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  • togodalonetheglory
    togodalonetheglory Posts: 1 Member
    edited April 2021
    Hi, I'm Matt. I was on this app about 4 years ago, but never did much with it. Time to get serious. Drop some pounds, eat better, get in better shape. Wish the rest of y'all good luck!
  • Cayugapip
    Cayugapip Posts: 1 Member
    Hi, on here to keep myself accountable. Need to get this weight off for good. Feel free to friend me, support is great!
  • shuichibyehara
    shuichibyehara Posts: 1 Member
    i- yeah hi
  • sheri2399
    sheri2399 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi, just joined!!
    Looking to eat healthier as been diagnosed with diabetes so now my life has to change!
    So ready!!!!
  • shelfour2512
    shelfour2512 Posts: 9 Member
    So much to take in 🤔 feel like a deer in headlights.
    Hope to make some friends if anyone is interested 😊🙏
  • tumbleweed7834
    tumbleweed7834 Posts: 42 Member
    How do I introduce myself?
  • tumbleweed7834
    tumbleweed7834 Posts: 42 Member
    So who am I replying to?
  • tumbleweed7834
    tumbleweed7834 Posts: 42 Member
    Okay, I might be in the wrong group. I am not trying to lose weight, my goal is to lower my A1C number through diet and activity. At age 67, being sexy is not my goal,
  • tumbleweed7834
    tumbleweed7834 Posts: 42 Member
    My goals are to identify and correct bad eating habits, like sampling three chocolate cupcakes.another bad habit is not drinking enough water.
  • AllOfTheStars77
    AllOfTheStars77 Posts: 25 Member
    I'm not new to MFP but back at it. This time around I'm going for the lifestyle change and not a quick fix. I never reached out to make friends before but I'm learning it helps to have people on your side rooting for you.. of anyone is looking to add or has room to make more friends I would love to have more. I would love to see others stories and strengths. Proud of everyone striving to love a better life.
  • philipturner51
    philipturner51 Posts: 1 Member
    I’m back! Looking for friends to stay motivated with. Let’s do this 👍👍
  • PapaBeast314
    PapaBeast314 Posts: 32 Member
    Feel free to send a friend request my way!
  • alemoon77
    alemoon77 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi all,
    my name is Alex, I am new. Looking forward to lose some weitght and understand a bit more about calories.
  • rduguet1991
    rduguet1991 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello there, I'm newish user, cause I use Myfitsnesspal since 2017, but with not consistency. Now the lockdown took me very hard on my weight, so I decided re-take MyFitnessPal to get in shape again. o:)

    Best wishes, from Chile

  • Isabelisik
    Isabelisik Posts: 12 Member
    Hello! I am not new here, but just got back from a holiday 🤭 feel free to send a friend request 🤘
  • krobert15
    krobert15 Posts: 1 Member
    I have used this app before, but it's been a few years. Decided to get back at it because I had a stroke recently (I'm only 30!) I need to start watching cholesterol and blood sugar, and it wouldn't hurt to watch my sodium and lose a few pounds. I'm hoping to use this app more to track my nutrition than as a weight loss tool, but I imagine the two will go hand in hand!
  • holliehfresh
    holliehfresh Posts: 1 Member
    Hello! It's been a few years for me as well since I have used this app, but after putting on the quarantine lbs, and with summer right around the corner, I figured it was time to come back to the skinny side. I'm 5'9 and 148, I hope to get back to my slim 135 over the next couple of months. I look forward to sharing the progress with the community and seeing all of y'alls as well! :)
  • catsquill
    catsquill Posts: 1 Member
    Hello Everybody!! I'm Cathy, but please call me Cat. I have 200 pounds to lose!! I know right??!! I signed up with My Fitness Pal a while ago but never really used it till April 12, 2021. I was recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and Heart Disease. Booo!! I decided to do the Keto Diet with the go ahead from my Doctor. I am using My Fitness Pal to help me Track my food intake and of course my Macros and also Sugar. I have already lost 15 lbs in the last 7 days. This has made me and my Doc very happy. So we are going full steam ahead. I am glad to be here. Good Luck and Happy LOSING everyone!! I know I need the support!

  • Adam9878
    Adam9878 Posts: 16 Member
    Hi everyone. New on here and trying to get fit.
    Keep up the great steps all 😊
  • GeminiVibes_
    GeminiVibes_ Posts: 3 Member
    Hello, I am Myra, and really looking for some friends to help keep me on track. I do not know a lot about how much carb, protein and fat percentages that I should be consuming. I need to lose about 130 lbs. I am type 2 diabetic and have pcos. Someone help?? Lol. But really, I could use some friends to talk to about this stuff.