What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • MikePfirrman
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    Just really easy cardio today. Did 30 minutes on the Assault Bike and then 25 on the LateralX. All super easy stuff. Barely got over Warmup HR in 55 minutes, but intentionally wasn't pushing hard.

    Have golf tonight. Looks like the weather might hold up and not get rained out.

    @drmwc -- Classic movie!
  • Djproulx
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    Nice evening bike workout tonight. Two of us rode fairly hard, covering 29.8 miles at an 18.2mph pace. I would have hit 30 miles, if it weren't for the massive pothole that ate up my front tire at full speed. Got to practice walking my bike while wearing cycling shoes for the last quarter mile. :)

    Taking a vacation day tomorrow and heading to the beach. The flat repair will have to wait til Saturday.
  • AnnPT77
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    Minimalist day, for logistical reasons, mostly. I only had time for a very short (10.6mi) bike ride, 10.8mph - a tiny fraction Z3, mostly Z2 and below.

    I was signed up to supervise open rowing tonight, and it was beautiful weather, but no rowers attended (not all that unusual at this time of the season). I'd considered rowing myself tonight, but hung around on the dock longer in case someone showed up late, then decided to run some errands while the stores were open and skip a row. It's no great burden to sit on the dock on a lovely evening, with no duties or responsibilities!

    @djproulx, sorry to hear about the bike, and the walk in biking shoes . . . but glad it wasn't bad enough to damage your recovering self!

    @drmwc, I had a rabbit when I was at college, too. Like yours, it ate electrical cords, plus mostly hid, and occasionally bit people. It was not a happy rabbit. Last night's rabbit, Tribble, seemed quite happy.

    @CoffeeNstilettos, congrats on the new PR!

    @mtaratoot, nice rock! I'd think jewelry if it were mine, and could be sawn, but I already make that, some. Agate slices are also very nice as part of stained glass pieces. (I designed one panel that was to use a geode slice I had, but I never got around to making it.)
  • mtaratoot
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    It's no great burden to sit on the dock on a lovely evening, with no duties or responsibilities!

    Water rat said, "There's nothing––absolutely nothing––half so much worth doing as messing about in boats." Sitting by the river watching her slip slowly by is almost as rewarding.

    River flows downstream
    Gravity, water, and rock
    She is my sister

    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    @mtaratoot, nice rock! I'd think jewelry if it were mine, and could be sawn, but I already make that, some. Agate slices are also very nice as part of stained glass pieces. (I designed one panel that was to use a geode slice I had, but I never got around to making it.)

    We have a couple rock shops locally. I'm tempted to see about getting a slice made to polish one end, but I have no idea what it costs. I have so many agates. A friend suggested I start making jewelry, but it's not something I'm ready to tackle right now. Could be a seasonal hobby in the future. I am tempted to take a hammer to the bowling ball sized thing I found to see what's inside. I could use a four pound hammer and just crack it along a fissure to see how neat it was, or I could first just try to chip off a tiny bit.

    I might go paddle again tomorrow.....
  • bojaantje3822
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    All my blisters opened up again 😭 at least it's the weekend now so they'll have some time to heal.

    Today I did 15 ring rows, 16 scaled down box jump overs, 30 very intense sit up alternatives that I don't know the name of, then 2 more rounds of thar but with 20 scaled down box jump overs and 24 weird plate jumps respectively, followed by 30 lunges in about 16:30ish or 16:45ish.
    Lunges are a challenge for me because my balance is bad in that position and because of my ankle, lunges with the left foot forward are very hard and lunges with the right foot forward are no problem at all. The ab stuff was the hardest thing otherwise.

    Instead of the accessory work everyone else did, I did 2 rounds of 3 sets of 10 hip thrusts. We never do these so I went without any weight, with a 4kg kb and with an 8kg kb and it felt good but quite hard with the 8kg ones, especially since there was maybe a second or two of rest between sets.

    Then I did the gymnastics homework by myself. I half-assed the warmup by doing 2 sets of 10 banded lat pull downs, 10 banded rows and 5 active shoulders since I was already plenty warmed-up.
    Then I did 5 sets of 10 assisted strict pull ups. The first 2 sets were a little too light as I figured out the right amount of bands to use (horizontally) but the last 3 were solid attempts where I felt my muscles being used.

    Then 4 sets of 10 bent over rows per arm with a 7,5kg db and 5 unbroken beatswings. My beatswings felt great and apparently looked amazing as two coaches complimented me separately on them. They're improving. And they are the cause of my messed up hands.

    Then 3 sets of 10 bicep curls per arm with 7,5kg DBs. These were hard, as it's the first time I used 7,5kg DBs for this in several months. I've been using the 5s in the meantime and I felt it. But finally I was done. This concludes my 8th and 9th and final workouts this week. I find myself in the predicament that my work for the day is also finished (it's 2pm) so I guess I'll just rest?
  • mtaratoot
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    I played Ultimate yesterday. It was arguably the most fun game of the season so far even though the other team had three times as many points as mine when it was over. Yep. We lost 15-5, but the other team had really good spirit. Our team does, too, so it was actually a lot of fun. My team actually played really well, especially considering this was one of the three games our team played a Competitive Division team.

    A friend who's been saying he wants to come play finally came. Afterwards, we stopped for a pint at the local. He's one of the folks I was paddling with on Monday. He's going back to do that same 20 miles today with another friend, and they invited me to join them. I guess I should.
  • Mikeruns2021donotaddme
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    Got in 40 minutes of upper body and core 🏋🏻‍♂️ And 60 minutes 🏃🏻‍♂️💨💨
  • MikePfirrman
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    Just finishing up my lift from this morning. Same stuff, just a bit heavier and higher intensity. Would like to get that base built up (similar to a cardio base) before I start adding back in more ballistic movements (jump squats and similar).

