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    My aim is regulation. I am not doing "dry January", but good for all of you that are!
    Having this thread keeps me accountable.
    I'm not really into deprivation, just trying to be more moderate with food and alcohol.
    My primary reason for AF days is weight loss. Once alcohol is in our bodies our liver concentrates on only that and not on metabolising fat or anything else. Also, being puffy is not ideal : - )
    My goal is 4 - 5 AF days per week.
    I was 16 day AF out of 30 for December, not counting the 31st. Up until October 27th.18 I was having drinks every single day. I have cut back for sure.
    I do plan to have champagne NYE.

    December 31st - 1 pumpkin spice cream liqueur, 2 mixed drinks. I did not get to the champagne.
    January 1st - AF
    January 2nd - AF
    January 3rd - AF
    January 4th - 3 drinks Friday night. I actually had 4, but then threw up lol. This is the reason that I never have more than 3 if I choose to have drinks. Good reminder. Yes, I can never be "drunk" because I can't have more than 3.
    January 5th - AF So curious that each and every day that I have drinks I am down 2 pounds the following day. I think that I read somewhere on this post that it dehydrates you. It comes back the next day of course : - )
    I don't log my AF or not AF until the following morning for the night before.
    January 6th - AF - 5 days out of 6. Very busy week, so more AF days to come.
    January 7th - AF - 6 day out of 7 for the month
    January 8th -
    January 9th -
    January 10th -
    January 11th -
    January 12th -
    January 13th -
    January 14th -
    January 15th -
    January 16th -
    January 17th -
    January 18th -
    January 19th -
    January 20th -
    January 21st -
    January 22nd -
    January 23rd -
    January 24th -
    January 25th -
    January 26th -
    January 27th -
    January 28th -
    January 29th -
    January 30th -
    January 31st -
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    I am trying to reduce my drinking, cause calories. Not to mention all the bad habits that come with my consumption. I am starting with a Dry January and then seeing how I feel at the end. I did have one drink on the 2nd, was out to dinner with my bf and his parents. Had one drink, was fine with it. My hope would be that in the future having that one drink would be enough. My pattern is to have the one drink-like the little buzz I get from it, and then want to keep going. Especially with hard ciders-that's a moderation nightmare for me. I dream of a day when I can just sip one and enjoy it and that be it! Saturdays are the worst-my habit was to drink heavily and eat all the foods that are unhealthy and isolate myself, because the bf is at work all day. I almost caved this past Saturday. But we committed to losing weight together this year, so I texted him that I needed help, and he encouraged me to stick with it, and I am very glad that I did.

    I'm using the Dry Days app. I had another one that was giving motivational quotes each morning but it was geared more for sobriety, not moderation.
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    Post-weekend check in! My husband and I were planning on having a low-key weekend at home, but we got invited to a party on Saturday night that he really wanted to go to. I managed to stay dry, but it was harder than I thought it would be. I wasn't very present the first couple hours because I was "negotiating" with myself in my head with things like, "maybe you can just have one and nurse it," or "just wait until you get home and then you can have a drink." It took a good couple hours before I felt fine sitting there, but I ended up having a great time and am proud that I was able to stick to it.

    Happy Monday, everyone!

    This past weekend, I told my hubby that I'm perfectly fine with staying home the whole month of January if that meant less temptations. Because I'm not trying to make this a permanent change, just temporary for the month of January. It would be completely different if I were trying to make a permanent life change I think.
    Does anyone else agree? Or disagree?

    I just want to lose a good chunk of weight, that's all. That's the only reason I'm not drinking.

    I think that it’s good to address the temptations instead of avoid them. What will happen when you lose the chunk of weight and then go out but you haven’t learned how to resist or cope with the situation? You might just fall back into those bad habits.

    I'm not really worrying about what Feb will be like. I'm just taking this one day at a time. I'm addressing too many other personal challenges while cutting out alcohol right now (Intermittent fasting every day, cutting out dairy to improve my skin) to worry about Feb. If staying home makes this one challenge easier on me, I think it's a good move on my part.
    Besides, I don't really go out anymore anyway so I'm not missing much!

    Oh, day 6 AF here! :smiley:
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    @springsweet - all good thoughts! I think success breeds success (not an original thought). It's very empowering to even be able to say that you've done this for one week. You start thinking that if you can do this, what else can you do? Day 8 of Dry January is here for me. So far so good. I must say, knowing that my blood alcohol levels are pristine when I'm driving is a real gift.
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    From the Dry January message du jour this morning (for all of us having weird sleep patterns): "You might find that you’re not sleeping well or having crazy dreams. Some people start to crave sugar. Rest assured, this is normal."

    Ah yes, the sugar. I'm finding that the only way I can get a grip on this is to measure out the few little sweet things I'm having today and put them in a little plastic container. When they're gone, they're gone. Today's goodies are a few Haribo bears, two dark chocolate Hershey's Kisses and a few Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Crisps. I try to leave them for after dinner when we're watching tv, but occasionally dip in a bit earlier.
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    I think @Lilylady3k nailed it with “Appreciating the accountability and lack of judgement in this thread.” This is a safe pace and I appreciate it so much. I’m finding this to be a very helpful outlet when for various reasons, one being that it’s great to know I’m not alone. So much of what everyone writes out here resonates with me. I’m not going dry, but I am cutting way back. Haven’t had a drink since New Year’s Eve and that’s great for me. (I was drinking 2 glasses of wine almost every night, and three is my max so that was a lot. More than I wanted but couldn’t break the habit. It’s been like this for a long time.) I’ve decided I want to save the vino for times I go out with friends and keep it out of the house. So far so good. I feel really good about this change and hope it will soon become my regular lifestyle. I’m off to a good start for me.

    I am so happy for you and your choices. This is the longest I have gone not having my few glasses of wine (or three, I know how to pour). I feel great in the morning and loving my hot tea at night. Like last night while I was preparing dinner a glass of wine sounded great. Until, I thought about dry January, being accountable and how great I have felt in the mornings. I also want to save my wine for going out with friends, special dinner, etc.
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    I just found this group after my post on getting started. I was drinking 6-15 vodka & diet soda drinks daily after going thru divorce. My goals are:

    No drinking unless it's margarita date night with my girlfriend.
    After I lose 15 lbs (goal is about 30) I will afford myself 1 drink per week. I have other non-drinking rewards as well.
    After I lose 20 lbs 2 drinks on one night per week.
    After 25 lbs 2 drinks 2 nights per week
    After 30 lbs 2 drinks 3 nights per week.

    When I say "drink" it probably more like a double or triple as I use my large yeti tumber.
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    5 of 7 AF days so far in January. Friday night I drank about a half bottle of wine and I finished it on Saturday, so 5 drinks total, which is less than my 1 per day average target. I am feeling pretty okay with that.
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    I read your posts about spending time with family / holidays... seems the holidays bring out the worst is some. You just need to do what feels right for your own immediate family, and if that means avoiding the others, than so be it... (I know, easier said than done). You all have my prayers and best wishes for love and peace.
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    So I officially started this on 7/1/19 (as with all my other good intentions - "back to normal" Monday as I called it as it was back to work/school for the household after the Christmas break.). I know I drank alcohol in two of the days of the first week of January however since Monday I have been using a little app to keep track. AF so far, hoping to at least see out the rest of the month this way.