rack I need to start using for my arms, back and shoulders. Along with a nice weight bench press.
  • drmwc
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    Diving, Plymouth.
    The first dive was the wreck if the Maine. It was a lovely dive; 45 minutes at 30m. There was loads of life, like crayfish.

    One in our group had a fast ascent from 24m. She vomitted a lot post dive. So we stuck her on o2 and sped back to get her to the pot. (She was fine; it was seasickness.)

    So after dropping her off, we needed to stay relatively close to the harbour, due to it getting late. We did an OK wreck, with some life and a few congers.

    It was lumpy, so we dived the harbour fort for the first. It was great; loads of conger, lobster, blennies, nudibranch and other small things. 15m, 48 minutes.

    Then it cleared up so we got out of the harbour and dived the James Egan Lane. The JEL is one of my favourite wrecks, and she was lovely. She had loads of lobster and conger, and the swim-throyghs were nice as well. 20m, 48 minutes.
  • Djproulx
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    Did a decent amount of cycling during last week's vacation, around 110 miles. All very flat.
    Finally faced the reality that I need a couple open water swims if I'm going to have any confidence in next weeks race. It was fairly ugly and slow, but I cranked out 2250yds at a local lake. Water temps were mild, with a fairly light chop. This was a confidence builder for me. Will get two more swims in before race day. Heading out on the bike tomorrow with a good group. At least my bike fitness is good enough that the bike leg should be fun, not just a matter of survival. ;)
  • nossmf
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    Just got back from a week camping, don't have proof of my numbers, but I estimate based on pace and time spent hiking that I covered between 10-12 miles per day, with one day hitting 15. Actually a tad less than I was expecting, but I reckon I earned my food each day, lol. (Bit light on protein a couple times, but I survived.)
  • swimmom_1
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    Did 232 minutes on my Elliptical for 15.21 miles this AM. Then did 5 sets of 20 reps of 90+ lbs on the leg press. Also did some Lat pull downs and bicep work on the double cable system and some bicep curls and tri-cep kickbacks with dumbbells. It's about time I use some of this equipment available to me in my basement again!
  • Djproulx
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    Pushed fairly hard during a group ride this morning. Six of us took turns pulling on an out and back course. The outbound trip was false flats and some moderate hills, with a 200 yd steep ascent before the turnaround. Return trip was twice as fast due to terrain. 39.86 miles covered in 2:12:52, an 18.0mph ave.

    Plan to get in another open water swim tomorrow.