    I do two full body lifts a week. I'm too old and busy to isolate anymore and with all the rowing and Assault Bike I do, it's good enough for me to stay in pretty good shape. But the 70 lb (32 kg) and the deadlifts (150 or so) are starting to really feel light. When I started swinging the 70 lb KB, felt really heavy. Could only do like 8. I'm rattling off 20 or 30 now at a time. Also doing a lot heavier on the single arm overhead presses now. Really looking to build some definition again. My shoulders used to be huge at one point and I had kind of let them get a bit soft looking.

    The very frustrating thing about muscle/bulk in your late 50s is that it takes like 3X as long to develop, and you experience muscle loss very rapidly. I suppose a lot of it happened when I had my back injury and couldn't do anything overhead.
  • MikePfirrman
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    Did a "rate ladder" row at lunch. 2K X 4 with 3 minutes recovery. Started at 20 SPM (strokes per minute) and was thinking I'd go up to 26, but after two, thought different :D .

    Ended up doing the first at 20 SPM, the second at 22, the 3rd at 23 and then, more or less a free rate row (no goal in mind, but over 23) on the last one. The last one certainly wasn't 26! Had nothing left in the tank, though I did finish the first one slightly over 2:10 pace and the last three all under 2:10 pace. Avg pace around 2:09.2 I think. Hard enough for a Friday, that's for sure.

    Around 700 calories burned in 50 minutes and HR hit over 90% of max on the last interval. 2K X 4, among rowers, is considered the Beast of the workouts. For good reason. It's basically nearly an all-out hour. Workouts like this are why nearly every former College Crew person I've talked to calls the Erg a "torture device"!
  • AnnPT77
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    6.9k row in the bow of the double this morning, mostly easy - conversational catch-up with my main double partner about her recent vacation - but we threw in some power 10s near the end when I realized we were loafing along a bit while chatting, even though it was a cooler morning.

    Tonight, a supermoon moonlight row in stroke (port side stroke, since it's two across) in the barge. Only 5.7k, but this is harder work than boats. Like I've said before, it's like rowing your living room, a big un-hydrodynamic rectangle, and sweep is kind of oomph-y-er than sculling anyway (long lever); plus rowing it with 8 rowers, when there's room for 16. Actually spent a fair amount of time with just me and the starboard stroke rowing alone, while the other folks in the bow end were more in chat'n'chill'n'party mode. (OK with me - I was having fun, too, joking around with the other stroke and the nearby rudder woman.)

    At least I didn't tear up my hands as much on this moonlight row as during the July one! 😆

    So lovely out there tonight.
  • Mikeruns2021donotaddme
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    2 hour run to start the day 😁😁
  • spider_mark51959
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    virtual cycling up Mt. Ventoux
  • dralicephd
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    All yard work, all the time. :smiley: After being on vacation for a couple of weeks, the place is a mess of overgrown everything. Yesterday I mowed the back field. Today I mowed the back yard and gave a start to the hedge trimming. It's too hot now, so I gave up until tomorrow morning to continue the hedge trimming and maybe start some weeding.
  • Mikeruns2021donotaddme
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    1 hour run to start the day. Strength work to come after lunch today 👍🏻👍🏻
  • drmwc
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    I went caving in the Yorkshire Dales. It was fun.

    The cave we did was half way up a mountain, so a 90 minute walk to get to. We aimed to go down Marilyn and into the main pot of Gaping Gill. We got lost, and ended up in Disappointment Pot instead. We went through a very tiny hole in both directions, where 3 out 4 of us got stuck for a bit. We came back out Marilyn.

    Including the hike, it was around an 11 hour trip. Fitbit reckoned the endeavour was exercise, saying calories out for the day was 5k.

    Only 2 of us were up for caving. We did a short, simple trip around Notts 2. It is a lovely cave, very pretty. The entrance is a 50m scaffold climb, which was only recently dug.

    It was a 3 hour trip. Then I had a 6.5 hour drive to get home.

    Pictures will follow. They don't seem to work on the app. I need to do from my proper computer.
  • mtaratoot
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    Not much of a workout. Loaded two boats on my truck and took them to drop off where we'll start our trip tomorrow. Helped unload a trailer of maybe 20 or 25 canoes and kayaks that were rented by guests for the trip.

    Now I get just a few hours of sleep before I drive an hour to the take-out and then a little more than an our back to the put-in to meet the small group of folks I'll be paddling with. We split the group of almost 100 into smaller groups. It's going to be fun. I scouted the first and second day's paddles a couple of times each over the last few weeks with various people, some of whom will also be helping on the trip.

    They're going to feed us well. If I gain weight, I'll not be surprised and I'll try not to be upset with myself because even though I'm "working," it's a "vacation."
  • janicemlove
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    Saturday: PT session: 20min stationary bike warm-up + active stretching
    Squat machine + assisted pull-ups, RDLs, hip through, row + bent-over row
    Stretching + massage gun.

    Sunday: Rest day. (I was SO tempted to go to the gym. I like going on Sundays, it's quiet and not crowded. But my legs were feeling pretty beat up the past week so I resisted. (very proud of myself because usually I give in, go workout, and end up injured).
  • fozzie500
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    Indoor rower warm up, Weights, followed by a quick blast of a punch bag, today.. Always does the mind good to beat the crap out of some inanimate object. 😁